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3 Dead, At Least 11 Wounded In Philadelphia Shooting On South Street

The spree of shooting cases in the US has taken the whole country into storm and grief. In yet another dreadful shooting three people lost their lives. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a shooting incident led to the loss of three innocent lives. Not only this but also at least 11 people were injured because of the shooting. The incident occurred in one of the popular streets of Philadelphia i.e. the South of the city.

The incident occurred before midnight. According to Police Inspector D.F. Pace, the officers were on a regular check and patrol when they heard a gunshot sound. The officers noticed that several gunmen were firing shots at a random crowd. The officers rushed and even tried to fire a shot at one of the gunmen. However, the shot was from 30 feet and hence it isn’t clear if it even hit the gunman.

“It’s easy to image hundreds of people just enjoying South Street like they do every Saturday when this tragedy occurred,” Pace added. According to him, two males and a lady were murdered in the incident. Authorities did not make their names public. Three of the ten patients who arrived at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital were dead. Further, six were in stable condition, and one had been discharged, according to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital spokeswoman Damien Woods.

One weapon had an extended magazine, police said. South Street is noted for its bars, restaurants, and nightlife. WTXF-TV posted surveillance video from a neighborhood shop showing crowds of people fleeing as gunfire erupted. Pace said police plan to gather “a lot of video security footage” from nearby businesses to identify suspects. Philadelphia’s mayor termed the incident “devastating”. “Once again, we witness lives killed and maimed in a horrifying, brazen, and terrible act of gun violence,” he stated. My heart is with the families, friends, and loved ones of those killed or injured and everyone affected by this tragedy.

The USA and the upsurging Gun Violence

This incident comes days after the school shooting in Texas. The USA has become a major hub for shooting incidents. In the year 2020, there were above 43000 people who died of shooting incidents in the whole state. In the year 2021 too, the shooting incidents were above crossing marks.

In the year 2022 too till now, a total of 27 school shootings and above 200 normal shooting incidents have been reported. Kenney said the city’s and nation’s gun violence “makes me heartbroken and outraged.” He claimed tackling it would be “an uphill battle” without addressing “gun availability and access.”

The cardinal reason behind the same is the liberal gun laws present in the state. Biden’s government has been urged by several people and countries to draft a strict policy on gun purchase and gun regulation.

Former President Barack Obama too had the gun regulation policy on one of his agendas. The instant implementation of gun regulations and minimizing the purchase of guns by any random person should be curbed at the earliest.



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