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1 month ago

Is Paige vs. AJ Lee the Next Trish vs. Lita?


Where were you when the WWE Divas world stop turning? The night that Paige and AJ Lee witched roles in the company and finally gave us something to talk about other than grown women dancing together in the ring and four-on-one handicapped matches against Nikki Bella?

For a change, a sudden move and flip/flop changed the direction of the sinking division in a good way and gave us, the WWE fans something to look forward to. While this is not a modern day Lita/Trish feud, it could be the closest thing to it since the two were in the WWE wrestling full time and lighting the ring on fire.

The sudden rise of Paige from NXT to the big leagues and then her reign as WWE champion followed by her heel turn could be one of the five best things to happen within the company this year, so far. The fact here to read more , , , ,

2 months ago

The State Of Women’s Wrestling


I am a firm believer that the women’s division of WWE and to an extent TNA could do with an overhaul.

Lately I am seeing girls who look good in their underwear but don’t look so good when it comes to in-ring work; and the ones who are great in-ring end up as enhancement talent to the ones that aren’t. It’s a shame really and there really is no reason for it considering there is like 25+ women wrestling promotions in the US alone. You can’t tell me that those girls don’t have what it takes to get it done in the ring. Not only that, they’ve had a proving ground; you know they’ll improve. Don’t get me wrong I understand that it’s about sex appeal; but if your roster is mostly blondes with long legs and perky bosoms that all do the same damn thing…well then the women become interchangeable…and here to read more ,

5 months ago

WrestleMania 30: The Last Chance for the WWE Divas to Mean Something


According to, history will be made on Sunday, April 6, when the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational debuts at The Show of Shows. AJ Lee — the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time — will put her title on the line against 13 Divas inside the squared circle. SmackDown’s General Manger created the momentous match in response to the boastful Divas Champion opting to take a count-out loss to Naomi on the March 24 Raw.

It’s a brilliant idea that may finally prove that the women who are on display with this company must wrestle to prove they are more than eye candy and something to help promote a reality television show on E! Entertainment Television.

When you think of women in wrestling, you are immediately drawn to the idea of Trish Stratus and Lita beating on each other in the ring or Lillian Ellison (The Fabulous here to read more

5 months ago

Booking the WWE Divas for Wrestlemania 30


Wrestlemania is less then two weeks away and time is running out when it comes to the Divas here. A lot of people really want to see the Divas be on the whole show and want them to get their Wrestlemania moment. While I am for them getting a match at the biggest show of the year, the question is, how would you book them? Knowing that WWE is going to end up doing some type of tag team match like they did a couple of years ago or a disastrous battle royal where they had Santino Marella, in drag as Santina win the Miss Wrestlemania battle royal which was really stupid.

So now this leads to me as I do like to play the booker when it comes to the Divas here and giving some possible situations of what could happen at Wrestlemania. I hope you enjoy this edition of here to read more ,

7 months ago

The Emma WWE Debut Quandary


Monday Night’s Raw saw the first in ring acknowledgement of Emma, a newly called up female wrestler from NXT. From her first glimpse on the show, you might have already dismissed her. If you have, I would implore you not to.

Emma is the first female talent that I think has the potential to not only be a money maker, but the new female face of the company. She’s that good. But you’d never know it by what you saw on Raw last night.

Allow me to start from the beginning.

In the summer of last year, I grew tired of Raw and SmackDown and wanted to shake up my weekly wrestling experience. After hearing endless praise about NXT, I decided to give the show a shot. NXT introduced me to Emma, and at first I didn’t like her.

But, time is a funny thing. As I kept watching NXT, Emma kept getting better here to read more ,

8 months ago

AJ Lee’s WWE Divas Championship Run vs. Maryse’s WWE Divas Championship run


This Saturday marks a milestone for AJ Lee and her being the Divas Champion and that is her tying Maryse for the longest reign as Divas Champion with Sunday being the day she become the all time longest reigning Divas Champion to hold that title.

Sure records may become broken at some points in sports, but this one, I’m not really feeling at all here because during AJ’s title run, nothing really memorable has happened besides the epic promo she cut on the total divas back in the Summer of last year and also, there is a debate on twitter on who had the better run of Maryse and AJ Lee. While looking at this and looking at what fans of Maryse have been saying and fans of AJ Lee have been saying, I have come to the conclusion about both of those reigns.

