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27 WrestleMania Matches That Should Have Happened (5-1) – Inside the Wheelhouse

Steve Austin vs. Hulk HoganWhat specific WrestleMania match did you always want to see? Was it something that immediately made you want to shell out the money for the event on that one match alone? Is it two Wrestling superstars that you never thought you’d see wrestle in the ring, let alone on the WrestleMania stage? Or is an amazing feud that never got the proper WrestleMania showcase?

I got inspired to countdown the 27 Best WrestleMania matches that never happened after all of the Sting/Undertaker talk got going on and the talk of “WrestleMania Dream matches” picked up a ton of steam. Now some of these matchups may have occurred on other cards in the past but in my opinion they are WrestleMania worthy.

For arguments sake I kept it to the WWE roster and people who have been on the roster at some point in their careers. I also kept it to era of the wrestlers being on the roster at the same time. That limited it to discussions of Steve Austin vs. Randy Savage type match because we would never get that match today. I limited it to potential matches that we could see one day at or at one particular time. With that being said let’s look at my list of “The 27 Best WrestleMania matches that never happened” as we go through #’s 5 – 1.

[adinserter block=”2″]5. Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero

Talk about a dream matchup on paper. Two of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, battling it out at Wrestlemania to crown which was the better wrestler. I don’t know what else there is to say had the WWE gave us a match of Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero at a Wrestlemania.

I don’t recall the WWE ever giving the fans this match on any PPV or RAW and I don’t really know if Eddie Guerrero and Michaels ever were in a match together. If they were, I apologize, but the fact that both of these guys would be in the same ring together and at a Wrestlemania, brings chills to spines of wrestling fans around the world. You know that if we got this match we would see what we would expect from these two legends.

There may never be more influential wrestlers in the business like Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero ever again. It would be a showcase of amazing pure wrestling and there is no doubt in my mind it would deliver as a Wrestlemania classic. Its dream matchups like these that make me miss Eddie Guerrero so much, not only as a wrestler but as a human being. We miss you Eddie!

4. Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect

This matchup may surprise some as a match that would be showcased on a Wrestlemania because we have seen these two have epic encounters on various PPVs; wrestling shows and in other companies as well (WCW). But lets face it, when these two got in the ring; it was simply pure magic and left us all talking when the match was over.

When you look at the grand scheme of things this match should have headlined Wrestlemania 9 and not Hart vs. Yokozuna. For whatever reason the WWE never elevated Mr. Perfect to the Main Event status that he deserved and we all know that he could deliver at any given show. They were two of the best wrestlers of all-time and one of the most underrated feuds in wrestling history.

I can watch Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect matches all the time and I hold their matches on the same plateau as fans hold Steamboat/Savage. I believe when you have two of the most talented wrestlers of all-time on your roster you need to give the fans what they want to see on a stage like a Wrestlemania. To me, Hart vs. Perfect would have been an easy choice to give the “wrestling fan” exactly what they want to see when they sit down to watch Wrestlemania. I believe Hart/Perfect could have easily contended with Steamboat/Savage as one of the best all-time matches at Wrestlemania.

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3. The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels

The best thing about this dream matchup is that there is still a chance that this matchup could happen one day. Let’s face it, retirements and wrestling really never go hand-in-hand. While a wrestler may retire there is always a good chance that they might return for one match or even multiple matches. Let’s hope that is the case in this particular instance.

The Rock and Shawn Michaels have never been in the same ring as each other in any type of match. The only time I can remember any sort of interaction between the both of them is one of the first episodes of Smackdown when Shawn Michaels served as a special guest referee and superkicked The Rock, turning heel. There was never any follow-up to that angle and nothing ever happened between the two…ever again.

These are to me, two of the greatest wrestlers of all-time and I would love to see a match between the two. It was rumored years ago that they wanted to do a match between the two but it never happened. The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels would be huge and would be considered one of the greatest dream matches of all-time for ANY event. But having it at a Wrestlemania is where it should be showcased the most and an event that we know will be the only time either one of these wrestlers step out of their retirements. We can all dream, can’t we?

[adinserter block=”1″]2. Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair

This is one those matches that still makes me scratch my head that WCW was the first to give us this match and not the WWE. It was almost a foregone conclusion that it would be Hogan vs. Flair headlining Wrestlemania 8 but instead we got Flair/Savage and Hogan/Sid Vicious. Why the WWE went that route I will never know, but despite Flair/Savage being an awesome match, I still believe to this day that Hogan vs. Flair would have been the box office seller.

The WWE had built this dream match up on their programming ever since Ric Flair came to the WWE but never gave us this match until 2002 on an episode of RAW. It would literally be 11 years later before the WWE gave us Flair vs. Hogan and at that point we had seen it plenty of times in WCW. The feeling that it originally had was lost on the wrestling fans at that point.

Flair vs. Hogan was the 90s dream Wrestlemania matchup that never happened. Wrestling fans wanted it really badly yet the WWE never cashed in on the match at that time. Like I said before this is still one of the biggest head scratchers of all-time on why the WWE did not capitalize on this match. Flair and Hogan would have been epic & would have given wrestling fans that Wrestlemania feel. Sadly it will never happen in a Wrestlemania ring and the time has clearly passed between these two.

1. Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Austin

There is no other Wrestlemania dream matchup in the history of wrestling then this one right here. Never more have there been two more important wrestlers in the world of wrestling like Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. When you look back at the most impactful, influential, era changing wrestlers of all-time, it is Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. They are by far the two greatest wrestlers of all-time based on what they accomplished in their careers.

The WWE could have given us this match at Wrestlemania 18 but instead went with The Rock vs. Hogan which was just as big as well. Maybe the WWE had plans for this match to happen at Wrestlemania 19, which was a rumor at one time, but it never happened. Maybe the WWE thought they would be able to pull it off at a later Wrestlemania, but it never happened. That is why this is the best Wrestlemania match of all-time that never happened.

Who was the greatest WWE wrestler of all-time? Was it Hulk Hogan? Was it Steve Austin? The only way it could have been settled was at a Wrestlemania to find out that exact answer. They are the two greatest wrestlers we have ever seen and to have a match showcased at Wrestlemania would have been the most epic encounter in Wrestling history.

Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan is the best Wrestlemania match that never happened.

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