Evolution, The Shield and Other WWE Thoughts

April 21, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

The WWE is in a position where it can really make a statement heading into Extreme Rules and beyond toward SummerSlam with The Shield and Evolution as its two main factions. The move to reunite Triple H with Randy Orton and Batista was bound to happen once Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Title and Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins all jumped to the side of good. There is a revived feel within the confines of the company. It smells like success.

And based on this sudden feud, there a hope that the masses that loved Evolution before will love Evolution again.

But only if…

Like we discussed before, Evolution was the concept created by Triple H as an homage to the Four Horsemen – each wrestler holding a title and each performing working to better the last match. Not only was it entertaining, it was brilliant and for once, since the New World Order, there was a ground of rugged bad asses that could run the asylum.

This time, there is no Ric Flair – but it looks like Kane will fill that slot and chase the world champion for a bit with Extreme Rules being the jump off point to begin the “old is new” campaign.

All of this newness and excitement comes with some apprehension on my part. After we all drank the Kool Aid and got over our Wolf Pac hangover, we needed a new “fix” – that is where Triple H made Evolution the new Horsemen.

But the concept of a recreation of Evolution and The Shield is great and Kane and Daniel Bryan will steal the show at Extreme Rules, where does it take off from there? If there is to be a true Evolution, then all three members of the originals and Kane must all capture titles. The only problem is beside the World Title and the Tag Titles, what is there for this group to accomplish?

Can the WWE get over with taking what was original, changing it, serving it to the WWE Universe and ask it to swallow it whole? Only time shall tell.

Divas Addition by Subtraction

I haven’t been this excited about anything associated with the Divas division sine Lita flew off the top rope.

The announcement that AJ Lee will be taking time away from the WWE is something both Lee and the WWE needs. Call it a bit of separation. Lee has been the dominant force behind the women in the division for so long, a real change was needed. Dropping the belt to Paige is a bit of a head scratcher, but then again, nothing in this division has made any sense of late – well for the past year. Where are you now Beth Phoenix, Eve and Gail Kim?

Take away the drama from Total Divas and this could be the start of something positive in the division. Paige will more than likely become a temporary champion. At some point, the strap should be placed on Tamina and hopefully some amazon comes along to battle the daughter of none other than Jimmy Snuka.

Kharma, where are you?

Seriously, Paige helps the company set things up for some positive matches that could be more entertaining than we are used to seeing.

More Brock, More Associates

In order for the WWE to look more like its old self, maybe seeing Brock Lesnar in the ring more would help. If the “Streak” stopper is to be taken more seriously, shouldn’t the WWE find a suitable wrestler to face him? Sting might work – if he officially signs.

So would Sheamus. Cesaro would have been ideal, but Paul Heyman made him one of his guys. If we are looking to add more wrestlers to Heyman’s stable, might we see Wade Barrett become the next “Paul Heyman Guy?”

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The Wyatts, The Shield & General Thoughts on WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

February 24, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

I have been overly critical for months about the WWE and its use of wrestlers in six-man tag matches to find a way to keep its current roster active – if not happy. But what I witnessed last night at the Elimination Chamber was total perfection.

The matches within the pay-per-view helped tell a story – one that leads us to WrestleMania XXX and New Orleans. But when the smoke cleared, the match between The Wyatts and The Shield proved to be the greatest of the night.

And it was everything I wanted it to be. Fans cheering for both sides for the sake of wanting to see this match, rooting for both sides and the fans in the Target Center voicing their approval.

“This is Awesome!”

Stories in the ring are told by fan reaction and fan approval. They are also told by the role of the heel and his ability to incite the crowd, lead the match and cause havoc when need be. Both parties, The Shield and The Wyatts did that. And it was AWESOME!
Has there ever been a trio of wrestlers in recent memory who sell for the crowd and the opponent like The Shield? Has there been a more sinister a trio since Kevin Sullivan and his cult-like animals in Florida like Bray Wyatt? If the WWE allows this to fester and build and explode like a volcano that has been tempted too many times, this could be the best feud of the year.

That is something the WWE needs in more ways than one.

What this match told us was the WWE will use these two stables as continual foes. The Russians vs. Dusty Rhodes and the Road Warriors. The Freebirds and the Von Erichs, Some faction of the New World Order vs. Sting, et al, and the Horsemen in a match with Dusty Rhodes, Sting or anyone else they can humiliate.

The six-man feud is alive and well in the WWE.

