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5 WrestleMania 29 Replacements For Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger’s DUI arrest has the WWE creative team working overtime this weekend. Rumor has it that the team is coming up with a new plan for the WrestleMania 29 WHC match. Here is a quick look at five superstars that could step in for Swagger and take that coveted spot.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is no confirmation yet as to whether Swagger will be pulled from his match with Alberto Del Rio for the WWE world heavyweight championship. However, rumors are swirling that will indeed be the case. Protocol is for Swagger to at least get a suspension and most would presume that the WWE would rather change gears than promote a match with one of the participants unavailable.

So I took a quick look up and down the roster and came up with five guys that could easily step in for Swagger, with the right angle of course, and challenge Del Rio at WrestleMania. I tried to keep it realistic as opposed to throwing guys like The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar in there. The beauty of this mess is that the WWE has a lot of guys available. But who are the best? Here are five that make sense and can get the job done!

Dolph Ziggler – I think we can all agree that Ziggy makes the most sense here. He is the Money in the Bank holder and he should theoretically have the right to cash in the briefcase at anytime, including WrestleMania. Why he hasn’t exercised that right already is another story. I’d love to see Ziggler in this spot for reasons of continuity whether he is coming in as challenger or even champion.

Randy Orton – Some of you may be groaning but it has been a long time since Orton has been in the title picture. Rumor has it that Orton is turning heel anyway so instead of programming him now with Sheamus, you can put him with Del Rio and save the Sheamus program for SummerSlam. As of today Orton has nothing officially on the books for the card. Quite frankly I think this would be a real fun match and the turn is a great angle to get there.

Seth Rollins – Here is my dark horse of the blog. I am not in favor of splitting The Shield up but I do think that putting one of them into the WHC picture could be a good thing. Rollins is the work horse of the group in my opinion and I think he’d have a great chance of going out there and stealing the show. The idea of putting him over and having The Shield as champion in a Freebird type situation where they each take turns defending could also be fun. I don’t think he has a shot of jumping over the others listed here but there are some really cool possibilities if he does.

Mark Henry – Of everyone listed here I think that Henry probably has the best chance of getting the spot should they decided to take it away from Swagger. Henry is back and he is getting a monster push right now. Rumor has it that he is going to wrestle The Great Khali at WrestleMania and let’s face it, nobody is going to be upset if that match gets scratched for Del Rio vs. Henry. Stick Uncle Zeb with Henry and you can even keep that gimmick alive. Henry has really turned his critics around over the last couple of years and I have to think that he’d be a welcome addition to the match.

[adinserter block=”2″]Chris Jericho – When you talk about guys jumping into a tough situation and stepping up to the plate you have to look at Jericho. It was rumored that Jericho would turn heel and feud with Ryback but I don’t see that one progressing at all. Right now he looks like a man without a match and what better way to use him than to put him back into a WrestleMania championship match. If there is anyone that could segue right into this angle it would be him. I think he and Del Rio could have some fun back and forth promos leading up to Mania and have people forgetting about the suspended Swagger fairly quickly.

What do you think? Who do you have? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. The answer is obsiouly Mark Henry. Youre right he turned his critics around last year and had a succesful run with the Belt. Unlike the Big Show and Khali, his character is believeable. He is getting a monster push but they better do something good with him to get him over hard at mania. The Great Khali is not the answer because its a foregone conclusion that Henry will win to anybody thats over the age of 13. They need to keep Henry hot and legitimate which is why I would put him in the title picture, if not then Jericho should put him over because he can make any match amazing and he is disappearing after Mania season anyways. Either way im a mark for Mark. lol. "Thats what I do! Thats what I do!!!"

  2. I'd like to see Herny have one last run for the title because it seems like he wants to retire in a year or so. Dolph Ziggler is more then ready to have big gold and I can't wait to see him cash in.

    • I don’t see why Ziggler should be given a chance he as money in the bank so he doesn’t need a shot at it I don’t get why he was ever put in the rumble he as a garenteed title shot when ever he wants, Randy Orton or Chris Jericho should have the title shot

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