9 Bold WWE Predictions For 2013


It is that time of the year again. The pro wrestling year is closing and it is time to look into my WWE crystal ball and see what lays ahead for the current and future WWE superstars in 2013.

[adinserter block=”1″]I thought it would be fun to take a look at the big picture in WWE wrestling next year and make some bold predictions. Some of these predictions are completely ridiculous, yet we have seen many years where the completely ridiculous cane to fruition in Vince McMahon’s crazy world. Some of these predictions really aren’t that bold at all, although they do keep popping up in my crystal ball. So take these all with a grain of salt and enjoy my look at the WWE landscape in 2013.

Paul Heyman will turn on Brock Lesnar – Brock Lesnar has remained mum while Paul Heyman has managed his way into the WWE championship with CM Punk. The Punk and Heyman duo have been a hit and look like they are in it for the long haul. This presents a problem for Brock when he returns. Where do Heyman’s loyalties lie? Of course it is with the wrestler remaining the top heel in the WWE. The fans are already behind Brock anyway, the turn makes perfect sense. I think immediately after WrestleMania Heyman turns on Brock and WWE fans are treated to Brock vs. CM Punk in 2013 in what should be a fun feud.

Two of the three Shield members will wind up as low-mid carders by the end of 2013 – How often does the WWE generally see a young faction through more than a few months? It rarely if ever happens. Look at Nexus. They were all used to set up Wade Barrett. I know that Dean Ambrose is the darling of the Internet these days but I think it is actually Seth Rollins that breaks out of this pack. Unfortunately for Ambrose I think he is just a bit too small to be taken seriously in the upper cards and Roman Reigns is just too green for his role. Rollins has “it” and has a great chance of turning into an important utility player ala Daniel Bryan by the end of 2013, if not more.

Jeff Hardy will return to the WWE – Jeff Hardy is a free agent in the first quarter of 2013. Jeff Hardy now has a family to think about and as appealing as it may be to continue as the top dog in TNA Wrestling, he can take care of his family for life with one last WWE deal. Jeff is getting older and while he’ll probably have one more chance at a big deal in a few years, this is it. The WWE desperately need another big star and they could have one immediately with Hardy. I look for Hardy to return and defeat Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania for the WWE world heavyweight championship and have a big showdown with CM Punk at SummerSlam.

A major WWE name will sign with TNA Wrestling – Hardy leaving TNA will open up some money for the company to aggressively sign a big name. But what big name would go from the glitz of the WWE to the lower-paying TNA? Maybe someone that doesn’t have a choice and is forced to leave the WWE? There is one guy currently at the top of the cards who has two strikes against him and his name is Randy Orton. What if Orton gets a third strike? He’s done. Could it be someone else on the roster? Sure, wrestling is a crazy business. Who will it be? Come back and visit the blog by the end of 2013 and we’ll find out.

CM Punk will wind up as a mid-card wrestler at some point in 2013 – I know this is a very unpopular thing to say but I’ll say it. CM Punk is not a draw. He doesn’t draw ratings, he doesn’t do a thing for buyrates, and the push has been better than anyone else has gotten in years. There is no excuse at this point. Vince McMahon is not an idiot and if it wasn’t for The Rock returning, Punk would have been demoted awhile back. I think Punk will wind up like The Big Show where he bounces in and out of main-events, but also winds up in the mid-card for a period of time. Maybe he saves his spot with some impressive ratings with The Rock but I think the experiment has gone on long enough and the results just aren’t there.

Steve Austin will…not return to the ring – I know everyone is waiting for Stone Cold to return to the wrestling rings but I hate to break it to you, it’s not going to happen. Don’t get me wrong. It pains me to write this as a big Austin fan. But the writing has been on the wall here for awhile and the guy just doesn’t want to tarnish his legacy with a return. If it was ever going to happen it would be now or WrestleMania and it’s not happening. Austin is enjoying a successful life outside of pro wrestling and is financially set for life. He’s seen what happens when guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair go too long. He doesn’t need it financially and whatever quick payoff he receives won’t be worth it if his match disappoints or doesn’t deliver. Sorry Stone Cold fans, he’s staying retired.

WWE RAW will remain at three hours through 2013 – Again this is another prediction I am writing not because I wish it happens, but because I think it happens. Everyone is waiting for RAW to go back to two hours…except Vince McMahon. The WWE is receiving an undisclosed fee for the new hours and Vince owes it to his stockholders to take it. Has it damaged the WWE long term? I think it has but at the end of the day Vince is running a corporation in addition to a wrestling company. I don’t think it is right but I think the mindset here is to take the money. Unfortunately that will come at the expense of fans that are starting to tune out more than ever before.

