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7 Wrestlers Who Should Return to WWE

Sometimes even the best promoters miss out on the best talent. Sometimes the best talent and promotions don’t always see eye to eye. Professional wrestling is nomadic at times – wrestlers leave for whatever reason, only to return to the cheers of fans everywhere.

The business today has its share of stars who have left WWE and have flourished. I’m sure there are times when the McMahons have watched someone shine and think out loud how they were the one that got away.

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Here are seven wrestlers who have left WWE and have been as successful as anyone else on the planet. These seven should also consider making a return to the company that helped start their careers. Hopefully, the wrestling gods will align with the stars and this will become a reality.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow

Whether they were tag team partners or opponents, these two had chemistry which was a perfect blend in WWE. Rhodes left earlier this year of his own accord. Sandow was released. With the company’s tag team division growing, the two would fit perfectly in the middle of the race for the company belts.

The best thing about Sandow is his mic work and better than given credit for ring work. Rhodes, should he shed the Stardust gimmick, could still be a real player in the mid card and potentially as a main event singles star.

John Morrison

“Johnny Mondo” has done just fine for himself since he was written off of the company’s storylines. Morrison has the look and the ability to be a Seth Rollins-type competitor. I also would love to see him work an angle with The Miz.

Morrison’s work in Lucha Underground is spectacular and one of the reasons the promotions has taken off the way it has. He is the second wrestler in Lucha Underground history to have won all three major championships in the promotion.

Drew McIntyre

The more I watch him on TNA, the more I realize just how much WWE dropped the ball with him as a singles star. McIntyre is big, agile and a solid worker. Why he was miscast is beyond me.

I think of McIntyre as a cross between Barry Windham and Bruiser Brody. He should have been a title contender in WWE at the time when the McMahons were crying for someone to come forward and lead a new band of superstars. What is WWE’s loss is certainly TNA’s gain.

I do suspect at some point he makes his way back to where it all started.

Gail Kim

This may never happen, but the idea of Sasha Banks and Gail Kim wrestling each other is exciting.

Everyone calm down a bit. Kim is one of the greatest women to ever get in a wrestling ring and when she left WWE and signed with TNA, the notion of women actually wrestling in matches left with her. Now that there is a movement for women to showcase real wrestling talent, Kim would fit right in with today’s women’s roster.

A match between Kim and Charlotte or Natalya or Becky Lynch would tear the arena down.

Kurt Angle

We aren’t sure if Angle will return to the company where he started his professional wrestling career sooner or later – just know that it will happen.

Oh, it’s true.

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Angle is a larger version of Verne Gagne. Whether he is a better version is debatable. The fans would love to see Angle touting the red, white and blue in McMahon country, but there has to be a few things worked first before that can happen.

Angle will finish his career in a WWE ring. It may not be against Daniel Bryan as we all wanted to see, but it will historic, nonetheless.

Jeff Hardy

Hardy has spoken at length about wanting to main event at WrestleMania. The former World Champion is still one of the most popular wrestlers in the business. When there was talk about TNA’s financial and television deal issues, rumors were rampant that Hardy would not re-sign with the niche promotion and make his triumphant return to WWE.

Hardy’s past and legal issues could possibly have cause a problem with travel, but there is no doubt he can still deliver in the ring. He would most certainly look good in matches with AJ Styles, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

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