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A bad John Cena is good for WWE business

In the last year I have read multiple articles on the subject of a John Cena heal turn. I am not usually the one to beat a dead horse but for some reason I feel like I need to pick up a stick and throw in my two cents concerning John Cena.

[adinserter block=”1″]First of all I am a John Cena fan. The only thing about his current gimmick that I don’t like is the scripted promo’s but I could say that about a lot of the WWE right now. If you can’t cut a good promo then maybe you shouldn’t have a mic, but that is a discussion for a different time. I had been 100% against a John Cena heel turn until Summer Slam.

Timing is everything. The NWO took the wrestling world by storm because it was right combination of characters and it was the right time. If Sting had turned instead of Hogan the NWO angle would not have worked. The timing of the Austin 3:16 promo helped create arguable the most popular Superstar in WWE/WWF history. On the other side of that coin, the timing of the Stone Cold Steve Austin heel turn was way off. So it isn’t about whether or not Cena should be a heel, it is about when it makes the most sense in the story if that to take place. If you can’t see it, that time is now.

Cena is a classic face promoting hustle, loyalty, and respect. Very similar to Hogan’s character who told kids to eat their vitamins and say their prayers. There is no anti-hero in him which means a heel turn is a complete 180 from who he is now. He has always stood for what is right even when fans boo, a heel turn would go against everything he has promoted for the last several years. His fans wouldn’t be just angry, they would feel betrayed and he would have legit heat.

Cena has the perfect set-up. During his farewell speech the Monday night after Summer Slam fans made it clear that they didn’t want to hear from him. The man headlined a major PPV with a legit injury and got booed. Now he is sitting at home watching the fans he worked so hard for cheer for someone else. He gets to come back with a chip on his shoulder and turns his back on the fans that turned their back on him first. Cena really does works for the fans and fans really do boo him, which would make the heel turn seem real. Imagine the promo’s he could cut on the real emotion of being hated by the very people you love. The story line writes itself.

Cena has the ability to pull it off. He won’t look odd in a suit, he has the corporate smile, and he fits the part better than Orton. Don’t get me wrong, Orton is a great heel but he isn’t the face of the company no matter how many times we hear HHH says it. The best story lines are the one that are believable.

[adinserter block=”2″]Cena is the perfect character to feud with Daniel Bryan. Their lives outside of the WWE are just as opposite as their characters inside WWE. Cena lives in Miami mansion while Bryan lives in the house he grew up in. Cena drives fancy cars, walks red carpets, and makes movies. If you watch Total Diva’s you see Bryan has to chop his own firewood. Again the angle writes itself and it’s real.

The WWE will most likely go with the predictable Summer Slam return that leads to a Mania main event. I wonder how long WCW would have lasted if they had not pulled the trigger with the NWO, sometimes the risk pays off.

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Jason Duclos
Jason DuClos has been a contributing writer for CCB since 2013. He is a loving father of three, a devoted husband, part time youth director, and full time fantasy football fanatic. When he is not coaching 1st and 4th grade basketball, teaching, or writing a paper for school is he working on his blog. He is self described as the other side of the coin, someone who lives on the side of devils advocate. Whether it's fantasy football or wrestling, he will not shy away from controversy. You can read his blogs exclusively on CCB and follow him on Twitter @TSMPDX


  1. TSMPDX=Jason DuClos

    Shamas is a wild card. I don't really like him as a face he was much better as the unbeatable heal a while back. Maybe this is the Paul Heyman guy that everyone is waiting for. I wrote a blog about that and I totally forgot Shamus. I think the corporate angle again needs to stay small and controlled so it doesn't turn into a NWO Black vs Red thing. When groups get to big it kills the story. A lot can happen in 4 months, it will be nice to see him back.

  2. Tommy, I would love to see Shamus is there somewhere, however if he starts to feud this Trips then we are talking about another round of fights with the Shield and I for one don’t think that’s good for business. But turn him back heel and we might be talking about something, maybe something with Punk, like I said they are going to have to do something with him once his angle with Paul is done. Jason did bring up a good point about keeping the story line small, overloading it might not be the best idea. I think when he does comeback they may tie him into another story line. I can see Sandow cashing in his money in the bank at Night of Champions and getting the pin over RVD and starting a new feud there. ADR isn’t getting anything out his run as champ right now and neither are we.


  4. You are right, they are really putting Orton over clean, which is like you said "unusual" for a heel turn to this degree. And your right, it is just the shield and Orton, but you have hanger on like Sandow and Ryback. Which I think if used right in this angle Ryback could shoot back up in the rankings. Maybe even sticking a belt on him might work in this angle too. I read these blogs all the time and I only recently started commenting, I am very happy you responded to my post. I very much enjoy these talks and your insight.

  5. TSMPDX = Jason DuClos (eventually I will figure all of this name stuff out)

    A few weeks ago I think this angle would have worked great but your right as time goes on it becomes harder and harder. You could always give Cena the WWE title and somehow make Orton the World Champion. HHH may have used the whole roster sort of but really on the heel side he has really only focussed on Shield and Orton so they could add Cena. I didn't expect them to make Orton look so strong, often times when heels are handed championships they have to cheat but Orton is going over clean. I am not sure where you take the fueds, althought I think a real Cena/Bryan fued would be good. There are definatley loose ends that is for sure.

