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3 Biggest WWE Storylines of the Week of December 2

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The WWE continues to struggle with ratings even as the company blows through the tail end of 2016 in preparation for the lead up to the 2017 Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January.

That said, these three storylines are well worth watching:

1) The WWE Raw Women’s Championship

On Monday, November 28th, Sasha Banks became a three-time Raw women’s champion by beating nemesis Charlotte Flair with help of an inventive use of the Bank Statement thanks to the aid of a guard rail.

While the match itself was great, the title now has changed hands between them FIVE times over the last six months. That is too much even among gifted performers.

Regardless, Banks is the champ again and the hope is this reign lasts longer than her previous two short ones. It may be possible because the WWE may be ready to finally put this feud to rest for the time being.

There are reasons why the two have been feuding for so long, partially due to a weak RAW women’s roster. Now, it may be time for the WWE to move forward to start planning long-term. That could mean the start to a potential heel Banks vs. Bayley title match at WrestleMania.

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2) Goldberg and Lesnar in the Royal Rumble

After Goldberg surprisingly dominated Lesnar in two minutes at Survivor Series, the next part of this feud seems to be unfolding. Both are now entrants in the 2017 Royal Rumble. There are still 28 participants to go, but it seems that much of the match could revolve around these two behemoths.

However, the WWE sometimes lets one particular story dominate the entire Royal Rumble match to the point where it buries every other ongoing storyline. The Rumble works best when several storylines are allowed to breathe.

Hopefully, if Goldberg and Lesnar do clash, it won’t be near the end. If they come in as the first two participants, then it could be a long, frustrating match to watch for many fans.

3) Randy Orton and the Wyatts

This is becoming an intriguing story because no one seems to know Orton’s motivation to joining up with the Wyatt Family. Is he planning to taking them over to have his own stable to lead? Is he trying to destroy them from within?

It is an interesting situation going on. On Smackdown on Tuesday, Orton somehow got Luke Harper isolated against Kane with no help from the others. Harper, on the other hand, helped Orton and Bray Wyatt beat the American Alphas.

The Wyatts may need to keep in mind that one of Orton’s nicknames was “The Rattlesnake” or else they could get bit.

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