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5 Things That Need to Happen for WWE Starrcade to Succeed

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This week WWE announced that they will to a live event in Greensboro, N.C on November 25 and the name of it is Starrcade. For those who don’t know Starrcade was like the WrestleMania of NWA/WCW during its time from 1983 to 2000. The event was an historic one and some of the greatest wrestlers and best matches in history wrestled in this event that left fans amazed. We all know WWE bout out WCW and took over the rights to everything and why it may be a name to them this event is a huge deal. Things need to happen for this even to be a huge success.

  1. Stage has to look the part.

If you’re going to take an Iconic event and bring it back to life this means that you have to make it as authentic as possible. WWE does not need to use its generic settings for this event they need to turn back the time and give it the feel of a Starrcade event. They have 2 steel cage matches advertised and they need to have the look of an old steel cage instead of the new one.

  1. Kick the show off with Ric Flair

The Nature Boy is back after scaring us all. They really should bring him out and they don’t even have to do it for long they can have him walk down the ramp with Charlotte for her match or even come out at the beginning of the show to address the crowd and just talk a little bit about the historic event of Starrcade and what it means to the wrestling business.

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  1. Have some iconic figures show up..and possibly show out

It’s going to be a big night so some big names should show. They have a stacked card for this event but bringing in some legends will definitely make this night memorable. I wouldn’t mind seeing Goldberg come out and spear and jackhammer some superstars and even better (I know this is a long shot) the return of Sting. I think it would be awesome if he came out and did something with some young talent. It would be even cooler if he came down from the rafters.

  1. Make this a house special for the WWE network

I think the biggest mistake that WWE made was not making this a special on the network. Something like this should definitely be present for the whole world to see and tweet about. This event would have people talking for years and could possibly become a yearly house special if everything goes right but sadly they decided to make this a live event but I feel like we can change their minds. I made a petition that I want everyone to sign and hopefully we can get the WWE Officials attention and make this even a live event on the network. To make it even worse I think that they will tape it and show it at a later date.

  1. Match dedicated to Dusty Rhodes.

From sources and WWE Network special Rivalries: Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes, Dusty Rhode was one of the minds behind Starrcade’s creation. A match in his honor would be great and I know just the match. According to WrestlingInc, Cody went to twitter about his frustration of WWE bring back Starrcade and not even including Dustin in the event which sparked replies of Cody teaming of with his brother. Now Dustin jumped in and said Dusty and Cody vs the Hardy Boyz….sound like a great idea and Matt Hardy agrees and wants this match booked. The return of Cody Rhodes for one night would be epic especially in a tag match against the Hardy’s and maybe even the Broken Hardy’s (we still got time for the transformation). Matt Hardy is trying hard to make this happen and is even teasing a debut at Starrcade (not dropping spoilers). Could it possibly be the Young Bucks? Matt Hardy has made tweets about the Young Bucks also being a part of this epic match and their reply on twitter was glorious….. “Ok. We now have that night off.” This night is shaping up to be legendary the only way the WWE can possibly drop the ball on this one is by withholding it from the rest of the WWE Universe on the WWE Network. Hopefully before November 25 we can change their minds.

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