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5 WWE Tournaments That Need to Happen

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The Mae Young classic and the Cruiserweight classic have both left their marks on the WWE network and have people begging for more tournaments to happen and more Indy talent to be featured. This had me thinking what tournaments should the WWE do next? I then again thought that’s a dumb question instead here are 5 tournaments that needs to happen in the WWE ASAP.

  1. Queen of the Ring

Women’s wrestling has come very far and everyone loves it. There has been a lot of first time matches like the Hell in the Cell match and the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The Mae Young classic was exactly that, a classic. But WWE should step it up and do a Queen of the Ring Tournament. I think they should do a special for this on the Network but I know the most we will probably get is the finals there because of WWE scheduling but that’s ok. But what I would like to see is WWE do a tournament that consist of women from Smackdown, Raw, and NXT and then also send out maybe 2 or 4 invitations to some of the top Indy wrestlers in the world to compete in the tournament.

  1. Tag Team Tournament

Yes I’m aware of the Dusty Rhodes classic. I want to keep that but take it and make it a special on the WWE network instead. Keep the tournament as it is introducing new talent to the WWE. But also add some of the tag teams we have now. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Woken Hardy’s (I’m assuming that’s what Vince is going to call them), The Young Bucks, DIY (if they were still together) all in the tournament. Make it open to not only NXT and some Indy tag teams but instead treat it like you did the Mae Young Classic. Go out and find all the best tag teams in the world and build a tournament out of them. Just include some tag teams from WWE itself.

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  1. Andre the Giant Memorial Tournament

Instead of having the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal, I have been thinking for a while that the WWE should just do a heavyweight tournament. I’m not sure if a lot of people think that heavyweights are either not relevant or even entertaining but I beg to differ. There are some big men in the wrestling industry that can hang with the best of them. Set a weight limit and turn this battle royal into a yearly tournament putting some of the industry’s best heavyweights on a collision course with each other to see who the true giant is. Winner gets the same trophy and gets to do his pose with it. I still think that’s cool.

  1. Six Man Tag aka Trios Tournament

I know if WWE does this everyone will say they are basically ripping other companies but I like the idea of a Six Man Tag tournament. That would be epic and could lead to potential reuniting’s of the Wyatt Family, Shield and we might finally get the Balor Club in the WWE. Of course this most likely wouldn’t be a Network special but I believe it should be. The New Day can really hype it up by coming out week after week bragging about how they are the best trios in WWE. The tournament show include NXT talent like Sanity and The Undisputed Era and maybe Triple H can find some talent on the Indy scene to participate too, the winner getting the first of Six Man Tag Championship.

  1. NXT Vs WWE Tournament

I have always thought that one day Triple H and Vince will go into a heated battle about NXT basically putting together a better product than Raw and Smackdown and then a challenge would be issued by Triple H himself to have a tournament to end all discussion, NXT vs WWE. The tournament should be based off a point system and the bigger the match the more points you get for the victory first too whatever the score maybe shows who the dominant brand is. Have everyone wrestle. Singles competitors both male and female and tag teams too. They could possibly make this a PPV where it gets settled in one night with a list of specific matches. Vince picks his best and Triple H picks his. I’m not sure what will happen when it comes to the NXT Alumni’s but I have high hopes we will see this tournament one day.

WWE seems to be having a lot of success with tournaments right now especially thinking them out and bringing together talent from all over the world. More tournaments will come and I pretty sure out of my list we will see at least 3 of these tournaments within the next 3 to 4 years.

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