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A Difficult Phase For NLE Choppa And Marissa Da’ Nae

NLE Choppa has been dating Marissa Da’ Nae for the past couple of months now. However, they are going through a difficult phase right now as Marissa recently suffered a miscarriage. She was almost six months pregnant at that time. 

The couple was so excited about their baby and named their unborn son Seven. In a YouTube video posted by Merissa, she and Choppa shared everything about her pregnancy journey and this unfortunate incident.

The couple made public about Merissa’s pregnancy last year. There and then, Choppa disclosed the gender and name of their yet-to-be-born baby.

NLE Choppa – The Viral Sensation

NLE Choppa’s real name is Bryson Potts. He is an American rapper, social media influence, and songwriter. Choppa was born on 1st November 2002. 

Choppa started his career in 2018 with “No Love Entertainment.” “Shotta Flow” released in 2019 is his best work to date. It got attention from everyone as soon as it hit the internet. 

In June 2020, Choppa became the father of a girl child. His ex-girlfriend Mariah is the mother of this girl child. NLE in Choppa’s name stands for “No Love Entertainment.”

NLE’s girlfriend Marissa Da’ Nae

Marissa Da’ Nae is multi-talented. She is a model, a TV host, and also an entrepreneur. All this makes her a big hit on social media! She owns a brand called Breezy Collections. It sells outfits, accessories, swimwear and some other items as well. 

She has been with the young rapper since 2021 but it cannot be certain. They both don’t shy away from showing off their love on social media platforms. Her fans are always glued to her social media because she is a regular participant in a variety of online challenges.

The Heartbreaking News

Merissa used Instagram to reveal about her recent miscarriage. On the other hand, Choppa paid an emotional tribute to his unborn son through a tweet. She also announced that she’ll maintain a distance from social media for some time.

After posting a photograph of herself and the hip-hop artist on her Instagram handle, she wrote a lengthy caption under it. The caption was all about going through this miscarriage is really difficult for her but Choppa has been with her throughout. His support helped her a lot during this phase. 

The picture showed Choppa cradling Merissa’s belly, she wrote. “Talking about this is so hard. But with Bryson next to me and being my supporter, this has helped me more. Losing our Son is so hard for me, I couldn’t function. But he has pulled me through and I’m thankful to have you by my side and with me along this journey. There’s a lot of women who suffer the things I suffer and go through the same things I go through ”.

She further added, “So this also helps to open up and let other women know that they aren’t alone. Thank you for all the kind words we truly appreciate. Thank you Seven, for helping mommy grow into a better person, pushing me into being healthier, and being the reason for me to continue to fight. I love you and I truly do appreciate the time we spent growing together and bonding”.

She concluded, “You have truly given mommy more hope. We love you baby Seven Da’Shaun Potts #Forever7”.



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