Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks John Cena In The WWE Attitude Era

December 31, 2012 By: Category: Video Games, WWE | Pro Wrestling recently tackled a fun hypothetical question. How would John Cena fare in the Attitude Era? Who better to ask than the king of the Attitude Era himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Texas Rattlesnake has done a lot of media over the last several months promoting the WWE 13 video game. The video game concept is to recreate the Attitude Era with your favorite stars of the era along with the current WWE superstars. The concept of mixing and matching has been the driving marketing campaign and it would appear that THQ and the WWE are making one last push to close out 2012.

Steve Austin was interviewed on about the game and the Attitude Era. The interview is fantastic but there is one snippet that is most interesting to fans of today and the era. Austin talks John Cena and how the future WWE Hall of Famer would do in Austin’s era.

John Cena in The Attitude Era. Man, that’s a good question.

Yeah, had he been placed in it, and been dealt with accordingly, the John Cena you see now — the face of the franchise, the leader of the pack? Not so much. But I guarantee if you’d have gotten him face to face with “Stone Cold” in an interview, and you know John cuts a good interview himself, if I slapped the s*** out of that son of a b****, I think we’re off and running to make a lot of money.

All he needs is to be poked and prodded in the right way. I think John Cena has a hell of a lot of fire and he needs to be in the ring with the right opponent, or the right cat, to bring that out. So in the current environment, you really don’t see that in him.

Place [Cena] back 10 years in the ring with “Stone Cold”? You’d have rung the cash register, big time.

Austin seems to be excited about Cena’s prospects back in the Attitude Era. Austin has also been asked similar questions about CM Punk and offered similar answers. Well, what else do you expect him to say? But how do you really think Cena would have done in that era?

I think that Cena would have wound up as a big heel. Cena would have been just as booed in the era as he is now. The difference is that the booking was more edgy and the WWE were in a war with WCW. Instead of forcing the square peg into a hole I think Cena would have been turned heel and would have done monster business against babyfaces like Austin and The Rock in the era.

I also think Cena would have eventually turned back and been a top babyface. There was something about that era in which the babyfaces had to earn the respect of the fans before they got cheered. Just ask The Rock why Rocky Maivia was booed out of the building. If you think about it, there are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between the Maivia and Cena characters. Someone like Punk on the other hand probably would have flourished.

Regardless we’ll never know but it is a fun question to think about it.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time

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Bret Hart Takes Dig At Hulk Hogan, Talks Attitude Era

November 23, 2012 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Bret “The Hitman” Hart has never been shy about his feelings towards Hulk Hogan. That is why it is no surprise to see the former WWE champion take every opportunity possible to take shots at his former colleague including a recent interview promoting the WWE Attitude game.

The Bret Hart-Hulk Hogan rivalry is one of the most entertaining to follow as a fan who watched both during their prime. For years neither man said complimentary things about the other, until of course they worked together in WCW. Now that WCW is long gone and they won’t be working together anymore, the gloves have come off with Bret throwing most of the shots.

Bret took a shot at the former WWF champion to help promote the new WWE Attitude game in a recent interview. Bret talked a bit about the transition between Hogan’s era and the Attitude era and why it went over so well with the fans.

I don’t want to rag too much on Hulk Hogan but he’s pretty one-dimensional,” said Hart. “Very big guy. The great, magnificent body that he had — the 22-inch arms and all that kind of stuff. But after a while, after (The Ultimate) Warrior came, it was like, ‘Enough of the body-building, let’s go on with who can actually do a drop-kick and who can actually climb up on top and do stuff.‘”

I think Bret is a little off here if you look at the big picture. There are plenty of matches on You Tube that show Hogan going at a much higher speed in Japan than he did in the WWF. I hate to be a Hogan defender but as someone who grew up in that era he gave the fans what they wanted. He didn’t do more or less. Guys liked Bret worked hard underneath but Bret wasn’t going nearly that hard and fast as world champion. It’s easy to say Hogan was slow or sucked. But the fans ate it up so in my mind it worked.

Bret also talks about his place in the move into the Attitude era.

By the early ’90s when I was sort of in my prime, we started moving to the Attitude Era and I like to think that I kicked the doors open for the Attitude Era.

What Bret fails to point out here is that business was not very good at all when Bret was on top in the early 1990s. I would certainly say that Bret and Steve Austin kicked down the door to the Attitude era. Absolutely, but the Attitude Era really got into full gear after Bret left. I think the period in the early 1990s with Bret on top was more the catalyst for fans demanding a more serious product than Hogan’s era.

Am I being a bit hard on Bret? Maybe and it isn’t because I’m a hater because I am certainly a fan. I just find it a bit hypocritical to see a guy take a shot at another guy’s wrestling who was drawing millions of dollars when that same guy never put that many people in the seats.

I have one final note about the interview. Bret tells the interviewer that he believes he had his best matches in 1997. That really took me by surprise yet when you look back on it he may be right. His matches in 1997 with The Undertaker were fantastic. His match with Austin was unbelievable. His matches with Sid I thought were good but nothing special. I am not going to argue with someone rating his own matches. I just thought that was an interesting statement.

