2013 Fantasy Football Start Em’ Sit Em’ Week 5


Things change in every generation. The latest fashions, music, cars, trendy food and so on. In the 1980’s we were shocked by Madonna wearing Z Cavarricci’s and driving IROC-Z’s. In the 1990’s Nirvana was bringing us “Grunge”, the world became obsessed with Sushi and bigger SUV type vehicle were all the rage. The early 2000’s were ruled by “boy bands”, Britney and Christina were the shocking sex-pots and cross-over vehicles became hot. Yes trends they do come and go.

Very much the same seems evident in fantasy football. There was a time when the first 2 rounds of a draft were filled with RB’s and you could count on each of them to bring in some kind of numbers. Now it has become the days of the QB and big time WR’s. If you have one back that can get you 20+ points you are striking gold. Yes right now it is all about the gunslingers. Peyton, Brees, Rodgers etc. are the big names. Outside of a Jamaal Charles, a LeSean McCoy or Adrian Peterson any other back is a crap shoot. So the times they are changing, and the time is now to adjust.

Look at some of the big performances just last week. Danny Woodhead? Really? This third down guy is becoming a stud. New TE’s pop up every week, and WR’s, well anyone any week can get hot. Yes, this years draft is long gone, but maybe a glimpse into the future? The waiver wire is thinner than ever, and you need to rely on who you have and hope someone can become that spark. Yes, I went 2-1 last week with rosters filled with the likes of Bilal Powell, Giovani Bernard and Julian Edelman. These are the days.

[adinserter block=”1″]With week 5 here the games get much more important, so I am back with another dose of advice for you the readers. Best of luck everyone, and let’s get ready for 2020? Heck why not?



Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants: Right now the only thing worse than the Eagles defense is the Giants. Getting hit for 280+ yards and 3 TDs per week against the pass is ugly, and Vick, when facing a bad defense has looked decent. He is a good play this week, and with the looks of the Eagles schedule can be a good play for a few more to come.

Sam Bradford, St Louis Rams vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: With bye weeks here, some of those guys who ride the pine become sneaky plays at the right time. If there was ever a time to roll with Bradford, this is it. Then again you could probably use me against the Jags, and feel decent about it.

Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders: If you live on the East coast and plan on being awake until 2 AM you may be pleased to see what Rivers can do. A guy who seemed destined for bye week risk and waiver wire dwelling has become relevant again. He is a sure thing for 3 TDs this week, and has become very comfy in head coach Mike McCoy’s new offense.


Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans: Whoa, not so easy there bandwagon riders. Smith is playing nicely in this new offense, but this is a real deal defense he will face this week, and on the road too. If you’re desperate give it a chance, if not, stay away.

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers vs Houston Texans: What can I say, his last 3 weeks have been poor, poor and average, and this is a decent defense. The league is on to him, and until he can adjust you stay away.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs: No need to be clever. This isn’t the guy that will be bombing for garbage fantasy points like he did in Buffalo. It will be more of a control game with a tough defense in front of him.

Running Back


Giovanni Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots: The time is now for Bernard owners. Last week he played 50 snaps to just 18 for BJGE. Let’s face it, this offense needs a spark and this young speedster should be it. Also the Pats are minus big DT Vince Wolfork so the middle can be opened.

Darren Sproles, New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears. In an offense this good, this guy has become the key weapon. He does it all, and while we all pass on him in early rounds and swear his run has to end, it just doesn’t. Not the best match up, but he defies match up fears.

David Wilson, New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles: He is getting a second chance, and what a great time to get it against this hopeless defense. Wilson does have the tools, and has looked better the last 2 weeks. You took him early, so you may as well try him here.


Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens: Only going by the trends, and well, it’s an odd number week. He is so up and down, and here may be a bit more down.

Jason Snelling/Jacquizz Rodgers, Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets: Not the best match up by the numbers as the Jets play the run well. Also Matt Ryan is still very pass happy, and that is how this game will be won for the Falcons.
Wide Receiver


DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants: Yes I like Vick and his main target. Mr. Giant Killer should be good in this one.

Randall Cobb, James Jones or Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions: It could be a big shootout so in shootouts I like anyone who can catch a pass from Aaron Rodgers. You play these guys anyway, so yeah I will take this cheapy.

Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars at St Louis Rams: While I hate the Jags on so many levels, I do like Blackmon in his return. He found his way late last season and word is he looks lean and mean and ready to roll. Why not take a chance here.


Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks: He may be the latest ageless wonder, but it is hard to love anyone facing the Seahawks.

