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10 Main Events Worse Than UFC 147

The UFC 147 headliner featuring Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin 2 has been dubbed by many the worst main-event in UFC history. However, a look back tells us that there have been far less interesting fights sold as UFC main-events.

I am certainly not thrilled about the fight but at the same time I think it is absurd to call this the worst headliner in UFC history. I have watched UFC since the start and I can tell you that there have been far worse mismatches passed off as main-events by Zuffa. This got me to thinking and with a little refresher help from Wikipedia, I was able to easily come up with ten fights that were far worse main-events on paper than the UFC 147 headliner.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now to be fair not all of these fights were sold on pay per view. Some of these fights were given away for free on Spike TV. Yet they still qualify as UFC main-events in my mind because they headlined a UFC numbered show. I did not include headliners from non-numbered UFC events. So with that said, here are ten fights off the top (in no particular order) of my head that are much worse than what the UFC is trying to sell this Saturday night.

UFC 122: Nate Marquardt vs. Yushin Okami – This was a joke! Yes it aired on free television but yet the idea that this was passed off as a legitimate headliner by the UFC was an insult. Dana White proclaimed the fight a championship eliminator which gave us yet another unfortunate main-event that would have made the list if I went with a top fifteen.

UFC 133: Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans – This band aid of a main-event came after numerous fight changes to the card. Injuries to Phil Davis and Jon Jones forced this rematch of a long forgotten draw between these two former champions. Ortiz was coming off his first win in six fights and five years while Evans was the recognized number one contender. As big of a mismatch as this was on paper, it was every bit as one-sided in the octagon.

UFC 130: Hamill vs. Jackson – If I was ranking this list in order this one would probably be at the top. Once again, this fight was a backup plan once Thiago Silva was injured going into his fight with Rampage Jackson. The original main-event Edgar vs. Maynard was also scrapped which pushed this one to the top. I know circumstances were beyond the UFC’s control but their hype machine was in full b.s. mode when it came to pushing this fight. This fight lived up to all expectations…it stunk!

UFC 105: Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera – This won’t be the first time Couture makes the list. Once again the UFC offered up a free show from England and mucked it up with this ridiculous choice of main-event. The fight wasn’t actually that bad but just the idea that the UFC would sell anything with Brandon Vera in it as a main-event is beyond preposterous…wait a second!

UFC 112: Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia – By all rights Maia was due a title shot but I don’t think anyone thought for a second that this would be an entertaining fight. Silva went out of his way to make sure that didn’t happen to the point where Dana White refused to get into the octagon and wrap the belt around Silva following the win. UFC 112 had a pretty loaded show when it came to star power so even with a bogus main-event, fans had plenty of reasons to buy this show. The headliner though was not one of them.

UFC 119: Frank Mir vs. Mirko Cro Cop –
If I was ranking this list this fight would probably come in second (actually I am starting to rank the list). I find the outrage over UFC 147 hilarious considering the insult of a main-event that the UFC served up at UFC 119. Wanderlei and Franklin could put on a better fight in their sleep than Mir or Cro Cop could at this stage of their careers. Just remember before you nominate a fight to be the worst on selling headliner in UFC history that there was a little show called UFC 119 with an even bigger insult to your intelligence.

UFC 97: Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites – A win over Drew McFedries suddenly catapulted Leites to the number one contender’s spot and a title shot against Anderson Silva. Nobody with an MMA brain thought Leites had a chance to win and he proved us right. To his credit he lasted five rounds but that was more Silva playing games than anything else. To show you how “main-event” worthy Leites was to the UFC he was released following his next fight.

UFC 55: Andrei Arlovski vs. Paul Buentello – Yep, it happened. This fight came about after UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was injured and the UFC needed to create a new champion. Buentello did rattle off some wins but selling him in the main-event was laughable. Buentello did his best to prove that after getting knocked out in a mere fifteen seconds by the Pit Bull.

[adinserter block=”1″]UFC 53: Andrei Arlovski vs. Justin Eilers – This is still regarded as one of the most controversial fights in UFC history in regards to Eilers getting a title shot coming off a loss. See, you only thought that happened in Strikeforce! Arlovski literally beat the crap out of Eilers as Eilers left the fight with a broken nose, a torn ACL, and two broken hands and the UFC left UFC 53 with very little credibility when it came to the UFC heavyweight (or interim in this case) title.

UFC 109: Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman – The battle of “legends” took place at UFC 109. The idea behind this senior’s battle was that Coleman and Couture were scheduled to fight years earlier and someone had the misguided idea that UFC fans were still awaiting the cancelled fight. They were wrong. In all fairness the fight did draw 1.7 million viewers on Spike yet keep in mind that it was free and had a strong undercard or recognizable names.

Silva vs. Franklin 2 doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

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