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2015 NFL Football Musings Week 5: The Three Point Stance

Why don’t we start off NFL musings this week with the question I have been asking myself since Sunday afternoon and haven’t gotten the answer I wanted.

“How do you score 31 points in an NFL game and lose?”

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s a troubling time down here in Jacksonville – where the fans are restless, the media is wondering how short Gus Bradley’s leash is and the team lost two games in a row it should have won. I think the term “panic mode” is about to become a popular catch phrase.

The Jaguars missed too many tackles Sunday, it’s because they did. Bradley said coaches counted 23, which led to the Jaguars allowing a season-high 183 yards rushing. Five Buccaneers runs accounted for 102 yards, with a different player missing a tackle on each plays. “Those were real,” Bradley said, citing tackling as an example of all players needing to be accountable for their own mistakes. “It’s more directed as an accountability-type message to our team: ‘Take personal responsibility, take accountability for it and let’s get these things cleaned up.’ I think that’s more defensively, if you look at it in a nutshell. It appears to be even bigger defensively.”

Now, Jacksonville plays a Houston Texans team that needs a win in the worst way, much like these Jaguars, and in a division game we all know anything is possible.


Here’s a vote for Tony Romo as the league’s MVP right now. Just like when Peyton Manning missed the entire 2012 season and the Indianapolis Colts fell in the tank, the Dallas Cowboys are finidn out just how valuable their quarterback is to the team.

The running game may be an issue in Dallas, but the play at quarterback is far more crucial. This team is finding out that Brandon Weeden is not the answer behind center and there is talk of a change on the horizon.

Actually yes, since it was announced that Matt Cassel will start after the bye week.

Just like John Machota of wrote, there is already worry by team owner Jerry Jones that this season has already gotten away from his franchise.

“Kind of with your fingers crossed, I had hoped that we could compete against Atlanta, and we did,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan’s Shan and RJ show [KRLD-FM]. “We were very disappointed that we tailed-off near the end, but the way Atlanta is playing, we can see that we were up against some pretty good competition. The New Orleans game is and was a downer. It was an opportunity. We didn’t get that one. That one, in my mind, needed to be there. Let’s mark that up to real expectation and lost opportunity.

“This game against New England was always going to be a real challenge and really an accomplishment if we could get it done. … We didn’t get that one done, so we’re sitting here probably in my view with one win short of where I really gut-check thought we could be.”

I suspect at 2-3 with a bye this week, the changes will do more good than harm..


The idea that a 5-0 team has to think about benching one of the five greatest quarterbacks of all time is a scary thought, but it was brought up this week. Gary Kubiak, the Denver Broncos head coach put to bed a question that has been asked – should Denver bench a very pedestrian Peyton Manning?


The Broncos are winning with a stellar defense and complimentary players on offense. Manning has looked average and ineffective at times. Has surgery, age and wear on the body finally caught up with the NFL’s favorite pitch man?

[adinserter block=”2″](In your favorite Nationwide voice) MAYBE I SHOULD RIDE THE BENCH.

According to Chris Wesseling of, As of Monday, Manning is one of four starting quarterbacks with more interceptions than touchdown passes. He ranks 22nd in QBR, 25th in passer rating and 25th in Pro Football Focus’ quarterback grades. Prior to Week 5, Football Outsiders’ efficiency ratings placed Manning 32nd out of 34 qualifying quarterbacks and ranked the Broncos’ offense 30th out of 32.

The last game in which a Manning-led team failed to score a touchdown occurred in 2003. If not for a pair of defensive scores this year, the Broncos would have been held out of the end zone in Weeks 1 and 5.

Everyone forgets Manning has been in the league for what seems like forever.

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