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20 WWE Predictions for 2020

  1. Roman Reigns will be a 10 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Whether fans like it or not, Reigns will be ‘the man’ in WWE for years to come and he’s already a two time champion. Add the fact that he’s probably going to make that a three time champion at WrestleMania, expect him to be in double figures by 2020.

  1. At least one of Xavier Woods or The Miz will be on full-time commentary

The Miz has proven himself as one of the WWE’s greatest talkers of all time and has already had a few stints on commentary. His usage as a genuine in ring competitor has been going downhill for years now and once the roster is back to full health, outside of his work with Miz TV, it’s hard to see him having much of a role. As for Woods, he is proving to be a fantastic manager and third member of The New Day, but once that comes to an end (hopefully not any time soon), it’s hard to see him shining as a singles competitor or becoming anything more than a comedy act. He showed at TLC that he would be a fantastic commentator and the fact that they’re allowing him to be a part of the commentary team at a pay-per-view is a sign that they think he can do the role. Both men would make fantastic commentators and would be serious improvements on the current lot.

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  1. Sasha Banks will break the record for most Women’s Championships held in the WWE

This one is simple. The Fabulous Moolah holds the record for holding the WWE Women’s Championship eight times. It is inevitable that the WWE will bring back the Women’s Championship and when they do, Sasha Banks will surpass Moolah as the winningest champion of all time. She will probably hold the Divas Championship at least once before it is removed and considering she’s only 24, another seven reigns by 2020 is not out of the question. Another person that could do this is Paige who already has two reigns under her belt and is a similar age.

  1. The WWE and World Heavyweight Championships will split again

In order to freshen up programming between now and 2020, they will inevitably split the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships in order to build up more of the incredibly deep roster into main event talent. Whether this split comes with a brand split, who knows, but expect two heavyweight championships sooner rather than later.

  1. Female Raw main-events will be the norm

Expect this to be a reality by the end of 2017. The likes of Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte will lead the women’s division to the best year in the history of women’s wrestling in WWE this year and that will only snowball from there. There’s a strong possibility they could even main-event pay-per-views.

  1. The WWE will face a major concussion lawsuit

This is one of the more depressing ones on this list, but looking at a trend in world sport, this might be inevitable. Wagering a guess at who might sue them would be in poor taste, but despite the incredible amount of precaution WWE takes with concussions, the inherent danger of pro-wrestling makes this a possibility.

  1. That lawsuit will have massive ramifications on the product

If this does happen, expect many changes to WWE programming in order to combat it. Show like Superstars and Main-Event may be scrapped entirely and wrestlers may be capped at one or two less live events per week. We saw chair shots to the head scrapped after Chris Benoit and further precautions with foreign objects may be taken.

  1. An Australian will hold a WWE main roster title for the very first time

An Australian wrestler has never held a main roster WWE title. In fact, Buddy Murphy is the only Australian wrestler to hold a WWE title full stop, holding the NXT Tag Team Championships with Wesley Blake. The first Australian wrestler to hold a WWE championship will be Peyton Royce holding the Women’s Championship, but there are several talented wrestlers in Australia like Elliot Sexton and Adam Brooks that may break into the WWE and beat her to it.

  1. AJ Lee will be in the WWE hall of fame, but not CM Punk

Both members of the Brooks household deserve to be in the WWE hall of fame without the slightest bit of doubt. However, it’s hard to see Punk wanting anything to with the WWE ever again let alone by 2020 so he will probably not be in the hall of fame for many years. AJ Lee is a pioneer in the new age of women’s wrestling within the WWE and richly deserves to be inducted and it’s worth wagering that she’ll find her way into the Hall of Fame by 2020.

  1. Cody Rhodes will win a World Championship

This one is more a hope than anything. Cody Rhodes is the greatest performer the WWE has had in the 2000’s to not win a World Championship and given everything he’s done for them, he richly deserves it. If they do split the titles, like predicted earlier, Cody would make a fantastic champion. All you have to do is look at the pop he received when he nearly won the Money in the Bank briefcase the year Damien Sandow won it. People would accept Cody as champion and no one has done more to deserve it.