Bret is on the cover of the Canadian version of WWE 13.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin talks CM Punk, WWE Attitude Era, and more

October 19, 2012 By: Category: Video Games, Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

The newest piece of the WWE 13 marketing puzzle is an interview with Steve Austin. I don’t know how badly this video wants to make me buy the game, but I am even more pumped for a potential Austin vs. CM Punk match coming out of this interview.

I am not a big fan of WWE video games but the marketing for WWE 13 has been the most brilliant I can ever recall when it comes to a wrestling game. This whole idea of building off of an Austin vs. Punk dream match as incentive to buy the video game is fantastic. We’ll see in several weeks if it pays off but one thing is for sure. These videos have fans more convinced than ever that Punk and Austin will be tangling at an upcoming WrestleMania event.

This is just a tremendous video. Austin stays in character the whole time reminding us how just how awesome the Texas Rattlesnake’s promos are. It really is something else watching and listening Austin and comparing him to today’s WWE stars. Quite frankly all and even CM Punk for that matter, aren’t even in his league. I am probably enjoying these Austin promos and videos more than anything else in pro wrestling this year.

Austin talks about a variety of topics in this video. Of course the topic of CM Punk takes precedence here as the whole idea behind these campaigns is for an Austin vs. Punk match. Austin also talks about the WWE Attitude Era as well as gives a brief history of his career and how he got to that historic era in professional wrestling. The video is close to 15 minutes and worth going out of your way to see whether you are going to buy the game or not.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk Face Off Over WWE ’13

October 15, 2012 By: Category: Video Games, Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM PunkTHQ and WWE are continuing a brilliant marketing campaign today with the official release of a video featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk. The idea is to get you hyped over matching them up in WWE 13 yet most will come away salivating over a potential WrestleMania match.

The dynamic in this video is tremendous. I didn’t believe that there were money dream matches left in pro wrestling but after watching this, I have to second guess myself. This video has money written all over it. Jim Ross moderates as the two WWE superstars from different eras argue Punk’s success during the Attitude Era and whether Austin could take WWE’s title among other things.

THQ sent over the video today with a short blurb. Here is a piece of the press release.

While the interview begins simply enough, with each WWE icon speaking about his career and the “Attitude Era,” things start getting tense when the discussion circles around talk of a “dream match” between the two. It’s the biggest Superstar of the “Attitude Era” – and possibly of all time – and arguably today’s hottest commodity in WWE, addressing one of the biggest questions in entertainment today: What would happen if CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin met in a WWE ring?

One of the highlights of the video is Punk calling Austin out on staring at the WWE championship. This is really great stuff here! This was my favorite segment in the video which saw Punk retort how he wants nothing of Austin’s as Austin gives Punk the stare of death.

Unfortunately the Austin vs. Punk match is going to have to wait at least a year. Austin is recovering from knee surgery and has no plans to wrestle at WrestleMania 30. Quite frankly with The Rock and Brock Lesnar already in place, it would be better for everyone to hold the match off anyway. If Austin can go and Punk can stay hot as a heel through next summer, I would be shocked if the WWE didn’t have the wheels in motion for Austin vs. Punk at the 30th WrestleMania.

The theme of this video is “What if?” What if the WWE actually made Steve Austin vs. CM Punk for one of the upcoming WrestleMania events? I can’t imagine anyone walking away from this thinking that the match and build up wouldn’t be anything short of incredible.

Oh and yeah, Austin’s still got it!

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Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mike Tyson, & CM Punk Talk WWE Attitude Era

September 26, 2012 By: Category: Sports, Videos

Steve Austin WWE 13The WWE may be removing Attitude Era videos from You Tube but you can recreate your own Attitude Era memories in WWE 13. THQ gathered an interesting crew of WWE stars recently including Steve Austin, CM Punk, and Mike Tyson to talk Attitude Era and the upcoming video game.

This is a really cool video that runs over 20 minutes. The panel was recorded on SummerSlam 13 weekend. Jim Ross moderates the panel who all do a really great job of promoting the game and talking Attitude Era WWE. WWE Champion CM Punk, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mike Tyson, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, Brodus Clay & The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi, and special moderator Jim Ross make up the panel.

The video features a ton of promotion for the upcoming video game which actually looks pretty good, especially for those of us that watched the Attitude Era. I will say that it is pretty cool to hear some of these newer stars like WWE RAW G.M. AJ Lee talk about what it means to her to be in the video game, especially since she was such a big fan of the era.

Mike Tyson is an interesting character on the panel. Tyson is a big pro wrestling fan and seems genuinely excited to be in the video game. Unfortunately as you could expect, Tyson will give you his inaudible moments on the panel. Punk chimes in at one point and talks about playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out as a kid and how cool it is to have Mike in the game.

It is no surprise that Stone Cold Steve Austin is the star of the panel. Austin gives some great insight into what it was like to be a part of the Attitude Era. Austin brings up a hilarious story about how Tyson would always call him Cold Stone back when they were feuding.

Several of the newer WWE superstars recall their favorite memories of the Attitude Era as well. It is pretty cool to hear from current WWE wrestlers what they were thinking when they watched the Attitude Era as younger fans.

Check out the entire video for yourself…before the Linda McMahon campaign has it removed of course.

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