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2013 Fantasy Football Week 4 Waiver Wire Pickups

Week four presents some interesting options on the waiver wire. Once again we have another week where the best upside comes at quarterback. The bye weeks are underway so if you need a little help this week’s wire could provide some relief.

It is only week 4 and while you don’t want to panic you also don’t want to sit back and let options slip through your fingers. There is nothing wrong with tinkering a little on the wire. Now is the time when you can start playing the matchups and look at the wire to take advantage of bad defenses and inept offenses. Look no further than this week to take full advantage of those opportunities.

[adinserter block=”1″]Quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins – I wasn’t a big Tannehill fan going into the season but he is quietly putting up nice numbers. Let’s face it. When you have a playmaker like Mike Wallace on your field you are going to put up some points as a QB. Tannehill has a Monday Night Football matchup against the Saints. The Saints defense have improved greatly but this is a game that will likely see a lot of points. Matt Ryan torched them in the first week so they are beatable. I can’t see why Tannehill doesn’t put together a decent game here.

Brian Hoyer, Cleveland Browns – You just can’t ignore what this kid did on Sunday. For one, Hoyer had more passing attempts than any other QB on Sunday. The Browns went with a pass-heavy game plan and I don’t see why that won’t continue with Trent Richardson gone. I also love a QB like Hoyer on a team with Rob Chudzinski and Norv Turner running the offense. Josh Gordon is back and the kid is an absolute beast. Hoyer has tremendous upside and I am ready to take a shot at him, stick him on my bench, and see what he has the rest of the season.

Running Backs

Jason Snelling, Atlanta Falcons – I have fallen for that old Snelling trick before when Michael Turner went down but maybe this year is different. Snelling came to play Sunday with Steven Jackson on the bench. Snelling put up over 100 total yards receiving and rushing. I love the fact that they are using him in the passing game. The Patriots give up a lot on the ground and Snelling could be a savvy play this week.

Jonathon Franklin, Green Bay Packers – While you were busy blowing your waiver wire pick on James Starks, savvy players in your league were reaching for Jonathon Franklin. Franklin is still out there on a lot of waiver wires but the kicker is he is on a bye. Not only that, Eddie Lacy will likely be back by the time the Pack returns. My advice is if you have room grab him because I have a feeling that Franklin will see more time and could wind up breaking out at some point this season.

Wide Receivers

Stephen Hill, New York Jets – Personally I am staying away from any Jets receivers but I should include him in case you feel differently. Hill has been targeted a lot by Geno Smith and while the buzz this week is around Holmes, I think Hill is the receiver to grab here (if you are going for one or the other). The Jets have a real nice matchup this week in Tennessee and I could easily see Hill slicing up that secondary for a score.

Donnie Avery, Kansas City Chiefs – I am not ready to stick Avery in my lineup over established starters but I am ready to take a shot on him and keep him on reserves for a bye week. Avery broke out and racked up 141 yards against the Eagles last week. What I really like most about Avery is what he does after the catch. There is a lot of talent there. He has serious potential to break out if Smith can play consistent and show more trust in Avery. The upside is there so why not take a shot if you’re struggling?

[adinserter block=”2″]Jason Avant, Philadelphia Eagles – As an Eagles fan I started to notice some nice things out of Avant in week 1. He wound up scoring his first TD last week against Kansas City and caught five passes for 87 yards. Avant is the kind of sneaky receiver that can really benefit from this offense. Teams will be concentrating on D Jax and Shady leaving Avant with one-on-one coverage. The Eagles defense is terrible and this team will constantly need to put up points to stay in games this season. Give me a receiver in that offense any day.

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