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2 weeks ago

Triple H tells the story of the real dawn of the WWE ‘Attitude Era’ on ‘Talk is Jericho’


The WWE Network has been reliving the Attitude Era of the federation for the last few weeks. While the Attitude Era might not be a favorite time among some fans, those years of curse words, “puppies” and almost Rated R programming are probably the most profitable for federation.

Triple H was a major force during the Attitude Era. As part of DX, Triple H led the assault on WCW which eventually led to WWE winning the ratings war. In the ring, Triple H’s feuds and matches against The Rock, Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin sold out arenas and headlined pay-per-views. For a long time, Triple H lived up to his nickname. He was, indeed, the Game.

Triple H’s role in the company has changed dramatically since the days of riding a tank to a WCW arena and telling fans to suck it. Now on the sidelines, but still in the story here to read more , , ,

1 year ago

The Greatest Pro Wrestling Angle Ever: Inside the Wheelhouse


It’s been 17 years now since the birth of quite possibly the greatest wrestling angle of all-time, the birth of the New World Order (n.W.o.) at WCW Bash at the Beach 1996. Many wrestling fans remember this moment of the birth of the n.W.o. so vividly and as if the angle happened yesterday. It impacted the future of wrestling and is without a doubt the greatest angle in the history of wrestling.

Now before you jump down my throat for such a bold statement as it being the “greatest angle of all-time,” let’s look back at what the angle helped accomplish for the world of wrestling in the late 1990s. At the time it cemented WCW as the #1 wrestling company in the United States here to read more , , , , , , , , , , ,

1 year ago

The WWE May Have Found Its Attitude on Monday Night


With one F-5, the world of professional wrestling is whole again. Thank you Brock Lesnar for finally giving me the match I want to see — a confrontation with none other than CM Punk.

Actually, the final segment of Monday Night Raw was a summarization of how things should good over the hot, hot summer months, leading us to Money in the Bank and then into SummerSlam. Let’s just say the WWE got its head out of its backside and became “must see” television again.

Now to coin a phrase from Impact! Wrestling, “wrestling matters,” again. In the span of three hours, which were used properly for a change, we saw new storylines, developing character changes, feuds that were unpredictable and of course the F-5 to CM Punk.

Who would have thought we would have come out of “Payback” and our heroes would be John Cena, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. Add Sheamus, here to read more , ,

1 year ago

Will Pro Wrestling ever see the boom of the 1990’s again?


Not since the inception of the New World Order in World Championship Wrestling and the edgy attitude era of then the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) headlined by DeGeneration-X have we seen any major storylines or angles in pro wrestling that has really grabbed the attention of viewers and made people talk again and tune in for long periods of time.

Ever since WCW was purchased by WWE in 2002, Monday Nights have been basically un-eventful and exciting to watch. Sure we had a brief period of time a few years back when Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling attempted to ensue another Monday Night War with its Impact show starting an hour earlier than Raw, just like Nitro did back in the mid 1990’s. However, Dixie and company got spanked in the ratings enough over a short period of time, Spike TV quickly moved the show back to Thursday nights in its here to read more , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Flashback: WWE One Night Only Review


Saturday, September 20th, 1997 – Birmingham, England – NEC Arena – One of the pay-per-views that kicked off what deemed to be called the “Attitude Era” in the World Wrestling Federation had the main event where the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels challenged the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith for his WWF European championship, making if Michaels won, he’d be the first Grand Slam winner in the company (meaning he’d be the first one to win all four championships at that time).

The show opens with a video package talking about the British Bulldog where the first time he came back to his country for a pay-per-view, he defeated Bret Hart for the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam 1992 and tonight he’s defending the country and honor of the country he grew up and represents.

Our announcers are for the show are Vince McMahon, Jerry “the King” Lawler, and Jim Ross.  It’s weird to here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks John Cena In The WWE Attitude Era

by recently tackled a fun hypothetical question. How would John Cena fare in the Attitude Era? Who better to ask than the king of the Attitude Era himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Texas Rattlesnake has done a lot of media over the last several months promoting the WWE 13 video game. The video game concept is to recreate the Attitude Era with your favorite stars of the era along with the current WWE superstars. The concept of mixing and matching has been the driving marketing campaign and it would appear that THQ and the WWE are making one last push to close out 2012.

