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2013 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 7

This week’s fantasy football waiver wire may be one of the most critical of all for you. If you are struggling with a weak bench, you have no choice but to look to the wire for help. Unfortunately you probably won’t find any sure-things this week.


[adinserter block=”1″]There are no pickups I could recommend with confidence. Josh Freeman is out there but you’d have to be crazy to put him in your lineup at this point.

Wide Receivers

Jarrett Boykin, Green Bay Packers – Boykin may wind up seeing a lot of balls thrown his way by default. Randall Cobb and James Jones both left Sunday’s game with injuries. Their exits left Boykin and Jordy Nelson as the only receiving options. I like those options. Teams will likely start giving Nelson a lot of attention opening up some big opportunities for Boykin. I am real intrigued moving forward.

Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers – Hear me out on this one. Cobb is hurt and will miss time. There is a chance that someone in your league will drop him up out of desperation. You could theoretically pick him up, stash him, and unleash him in your playoffs. Obviously he won’t be on a lot of wires but I have seen (and grabbed) better in past seasons thanks to desperate owners.

Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks – I have written about Harvin before but now is the time to get him. Harvin’s return date is still TBD but numerous reports say that Harvin could be back soon. After seeing the abysmal options at wide receiver on Sunday I can almost guarantee you that Pete Carroll will do whatever he can to get Harvin back on the field sooner than later. It’s hard to say what kind of value he’ll actually have starting the season late on a new team, in a new system, with a new QB but the upside could be huge.

Running Backs

Brandon Jacobs, New York Giants – I cringe even writing this but the fact is that he is a starting running back on a team that can move the ball up and down the field. I wouldn’t expect the kind of numbers he put up against Chicago every week. However, the Giants still have a pretty decent running game. Keep in mind that Andre Brown could return as early as Week 10 which would potentially kill Jacobs’ goal-line value. But if you need a back in the meantime, you could do much worse.

Joseph Randle, Dallas Cowboys – DeMarco Murray suffered his annual injury on Sunday night against the Redskins leaving Randle as the primary ball carrier for this team. Randle did little to impress but what I like here is his offense. The running game was huge Sunday night and Randle should get a lot of opportunities. The Cowboys will move the ball and I’d be shocked if Randle didn’t get a goal-line carry or two per game while Murray is out.

Andre Ellington, Arizona Cardinals – Ellington put up really nice numbers against one of the best defenses in the NFL against the run. Ellington continues to produce and could be a sneaky play going forward. Quite frankly of all running backs here I like Ellington’s upside the most going forward towards the post-season.

Mikelle LeShoure, Detroit Lions – What? Why would you grab LeShoure? I’ll tell you why. Joqouie Bell is hurt and the starting back for the Detroit Lions is one of the most brittle players in all of football. On top of that, LeShoure did well on goal-line carries last year so if the Lions decide to replace Bush with LeShoure at the goal-line, he could see some major value going forward. Of course his value is minimal if Bell makes a quick return.

Tight Ends

Ben Watson, New England Patriots – Jimmy Graham was in and out of Sunday’s game with an injury and right now his status is unknown going forward. The tight end plays a big part in this offense and Watson is one of the best pass-catching tight ends in the game. Check out his numbers in Cleveland a few years ago when he was featured and you’ll salivate about what he could do in this offense without Jimmy Graham. Graham owners especially should take a run at Watson until further word comes out on Graham’s injury status.

Joseph Fauria, Detroit Lions – I would say to handle with care when it comes to Fauria. Fauria had 3 TDs but he only had 3 catches. Those sound a lot like Kyle Rudolph’s stats. The upside here is that maybe Stafford gained some confidence in Fauria and will start looking at him more often in the red zone. The downside here is that maybe he only catches one or two balls a game and none are in the end zone. Personally, I would look elsewhere but if you are in a deep league and have an injury at the position, I’d take a shot.

Dallas Clark, Baltimore Ravens – Dallas Clark finally had the game his owners who drafted him were waiting for. The problem is that most of you probably dropped him about two weeks ago. He is certainly out there. Is this a case of a guy just having a random good day or a guy who is finally familiar with his offense and has the quarterback’s confidence? All I know is that the Ravens desperately need a jolt at offense and maybe Clark is the guy to provide that.

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  1. Waiver wires are slim picking right now, I am not confident with anyone the list. Unless you are in a PPR league TE is pretty much a crap shoot each week with the exception of 2 or 4 names. Harvin and Cobb could be steals but my league is pretty sauvie this season. Ellinton and Harvin were grabbed a few weeks ago. If you have room to stash the next big thing, maybe you take a shot. I would be willing to bet that most teams should stay pat. Oh, I think you mean New Orleans, not New England concerning Watson. Thanks for the post.

    • You're welcome. Yeah they really are. I took Harvin with my last pick in the draft. I got Gronk two seasons ago after he got hurt when someone dropped him and he was back in a few weeks. You never know who people will drop:)

      Good luck!

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