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4 months ago

Hulkamania Goes Down South Part 1


This is the start of a four part series chronicling Hulk Hogan’s first two years in WCW.

This year we’ve celebrated the birth of Hulkamania and the event that was built on the shoulders of Hulkamania. Now, we look back at the moment that shifted the wrestling industry and the way the big two signed talent. We look back when WCW shocked the wrestling industry and landed the biggest fish of them all: Hulk Hogan

In 1993, after disputes with Vince McMahon over the direction of his character and booking, Hulk Hogan would leave the WWE. Hogan had been the face of the organization since 1984, the headlining act for eight of the nine WrestleMania events. Hulk was a headliner of countless PPV’s and the man the WWE PR golden boy that the company sent everywhere. Need somebody for Regis and Kathy to promote the Survivor Series? Send Hulk.  When the average here to read more , ,

4 months ago

Sting: From WCW Champion to Just Another Guy


17,500 fans

$543,000 at the gate

686,824 buys

Over 20 million dollars grossed from those buys alone

You have to realize that WCW never saw these types of numbers, even for the first major Hogan/Flair bout. WCW never had a PPV before that drew over 400,000 buys; the WWE had FIFTEEN PPV’s that grossed higher than 400,000 buys. The company never even had a gate that huge since the glory days of JCP, and the people came for one match and one match only.

Hulk Hogan vs Sting

If you were like me, and let’s face it you probably are like me (Just a bit more adjusted), then this was the match to see. I dare say this was the biggest match that either one of the big two had put on since Hogan/Warrior. Fans had waited one full year for Sting to finally get his hands on Hulk Hogan, and there would be no now here to read more ,

4 months ago

Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls Kindle Review


Before we start, I know that JJ Dillon’s autobiography has been out since 2005 and you’ve probably heard the reviews. Unfortunately, the cheapest copy I’ve found for the book is $29 on Amazon with new copies going as high as a hundred books. I scoured most used book stores for a copy, but I’ve never had any luck. This, along with Gary Hart’s book were the two books that I’ve badly wanted to read over the years but their lack of availability hindered that. Fun fact: The only used copy of Gary Hart’s book will cost you a cool $1,302. Luckily, Crowbar Press has released their entire catalog onto the Amazon Kindle program and having a Kindle myself, I finally had a chance to read it over the weekend.

I can say without a doubt that this is the best wrestling book I have read. That is no joke in my here to read more , , ,

4 months ago

10 MORE Sting Matches WWE Fans Should Watch


A few days ago, our death match commentary overlord did an article talking about ten Sting matches you should watch. You’re not going to get any complaints from me because I pretty much agree with all of them. Luckily, Eric has allowed me to post ten more Sting matches you should check out. Some of these matches you may already know but I presume that some of the matches you’ve probably never seen before. So sit back, get some face paint on and revel at the fact that there’s no Hogan here to cut those knees off.

Sting and Ric Flair vs The Great Muta and Dick Slater: Clash of the Champions VIII 09.12.1989

First, this was supposed to Flair and Sting vs Funk and Muta, but Funk is injured, so we get the best Terry Funk impersonator of all time: Dick Slater. Even better, we get Jim Ross and Jim Cornette here to read more , , , , ,

4 months ago

10 Sting Matches WWE Fans Need To Watch

10 Sting Matches WWE Fans Need To Watch

Sting is now a member of the WWE roster and is expected to debut in 2014. Thanks to the WWE Network, new fans can get introduced to Sting through the entire WCW PPV library. Here are ten matches you should immediately watch to understand how this man became an icon among WCW fans.

Sting is coming to WWE television and for a lot of fans in the Universe, he is a stranger with a legacy. For fans that may be a little older, Sting is just one of the stars of TNA Wrestling. Yet for the fans that watched Sting for over 20 years in WCW, he is an icon of their youth. It is time you become familiar with this icon if you aren’t already.

For the purposes of this list I kept all of my choices to matches currently available on the WWE Network so it is not necessarily a definitive here to read more , , , , , , , ,

5 months ago

The Robert Zone: WCW Ready to Rumble Review


The Robert Zone: Ready to Rumble

I’m not doing it Gargiulo, I’m not. You already subjected me to No Holds Barred, you cannot and will not subject me to Ready to Rumble. I don’t care what you do, I will not watch Ready to Rumble. You can send John Zandig after me and tell him I ran over his car or that I took his company. You did? Oh crap, review of Ready to Rumble it is then! What Eric doesn’t know is that I’m playing the videogame from 1999, so HA! Before we start, I have a guest at the door, so excuse me.


Alright, Ready to Rumble it is.

Damn you Garguilo, is Joan Severance in it?

