2013 Fantasy Football Start Em’ Sit Em’ Week 4


Some of the strangest ideas come at some of the strangest times. Last week I told all of my followers to take a look at Falcons RB Jason Snelling, and sure enough he had a very solid day. Yes, I have always been a believer in Snelling, an unsung hero on a pretty talented offensive team. So what does this have to do with weird ideas you ask? Well here it goes:

As usual on a Sunday morning around 11:00 am I find myself with my brother at the local Manhattan Bagel, getting my breakfast and lunch sandwiches ready for my football day. While waiting for the sandwich I think to myself “let’s see what’s up in the fantasy world right now”. I take myself to Twitter and of course the first thing I see is a link to my article. I open and begin to read, I turn to my brother and yell out “Yes! Jason Snelling, he’s the man today in Atlanta, grab him if you need him.” He begins to tell me how Snelling isn’t on my roster so why should he invest 5 bucks on him? Good point indeed. So I add Snelling, enjoy his 19 points, and all day enjoy the sounds of “you know, you were right about Snelling”. I always enjoy hearing about being right.

Of course in the end I was beaten as my opponent carried the God of fantasy known as Peyton Manning. However, I know possess a nice sneak play for a couple of weeks. Snelling and his day will mean more touches at least for now. In short, always go with your gut. If you like a player that much, invest. Make it like a stock and see if it rises, and then ride it. As the season goes on injury can always pave the way for new stars. Suddenly owning guys like Snelling, Bilal Powell and Giovani Bernard looks more like a formidable line up than the drafted C.J. Spiller and Daryl Richardson. Gut feeling, but the advantage goes to round 10+ or waiver wire snags.

[adinserter block=”1″]So despite going 1-2 in my 3 leagues last week, I see some good things ahead. It is time to mix it and shuffle the line ups. I am less afraid of my question marks, and have become scared of my high picks. It’s the nature of the game, you got to go with what is working. So here in week 4 it is time to get bold GMs. End the love affair with your stale talent and let’s get back on track.

Here is my advice for week 4, some you may love, some may make you think, but remember, Manhattan Bagel and Mr. Jason Snelling!



Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions: A new offense has led to a much better protected Cutler and the numbers don’t lie. So far he averages 2 TDs per week, and about 230 yards per contest. That number should get even better this week when division rival, and secondary mess Detroit comes to town. Cutler may look solid for 3 TDs and about 300 yards this week.

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys vs. San Diego Chargers: A guy I always liked in league that don’t punish for turnovers, Romo has been solid again to start 2013. Close to 800 yards passing and 6 TDs thus far, Romo gets to face a poor pass defense in the Chargers at home this week. In a game that can lead to a lot of points, ride Romo here.

Terrelle Pryor or Matt Flynn, Oakland Raiders vs. Washington Redskins: Yep this is not a misprint. At this time Pryor has not practiced after suffering a concussion on Monday. However if he plays you have to roll with him against the leagues worst pass defense who is getting pounded for over 360 yards per game. If Pryor does not play, and you’re in need, roll with Flynn. Any QB can handle this wreck of a defense right now.


Eli Manning, New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs: Folks, don’t be afraid to be the Greg Shiano of your fantasy league. Eli has been brutal the first 3 weeks, and a date with this tough defense may not help much. Don’t be afraid to bench the guy who was supposed to be your main man, at least this week. He is killing owners so far, not to mention owners of Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos: I may have to go against this in one league and go with him, but the match up looks bad. The Speed Show of Chip Kelly faces a huge challenge in taking on the Mile High air in Denver. Philly and its fast-paced offense may not be ready for this, and Vick looked awful last week against the Chiefs, at home nonetheless. This game worries me, so I would look elsewhere.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: I may be way off here, and normally you have to like the guy throwing to Megatron, but the Lions are really banged up on offense and this defense can be tough. Stafford may be forced into getting some by being super busy, but it may not be enough for a big fantasy day.

Running Back:


Bilal Powell, New York Jets at Tennessee Titans: He is the running game right now for the Jets, and showed last week he can handle it. I don’t understand most experts beef with Powell, but a guy who can run for 149 yards and grab a couple passes is well worth the start. The matchup is tougher, but Powell will be plenty busy. He may be that dark horse every fantasy GM dreams about. Give him a shot here.

