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Sting is now a member of the WWE roster and will challenge Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. Thanks to the WWE Network, new fans can get introduced to Sting through the entire WCW PPV library. Here are ten matches you should immediately watch to understand how this man became an icon among WCW fans.

Sting is coming to WWE television and for a lot of fans in the Universe, he is a stranger with a legacy. For fans that may be a little older, Sting is just one of the stars of TNA Wrestling. Yet for the fans that watched Sting for over 20 years in WCW, he is an icon of their youth. It is time you become familiar with this icon if you aren’t already.

[adinserter block=”1″]For the purposes of this list I kept all of my choices to matches currently available on the WWE Network so it is not necessarily a definitive list of his greatest WCW matches. There are some great WCW matches of Sting’s that aren’t on the Network like his match with DDP on Nitro and his match in Tokyo teaming with Great Muta to take on the Steiner brothers. Otherwise every single one of these matches are available on the Network. If you haven’t seen them go watch them now because the Stinger is coming!

Sting vs. Ric Flair Clash of the Champions I – The granddaddy of them all when it comes to Sting matches. This match put Sting on the map although it was not his first televised match with Flair (they wrestled once on World Wide although the show cut off during the match). Sting was elevated to the big time as he took the Nature Boy to the limit for 45 minutes. Watching this match back today is fascinating as it is apparent quickly that Flair is carrying this bad boy completely. Regardless, it was a great match and deserves a top spot on the list.

Sting and Luger vs. Steiners Super Brawl 91 – This was a Dream Match at the time as it was rare to see two babyface teams at this level face off against each other in WCW or the WWE. The match started out as you would expect a match to start out between friends. Eventually friendships were put aside for the WCW tag team titles and the match turned into a non-stop back and forth tag match that went past expectations. Both teams had the crowd in the palms of their hands. The only criticism of the match is that it was too short.

Sting vs. Ric Flair Clash of the Champions XXVII – This was probably their best match in WCW yet it is often disregarded in favor of the Bash 1990 match.This was a great one and much better than their Bash 1990 match which I originally had in this spot. I’d say the crowd here really separated the matches as the crowd was super hot for this one. This match was pretty action-packed from start to finish with all kinds of cool spots including Sting taking out Sherri Martel with a dive to the floor after Flair pushed her into the way. Flair winds up pulling off the upset as he rolls up Sting while Sting checks on Sherri and unifies the championships.

Sting vs. Vader King of Cable Finals Starrcade 92 – Words can’t describe how great this match was. The Vader vs. Sting feud to me is one of the most underrated feuds in wrestling history. Every single one of their matches were great but this one stands out to me. The psychology here was tremendous with Vader being a complete monster with Sting’s giving it right back to him. This match had it all from strong style wrestling, brawling, and just high-intense action. The only criticism is the finish which seemed kind of weak considering all of the punishment absorbed throughout the match.

Sting vs. Mick Foley Falls Count Anywhere on the Gulf Coast Beach Blast 92 – Foley wrote in his book that Sting told him that this was his favorite match. I can understand why. This match was awesome the second it started with Foley meeting Sting on the ramp and brawling with Sting. These guys probably utilized the concept of Falls Count Anywhere better than anyone ever has. The many pinfall attempts on the floor were a unique twist. Sting won the match with a clothesline off the top rope onto Foley who was on the ramp. Great finish, great match, great crowd heat, and a great call by good old J.R. (not so much the Body). In hindsight it is amazing how little respect these guys got as this WCW title match was booked early in the show and the poster featured Steamboat and Rude. I am sure it had to be some kind of a motivator.

Sting & Flair vs. Terry Funk and Muta Thunderdome Cage Match Halloween Havoc 1989 – This was an odd match. Inside the ring the match was fantastic. The match had everything from great brawling to intense wrestling to dramatic psychology. Unfortunately it was scarred with a terrible gimmick in that the only way the match could end was with either Gary Hart or Ole Anderson throwing in the towel. Other than the ridiculous stipulation, this was a really exciting match. You almost get the sense that Ric Flair was having a lot of fun when you watch it back today on the Network.

Sting, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat and Nikita Koloff (Sting’s Squadron) vs. Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Eaton & Steve Austin (Dangerous Alliance) War Games Match, Wrestle War 1992 – This match is probably one of the most underrated matches in War Games history. Some have even dubbed it the best War Games ever. This match told a great story from beginning to end which is tough in a War Games match. It had all of the crazy action you’d expect except the match continued to build and held together like a snug puzzle. Arn Anderson’s head winds up between the two rings at one point (a spot he borrowed from Barry Windham). Dustin Rhodes is a bloody mess and a steel hook from the top was used in the finish. Sting finishes off Beautiful Bobby with an arm bar to win the match and end the chaos in a classic.

Sting vs. Great Muta Great American Bash 1989 – This is one of my favorite WCW matches of all-time from my favorite WCW pay-per-view of all-time. This match has a faster pace than your typical WCW matches at the time. Beyond that, these two had chemistry that just clicked inside of the ring. Muta was built up brilliantly up to this point and the fans ate the match up live (I should know, I was there.) The double ring from the War Games was also used which made the match more fun.

Sting vs. William Regal Great American Bash 96 – An odd match on paper turned out to be one of the best matches in Sting’s career. If styles make great matches this one should have been terrible. Instead both men adapted to each other’s styles and produced a clinic which at times was very stiff. Sting’s critics will say Sting couldn’t “wrestle”. I challenge them to watch this match and back up that argument. Regal dominated the match, stretching Sting during most of the bout. Regal even nails an underhook suplex off of the top rope. Sting eventually mounted a comeback and won with the Scorpion Deathlock. This was much different than anything on the list and that’s a compliment.

[adinserter block=”2″]Sting vs. Rick Rude Clash of the Champions XVII – This was a real fun match in a series that I never thought lived up to the billing. This match was certainly the highlight of the feud. The deal here saw Sting get injured earlier in the night from Lex Luger, teasing that he wouldn’t be back to wrestle Rick Rude. He did return and had a heck of a match with Rude. Rude worked on Sting’s injured leg for most of the match. The crowd absolutely ate up the drama of the injured Sting returning to wrestle the match. Unfortunately bravery was not enough to combat Paul Heyman’s interference. I should also point out how fantastic Jim Ross was here on the call. He took this match up a few levels simply due to his excitement during commentary. Do yourself a favor and check out Heyman and Rude’s post-match interview, it’s fantastic as well.

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  1. The WCW should have kept with the NWO story line with Sting being their foe and not joining up with them. That entire story line had so much potential. First they should have kept the NWO smaller and not expand so much where they ended up splitting them up into two separate factions. Second, they should have kept the Sting as a “Crow” like character fighting the injustice of the NWO on his own and maybe introduce Goldberg to be his sidekick and wreaking havoc on the NWO. Had they done that, the WCW probably wouldn’t have folded.

  2. For my childhood Sting vs Vader was the greatest one on one feud WCW ever produced. So I gotta agree it was underrated. Vader as a wrestler and performer as whole will probably never be fully appreciated though. I mean the top rope moonsault was breathtaking everytime for me.

    • Sting /Vader..Sting hoists Vader on his back..which at the time was unthinkable..I know Cena can pick up Big show now but at the time it was an insane show of strength


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