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10 Must-Watch Videos on the WWE Network

The WWE Network is a goldmine filled with more wrestling content than any one person can consume in a lifetime. It features the libraries of not only WWE’s past, but WCW, ECW, AWA, NWA and more, but there is far more to the Network than just in-ring action and this list will highlight the top 10 must-watch items on the WWE Network, that aren’t set inside a squared circle.

  1. WWE 24: WrestleMania Silicon Valley

Say what you want about the in-ring product, but the WWE always nail these behind the scenes documentaries. WWE 24 specials have, without fail, been phenomenal and this inside look at WrestleMania 31 is the definition of must-watch. WrestleMania Silicon Valley gives you a look at how they put the shows together while following superstars around as they prepare. The gems of insight into the production and preparation that goes into big WWE events is the kind of thing that makes the network special.

  1. Swerved Season 1 Episode 3

There’s something innately special about Swerved. While a lot of WWE’s comedic attempts fall flat, Swerved has been a stroke of genius and this episode is the pick of the bunch. The New Day is easily the most entertaining thing in professional wrestling in a very long time and they feature heavily in this episode that features Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods inflicting a lot of hilarious grief on each other.

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  1. 8. My Name is Paul Heyman

There are a lot of fantastic documentaries on the Network, but there’s something truly inspirational about Heyman’s. He is a self-made man and learning about his evolution from the streets of New York to the primetime of WWE and every extreme thing in between is really worth watching. It’s always fascinating watching other people give their opinions on a polarizing figure.

  1. Journey to WrestleMania 30: Daniel Bryan

This special gives us a fly-on-the-wall perspective on the inside of a fairy-tale. We follow Daniel Bryan the day before WrestleMania 30 and see how he prepares to book-end a WrestleMania. It follows him through the Hall of Fame too with his tear-inducing Warrior Award speech. Bryan is a true feel-good story and this documentary does a fantastic job of encapsulating that.

  1. WWE Ride Along: Episodes 1 & 3

The Ride Along concept is a fantastic one and these two episodes are can’t be split. Episode one follows The New Day who (as already mentioned) are gold in everything they do as well as Dolph Ziggler and The Miz who are also great with some of the stories they tell. Watching Kofi parenting Big E and Xavier is worthy of $9.99 itself. Episode three features Paige and Alicia Fox who were interesting, but were only the side-show when compared to leaving Dean Ambrose in a car with cameras. Ambrose and Reigns were brilliant and Dean in particular is just such a marvel to watch to the point where they had to montage him to fit it all in the time limit.

  1. Journey to SummerSlam: Destruction of The Shield

These ‘Journey’ videos were the precursor to WWE24 and this one features a look at The Shield from formation to break-up. This was our first real look at all three men as individuals and as it leads into Roman Reigns versus Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, we get to see how each man prepares for the event. It’s a little dated at this point, but still a very interesting look at all three men.

  1. Unfiltered: Roman Reigns

Renee Young is a massively underrated asset to the WWE. Unfiltered is very different to a lot of WWE shows because it captures the superstars in a casual and laid-back environment which is very much a credit to Renee. This episode is particularly special because it’s really the first time we get to see Roman like this and see that he’s really just a nice, funny guy. You can boo the character and the booking, but the man is worthy of respect, even if he’s made a few mistakes.

  1. Table for 3: New Day

Does any more need to be said? Anything involving The New Day on the WWE Network needs to be watched. Table for 3 has a number of fantastic episodes and it’s a show format which hasn’t quite reached its full potential yet, but hopefully gets a chance to. This episode gives us a look at how The New Day formed, how they shaped it into the juggernaut it is now and Big E’s future plans to become a slumlord among other things.

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  1. WWE 24: Seth Rollins

This look at Seth’s recover is the single best thing on the Network. Hands down, nothing compares to this hour of programming. It almost felt like a scripted storyline in itself, following Seth as he does everything possible to make it back for WrestleMania, before falling just short and then making his triumphant return at Extreme Rules. We get a great view at the man himself and his history. If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favour.

  1. Breaking Ground: All of it

What beats the single best video on the Network? The best show does. Breaking Ground is the definition of must-watch for wrestling fans. It gives you a great look at how the top performers in NXT, like Bayley, Baron Corbin and Tyler Breeze, go about their day to day lives at the performance centre, but you also get a great look at talent that you probably didn’t know existed. You see the likes of Aliyah, Tino Sabbatelli and Cal Bishop and how they attempt to make themselves superstars. More than anything, you get an inside look at the ‘NXT family’ of the performance centre and how it all comes together to deliver one hour of televised programming. Of all the shows on the Network, this is the place to start.

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