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5 months ago

Shawn Michaels Reveals Timing Behind Decision To End Undertaker’s Streak


The biggest story of the year thus far remains the end of The Undertaker’s WWE WrestleMania streak. Jim Ross and Shawn Michaels are the latest to offer up their insight, with HBK unraveling a big piece of the booking mystery.

Michaels is probably only second to Mick Foley in arguably being Undertaker’s greatest rival in his WWE career. Michaels knows him well inside and outside of the ring. Michaels solved a big piece of the puzzle on Jim Ross’ latest podcast when he revealed exactly when the decision was made to end the streak.

“You know as well as I do that one person and one person alone makes that call. As much as everyone wants to think other people have some say so in that, they don’t. I was stunned like a lot of people. I was there when it all happened. I know what happened. I make the calls around here to read more , ,

5 months ago

WrestleMania 30 meets Weekend at Bernie’s


It has been just over a week since the streak of the Undertaker officially came to an end, and I am still in a bit of shock. Like many in the WWE Universe I was expecting the Undertaker to continue his ridiculous streak of only wrestling once a year for many years to come. I know that I am in the minority but I was ready to see the streak end once and for all. Let’s face it, the Undertaker should have walked away after he failed to walk out of the arena after his first win against HHH.

I don’t think it was work and if it was it didn’t make any sense. It would have made for a perfect moment. There were no more legends from the Undertakers era left to beat, and he could have retired on top of the mountain. I guess maybe there was a little here to read more , ,

5 months ago

Inside The End Of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak


The pro wrestling world continues to remain in a state of shock at Brock Lesnar ending the streak. Yet now that a week has passed, what may be more fascinating than the end of an era may be the details surrounding this shocking result.

Over a week later and most wrestling fans are still in shock over the end of the streak. There is almost this sense of denial among those fans, some who believe that the result was more of a mistake than something planned. Unfortunately for them and any other doubters, the end of the streak is real and it was absolutely planned going into Mania.

Dave Meltzer of has done a tremendous job in peeling back the layers of this story and providing his readers with all of the juicy details that led up to this moment in history. here to read more , ,

6 months ago

WrestleMania 30: General Thoughts after a Night of Excellence


Daniel Bryan is best for business.

In the end, WrestleMania delivered on its promise to make wrestling matter. From the beginning when The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin were all in the ring together, the WWE took it up a few notches for the good of the company and the good of business. The new “Era” that I spoke of over the weekend is about to begin, and not a moment too soon.

There are certain definable moments in sports, entertainment and life that shape what we witness. The loss by Undertaker was the right move at the wrong time with the wrong wrestler. How the writers are going to use this move as a stepping stone for a part-time wrestler is beyond me, but as someone pointed out to me over the course of the last 12 hours, you could see Bryan try to take the WWE World Title from here to read more

6 months ago

WrestleMania 30 Winners and Losers


WWE WrestleMania XXX is now in the history books, and while it was an overall disappointment (worth the $9.95 on the WWE Network but not the $50+ on pay-per-view), there were more than a few memorable moments. There were big winners and even bigger losers.

Because it would take a tremendous amount of time and space to go through each good point and each bad point of the latest “Clash of the Immortals,” I will whittle it down to four topics – the biggest push, the end of a push, the biggest winner and the biggest loser.

The biggest push The push of the night had to be Cesaro winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Everyone called The Big Show a heavy (no pun intended) odds-on favorite to win the inaugural event because he always had been likened to the immortal Andre. But in the end, it was the “Swing Man from here to read more

6 months ago

WrestleMania 30 Firmly Turns The Rusty WWE Wheel


The braintrust at World Wrestling Entertainment probably wouldn’t know literary symbolism from an Irish whip reversal, but sometimes, their presentation magnetically drags the pieces into place for a picture of change.

Or maybe WWE intentionally painted the strokes they painted at WrestleMania, hoping that we’d tilt our heads, and see the same meaning that they’d brushed on that canvas.

When WWE Network launched on February 24, you and I and millions of others (after enough lags to win the Network a job working for a transit authority) were besieged with a maelstrom of yesterday. WWE makes their money off the past. As ESPN Classic, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and every production company that lives to pump out remakes can tell you, there’s dollars and cents in yesterday.

WWE knows this, but at WrestleMania XXX, they flipped the calendar forward for a change.