Ghost of Dean Ambrose: Nope.

Oh shut up, ghost of Dean Ambrose. Deep breaths, deep breaths, you can do this Robert. You watched the entire Black Scorpion angle and here to read more , ,

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania X8 – Even The Rock Booed The Rock


-So this was a bit like the end of an era for years truly. I was graduating high school in just three months, making this the first WWE WrestleMania of my adult life. The last time WrestleMania resided in Toronto, I was in kindergarten. Now, I was a high school senior, and the big event’s back at the Skydome in Toronto, Ontario, this time on March 17, 2002. Weird how things end up in life.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, whose knees are still worn out from the groveling he had to do to reclaim his old job. The event looks like a hybrid of WrestleManias VI and X7, which is my way of saying it’s like X7, but with a darker lighting scheme. The atmosphere’s nice, I’ll give em that.

-The story is that WWE, at the end of the here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WrestleMania X8: A Portrait in Wrestling History


WRESTLEMANIA X8 From The SkyDome in Toronto, ON March 17, 2002

BACKGROUND One year after rolling the dice on a Stone Cold Steve Austin heel turn, the WWF found themselves in a rather unusual position. It had been a few years since the promotion needed to make any desperate moves or decisions, the last one being to put on a raunchier product. From there, it was smooth sailing for Vince McMahon and company, as there was no force that could trip up the surging juggernaut.

Wrestling’s popularity started to wane after WCW’s dissolution, as part of the fun for a number of fans was watching the entities compete for viewers. Interest picked up at the start of here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WWE Flashback: WrestleMania X8 – Downtown With Darsie


Sunday, March 17th, 2002 – SkyDome – Toronto, Canada – The last WrestleMania under the “World Wrestling Federation” banner and the second WrestleMania to head outside of the United States! At this Mania card, we see Chris Jericho defending his Undisputed WWF Championship against the returning Triple H, as well as Icon versus Icon when the Rock does battle with “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair faces the Dead Man, the Undertaker!

The show opened with Saliva doing one of this year’s theme songs, “Superstar.” I miss the WWE going away from bringing in live bands performing a song or two at WrestleMania. I know it’s frustrating for me trying to pay attention to the music video for it and the camera men go back and forth on showing the band with the titan tron and panning the fans.

But besides my short rant, I do feel like “Superstar” here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania X-Seven: Simply The Best


-For the remaining nine reviews, since they’re all 4 hours (and one is 5), I’ll be chopping out a little bit of quantity to make it my standard 4000+ word format. Which is a shame because for this show, I want to rant forever.

-Who was the April Fool on April 1, 2001 as we come to you from the Reliant Astrodome in Houston, TX for WWE WrestleMania X-Seven? Well, Vince had just bought WCW so they were finished, and ECW was days away from its bankruptcy hearing, so the biggest non-fool was Vince. Wait, why am I wasting time? I only have 4000 words to tell you that this is the greatest wrestling show in the history of time, so let’s just do it!

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman, who had taken over for here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WrestleMania XII – A Portrait in Wrestling History


WRESTLEMANIA XII From The Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA March 31, 1996

BACKGROUND Never before in the WWF had such a display of hypocrisy been presented.

Beginning in 1994, with Bret Hart’s ascension to his second reign as WWF Champion, Vince McMahon’s empire draped itself in the colors of an ad campaign called “The New Generation”. McMahon chose to move forward with a newer set of soldiers, trying to bury the older ghosts of his company’s past.

But while McMahon painted over the murals of Hogan and Randy Savage and Ric Flair with the likes of Razor Ramon, Diesel, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and, of course, Bret Hart himself, those banished ghosts found a new haunt in Atlanta called WCW.

And haunt Vince they would.

In 1995, WCW would premiere a trendy little show called Nitro to go here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

7 months ago

10 WCW Pay Per Views Worth Watching On The WWE Network


WWE’s treatment of one-time arch-nemesis WCW is a curious paradox. When World Championship Wrestling was alive, they were a bumbling mess that pushed senior citizens, let the Radicalz go, and weren’t as cool as the sense-throttling action of WWF Attitude. In death, they’re looked back on with fondness as a worthy rival that shoved the McMahon Empire harder than any, and launched the careers of many notable stars.

There exists an entire generation of fans that have grown up without WCW. Yes, anyone that started watching wrestling after the spring of 2001 only knows of the company in the past tense, perhaps getting a sense of their glory on WWE DVD releases and YouTube.

With the launch of the WWE Network, curious viewers (the ones whose video isn’t besieged with more stoppages than SEPTA) have an entire archive of WCW history at their fingertips. The ones not a privy to the best here to read more ,

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