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The 2010 NFL Draft In Review

Sam BradfordThe 2010 NFL Draft brought us football fans a new way to watch the draft. No longer do you have to spend most of your weekend watching it. This year you had it on at primetime Thursday and Friday night, and now having the draft come to a close of Saturday. There were still the draft day trades and Mel Kiper and Todd McShay and the rest of the ESPN arguing. Being the draft expert that I am I’ll give you my response to some of the NFL draft events from my point to view.


Now since the 2007 NFL Draft I am proud to say that I have watched all of the draft since 2007. My friends find it hard to believe but I have only missed about half a round of picks since 2007. I look forward to the draft every year and can’t wait for draft weekend. Well coming into this year we all found out that the draft would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Well with me being in having other things to do I didn’t know whether I could watch the draft a lot. I was angry when I first heard of Commissioner Roger make this announcement. I’d hang with all my buddies over the weekend and watch the draft. Can’t do that now since we have are in high school. It didn’t turn out that bad though I still watched almost every pick of the draft, and I am now a fan of this new format.


[adinserter block=”1″]Being a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan I was disappointed to find out Santonio Holmes was traded for a 5th round pick. Does anybody remember that catch from Super Bowl 43? I know Santonio had his problems with drugs and behaving. He in my view was worth more than a 5th round pick. I highly doubt the Steelers will get a great player from that pick they got for Holmes.

Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I was disappointed to too hear about Ben getting in trouble again. The week of the draft all I heard was are the Steelers going to trade Big Ben? What would it take for a team that wanted him? I don’t remember hearing about what it would take. Though I would think the Steelers would want a high draft pick for a QB in the draft and an additional pick like a 3rd round. As we all know the Steelers did not trade Big Ben, which makes sense even though I don’t like Ben’s attitude. You don’t know what you’ll get with guys like Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, or Colt McCoy. We all know Ben is a great quarterback but we have to question what he’s doing outside of football.


Sam Bradford – St. Louis Rams: Everybody knew he was going to be the 1st overall pick in the draft. Being the 1st pick is always going to be a lot of tough work. I have concerns that being a spread QB that that could affect him in the NFL. Though if the Rams improve their team to help Sam I don’t think being a spread QB will matter as much.

Tim Tebow – Denver Broncos: Being a Denver Broncos fan when they kept trading down I thought ok they are just waiting to get Jimmy Clausen. I yelled when they picked Tebow because Clausen should have been off the board by now. When you have somebody that is dropping like Clausen was you pick him, not Tim ‘I will not be an NFL QB’ Tebow. I LOVE Tim’s attitude and determination which could make it possible for him to be an NFL Quarterback I just do not see it happening.

Jimmy Clausen – Carolina Panthers: To me The Carolina Panthers should be celebrating Christmas right about now. I bet nobody thought Clausen would not be available in the 2nd round. Teams even still skipped over him. Now of course not every team needs a QB but teams like Seattle and Buffalo need one like Clausen. Trent Edwards and Charlie Whitehurst are not answers for Buffalo and Seattle. Now back to Clausen I believe he dropped because he’s a Notre Dame quarterback. Rick Mirer was a bust, and I know there are people saying Brady Quinn is a bust. I can’t speak for Mirer but in Cleveland Quinn played for a bad team, now if he starts in Denver and is a bust then he is officially a bust. Now Clausen comes into a great situation, the Panther’s offense and defense are great and he will not be forced to start on day one. I think if he is a great QB out of ND he will be a success.

[adinserter block=”2″]Colt McCoy – Cleveland Browns: Now talking to my friends none of them think McCoy will be a great starting QB. Well everybody said the same thing about Joe Flacco, I said he would be a great QB. I hope the same goes for McCoy. His biggest problem is his height, guess what he has the tools to be a great QB it’s just his height that is a problem, though he is also a spread QB. Like I said with Bradford I do have concerns with them being spread QB’s but if the teams improve I don’t think it will matter as much. I believe Mike Holmgreen will make this team better, which will help Colt McCoy.



Baltimore Ravens: What else can you say about Baltimore? There may not be a team in the league better at finding talent in the draft. Sergio Kindle, Terrence Cody, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta, what more can I say about those picks.

New York Jets: CB Kyle Wilson in Round 1 was a great pick for them. I had him as my number 1 CB. OT Vladimir Ducasse might start immediately after the release of Alan Faneca. They also picked running back Joe McKnight which along with Shonn Greene I believe they will be a great RB Combo.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Okung and Earl Thomas in the first round got Seattle off to a spectacular start. You have to take into account trades for RBs LenDale White and Leon Washington, which could remake the Seahawks’ offense. Don’t forget about Golden Tate either.


Jacksonville Jaguars: What a train wreck. The Tyson Alualu (No. 10) and D’Anthony Smith (No. 74) picks back-to-back made no sense. And DE Larry Hart (No. 143) was a reach as well. DE Austen Lane (No. 153) was a fine pick, but did the Jags really need RB Deji Karim at No. 180?

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