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Five NFL Teams That Should Beg The Broncos For Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall BroncosMost of us have seen the video of NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall disrupting a Denver Broncos practice. This was just the newest ploy in Marshall’s attempts to get traded. NFL analysts have speculated that he is now untradeable. I disagree and will tell you five NFL teams that should be begging for Brandon Marshall.

1 – The New York Giants. The New York Giants should be stalking the Denver Broncos in an attempt to get Marshall. This is a team that is one component short of going to another Super Bowl. That component is a solid number one wide receiver. Once Plaxico Burress was cut, the once high-powered offense struggled badly to gain any continuity last season.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Giants had an opportunity to fill this role and for whatever reason, they didn’t. The team has a great set of number two receivers. Unfortunately none of these guys have stepped up consistently this pre season to grab that top spot. Marshall is the perfect fit for Manning and would make this team an immediate Super Bowl contender. Eli needs a deep threat to stretch the offense, and Marshall could be that guy.

2 – The Washington Redskins. I’ll stay in the NFC East for a moment here. The Redskins starting offense has clicked throughout pre season. Santana Moss has shown flashes of being that elite receiver, but enough is enough already. Moss has shown that he is not that guy during his tenure in Washington. The team goes with Clinton Portis and he is only getting older. Brandon Marshall would turn this team into an immediate beast.

The jury is still out on Jason Campbell. Is he a very good quarterback marred by too many coaching changes or is he just not that good? Campbell can throw the long ball and this offense is perfect for deep balls on play action calls. Marshall can be that guy to help Campbell stretch the field. Defenses would be scrambling between sticking eight in the box or double teaming Marshall. Dan Snyder likes to take risks, this is a risk worth taking.

3 – The New York Jets. The Jets seemed to be the runaway favorite to get Marshall until this incident. The marriage makes perfect sense. Laveranues Coles left for the Cincinnati Bengals in the off season. Jericho Cotchery is not living up to expectations in being the number one receiver. Unless Leon Washington is going to play wide receiver, this offense could be in trouble.

Marshall would immediately give Mark Sanchez a rookie blanket. It is amazing how much easier life is for an NFL rookie quarterback when they have an elite receiver. Rex Ryan is a hard nosed guy who will immediately command respect from Marshall. Brian Schottenheimer could finally run a no-huddle with confidence. This seems like such an easy decision that the Jets will probably pass on Marshall.

4 – The Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore has been dying for that elite receiver for years now. They came close with T.O., but it never materialized. Derrick Mason is money, but this is likely his last NFL season. Is Mark Clayton really the guy you want leading Joe Flacco into the future? Brandon Marshall makes a lot of sense for this team and now is the time to get him.

The biggest deterrent to getting Marshall is his attitude. There are enough leaders on offense and defense that would put Marshall in his place in a heartbeat. Do you think Ray Lewis is going to let Marshall make a mockery out of practice like that? This team probably is the most disciplined of any potential Marshall suitors. The addition of Marshall would take this team out of a one-dimensional running attack and make them a threat for years to come.

5 – The Tennessee Titans. Could you imagine having to game plan for the Titans defense, the Titans running attack, and a Titans offense with Brandon Marshall? This is a team without a true number one that was a killer last year. Yet even with all of the weapons in place, they still couldn’t get the job done in January. Brandon Marshall would change that instantly.

The Titans had the 27th ranked passing offense and 21st ranked offense overall last season. The Titans lost their playoff game 13-10 and had no touchdowns in the game. Like the Ravens, the team is disciplined enough to counter any distractions from Marshall. A veteran quarterback like Kerry Collins will know how to handle Marshall. There is no question that Marshall immediately makes this team the Super Bowl favorite.

[adinserter block=”2″]Brandon Marshall is not much different than other elite wide receivers. Randy Moss and Terrell Owens at their peak were also labeled disruptive and untradeable. I once saw a tape of Owens doing almost the exact same thing at a 49ers practice, yet Andy Reid took him. NFL analysts can fool themselves when they say that nobody would take Marshall, but they aren’t fooling me.

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