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2013 Fantasy Football Week 2 Waiver Wire Pickups

The Fantasy Football 2013 season started off with a lot of scoring from tight ends and wide receivers. Quite a few of those scoring players remain undrafted free agents available for you savvy players on this week’s waiver wire.

[adinserter block=”1″]Week 1 was full of surprises. One huge surprise in my opinion was the lack of production from running backs. There were only a handful of 100 yard rushers although you had TDs from plenty. There also aren’t a lot of opportunities for backs on the wire unless you want to cute and that’s not my style. The biggest surprise to me was the production from tight ends. Is it a sign of the times or a coincidence on week 1? Time will tell but you don’t have much time to get these guys on your bench.

A piece of advice I always offer friends during the first few weeks is to not grab anyone if you don’t have any specific needs. There are always players in your league who lose their first few games and drop studs in a panic. I have picked up some real gems in recent years thanks to players who had no patience or overreacted. There are some nice players here but if you are 1-0 and have good depth, take a pass and keep a keen eye on who is being dropped. You may be surprised.


Terrell Pryor, Oakland Raiders – Here is the thing about Terrell Pryor. He has talent and the Raiders don’t have much to offer on offense these days so they are going to rely on Pryor to use his legs. He did and put up terrific numbers in a losing effort. The other thing you have to remember is that teams will sleep on the Raiders. They will surprise some people and Pryor will get his yards on the ground. The kid is quick and a lot less disciplined than most running QBs which bodes well for fantasy.

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals – I have been fooled by Carson Palmer many times over the years so take him at your own risk. The upside here is he has a lot of weapons at wide receiver and like the Raiders, teams will be sleeping on the Cardinals early on. Bruce Arians is as aggressive as it gets through the air and that makes Palmer a nice grab this week.

Wide Receivers

Julian Edelman, New England Patriots – I am stacked at wide receiver but I am going to put in a claim for Edelman. Amendola is playing hurt and Gronkowski is going to get a lot of attention when he comes back. He played 83 snaps on Sunday so if he’s healthy, he’ll get plenty of opportunities. Brady was looking for Edelman quite a bit and I think he has the potential to have a monster season.

Andre Roberts, Arizona Cardinals – Roberts probably isn’t available but he belongs on the wire anyway. Roberts was a waiver wire recommendation last year that fizzled out quickly. The big difference here is he has a decent QB throwing the ball in Arizona for once. I wouldn’t expect Roberts to put up the numbers he did on Sunday but he could be a real nice matchup guy.

Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins – So much for Mike Wallace cutting into Hartline’s numbers right? I was never a Hartline believer but it is hard to ignore the chemistry between him and Tannehill. I am a believer in the offense and I think it will get better this year. I could see Hartline having a nice WR 2/WR 3 year for owners.

Tight Ends

Julius Thomas, Denver Broncos – You’d probably have to be the worst player in your league to get him because I can’t imagine anyone not putting in a claim for him. This guy is the real deal! Thomas had a monster game on Thursday night and I’d look for that continue throughout the season. We all know about Manning’s history with tight ends so this shouldn’t be much of a shock. Thomas isn’t a one-season wonder either. He has the tools and skills to remain productive as long as he has Manning or a decent QB throwing his way. I’ll say it now. He’ll be the waiver wire pickup of the year!

Kellen Winslow, New York Jets – Fool me once shame on you, fool me a dozen times… that is the general theme of players who get enamored with Winslow. I think he is the real deal this year. I watched quite a bit of the Jets game and I noticed that Geno Smith looked for Winslow every time. He did it in the preseason, he is doing it now, Winslow is his security blanket and that isn’t going to change.

Running Backs

[adinserter block=”2″]Joique Bell, Detroit Lions – The thing with Bell is he probably isn’t available but if he is you have to grab him. He’ll be a goal-line option and let’s be honest. How often does Reggie Bush finish a season without an injury? He had 21 carries in week 1 so this isn’t a RB they plan on letting ride the bench. He’ll get his chances and in this offense those will be plenty and fruitful.

Andre Brown, New York Giants – If you have an I/R spot and are in good shape I’d certainly take a flyer on him. I can’t imagine Coughlin trusting David Wilson at the goal-line when Brown is back. Brown was a points machine last year in limited appearances at the goal-line. I took Percy Harvin with my last pick and have him in my I/R. If I didn’t Brown would be my guy.

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  1. I am in a 12 man league so a lot of those guys are not available. I was also the first pick so I am last in teh waiver wire this week anyway. Dallas Clark might also be worth a look. He dropped that pass near the endzone, had he caught it he would have been right up there.


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