For one thing, did you know that WrestleMania XXX is the here to read more

6 months ago

The End Of The Undertaker WrestleMania Streak Was Best For WWE Business


If your jaw did not drop at the conclusion of the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar match than you were either not paying attention or flat out lying. In the most shocking conclusion in WrestleMania history, the Beast Brock Lesnar ended the greatest streak in Sports history, not just Sports Entertainment at 21-1.  The former WWE and UFC Champion made history and his name will be cemented in WWE folklore as the man who laid to rest the Undertaker at WrestleMania.  The decision for the WWE to end the streak and thus effectively send off the Undertaker in the sunset was truly what was best for business and to say otherwise is just plain silly. Let me explain why….

The Streak should never end

For many years we have heard fans, insiders and many within the Sports Entertainment business voice that the Undertakers WrestleMania streak should never be broken.  The streak has been here to read more ,

6 months ago

Goodbye Deadman


This isn’t about whether or not it was right or wrong to end the Streak, but this is more of a thank you for the Streak.

The unthinkable has happened folks, on April 6th, 2014 the Streak has ended. For twenty three years (Barring two missed events), the one constant of WrestleMania was the Undertaker. Whether it was facing the monsters like Bundy and Gonzalez or two epic bouts with Shawn Michaels and three with Hunter, you knew that The Undertaker was going to be at WrestleMania. Did the quality dip from time to time to the point on unwatchable bouts? Yes, but the last few years saw The Undertaker putting on top level matches like never before against Edge, Michaels, Haitch and Punk.

That is no more, the streak has died and it seems to be on the level of Superman dying. I was sitting on my chair, watching on my here to read more ,

6 months ago

WrestleMania 30: A Stunned Writer Reacts to Undertaker’s Loss


The “STREAK” is over! I am still in disbelief. As the Undertaker lie on the mat and then gathered his senses, it had come to me that another one of my wrestling heroes was about to retire. We don’t actually know that yet, but the “STREAK” that wrestling and WrestleMania live and die by was just broken.

Brock Lesnar on the other hand – just hag his legacy cemented with the win.

Twitter messages, photos and social media abroad told the story – no one really thought Undertaker’s last stand would be in New Orleans. And in my heart, I am a little saddened by the turn of events. The match itself was awful, and you could see a laboring Undertaker, a man who was in condition but not conditioned for the event. The silence of the crown in the Superdome said it all, but should the “Streak” and a career that here to read more ,

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania 30 Results: Bryan Wins, Lesnar Ends The Streak


The WWE ushered in a new era in of stars and broadcast strategy at WrestleMania 30. Many presumed that this year’s WrestleMania results would be the most predictable in years. Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker proved them all wrong.

The big story at Mania was the end of the streak. The streak is over! Brock Lesnar pinned The Undertaker. Brock looked a lot bigger than he has looked in a while, almost back to UFC shape. Undertaker dominated early until he missed a kick into the corner. Brock worked the leg from that point forward. The match had a slow, methodical, old school pace. Taker later kicked out of the F5 and Lesnar broke Hell’s Gate twice. I also don’t think anyone in the crowd believed Lesnar was winning. The match didn’t have the same emotion from the crowd as the last several Taker matches which made the finish here even more here to read more

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania 30 Predictions: 5 Shocking Surprises


The 30th WrestleMania WWE event is just days away and I thought it would be fun to offer my predictions but with a bit of a twist. Rather than state the obvious I want to take a look at several scenarios that we could see Sunday in NOLA.

Now I want to preface this by saying that I don’t necessarily believe that any of these predictions will come to fruition. That is the point. I want to take a look at a few results and surprises that are so unpredictable that they may just come true.

At the same time if they do happen I’d expect you to call me a genius of course. With that said, let’s take a look into my crystal ball and see what stunning surprises may come our way at the big event.

Brock Lesnar ends the streak – It’s a funny thing booking The Undertaker’s streak heading here to read more

6 months ago

WrestleMania 30: The New Era of WWE Wrestling is here


A couple of months ago, Mark Madden proved to be the wizened columnist of wrestling. He stated that professional wrestling, whether the WWE, ROH or TNA – all three non-competitive in nature – was at the lowest in its popularity since as long as anyone could remember. Madden, a controversial sort in his comment and demeanor, hit it right on the head with the state of the “business” we have come to know and love.

Let’s just face facts – at this very moment professional wrestling stinks. We want what we cannot have and we want ti now. We are a too-quick society that wants to relive the past, pray to the wrestling gods that another Stone Cold Steve Austin will materialize and that another Attitude Era can save the WWE Universe from pile driving itself through the masses of tables the Dudley’s left upon their exit to TNA.

When will we here to read more

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