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2013 Fantasy Football Week 3 Waiver Wire Pickups

Week two on the fantasy football waiver wire presents some intriguing options. Wide receivers continue to dominate the fantasy points and there are a couple of interesting possibilities out there as well as a couple of familiar names at QB.

[adinserter block=”1″]Quarterbacks

Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs – Smith is a really funny fantasy QB. No matter how well Smith plays, fantasy owners refuse to touch him. It generally takes about 5-6 weeks of consistent play for anyone to bite. Here is the deal. Smith is a very good fantasy QB playing for a head coach that loves, did I say loves, to throw the ball. He has thrown two TDs in each of his last two games and he is playing an Eagles team that have given up five TDs in two games. Smith could be a brilliant add and play this week if you are struggling at QB.

Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers – Rivers is back! He is fourth in standard scoring leagues right now among QBs. Now is this a case of a guy playing terrible defenses or is Rivers back to Pro Bowl form? Yes he played the Eagles but he also put up 4 TDs on the Houston Texans who were ranked first coming into the year. Rivers has enough of a pedigree that I know this is probably not just a guy getting hot. The lack of weapons scares me but right now you have to ride the wave if he is available.

Running Backs

James Starks, Green Bay Packers – Starks is the hot waiver wire add this week which is a good and a bad thing. The bad news is that you probably need to be one or two on your wire order to get him. The good news is there are a few great wide receivers out there that may fall to you because of the Starks hype. Now if you have Eddie Lacy, Steven Jackson, or MJD I’d certainly do my best to get Starks. Otherwise I’d pass. Lacy will be back the following week and Starks will be irrelevant. Handle with care.

Note: I could throw a few other names in here simply because guys are hurt (ex: MJD) but honestly I don’t think any of those backups are good pickups. It’s easy to run and grab someone because he is a starter but you have to look deeper into it. I don’t see any of those other popular suggestions in Week 3 worth your spot.

Wide Receivers

Eddie Royal, San Diego Chargers – I am still not convinced whether Royal is fool’s gold or the real deal. It is hard to read much into his superb performance in Philadelphia when you consider the fact that he was playing what could be the worst defense in the NFL. At the same time you can’t ignore his first two weeks. He doesn’t get the ball much but when he does it’s usually in the end zone. At this point I am at least intrigued enough to grab him if he fell to me on the wire. Rivers appears to have snapped out of his funk and is back to throwing plenty of TDs. That can only mean more opportunities for Royal.

Kendall Wright, Tennessee Titans – I liked Wright a lot coming into the season but I’ll be honest. Jake Locker scares me. He just isn’t that good. However, he is still serviceable and I am looking simply at the matchup here. The Titans have a Chargers team this week that have been shredded by receivers in the first two games. I see no reason Wright can’t have a big day here and in subsequent weeks. I see Wright purely as a matchup guy.

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans – Well hello DeAndre Hopkins! Andre Johnson left the game Sunday and Hopkins became Matt Schaub’s go-to guy. This is a guy that needs to be owned if you can get him. I heard a lot of rumblings about him in the offseason and it appears there is plenty of substance to those reports. Johnson is always in and out of games so I wouldn’t worry about him cutting into Hopkins’ production much throughout the year.

[adinserter block=”2″]Tight Ends

Charles Clay, Miami Dolphins – Clay is another name that has gotten hot this week in waiver wire adds. The goalline carry was absolutely huge. If you can have a tight end in your lineup that is getting goalline scores you are probably winning most of your matchups at that position. I know a lot of people are buzzing about this Dolphins offense right now, but I am not sold. There are plenty of good tight ends to go around but there is only one I know of getting goalline carries.

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