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27 WrestleMania Matches That Should Have Happened (20-16) – Inside the Wheelhouse

What specific WrestleMania match did you always want to see? Was it something that immediately made you want to shell out the money for the event on that one match alone? Is it two Wrestling superstars that you never thought you’d see wrestle in the ring, let alone on the WrestleMania stage? Or is an amazing feud that never got the proper WrestleMania showcase?

I got inspired to countdown the 27 Best WrestleMania matches that never happened after all of the Sting/Undertaker talk got going on and the talk of “WrestleMania Dream matches” picked up a ton of steam. Now some of these matchups may have occurred on other cards in the past but in my opinion they are WrestleMania worthy.

For arguments sake I kept it to the WWE roster and people who have been on the roster at some point in their careers. I also kept it to era of the wrestlers being on the roster at the same time. That limited it to discussions of Steve Austin vs. Randy Savage type match because we would never get that match today. I limited it to potential matches that we could see one day at or at one particular time. With that being said let’s look at my list of “The 27 Best WrestleMania matches that never happened” as we go through #’s 20 – 16.

20. Bret Hart vs. The Rock

[adinserter block=”2″] I believe the only times these all-time greats wrestled was during The Rock’s “Rocky Mavia” days when he was still Intercontinental Champion against then WWE Champion Bret Hart on an early 1997 edition of Monday Night RAW. So while they have battled it out before, it wasn’t to the magnitude of what it could have been if it was when they were both at their peaks. Both wrestlers are considered to be some of the best in-ring workers in the business today.

While Hart has a more technical style in the ring, The Rock is more of an athletic style and seeing these two different styles clash would be an amazing showcase. Both wrestlers during their times prided themselves at bringing the best out of their opponents. With that attitude, these two would give us a showcase deserving of the WrestleMania stage.

It isn’t Hogan/Rock, but Hart was a leader of a chapter in the WWE as was The Rock, so typical of many of these “dream matches” on this list, this is something that would equal some major bucks. Both of these great’s days in the ring appear to be numbered for one reason or anything so we will always be left to wonder, what could have been if given the chance. I feel this match would be an all-time great had they given the chance.

19. Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero

Old School ECW fans would love this matchup. Its parallel styles of wrestling in the sense both are high flyers and considered to be two of the most athletic wrestlers ever. With a stage like WrestleMania, there would be no doubt that these two wrestlers would put on a spectacle if in the ring together.

I will never forget the very underrated and great Intercontinental feud these two had in the early years of the 2000s on the RAW brand. There matches were exciting to watch and fun to be a wrestling fan. The ladder match these two had on RAW will always is one of my favorite televised matches of all-time.

They had amazing chemistry in the ring together and complimented each other’s styles. This is a match worthy of WrestleMania and one that would no doubt leave the fans talking. Title or no title, these two great would do whatever they could to steal the show from the rest of the card and for wrestling fans that is what we want to (selfishly) see.

18. Randy Savage vs. The Undertaker

Now I tried to rattle my Wrestling fan of a brain when if I could ever remember these two actually battling it out one-on-one. I’m sure they might have at live events or even in tag matches, but I’m pretty sure Savage and Undertaker never had any type of feud. When Taker came in Savage was on his way to the broadcast booth as a face so there was a very good chance they never actually faced off.

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Having Randy Savage’s name on the list would help make The Undertaker’s streak for WrestleMania look more impressive then it already is. Someone people argue that some of the names (Henry, Big Bossman, etc.) really make the streak look not as powerful as the WWE wants us to believe. They have a valid point, but I feel if Savage’s name was on there we would have a lot more respect for what The Undertaker has done, where it wouldn’t silence those who don’t like the WrestleMania streak.

Even thinking about these two wrestling at a WrestleMania is exciting for the average wrestling fan, which some believe, is what Vince McMahon and the WWE try to accomplish every year for the big show. If the common wrestling fan heard Savage/Taker at WrestleMania, that alone may get them to tune in. Hey look what Sting vs. The Undertaker rumors did for the common fan, they were excited to watch wrestling again…remember there is a reason The Rock is back…buyrates.

17. The Undertaker vs. Mankind/Mick Foley

These two wrestlers had one of my favorite rivalries in the mid-90s and never really got much credit for what they put together until The Undertaker threw Foley off of the top of the hell in a cell. Undertaker & Mankind put together a feud in the later stages of the “new generation” era that can be part of the reasoning the WWE went into the Attitude Era. It will always be, to me, one of the more under appreciative feuds in WWE history.

They displayed brutality and pushed the envelope with the violence they displayed in their feud. Up until that point there never was a wrestler on the roster that took it to The Undertaker like Mankind/Mick Foley did. They had fans believing that Mankind could take it to The Deadman and actually be a strong force in the WWE then the man from Death Valley.

How this matchup missed the WrestleMania radars from ‘96-2000 is pretty incredible as a match between these two would have enough hype for it to rest on it’s own with nothing special about it. Fans really enjoyed what they did in the ring together in their feud and we would see that relieved on the WrestleMania stage. This is just another “dream match” that will rest as a “could of” on The Undertaker’s streak.

16. Triple H vs. Eddie Guerrero

[adinserter block=”1″] Now before all you Triple H haters jump down my throat for posting this here, give the devil his due. Triple H delivers at WrestleMania and is always considered a big draw for the WWE this time of the year. If you look back at WrestleMania’s where Triple H has been a focal point of the show (since WrestleMania 2000) that’s about 11 WrestleMania’s where he has helped draw in big numbers. Which is obviously the WWE’s thought process with Taker/H for this year’s WrestleMania.

This match is intriguing because their styles are so different. You have the great pure wrestler of Eddie Guerrero vs. the Powerful style of Triple H. It would be a match that combining the two styles together, could be very entertaining for all the fans in attendance and watching at home.

Both of these wrestlers were at the top of their games in the early part of the 2000s but never got the opportunity to battle it out in the squared circle. This would be a case of a match that never happened and would be fresh enough for people to be excited for WrestleMania. While some fans may not like it off the bat, Triple H vs. Eddie Guerrero would be a fun & different match that fans could get in an era where matches tend to repeat themselves.

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