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Arizona Cardinals: Well Josh Freeman has been benched, so this offense will need to lean heavy on Martin. Yes some of you call this a no-brainer, but keep in mind he only has 1 TD so far, but now is his time to rise. The Cards defense is improved, but still not stunning against the run.

Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Giants: Remember when the Giants defense was tough? Well shake that memory. Charles is the straw stirring the drink in KC, and if he is healthy you roll with him all day! Isn’t All Day the nickname of? Yeah him, you know you always play him, just like you do now with Charles.


CJ Spiller, Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens: Although the Ravens defense may not be the team of old, I can assure you that Spiller may be up for another long day. He his hobbled with an injury, averaging just 3.5 yards per carry, and back-mate Fred Jackson has been playing much better. Be bold and sit Spiller.

Ahmad Bradshaw, Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars: I don’t care what you saw last week. Pure fluke! This is Trent Richardson’s backfield, and before you know it, Bradshaw will be a 5 touch per game guy.

Arian Foster, Houston Texans vs. Seattle Seahawks: Yep, I’m saying it. This Seattle defense has been hardcore so far, and Foster has looked below average so far. I was scared of him as a first round pick, and it looks like so far I am right (hey there’s that phrase again).

Wide Receiver:


Wes Welker, Denver Broncos vs. Philadelphia Eagles: I know, how do you not use him, but here he is a super duper start against a team that is brutal across the middle. It is the God of the slot against the worst of the slot. This one smells delicious.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings in London: I am usually afraid of London games, but after watching Josh Gordon torch this defense last week, I see no reason why Brown can’t work for you. He looked comfy last week, and seems to be ready for the lead role in the Burgh.

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins: If your league is not TE mandatory, then you have Graham at a WR spot. He has been red hot right now, and the Dolphins guard the run better than the pass. This Monday night affair can be one of those Saints poundings. They are always fun to watch and profitable for Saints owners. Go with Graham here.


Rams WRs vs. San Francisco 49ers: There is no clear cut leader, so it is so hard to know who to try. My advice? No one!

Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals: This isn’t the Vikings defense. The Bengals have some guys that can play the pass, so despite a good week last week, and everyone grabbing him off the wire, you may want to skip Gordon this week.

Santonio Holmes, New York Jets vs Tennessee Titans: I am already hearing the “hey he looked good last week”. Yep that’s all fine and dandy, but I will never be fooled by him again, ever. This is a decent secondary and even if you need a long shot there are plenty better, a few even on the same team.

Defenses I like this week:

Denver Broncos vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings (it’s a Ponder thing)

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Defenses I don’t like this week:

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs

Waiver Wire: Here are some nice pickups for week 4

Brandon Bolden, RB, New England Patriots: Much like I said about Snelling last week, this guy plays well when given a chance. He will get some chances and show he is as good if not better than Stevan Ridley. Yes I do believe this statement.

Matt Flynn, QB, Oakland Raiders: Could be a quick use and dump, but if he plays this week, and you need someone, take him vs. the Redskins, I beg of you.

[adinserter block=”2″]Matt Cassel, QB, Minnesota Vikings: As I predicted, by week 4 they will be 0-4, and Ponder will be finished. This guy can play, and this team does have a few guys to throw too. Cassell is a guy to grab and store now.

Harry Douglas, WR, Atlanta Falcons: Roddy White is hobbled, and missing right now in this offense. Douglas gets some juice in the return game and may not be a bad option as he will find more playing time.

Brian Hoyer, QB, Cleveland Browns: Work with me here. The last time a Tom Brady under study got the nod it was Matt Cassel. In the 3 years of Cassel’s career after that he threw for 64 TDs to just 34 INTs and close to 10,000 yards. Hoyer has a very similar path and style as Cassel, and after seeing him last week, may have a knack for the NFL. Just a hunch, but why not?

Here is the week 4 skinny for you readers. Next week I will come back with my quarterly “Buy and Sell” and let you know who you may want to give up on or gobble up. Until then, good luck in week 4 and as always, thanks for reading.

I am on Twitter, so if you would like to ask any questions or need any advice feel free to reach out to my personal account, @JPshark71.

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