Steve Austin was interviewed on about the game and the Attitude Era. The interview is fantastic but there is one snippet that is most interesting to fans of today and the era. Austin talks John Cena here to read more , , , ,

2 years ago

WWE: The Attitude Era DVD Review


Millions of fans have called then-WWF’s “Attitude Era” as the greatest point in the history of the company. Considering the amount of legitimate stars that made their careers during that time, as well as the millions upon millions of dollars in revenue WWE did month after month for four or five straight years, it’s hard to argue that point. For the younger fans who weren’t around for that era, or maybe fans that just didn’t tune into wrestling until later or dropped off before the era started, WWE’s latest DVD set, The Attitude Era, is a great reminder.

This is a DVD that fans have been clamoring for, and they certainly won’t be disappointed. The entire span of the era is covered, and the coverage overall is pretty extensive. There are interviews with many people who were part of the era (including a brief-yet-surprising appearance by Vince Russo), as well as here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Matt and Jeff Hardy Back To The WWE In 2013?


The WWE Attitude Era is in the midst of a bit of a resurgence thanks to the WWE 13 video game. Maybe that is why fans are clamoring for a return to the WWE of one of their favorite Attitude Era tag teams. According to one half of that team, that reunion may come sooner than you think.

Matt Hardy has been making the rounds of pro wrestling podcasts and radio shows lately. Matt is often asked about reuniting with his brother Jeff Hardy but the question is generally more wishful thinking than reality. Fortunately for fans of the Hardy Boys that reality is dictating a much different answer to this often asked question.

Matt was asked about reuniting with Jeff in the WWE in 2013 on the Passing The Torch radio show and his answer is making plenty of news here to read more , , , ,

2 years ago

Bret Hart Takes Dig At Hulk Hogan, Talks Attitude Era


Bret “The Hitman” Hart has never been shy about his feelings towards Hulk Hogan. That is why it is no surprise to see the former WWE champion take every opportunity possible to take shots at his former colleague including a recent interview promoting the WWE Attitude game.

The Bret Hart-Hulk Hogan rivalry is one of the most entertaining to follow as a fan who watched both during their prime. For years neither man said complimentary things about the other, until of course they worked together in WCW. Now that WCW is long gone and they won’t be working together anymore, the gloves have come off with Bret throwing most of the shots.

Bret took a shot at the former WWF champion to help promote the new WWE Attitude game in a recent interview. Bret talked a bit about the transition between Hogan’s here to read more , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Stone Cold Steve Austin talks CM Punk, WWE Attitude Era, and more


The newest piece of the WWE 13 marketing puzzle is an interview with Steve Austin. I don’t know how badly this video wants to make me buy the game, but I am even more pumped for a potential Austin vs. CM Punk match coming out of this interview.

I am not a big fan of WWE video games but the marketing for WWE 13 has been the most brilliant I can ever recall when it comes to a wrestling game. This whole idea of building off of an Austin vs. Punk dream match as incentive to buy the video game is fantastic. We’ll see in several weeks if it pays off but one thing is for sure. These videos have fans more convinced than ever that Punk and Austin will be tangling at an upcoming WrestleMania event.

This is just a tremendous video. Austin stays in character the whole time reminding us here to read more , , ,

2 years ago

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mike Tyson, & CM Punk Talk WWE Attitude Era


Steve Austin WWE 13The WWE may be removing Attitude Era videos from You Tube but you can recreate your own Attitude Era memories in WWE 13. THQ gathered an interesting crew of WWE stars recently including Steve Austin, CM Punk, and Mike Tyson to talk Attitude Era and the upcoming video game.

This is a really cool video that runs over 20 minutes. The panel was recorded on SummerSlam 13 weekend. Jim Ross moderates the panel who all do a really great job of promoting the game and talking Attitude Era WWE. WWE Champion CM Punk, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mike Tyson, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, Brodus Clay & The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi, and special moderator Jim Ross make up the panel.

The video features a ton of promotion for the upcoming video game which actually here to read more , , , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

How can WWE be better in the PG era?


CM PunkOne of the biggest issues I have with the PG era of WWE (and I have many issues with it) is the predictability of matches, shows and storylines. I really enjoyed the Attitude Era because it was unpredictable and that made me want to watch WWE more.

Without the edgy storylines and the catering towards a younger audience, I find WWE to be more predictable than ever before. Therefore, I ask, how can WWE be unpredictable, while we are still in the PG era? My answer is to walk the fine line between realism and fantasy.

One example of when the WWE walked the fine line between realism and storyline was the Montreal Screwjob. The Montreal Screwjob is one of the most famous incidents in WWE here to read more , , ,

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