AJ Green Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots: Where have you gone Mr. Green? AJ has struggled the last few weeks, and the Patriots CB Aqib Talib is red hot right now. He was tough to throw on last week so don’t try him here.

Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets: There was a time I wouldn’t dare. Now it’s just hard to imagine. He is struggling and banged up. White may have a chance to get back into the swing of things, but it better be soon.

Defenses I like this week

St Louis Rams vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

[adinserter block=”2″]Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets

Defenses I don’t like this week

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints

Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots

With the slim pickings in the waiver wire this week I have decided to pass up that portion of the article. Be patient friends. Good luck in week 5 and as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Wait there is more…..

    Vick, Bradford, and Rivers all had good days even t hough Vicks' was cut short by injury. Smith and Keap had tough weeks, so Fitz and Bernard were really the only big misses. Good calls Jeff

      • No problem, I just started writing for this site a few weeks back and I wouldn't like it if someone just trashed my opinion or call me names for it. It says a lot about people. And some of his picks were spot on, wish I had started Blackmon instead of Marshall.

  2. It seems like a mute point at time but I wanted to throw one more response out now that the week is over. On paper some of "Jeff's" picks sounded crazy. I always start my best players, I don't play match-ups. Maybe AJ Green has not done much but he is great so he always gives me the best chance. Guess what? I lost this week. Guess I am not always right. Oh and for all the guys telling "jeff" he is retarded. Green finished 37th at WR is ESPN standard leagues while Blackmon and Jackson were 6th and 7th. Wayne also finished close to #30. Tonight there is a good shot that those guys get bumped even farther. Oh and White is still hurt.

  3. Thanks for the input fellas. Obviously the team names were a computer error.Been writing here for 4 years and have a good track record. As for my picks: Predictions, my thoughts, my trends. AJ Green has been brutal the last 3 weeks for a guy drafted so high.Hey I said to ditch CJ Spiller right? Lets share comments and beliefs but let's not say "no idea what he's doing".I have been playing this game for many years,and as Eric said I field playoff teams yearly. No one is perfect, and if my picks are off,I will gladly admit it. Let's watch the games and see where I end up this week.Thanks again for your time.

  4. Bernard has been great for me 3/4 weeks this season. Looks like he is taking over for the Law Firm, I would easily start him as a number 2. If he is your number 1 you might be in trouble. Backs are tricky, if you are not playing Bernard who are your other backs? Wilson, I just don't trust him. Blackmon could be a strong #2 or a flex. Besides, how many of the first and second round picks actually panned out from the so called experts?

  5. Wilson is a bad choice. Dont start him. The Giants are not a running team…. they really arent much of a team at all. That is a very bad choice. Bernard i would say would be a mediocre choice… Maybe a RB3 in leagues with a flex spot but i wouldnt start him thinking he is going to strike it rich this weekend. Telling people to sit AJ is disturbing…. he is a start every week WR1. About the whole Henne Gabbart thing…. whoever is throwing for them doesnt matter. They have one passing touchdown for the year. Blackmon is a great receiver but on Jax he is not fantasy material. Oh and its all about credibility… the writer wrote San Deigo Chiefs and New Orleans Patriots….. he obviously has no idea what he is doing

    • That is more my error as an editor for not catching it. Stuff happens. Do you think that everything that goes up on ESPN and Fox Sports wasn't passed by an editor? Unfortunately I don't have those same resources.

      You can bash Jeff all you want. I have played in a league with him for several years and the guy always finishes strong or wins the title.

  6. Are you seriously telling people they should start Justin Blackmon from Jax? You do realize that Jax has only thrown 1 TD cumulatively as a team all year long? And that they have Chad Henne throwing the ball for them? And Giovani Bernard….. with as dismal as his preseason was and as similar as his season has been are you seriously telling people to start him? thats ridiculous…. especially against the patriots who are undefeated.. i would rather tell people to start someone like Johnathan Franklin than Giovana Bernard. They are not a running offense. And telling people to sit AJ Green….. so start a back up running back but dont start the number one target …. and then you are telling people to start David Wilson…. OMG dude. Your column is completely retarded …..

    • Dude take it easy. Jeff isn't the only person telling people to start Bernard. Read around. As for Blackmon have you seen the Rams defense? By the way its Gabbert, not Henne starting. You would rather start a backup RB in a throwing offense than the starter in an offense trying to get a running game going? Bernard is the 17th ranked RB on ESPN. I don't know if Id start Wilson but its not crazy. Have you watched the Eagles defense? They're terrible. Again Wilson is the 20th ranked RB on ESPN.

      Here is the thing. It's all a matter of opinion in the end. Take it easy.


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