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2013 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 5

Week 5 on the fantasy football waiver wire isn’t what I’d call exciting. You have a couple of usual suspects when it comes to the waiver wire but you never know. A roll of the dice on some of these names could pay off in big dividends if you are looking for bye week relief.


[adinserter block=”1″]Matt Cassel, Minnesota Vikings – Like Nate Washington I feel like I bit by Cassel fairly often. The potential has always been there but how often does he really stay on my team? Maybe it was the system in Kansas City because he looked great against Pittsburgh on Sunday. The Vikings have a bye week and while the team says Ponder will get his job back, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Wide Receivers

Nate Washington, Tennessee Titans – I have always liked Washington and I don’t think a season has passed in the last several years where he hasn’t been on one of my benches. Washington now has back to back weeks of over 100 yards receiving with two different quarterbacks. I think Washington’s chances are better to succeed with Kenny Britt off the field and there are reports that Britt is on the block. I’ll probably take another shot on him. He’s inconsistent but he has a ton of upside if you are looking for a bye week gamble.

Jerome Simpson, Minnesota Vikings – While everyone in your league will be clamoring for Greg Jennings, you can be the smart one and grab the better Vikings wide receiver. Simpson has now had two games of over 100 yards. He hasn’t scored a TD but with defenses keying in on A.P. you’d expect him to get some chances. What I really like him is that he has had 100 or more with both Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel so the QB really doesn’t make a big difference.

Robert Woods, Buffalo Bills – Savvy players have probably already scooped up this Bill but he may be available. He is most valuable in my opinion in dynasty leagues. I don’t like the consistency just yet but there is a good chance that he and Manuel will be a deadly combination in upcoming seasons. Once again I would make the move more if I were in a dynasty league but he may be worth a shot regardless.

Running Backs

Rashad Jennings, Oakland Raiders – I have always found Jennings to be underwhelming, specifically when he had his opportunities in Jacksonville but he may be a sneaky pickup for a week. Jennings is the only healthy running back in Oakland which means he’d get a lion’s share of the load. Jennings would probably be more valuable to you if you are in a PPR league but if you need a back for a bye week, he may be worth a shot.

[adinserter block=”2″]Roy Helu, Washington Redskins – If you are a gambling fantasy player than this is your waiver wire pick. Helu came in for an injured Alfred Morris and exploded for 84 total yards and a score. Morris has a rib injury and remains to be seen how severe it is. Early word is that it isn’t that bad but you never know with Mike Shanahan. His teams haven’t always been truthful when it comes to reporting injuries. If you want to take a gamble, grab Helu, and watch the injury report next week. I would bank on Morris returning but if you have the room Helu can be a nice wait-and-see on your bench.

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  1. I don't grab waiver players for "one week" tryouts or to cover for bye weeks. I use my waiver on players that I think could start consistantly if I am in a pinch. Grabbing Helu on his bye could be huge if Morris is out for the long haul. If you need "need" a wideout to fill hole the rest of the way, you are a moron if you don't grab Simpson.

  2. FYI, if you pick up any Vikings or Skins this week you are a moron. They are on a bye. Same for Bucs and Steelers (no one wants those anyway)

    • FYI I pointed that out in the blog. You aren't a moron. If you want them you have to get them or someone else in your league will grab them this week. You're a moron if you let that stop you.


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