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2012 ALDS Preview & Predictions – Inside The Wheelhouse

andy pettiteThe 2012 ALDS and for the most part, the entire 2012 MLB Postseason, is wide open. More so then it probably ever has been because you legitimately have 8 teams that have great possibilities in being World Series Champions at the end of the season. This is due in part because the game of Baseball is simply improving, gone are the days where the teams with the highest payrolls dominate the Postseason and it has shifted to team’s that have gotten “hot” at the right time to be crowned Champions.

[adinserter block=”2″]Which teams will catch that momentum at the right time? I give you some of my thoughts in my ALDS Preview and predictions blog:

Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

Both of these teams certainly had quite the trip towards the 2012 Postseason. For starters the Oakland Athletics weren’t even considered AL West or Postseason candidates this season or next season either. Instead the Athletics played on heart and determination in capturing the AL West crown in the final day of the 2012 MLB regular season.

The Detroit Tigers on the other hand were expected to win the AL Central and be strong contenders for the World Series Championship this season. But in actuality the Tigers trailed the surprising Chicago White Sox for most of the season in the AL Central but eventually caught up to them and surpassed them in clinching the division with less then a week out. The way Detroit played all season makes them vulnerable going into the Postseason but as we found out last season, a vulnerable Detroit team in the regular season doesn’t usually make for one in the Postseason.

If we can learn from anything the last two Postseasons it’s to expect anything and don’t count out anyone. Both of these teams, Detroit and Oakland, are strong contenders to be AL representatives in this year’s World Series. While on paper it appears Detroit is the better of the two teams, on field they are very evenly matched.

Going off of history and anything that I’ve learned from the MLB Postseason the last two seasons specifically, I am going to go with the Oakland Athletics in this one. They are simply a “team of destiny” at this moment and snuck up on the Baseball world as quite possibly the best story of the 2012 MLB season in my opinion. It’s going to go 5 games but you cannot stop the heart and determination of this underdog Oakland Athletics squad.

Prediction: Athletics win series 3-2

Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees

If you are a fan of mid-90’s Baseball rivalries then you are pretty stoked about this Postseason matchup. In 1996 the Yankees and Orioles gave us one of the most memorable American League Championship Series of all-time (remember Jeffrey Maier?) and battled it out in the AL East for all of 1997. It was only a two-year span but it was the intense AL East rivalry for the Yankees until the Red Sox waltzed back into their lives.

Reason why that rivalry never continued on past 1997 until it was renewed in 2012? Because the Baltimore Orioles occupied the basement of the AL East the last 14 years! A lot has changed since then and the Baltimore Orioles are once again one of the most exciting teams to watch in Major League Baseball. They enter the ALDS against the team they trailed, were tied with and were ahead of throughout the month of September by one game, it’s only fitting they battle it out in 5 games!

This series is going to be very exciting in my opinion and only matches the Reds/Giants series when it comes to my own personal excitement to watch Postseason Baseball. Reason being is because both teams are going to leave it all on the line for the opportunity to advance into the American League Championship Series. But like anything, all good things must come to an end and there has to be a winner!

[adinserter block=”1″]With that said I like the New York Yankees in this one to advance into the ALCS. Reason why I say this is because New York played very well when they were completely healthy in the final stretch of the season and mirrored the team that was red hot entering the All-Star break. If that type of play can continue onto October then New York is going to be a very deadly team to face in the Postseason. It will be a close series but one that sees the Yankees outmatching the great story that is the Baltimore Orioles!

Prediction: Yankees win series 3-2

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