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4 Dead, 2 Injured in Pennsylvania House Explosion: Officials

In an unfortunate incident in Pottstown, Pennsylvania four people were left dead and at least 2 people were injured. On Washington Street and Butler Avenue of Pottstown, Pennsylvania a deadly explosion occurred that destroyed several homes and houses in that particular area. The incident occurred on Thursday before 8.00 p.m. as the first responders’ call to the authorities was made at 8.00 p.m.

The responder reported the explosion to the authorities who arrived at the location i.e. about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The media outlets also questioned the neighbors regarding the explosion and the neighbors testified that they heard a sound of an explosion. They stated how they heard a sound of a blast and immediately came to see what happened.

Subsequently, several videos and photos of the explosion have also gone viral on various social media platforms. The videos and photographs clearly showed how houses and homes exploded instead of that explosion.

However, the cardinal cause and reason behind the unfortunate incident have not been revealed. However several authorities like the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, as well as the state fire marshal’s office, were among the agencies responding to the scene.

The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and other authorities were also informed and decided to not reveal the identities and other concomitant information of the deceased persons. Another briefing and investigation have also been scheduled for Friday. However, the pictures that went viral shook the whole area and the state. One of the photos from NBC Philadelphia also depicted debris littering the street.

Talking about what the neighbors have to say about the whole incident and the testimony of eye witnesses were recorded by the police officers as well as the media outlet. A neighbor, Russell Noll, told the media that “I heard a massive boom. I believed a bomb had detonated. Someone had dropped a bomb somewhere, I thought. Then all of the sirens began to sound.”

He continued by stating that “It was also not too far from my home. So I started traveling in the direction of the sirens and ambulance, and there was a massive explosion all over the place.” Another neighbor Ashley Miller told the media that “When the back window of the room burst out, she was sitting on her bed. Miller stated, “I immediately saw smoke and assumed the whole rear of the home was gone, so I quickly raced for the kids and went out the door.”

Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez stated Thursday night that all Pottstown schools will be closed for students and staff on Friday due to the explosion. He also urged the locals to clear steer of the place of the incident and be cautious in general. Rodriguez wrote, “Our thoughts and prayers are with those families. When schools reopen, our counselors and psychologists will be on hand to offer assistance.”



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