Ric Flair will not return to the WWE – Wooo! Like Austin, a lot of fans are waiting for the Nature Boy to stroll back down the aisle on Monday Night RAW. It was practically a given that Flair would return after he had such an emotional day at the 2012 Hall of Fame. Unfortunately a few things happened that nobody expected. An employee in the WWE wound up allegedly stealing secrets about wrestler’s deals resulting in a lawsuit. But more importantly Flair’s soon-to-be ex-wife dished the dirt on him publicly and it is not good. Flair is still allegedly behind on his taxes. At some point something has to give and does the WWE really want to get in business with someone that always winds up in some kind of out of the ring controversy? I honestly don’t think they do and there are other issues. Flair loves to party and unfortunately for him, the wrestling business has changed. Ric Flair is one of my favorite all-time wrestlers but I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my company or locker room. Unfortunately for him I think that WWE officials wind up feeling the same way.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE Network will not launch – What more can I say about the WWE Network that hasn’t been said? Quite frankly I haven’t said a whole lot about it because why talk about something that doesn’t exist. But in the interest of bold predictions I thought I’d throw it in here. From all accounts they are far from ready to launch this bad boy no matter kind of spin they are offering to their investors. It is obviously much harder to launch a network these days than the WWE realized. I think it’ll come but I don’t think it comes until WrestleMania 30.

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  1. Austin stated in an interview a few weeks ago he is ready to return to the ring and is feeling great,I wouldn’t say Austin will never return to the ring because your simply just speculating nothing more.

  2. I think the key with Punk is that if he wants to remain in the top tier in 2013, he is going to have work harder than most top-level guys to stay there, for the exact reasons you state. He is not a draw, period. Awesome performer, however. If Hardy comes in, that's a feud that could keep Punk on top, because I think in that plot line, Hardy chasing for the belt is the way to go. I think Flair will be in — HHH has too much pull. The Network is a very interesting thing to watch. I don't think the WWE drinks its own Kool-Aid in terms of the audience they publicly claim will watch the network — in other words, the WWE doesn't seem to be acting as impulsively with the network as they have in the past with other endeavors (like the World restaurant or the Debbie Reynolds casino).

  3. u r such a pathetic predictor…even 8 year old will speculate better then u…Cm punk midcarder in 2012? u kiddin me?..he is the only guy who has done something for wwe,. he is the top investment for wwe in coming years…do u think all dis hype is for nuttin…either u r a nutcase or a child…the whole freakin world is buzzing dat punk might break taker's streak @ WM,,,winning against rock @ RR….feuding with lesnar in summer…punk/austin WM 30…i only have 1 question for u???, do u even live on dis planet or has recently arrived from mars and predicted punk's midcard future…punk is likely to retire in 2015 and he already declared that his 3,4 years will be legendary…vince is damn happy with punk's heat and wwe officials are dedicated to make cm punk an ICON…do u now understand idiot..do ur research 1st and then write some BS article !!

    • Sorry but he is right the longer cm punk is champ the more ratings go down i swear if theres not a new wwe champion by wrestlemania im done with watching it cm punk doesnt act like a main eventer he shouldnt have been champ for that long i mean no one should they need him out of the championship path and into badass matches where he will be known when he retires and im not saying this cause i dont like cm punk believe me i do but to have any champ that long it gets boring and get rid of the pg shit ever since that wwe lost ratings they need new writers too cause its almost the same story line

      • Dave Real,You’re absolutely right man. Punk hasn’t done crap for the ratings, on the contrary, the ratings have gone down since he became champion, at first it was entertaining,like any other heel or face,then it started to become downright annoying to the point where wwe programming began to lose viewers not because of its three hours of raw, but because the cm punk angle got real old, and if it werent for the rock returning and wanting a wwe tittle match, wwe would have never allowed punk to keep running his mouth for 10+ minutes sometimes or miraculously retaining for so long, to the point where not only is it boring to hear him give repetitive speeches about nothing, but it began to become pointless to watch. And to rock7751, even though punk is talented he wouldnt even be able to take lesnar in a pinky wrestling contest, so get your face out of his cookiepuss and actually pay attention to whats really going on.
        -And secondly, learn to spell before you call anyone a child.

  4. I'd like to see CM Punk and Heyman team up with the Shield and form a stable like the Horsemen or the Heenan Family. Hopefully the WWE would allow this to last more than a few months.
    Austin vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania??? I know they're old but I'd like to relive my childhood!
    I'd really like to see Ziggler get a better push. Zig vs. Hardy would be a great feud! Would also like to see McGillicutty represent the Hennig brand.


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