  6. But Jason, how often does Cena cut a good promo? I don't know if you can keep it simple, Trips has already involved everyone on the rooster, so how can you scale back and make it simple? I agree with you that he gets the belt back and rubs it in the fans faces, but then what? He challanges Byran? What happens with Orton? You don't have him in a heated battle with Cody. He cushed Cody and Ted not long ago. I'm not sure how you can keep it simple.

  7. Jason DuClos = PdxJay

    I think that the angle itself is better if it is simple. I don't think they need to add to many people to it. I agree with the statement that he needs to go "full Hogan" if he goes heel. Complete turn, sort of an in your face. As far as Cena's mic skills, I think that that they are good when they are real. The promo he cut on Byran the week before SummerSlam about him not being a parody was great. I think he comes back and gets the title and then rubs the boos in the face of the fans. Be mad because they didn't "support" him while he was gone. I think that it is not forced at all, I think if you wanted to turn him heel this is your best shot. It feels very natural to me.

  8. It doesn’t sound very interesting, but you have to remember, Cena’s mic skills are not all that great and Heyman could solidify his heel turn even more. Something like “I see what Heyman did for Punk, even if he can’t”, remember the shield and Brad Maddox owe a little something to Heyman, even though it was never proven and why not play that card now . And just like that you turn Punk SUPER face and keep Paul and Axel in play. The whole thing could end up being very interesting and keeps from bringing in anyone new from the outside.

  9. I would even buy into a Heyman / Cena friendship just too muddy the water a bit. You need to keep everyone involved and not lost in the shuffle. You do not want an all-out NWO type mass joining of the corporation, that angle was ruined because of it, But putting Paul in the mix in a way keeps Trips at arm’s reach and keeps Punk out of title contention. They don't have much longer with their current Punk angle and have to do something, you can't regulate him down to mid-card status. And this angle could give Cena some Lesner protection which could keep Trips off of Heyman too. Lesner is very good for business and having him come out and stand between Heyman and Trips and Paul with that Sadistic lot on his face would be a classic. Can you imagine Trips getting ready to fire Heyman when Lesner music hits!! It also gives Trips a reason to call on the Undertaker to take out Lesner and turn Undertaker heel, it’s been a while. We all remember Corporate Taker.

  10. I think the big difference here is that people didn't want to boo Austin and he was already kind of a heel with the anti-hero persona. Cena is good through and through so it would be a big shock. I think that it is a good time becuase it wouldn't be forced and there is a natural story there. The fans can boo beucase they are tired of him and he can rub it in their faces.

  11. there is no way anyone will buy him as a heel. if they were going to do it it should have happened long before now. those same people who boo him because they were tired of him will still boo him as a heel becuse they just don't like him or are tired of him and would see the move for what it would be. they would know it wuld not be a long term deal so why invest in it?. does anyone remember the heel turn of austin fondly? no because it was forced and people would see a Cena turn in the same way. it would be stupid imo for them to change the direction of the story line now. the bad guys are in charge for now but it will swing back over to the faces slowly but surely and for good when Cena comes back.

    • I agree with alot of what you said Metalhead, but you have to remember a lot of these people are just watchers and do read these blogs or take it that deeply. They accept it for what it's for and enjoy it. Everyone remembers Austins heel turn good or bad, I liked it becasue it was funny, but it was pointless. However, once the faces start to take over and Cena comes back and lays Bryan out and hold the belt up over a Bryan would be great TV, especally since Bryan beat him clean the last time that met. Follow that up Monday with a different outfit and attitude and like Jason said, let him be pissed off at everyone for celebrating his loss. It will work if done correctly. You can even have the shield come down and back him up in a way. Not competely buy into the whole Corp angle, but have some support for some wrestlers, but still be on the fence with Trips.

  12. And it needs to be on free TV so that everyone can see it. The spray paint on Daniel was OK and a reminder of what the NWO did too Macho Man, but the lasting impression I have was when Hogan spray painted the Heavyweight championship belt! Which to us old timers was considered as Flairs belt (even know we knew better)and that move was considered sacrilegious and pissed off everybody. It was artful and devastating. Cena’s heel turn has to be better than Hogan’s Turn, Better then Rock’s turn (Corporate Rock) and a lot better than Austin’s heel turn. (even though the guitar skit was funnier than heck) A lot of people may not remember this, but a SGT Slaughter heel turn may be what is necessary here to sell it completely. What do you think Jason?

  13. I agree with you totally, However, If Cena goes, he has to go "Hogan heel", and go all in. He has to go through the same hell Hogan went through with people hating him and throwing things at him. Right now people are booing him because they are tired of his Shtick. But a true heel turn would mean no coming back for a long time, it has to be believable and sold hard, very hard. It has to be crushing. Remember that little girl that was mad at Randy Orton. Except you need that type or reaction on a much larger scale. He would have to do something to someone that no one would expect and it would have to live a lasting impression.

  14. I think that at some point Cena should go back his "good guy" gimmick. I see him as a combination of Hogan and the Rock. He is a good guy in the same way that Hogan was but he has just enough edge to him that he could change back to a face when the time was right. He is still pretty young too. Hogan went heel at the twilight of his career and only went back to being a face due the fans nolstalgia.

  15. If Cena did turn it would be great for the ratings. Personally, I am more inclined to watch if I am legitimately mad at whats happening. But in the end we all know Cena would turn back to his original "good" self, maybe taking down corporate from the inside… wishful thinking.


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