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6 Humble Suggestions for Vince McMahon & WWE Creative

It seems everyone who has ever watched a wrestling match has advice for how Vince & WWE Creative can fix sagging ratings, meandering plotlines, character development & the bottom line; well, I’m no exception.

But – unlike many complaints – I’ve not read my particular sentiments expressed by many others online and since this is my article…

1) Storylines:
I believe it was the great Jim Cornette who surmised that a promotion could recycle story lines every 7 years. Now, that was true back in the territorial days when you wouldn’t see another region’s stories, but in this digital, Youtube-age, recycling would be caught immediately, right? Not to the casual viewer you’re trying to turn into a fan.

[adinserter block=”1″]And sure, even two decades back, the similarities in structure would be easy to spot – but the fact is – those same storylines (good vs bad, teacher vs student, tag team partners turn against each other, sibling feuds) have worked for more than a half a century, because they are timeless and “put butts in the seats”.

2) Chronology:
I am referring here to DVD releases and shows of yesteryear that will undoubtedly appear on the developing WWE Network.

In addition to the matches themselves (on TV or DVD) being in story-line order, I – a loyal fan – would like to see “Superstars of Wrestling”, “Prime Time Wrestling” & even “TNT” episodes – in order. (That last one if only for its “kitsch” value.)

If there were 48 episodes of “Raw” aired in a year, split that into two volumes of 24 episodes (in order, per year) and release them on DVD. We, as fans and collectors, WILL purchase them. Dip into your vast, historic, video library & make some scratch while pleasing your fans.

3) Legends:

Am I seriously the only one who thinks a “Legends League” with its own belts (that don’t change hands nightly) with all the people who have Legends Contracts with the WWE (and others who are still able to wrestle) is worthy of its own weekly broadcast? You can start off with a tournament for each belt to determine the new “Legends Champion”.

4) Women’s Wrestling:

I’m alone in my opinion of this, but hear me out: Get rid of it.

Women’s wrestling (much like the tag-team division) hasn’t been taken seriously by the WWE in years. Until the time is going to be devoted to treat it with the respect it deserves, just turn all the “Divas” into referees in short, tight, black & white referee outfits.

5) Managers:

Some fans believe that in this day and age, managers serve no purpose. I’ll believe this when I see someone besides CM Punk cut a decent promo.

6) Jobbers aka “Enhancement Talent”:

In some fashion, bring them back.

Why would I pay to see two wrestlers wrestle against each other on a PPV when I just watched them a few nights or weeks ago for free on TV?

(Answer: I wouldn’t. Which is why The Rock, Mick Foley & others are brought back at different times.)

Are my suggestions THE answers for bringing wrestling back to its glory days? Of course not. You could list a hundred things that need to be changed – and like me – you’d be right about 30% of the time.

[adinserter block=”2″]As viewers & fans, we don’t see everything that goes into each segment & program featured on television & PPV’s throughout the year. It’s hard to keep things fresh.

But maybe, just maybe, if Vince & Co. took an occasional piece of solid advice from the people who watch his “sports entertainment”, we fans would feel better about being fans…something I haven’t felt in years.

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  1. I come from the 1980s era when the jobber matches are all we got on free TV, and they worked at getting talent over. I bet almost every WWF fan from the '80s remembers the Unpredictable Johnny Rodz, for example, a guy who lost almost all of his matches. But in 2012, any attempt to introduce jabronis into the regular rotation would be a channel changer. And let's face it, people like Drew McIntyre and Tyson Kidd are essentially jobbers already.

    I agree with you about needing managers who can talk. Not sure if they'd move ratings, but Vicki proves that managers today can get a lot of heat. But it has to be the right person. I remember when Shawn Michaels had Jose Lothario as his manager for a brief period and it left you scratching your head if you tried to justify anything but the obvious answer that it was a favor to Michaels. And for every Heenan or Jimmy Hart we had in the past, we also got a Mr. Fuji or Slick.

  2. I'm really surprised there aren't more managers around these days. What do we have in WWE….Vickie?…and Rosa Mendes if we count valets as managers.

    I think the company could do wonders if they introduced some more dynamic speakers and gave them personality. Find a sinewy loudmouth and call him the son of Jimmy Hart or Harvey Whippleman (sp?).

    The Legends division sounds interesting and bursting with possibilities (have someone like The Miz lose a retirement match, hence weasel his way into the division for a month or two), but a lot of those guys are retired for a reason.

    As for the women in WWE, you are discounting the power of the chicks-in-skimpy-clothes-screen-grab for ratings. Other than that, great article!

  3. You can't just turn women into referees. Kelly Kelly doesn't have the ring awareness to run the ropes during a match; why would anyone think she'd be able to be in position for every pin or submission attempt, take every bump correctly and be able to act as the director for every match she calls?

    • You couldn't do it overnight, but it could be done. Send them to training (that's what training camps are for).
      And the days of a referee really "directing" any match are long-over.
      Dave & Earl Hebner were "referees"; so was Joey Marella (Gorilla Monsoon's son.) That caliber of referee doesn't exist today. To keep spontaneity in the ring, many times all the ref knows is who's going to win with which move so they know to count to three.
      But you've mainly missed the point of the article, which is that IF the WWE isn't going to give the women's roster the respect it deserves (which it doesn't) that they should just stop it all together, because the women deserve better than to just be "Divas". (At least if they were refereeing, their appearance would have a point & could lead into some great "interference" in matches with male wrestler's they might be "in league with" that could culminate in a re-instatement of the women's division to settle some scores.)
      Every promotion has had looong periods where their wasn't a women's division at all because either the talent wasn't there or they didn't have a direction for them, so they did the only logical thing and cut the roster, bringing it back after a few months or years. That works because whether people like to admit it or not: women's wrestling (in the US, at least) is a gimmick, like midget wrestling or a TLC match. Good in doses, boring all the time with such a limited number of players. You've also proven my point by mentioning that Kelly Kelly doesn't have the ring awareness to run the ropes in a match….as a wrestler. But she's still allowed to do it, even though (in your opinion) she's not very good at it. I believe she could be not very good at refereeing as well;)
      One last note: I'm not saying all female wrestler's shouldn't be in the ring, but the ratio of who should be & who is, is concern enough for pause as to why they're there in the 1st place. (Hint: eye candy.)
      That truth should be different, but it's not. Maybe one day it will be.


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