My verdict: Neither of them had the better here to read more , ,

8 months ago

5 WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Things I want to see in 2014


2013 was a up and down year when it came to wrestling for the Divas and the Knockouts. As I look back at that year, I’ve saw Divas like Eve Torres retire, Total Divas became a popular show and the popularity of the NXT girls bloom. I saw Knockouts like Tara, Mickie James and SoCal Val leave the company, Taryn Terrell, who was on the rise, became MIA due to pregnancy and Madison Rayne who was pregnant, leave the company only to come back right after she had her child, we got another Gail Kim run as champion as well as having Lei’d Tapa join the roster. So with 2013 done and over with, here are five things I want to see in the year 2014 when it comes to the Knockouts and the WWE Divas. Here we go.

Summer Rae shining on her own: Since she’s been on the main here to read more ,

8 months ago

Top 13 WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts of 2013 Part 2


A couple of weeks ago, I did my top 13 divas and knockouts of 2013 and said that I will follow up on who will be numbers five through one. I had to think about who would fit in the countdown and making sure that I would not cause a stir here on who would be my number one. I took some time to think about it and now I’m ready to tell you who is my top five of 2013. Get ready because this is about to get very interesting.

Coming in at Number Five is…

Brie Bella: Brie Bella is in my top for a reason. It’s not because she is on total divas, it’s not because she’s engaged to Daniel Bryan, it was her improvements this past year that made her land in the top five. When Nikki Bella was out with a serious injury, Brie stepped up to here to read more ,

9 months ago

Top 13 WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts of 2013 Part 1


As 2013 is coming to an end within a couple of weeks, I have decided to do something here for Camel Clutch Blog regarding the Divas and the Knockouts. It is called “Meagan’s Top 13 Divas and Knockouts of 2013”. This is a little countdown that I wanted to do for the longest time and thought that this would’ve been a good way to start it off. So I hope that everyone enjoys thirteen to six as five to one will follow up. So here we go with the Meagan countdown.

Tamina: Tamina starts off the countdown at number thirteen. She came into 2013 as a backup to Vickie Guerrero and got a title shot against then WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn at Elimination Chamber for the second year in a row. While that match was not like her match with Beth Phoenix the Elimination Chamber back in 2012, I thought it here to read more ,

10 months ago

WWE Divas, TNA, and Other Wrestling Notes


I never thought I would say this or ask the WWE to do this, but for the love of Mae Young, please do away with the Divas and any segments that have them featured in the WWE. After Monday night’s musical chairs” debacle, can the Divas Division face on solid tombstone pile driver by The Undertaker and be done with it.

I am sure that Mildred Burke, Lillian Ellison and June Byers did not expect to see nothing more than cover girls disrespecting the business. I am sure that for every AJ Lee, Tamina and Kaitlyn, who seem to be the only females in the WWE who can actually wrestle, this comes as no shock when I ask that this part of the company become vapor faster than a green mist shower from The Great Muta.

Originally, women were used as props in and out of the ring, as valets, mouth pieces here to read more

10 months ago

Which WWE Diva would be the perfect female Authority member?


While watching Monday Night Raw a couple of nights ago and seeing Kane becoming the newest member of the Authority Stable, which in my entire fourteen years of watching WWE programming would I see the day Kane going out of that monster like attire that he always wore for a suit. There were a lot of laughs about this on twitter and me being a Kane fan, of course I had to get a good chuckle out of it, but while watching the show this past week and seeing Stephanie McMahon as the current female of the group, this had me wondering about something and that is, who could be the one, that is female, to be apart of this stable?

Now, I am sure a lot of you remember when Stephanie McMahon was apart of the McMahon Helmsley Era it was her along with Tori that were apart of here to read more

11 months ago

Who’s really the “savior” of the WWE Divas Division?


A couple of weeks ago, current WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee cut possibly one of the best promos in this generation of the current crop of the divas that WWE has today on how Total Divas is nothing compared to her and her holding the Divas Championship. I’ll admit, I did mark out hardcore during this promo as I’m sure everyone else did as well watching this epic promo. This would soon lead to a debate on who really did save the Divas Division during this time and it would mark a hardcore twitter war with some of the fans of the Total Divas fans against the AJ Lee Fans.

I tend to stay out of these wars a lot on twitter and tumblr, but tumblr is where most of the trouble starts with these confession blogs and how people are leaving thoughts on the Divas Division and how they feel here to read more

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