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0-82? The New Jersey Nets Approach History

Lawrence Frank Who is the luckiest man on Earth today? My guess is former New Jersey Nets head coach Lawrence Frank. After being fired by the Nets, Frank will not have to be pinned to the trivia question “Who was the coach of the Nets when they set the NBA record for most consecutive losses to start a season?”

After falling to the L.A. Lakers Sunday the Nets managed to fall to 0-17 on the season. A slow start of epic proportions. Football fans were stunned by the Titans starting 0-6? Well the Nets better find their version of Vince Young fast, before the Mavericks come to town to drop the record number 18 on them. It would take a flat out miracle for the Nets to stop the streak against one of the better teams in the league, hmm unless they cry for mercy?

[adinserter block=”1″]So rap star Jay-Z wants to be associated with this mess? All I can ask is what in the H-I-Z-Z-O is going on here? How can this team be so very bad that even Detroit Lions fans can laugh at them? How is it that despite injuries and second rate talent have they not been able to pull off one miracle? Perhaps we can shed some light on this story.

The Nets are scoring 85.7 points per game, last in the league, and by a healthy margin of 2.5 points. They shoot at just 40.4 percent from the field, also last in the league, and also by a good margin. Three-point shooting you ask? Well you know it, 26 percent, and tied for last in the league. On the defensive end they allow 97 points per game, not last mind you, but 20th, still far from good. Also there is a starving need for anyone to step up besides center Brook Lopez. Lopez leads the team in scoring, rebounding, block shots, minutes, field goal percentage and probably the mental thought of “what am I doing here?”

Yes, the Nets do have some ok talent out there, guys like Chris Douglas-Roberts, Devin Harris and Rafer Alston, but as a whole it’s just awful. I have had the chance to watch a few of the Nets games this year from start to finish and it just looks so, “college”. You know that something will always go wrong. You feel that crucial turnover or missed shot right around the corner. Yes they have played a few games close, but the ending is becoming inevitable.

[adinserter block=”2″]So how long does this streak last? Well as I said next up is Dallas (12-5) which is looking like it’ll be the record setting 18th straight loss. After that it is the Charlotte Bobcats, who have actually won 4 straight heading into their game with Boston, and have a 7-9 record. Perhaps the best chance comes after that when they take on, “rival” (oh what a poor useage of that word) the 3-14 New York Knicks. If they manage to lose to the Knicks, then it does’nt look promising anytime soon. There is an outside chance of this thing running up to about 30! However Nets fans, you can rely on this thought: If it gets to 30 there is no way anyone is ever touching your record, and maybe there is some cute hidden cult following behind that thought? Wait you’re saying there isn’t, well gee don’t be so testy fans, You still have the Devils.

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