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2011 WWE Draft Predictions – Inside the Wheelhouse

Randy Orton is likely going to be drafted to SmackDownThe 2011 WWE Draft is just days away after it was unexpectedly announced on this past Monday’s RAW. Obviously wrestling fans have to wonder if it was a case of the WWE having to do the draft earlier then they wanted with Edge having to retire unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. It has left the SmackDown with a gaping hole on their roster, one that has to be filled by sending a “big name” from RAW over to the blue brand. With that being said lets take a look at some predictions for this year’s 2011 WWE Draft.

From RAW to Smackdown:

Randy Orton

“The Viper” has been stale as of late despite having a pretty good feud with CM Punk the last couple of months. For some reason the fans never really seemed to grab this feud like they should have which is a shame because I feel both wrestlers have done a great job. I feel like Orton is SmackDown bound after the announcement of him and CM Punk’s match at Extreme Rules being a “Last Man Standing Match” & the final match in this feud.

[adinserter block=”2″]The SmackDown brand needs a big name babyface for their roster and a big name from the RAW brand to come to the blue brand. Orton is that guy that can get the main spotlight on SmackDown while Cena gets the spotlight on RAW. I believe Orton going to SmackDown will make his character fresher and give him the ball that he can run with. It may also be time to turn Orton back as a heel as he appeared to be more effective when he was in that heel role.

The Miz –

The WWE Champion has been stale on the RAW brand since after WrestleMania having small little segments that really haven’t amounted to much. To me, that’s a sign that The Miz’s time on RAW could be coming to an end. His feud with John Cena never really “clicked in” and we could be looking at this being the final chapter of this non-memorable feud at Extreme Rules in the three-way match.

There has been talk about making The Miz a face at some point this year and I could see that happening on the SmackDown brand. The Miz needs to get out of the RAW spotlight because he has been buried by John Cena and The Rock the last two months. The WWE is going to be focusing on Cena/Rock for a good portion of the year and there is no reason to bury your World Champion in the process. Send The Miz (with the WWE Championship) to SmackDown and start turning him face over the summer.

Daniel Bryan –

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who read my blog about who should fill Edge’s void on SmackDown on the CCB last week. I’m not really going to repeat myself here except write a small recap of what I wrote last week. Bryan is the best pure wrestler on the WWE roster and putting him on the “wrestling show” of the WWE will only lead to him being a bigger star. A Kofi Kingston vs. Bryan feud is very appealing. Put Daniel Bryan on the SmackDown brand and let him break through.

Tyson Kidd –

The fact that Tyson Kidd isn’t being used is a damn shame as he has a ton of talent and would put on great matches with guys like Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship. They tried pushing Kidd until the whole “bodyguard” storyline really didn’t turn out. I never thought they should have broken up The Hart Dynasty unless they were willing to make this kid a star, which I think they could do if they move him to SmackDown.

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Tyson Kidd at this point in his career could be a really good mid-card to upper mid-carder. He won’t get that chance on RAW because wrestling isn’t what RAW is about. Tyson Kidd’s talents can be shined on the SmackDown brand and his career could be re-booted there as well. Kofi vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship is very enticing for the wrestling fan.

Zack Ryder –

It’s very possible that Zack Ryder may be the most popular WWE superstar not being used on WWE television (I’m sorry WWE Superstars doesn’t count). The WWE has really missed the ball with this kid as he is extremely entertaining and if you don’t believe me then give his YouTube channel a try. The guy has a ton of potential if actually given the chance.

Zack Ryder has done everything he could to actually push himself in the eyes of the “WWE Universe” and has done a really good job as he is almost a “cult hero” right now. The WWE should try to capitalize on that by moving him from RAW to SmackDown to see if they actually make the kid a star. They are looking for fresh faces and its clear the fans like Zack Ryder so why don’t the WWE do what they used to do & listen to the fans?

From SmackDown to RAW:

Alberto Del Rio –

I believe Alberto Del Rio is going to be the World Heavyweight Champion come Extreme Rules. As much as I want to see Christian win the World Heavyweight Championship it has been poised that Del Rio would win the gold at some point. If you read my blogs you know how much I think of this guy as a future megastar for the WWE and that opinion I have doesn’t change at all. The only thing holding Del Rio back at this point is being on the SmackDown brand and not the RAW brand.

Not every WWE wrestling fan watches SmackDown on a Friday night and may not know the Del Rio completely which is a shame. Moving Del Rio to RAW (with the World Heavyweight Championship) will give him a bigger platform and open up fresher storylines (Del Rio vs. Cena, Del Rio vs. Sin Cara). Del Rio’s time on SmackDown is over in my eyes and it’s time for him to be a big star on the RAW brand.

Cody Rhodes –

Cody Rhodes has been one of my favorite wrestlers to watch in 2011 because of how much of a throwback character he is to the 1980’s. He actually has an entertaining gimmick, can deliver on the microphone and has great in-ring ability. The kid is a future star in the making and screaming to have a break out year in 2011. Like Del Rio, it could be a case of not being seen in all of the eyes of the “WWE Universe” since he is on SmackDown, moving him to RAW would give him a larger fan base to continue his climb to the top.

Rhodes could very well be in a World Title feud at the end of 2011 if he continues to progress well. He continues to prove that he is going to be a great wrestler someday, one that could shock and surprise as us as someone headlining a WrestleMania as early as next year. Giving him that RAW showcase could help continue that build of him being a future megastar for the WWE.

Jack Swagger –

If you’ve been watching RAW lately you would have figured that Jack Swagger was actually a RAW superstar and not a SmackDown star. But in fact Jack Swagger is a SmackDown guy and just has been showcased more on RAW, which makes me think that’s where WWE creative wants him for the next year. The WWE has been trying really hard to help make Jack Swagger a star the last year (including a World Title run) and have struck out multiple times, is moving him to RAW the answer?

Swagger comes from that Lesnar/Angle background as a great wrestler and pure athlete. It’s just that the WWE has never had the chance to really have him click in with the WWE Universe. It may take a move from SmackDown to RAW and maybe a feud with a guy like John Cena for him to be taken more seriously. Just like Del Rio and Rhodes, Jack Swagger is a future star if given the right path to travel; placing him on RAW may help that out.

[adinserter block=”1″]Chris Masters –

I read in a dirt sheet that Vince McMahon sees a lot of potential in Chris Masters and that there was consideration of giving him a big push after WrestleMania. Well that obviously hasn’t happened yet and I’m not really sure why Vince McMahon likes Masters so much (wait, yes I do…he has the WWE body). But it could be a possibility that Masters becomes that Developmental Draft pick that surprises on WWE television.

The WWE has wanted Masters to be a star in the past (circa 2005-2006) but really never got the ball rolling after a couple drug test failures. Something needs to happen to Masters soon or he will soon be “future endeavored” like most unused talents are shortly after WrestleMania time. Could this be the final stand for “The Masterpiece?”

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  1. Where do you see Drew McIntyre after the draft? His whole "Chosen One" gimmick never really panned out, and I thought we'd see a face turn with the Kelly Kelly storyline. But he could be a great (upper)mid-carder.

    Also, it breaks my heart to think Christian might not win the championship at Extreme Rules. He could win the belt and be given the babyface role while Del Rio takes off on Raw.


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