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2011 WWE Supplemental Draft Results & Analysis

Daniel Bryan goes to SmackDown in the supplemental draftThe 2011 WWE Draft continued on with the supplemental draft. There is plenty of news coming out of this years’ WWE supplemental draft. A former U.S. and intercontinental champion are the biggest movers and shakers coming out of today’s draft.

[adinserter block=”2″]I’d say the biggest move coming out of the second day draft is Daniel Bryan moving to SmackDown. The former WWE U.S. champion was picked with the first pick Tuesday (ninth overall) and moves to SmackDown for the first time in his short WWE career. With only one real clear cut babyface headliner on SmackDown, Bryan has a serious chance to make an impact on the blue brand in 2011.

The second biggest move came with the last pick of the draft. Current WWE U.S. champion Sheamus was drafted at #30 to SmackDown. Over the course of the last year Sheamus has went from WWE champion to being pinned in three minutes on RAW to Kofi Kingston. With a lack of top heels on the brand, Sheamus has a real chance to shoot right to the top and compete for the WWE world championship on SmackDown. He had peaked on RAW so the move is definitely a good one for him and his career.

The move also gives SmackDown two WWE mid-level championship belts. SmackDown now has ownership of the U.S. belt with Sheamus and the intercontinental championship with Wade Barrett. There have been rumblings over the last year about a unification of both belts so maybe this is the first step in that direction.

Jack Swagger went with the second pick in the supplemental draft (tenth overall) to RAW. This was an expected move and kind of silly if you think about it. Swagger has been on RAW now for something like the last eight weeks. Telling fans that he has been “drafted” to RAW is a bit ridiculous but nonetheless he is now officially a player on the WWE red brand.

With the 23rd overall pick in the WWE 2011 Draft, former intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston is going back to RAW. I am a big Kingston fan and every time I see him wrestle I wonder why he isn’t pushed harder. Kofi’s biggest push came on the RAW brand in a feud with Randy Orton. I think Kofi has serious potential to move past Rey Mysterio and take the number two babyface spot on RAW behind Cena. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Kofi vs. Evan Bourne feud after watching what they did in the Battle Royal Monday.

Alex Riley goes to SmackDown with the 27th overall pick of the draft. That would theoretically end his gimmick with The Miz. This is definitely a demotion for young Alex who by all rights, should have been off RAW several weeks ago after he was “banished.” On the plus side for fans of The Miz, maybe the WWE universe takes him a bit more seriously now that he won’t be going to the ring with backup every Monday night.

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Ted DiBiase is an interesting draftee with the number 24th pick. DiBiase will move to SmackDown. With Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes on the brand, a reunion somewhere down the line of Legacy members isn’t out of the question. As a matter of a fact I’d really be surprised not to at least Rhodes and DiBiase reunite at some point on SmackDown.

[adinserter block=”1″]I don’t think there is anything else of real consequence that went down in today’s draft. The only other somewhat significant moves are Kelly Kelly, Curt Hawkins, Beth Phoenix, and Drew McIntyre going to RAW while Tyson Kidd , Natalya, the Usos, The Great Khali, and William Regal move to SmackDown.

RAW may look the same on top with Cena and Miz but the rest of the show is bound to look a lot different after the draft completes. SmackDown on the other hand will look like an entirely different show altogether and has arguably gotten the bigger boost coming out of the draft.

Full 2011 WWE Supplement Draft Results…
Draft pick #9 – Daniel Bryan to SmackDown
Draft pick #10 – Jack Swagger to RAW
Draft pick #11 – Great Khali to SmackDown
Draft pick #12 – Jimmy Uso to SmackDown
Draft pick #13 – Kelly Kelly to RAW
Draft pick #14 – JTG to RAW
Draft pick #15 – (Steve Austin’s favorite wrestler) Alicia Fox to SmackDown
Draft pick #16 – William Regal to SmackDown
Draft pick #17 – Yoshi Tatsu to SmackDown
Draft pick #18 – Drew McIntyre to RAW
Draft pick #19 – Natalya to SmackDown
Draft pick #20 – Curt Hawkins to RAW
Draft pick #21 – Chris Masters to RAW
Draft pick #22 – Jey Uso to SmackDown
Draft pick #23 – Kofi Kingston to RAW
Draft pick #24 – Ted DiBiase to SmackDown
Draft pick #25 – Tyson Kidd to SmackDown
Draft pick #26 – Tamina to SmackDown
Draft pick #27 – Tyler Reks to RAW
Draft pick #28 – Alex Riley to SmackDown
Draft pick #29 – Beth Phoenix to RAW
Draft pick #30 – Sheamus to SmackDwon

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  1. To me Drew McIntyre going to Raw is huge news. Hopefully WWE doesn't drop theball and Drew finally fullfills his destiny as The Chosen One on the A show. Drew deserves it and much moreso than the overpushed Alberto "Boring" Del Rio who should have stayed on Smackdown. Also I think possibly unifying the US and IC titles is the stupidist idea ever. You have two separate shows with rosters of about 30 people each and they have barely any titles to fight for as is. That would destroy the mid card! They better bring one of those titles back to Raw ASAP.


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