10 Things Learned About The Big Show on Talk is Jericho


The Big Show is celebrating 20-years in pro wrestling and has a lot of stories to share. Show offered those stories to Chris Jericho in a rare podcast interview, revealing plenty of facts and anecdotes about his travels in WCW and the WWE.

[adinserter block=”1″]Big Show is a guy who has a lot of stories in them yet rarely gets to tell them. Show has shyed away from doing podcasts or shoot interviews and generally reserves those great stories for friends and colleagues. Well he finally pulled back that veil for wrestling fans on a recent edition of the Talk is Jericho Podcast. The interview is full of funny stories and interesting tales yet I took the liberty to bring you some of those great highlights. While these ten were interesting, there are plenty more told on the podcast which I highly recommend you download and listen to at your earliest convenience. It sure made a 60-miute train ride fly by for me.

– Hulk Hogan ribbed him when he won the WCW title for the first time. Hogan told him he needed to wear the belt everywhere as champion. Show wore the belt at the airport and some of the other boys including Hacksaw Duggan gave him a thumbs up and played along with the rib. Sting finally came up to him and told him he looked like an idiot and he was being ribbed.

– Show admitted that the famous superplex spot with Brock Lesnar was worked. Not that anyone doubted it, but Show had always claimed it was real. “This is the first time I’ve admitted the truth that that was a rigged angle. On hundreds of interviews, I have lied right through my teeth and said it’s a shoot. But if you get a chance to suspend people’s reality just for an instant, for a second, it’s good for them.” He said that airbags were placed under the ring at one point of the match which caused the ring to collapse.

– Even the Big Show doesn’t know whether he is a heel or a face. “I’ve done so much flip-flopping sh-t, I’m still dizzy,” Big Show explained. “I wake up and go ‘am I a good guy or a bad guy today?’ Do I smile like a goofball, or look like I haven’t had a crap in two weeks?”

– Big Show got into a fight with the Great Khali…and lost! Well I wouldn’t call it a loss but it certainly wasn’t a win. Jericho asked him about it and said it was legendary in the locker room. Show said that he tagged with Khali one night and didn’t think he was taking the match seriously and mistiming spots. He also said that Khali was using his moves such as his chop. Show said he confronted him in the locker room barefoot, wet, and just out of the shower. They told each other that they were the “sh*ts” and started throwing punches. Show described Khali’s fighting as something of a Weeble. Jericho said that somehow Khali fell on top of Show and the fight was broken up. Show said he is pretty embarrassed about it in hindsight.

– Show sent a tape to the WWE before WCW through Mike Chioda. Show didn’t get a call back and later found out that Vince freaked out whem he saw him debut in WCW, asking how come they didn’t find him. It turned out that whomever viewed his tape (insinuated to be Pat Patterson but not outright said) confused him with Giant Silva which is why they passed.

– This one is probably my favorite. Show used to rib Vince McMahon by leaving giant-sized bowelmovements in his office bathroom. Vince finally found it was Show and booked him against Great Khali for a month on house shows without an angle. After a month Show finally asked Vince if he could work with someone else and Vince responded, “Are you going to stop sh*tting in my bathroom?” Show finally realized that he had been ribbed.

– Show almost got into a fight with Booker T at the WCW Power Plant. T came down and started messing with Show over getting paid to train. Show and T had words but never exchanged punches. Show says the two are good friends today.

– The origins of the Jeri-Show tag team were finally revealed. Chris Jericho was scheduled to go into a feud with one of the newer/younger guys as his tag team partner against Degeneration-X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H). Jericho said that he realized a new guy would get eaten alive by DX due to his inexperience so he needed someone just as successful. The two names proposed were Kane and Big Show and Vince McMahon went with Show.

[adinserter block=”2″]- The politics being played by the n.W.o. in WCW influenced him leaving WCW to go to the WWE in 1998 as well as a conversation with Eric Bischoff. Show approached Bischoff about a contract extension and Bischoff was in a foul mood that day. Bischoff said to him, “Why would I negotiate with you when I still have you for a year and a half?” Bischoff also told Show he needed to work on his negotiating skills. Needless to say if Bischoff would have re-negotiated with him earlier there is a very high chance that Show would have stayed and never left.

– Randy Savage gave him one of the best pieces of advice in WCW. He told him to save his money and “Brother don’t try to run with the Jones’, save your money.” In another Randy Savage story, he recalled Ron Reis asking Savage about how he should wrap his hands as the Yetti. He said Savage responded, “Do whatever you think is right and f**k off.”
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