  1. Apollo Crews will be the first African American WWE Champion

It’s mind boggling that the WWE have never had an African American WWE Champion. While several have held the World Heavyweight Championship, none have be given the top prize in the company and Apollo Crews will change that. Crews has all the makings of a top champion, so long as he improves his promo ability, which he will, he will be the first African American WWE Champion. This one may be later than 2020.

  1. Chad Gable will win the WWE Championship

Yes, this is probably the most farfetched one on this list, but don’t discount it. Gable has all the qualities of a young Daniel Bryan, he just happens to also wrestle like Kurt Angle and has more charisma than most of the WWE roster. Gable will get seriously over with the fans if they give him the slightest push and it could lead him straight to the WWE Championship.

  1. The main-event or heavyweight championship matches of WrestleMania’s 33, 34, 35 and 36 will include at least one member of The Shield

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Whether it is Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns or a mixture of all three, The Shield boys will be involved in every big WrestleMania match between now and WrestleMania 36.

  1. Neville will be released having never won a main roster championship

Neville is without a doubt in the top 10 professional wrestlers on the planet and yet he cannot get an opportunity on the main roster. A combination of his height, nationality and looks will see that he is used as a jobber and then released without holding a championship which will be a massive shame. Let’s hope he gets better treatment than this prediction.

  1. Bayley will become the WWE’s top merchandise seller

Bayley will quickly become one of the biggest wrestlers on the main roster. She has everything that gets a superstar over. She’s one of the most likable people you’ll ever meet, she’s a great wrestler, she has heart, she appeals to kids and adults alike and she’s true underdog. All of this combined with the women’s division being treated properly will see her be as popular as anyone on the roster and there will come a time between now and 2020 where she will outsell everyone in merchandise.

  1. Xavier Woods’ YouTube Channel Will Hit 1,000,000 Subscribers

This isn’t an in ring prediction, but Xavier Woods’ YouTube Channel UpUpDownDown will smash the million subscriber mark and become part of the fabric of WWE television. Woods has done a fantastic job so far, already having nearly 400,000 subscribers. His gaming channel is a perfect mix that satiates gaming fans while giving wrestling fans out of character and usually very humorous interviews. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go subscribe and help this prediction become accurate!

  1. Between now and 2020, Kevin Owens will have the longest heavyweight championship reign – but no one will eclipse Punk’s 434 days.

Here’s a bold one for you, Kevin Owens will win the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2016 and go on to hold the title for a longer period of time than anyone else between now and 2020. Owens has become one of the best parts of WWE television and would make a fantastic champion that the crowd would probably get behind despite him being a heel. Having said that, nobody will surpass Punk’s 434 day reign any time soon.

  1. Jeff Hardy will have one last solo WWE run

Hardy has openly stated many times that he wants to return to the WWE at some stage. It may not be any time soon and it may be the final run of his career, but at some stage, he’ll return to the WWE in some capacity. This is a two part prediction, as Jeff will return but Matt will not.

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  1. The next Dave Meltzer five star rated WWE match will involve AJ Styles

For those that don’t know, the last WWE match that got a five star ranking was John Cena versus CM Punk from Money in the Bank 2011. There have been a lot of 4.5 star matches, but none rated as perfect. However, the next one to occur in the WWE will involve the master of storytelling and the best wrestler in the world, AJ Styles.

  1. Shinsuke Nakamura will be the heir to Brock Lesnar’s throne

Nakamura won’t spend too long down in NXT and once he does come up, he should be treated like the unstoppable weapon he is. Nakamura should get a clean victory over Brock in his final match with Heyman becoming Nakamura’s advocate. Shinsuke should be used as a part time star from then onward and saved for major events similar to how Brock is used. This protects superstars from having to deal with Nakamura’s strong style on a regular basis and gives them an equally talented drawcard to replace Lesnar.

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