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5 Tips To Turn Your Losing Fantasy Football Season Around

Chris Johnson, Fantasy Football 2012Your worst fear has come true. It is week 3 in your fantasy football season and you are 0-3. The perfect draft wasn’t so perfect draft after all. Keep your composure and stay calm because I am here to save your fantasy football season with five simple tips.

We have all been there. You get so pumped for the start of the season and after three weeks you are ready to throw in the towel. You start questioning your draft, your starts, your trades, and your fantasy fun turns into pure fantasy chaos. The bad news is that you have quite a hole to dig yourself out of. The good news is that you still have time to jump out of that hole, right back into the playoff race.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is time to move forward, not backward. I have put together five tips to help you get back into the game. It is not too late to go from 0-3 to 3-3 and start putting fear into your league. Good luck because your new fantasy season starts right now!

Cut your losses. There is a point where you have to look into the mirror and be honest with yourself about your draft picks. Those draft picks you thought were sleepers and steals turned out to be nothing but headaches and dead weight. I know you took Chris Johnson with your first draft pick but how many more weeks are you going to suffer because you “have to play your top picks.” It is okay to look at your bench or even the waiver wire for a running back that is producing and take CJnoK out of your lineup. It is okay to start someone like Andrew Luck or RG III over Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford. The point here is that you need to make some gutsy calls here and leave your stubbornness at the door.

Go with your gut. One of the biggest mistakes I made the first two years in fantasy football is listening to everyone else but me. The irony here is that you know what you want to do, yet you defer to ESPN rankings or your favorite fantasy football radio show host instead. It is okay to read and listen to what their saying to help guide your opinion, but at the end of the day it is your team that is playing, not theirs. If you drafted Adrian Peterson and listened to the experts, you sat him the first week. Yet I guarantee you as you set your lineup you wanted to start him. He’s AP! The dirty truth about most of these experts is that they throw so much information out there, that they hit on a small percentage of it. Who cares if the San Francisco 49ers is the best running defense in the league! If you have a stud running back you play him, no matter what the experts tell you. Go with your gut and have some courage if you truly believe in your instinct.

Play the waiver wire wisely. The waiver wire can be fool’s gold for some people. Those are the people that run to the wire every week and pick off the flavor of the week without looking at the big picture (Kevin Olgetree). The savvy waiver wire players will look at the big picture and see someone like a Kyle Rudolph, Danny Amendola, and Andy Dalton and target them while fellow league players get suckered by the one-week wonder. I also always stress in my waiver wire blogs not to just look at the waiver wire, but to look at who is being dropped. Believe it or not I picked up Rob Gronkowski and Eli Manning both last year the first two weeks on the waiver wire, two players that were critical to my championship win. If you don’t need anyone, don’t grab just to take someone. Maybe you have someone on your bench that is performing well? Play the wire, but make sure to play both sides, and most importantly play it smart.

Propose some trades. You may be 0-3 but there are other players in your league that are also struggling. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of someone who is in panic mode and plug your hole. You will be shocked at the trades some people accept when they are losing. Take Chris Johnson as another example. Someone around your league will probably take him with the same hopes you had for a season turnaround. You may as well get something out of him right? If your Fred Jackson owner was smart enough to handcuff him with CJ Spiller, he is probably freaking out right now looking for a running back. That is a great start. Maybe you can trade Johnson for Jackson who will be back in a week or two? Maybe you can grab a TE who is a consistent producer? Approach the winners also. Maybe someone in first place has so much depth that he is willing to take a shot on a Chris Johnson, Jason Witten, or Matthew Stafford that is under-producing. Start working those trades now!

[adinserter block=”1″]Do your homework. Finally, do your homework. There is a reason that you are 0-3. You are missing something. I mentioned earlier about going with your gut and not deferring to experts. That’s true, but you can also get some great information from them to help you make your decisions. Maybe your QB2 is facing a team he has a history of tearing up every season? Maybe you have a RB on your bench that has a matchup against the worst rushing defense in the NFL? These are things you won’t find out unless you do some homework. Research stats, visit some blogs, and listen to a few podcasts. I put a lot of work into my fantasy season and I can easily see who did and didn’t do the homework on the day of my drafts. Believe it or not, most people don’t, so you’ll have a big advantage.

Good luck and let’s start turning this thing around in Week 4!

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