Batista, Seriously?
The match between Batista and Alberto Del Rio was the worst match of the pay-per-view. The fans obviously do not care about The Animal and are still pissed he won the Royal Rumble. Is there another way for the company to find another wrestler to headline WrestleMania XXX?

The match was ill conceived and looked more like a filler match than one that should have been the precursor to the final match of the night.

The Table Has Been Set For Tamina
Finally, there is a crack in the armor of the AJ Lee camp. For seven months, the Black Widow has held the Divas Title and we have not seen one female challenge her. Now, maybe there will be some movement toward that.

While Tamina helped Lee win her match Sunday night, she also showed anger with her “body guard” and therefore, there shall be a match between the two.

I told you months ago, this looks like Diesel and Shawn Michaels from years ago and maybe my idea is coming to fruition.

And Then There is Hulk Hogan

There has been so much said about Hulk Hogan, which honestly is not make me all that happy. As before with The Rock and The Miz, hosting an event like this only leads to failure. And Hulk Hogan makes everything about him. There is no need for Hogan to be associated with the event.

While the WWE is working on marketing concepts and has brought in Hogan and now Ric Flair to be a part of the company machine, the WWE should not have either one involved in WMXXX.

Hogan will (as will Flair) hurt the product more than help it.

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Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns Must Happen At WWE WrestleMania 30

January 29, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

In true WWE form, the company again took a potential gold mine of a potentially huge feud and let it cool off. There was no fallout from the attempted by Dean Ambrose to eliminate Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble and in not doing so, the WWE did not hone in on the backstage power struggle that has been an ongoing theme with the Hounds of Justice of late.

Reigns may not have been ready for prime time when he lost to Batista on Sunday night, but Reigns was clearly the winner of the pay-per-view – losing the final spot but gaining the support of fans in Pittsburgh and within the WWE Universe.

And in doing so, won the support of this writer who thinks there will be a huge push for him after WrestleMania once the company figures out what to do with Brock Lesnar, Batista, Big Show and the youngster who could become the biggest thing in this company since The Rock.

The only way to resolve this tension within The Shield and determine who gets custody of Seth Rollins is have the two principles, Reigns and Dean Ambrose, battle it out in New Orleans. And for once in a blue moon, make the United States Title mean something. Putting the strap on Reigns would do more than many realize in the future of title unification.

The fight for stable supremacy is nothing new to wrestling circles. The Horsemen, The New World Order, The Freebirds – they all had instances where there were questions of leadership. And like everything else, all good things must come to an end. This might be one of those cases, but in doing so, we could see some of the best wrestling and one of the best storylines written in this company in some time.

More importantly, the WWE needs this feud for many reasons.

Judging just be the turn of events with the pay-per-view on Sunday night and Monday Night Raw, many subplots were written before our eyes.

Kane and CM Punk will jump into a wrestling ring near you.

The New Age Outlaws will be around for a while, forcing Cody Rhodes to turn on his brother (Goldust).

No one except Tamina is going to beat AJ Lee for the Divas Title.

Big E. Langston needs a true rival. Damien Sandow is he perfect match. Then there would be title unification when Sandow and Reigns meet at an upcoming pay-per-view.

Randy Orton’s days are numbered as the World Champion. Batista and Brock Lesnar are now “for real” challengers at any time.

John Cena and Daniel Bryan have their own issues with The Wyatts and will fight the good fight with Sheamus by their side.

Not exactly stale, but nothing to write home about. Oh, and Kofi Kingston scores a win over Orton in a non-title match but cannot get a title match at a pay-per-view. To say the more things change, the more they stay the same is about as obvious as the fact the sun will come out tomorrow. BORING!

The one thing The Shield does better than most factions is not only do they give incredible promos, they sell the hell out of a match. Tell me the last time you saw wrestlers others than Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins (with the exception of Punk or Bryan) sell a match that was awesome? In today’s wrestling world, it does not happen.

So in the spirit of The Freebirds, The Horsemen and the feared Russians, all great things must come to an end. The WWE, however could spare us a complete loss by taking what was already good and make it ten times better.

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Brock Lesnar’s WWE Return, Divorce of the Shield and Other Notes

December 31, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it – just make it better.

That is what Triple H was trying to do on Monday night when he shook hands with the devil himself, Brock Lesnar on the final WWE Raw of the year.

On a show that saw CM Punk continue to systematically break up The Shield and Stephanie McMahon announce the Royal Rumble main event between Randy Orton and John Cena, Triple H trumped everyone with the announcement of the “The Beast” making his return to the WWE.


The WWE Universe may have just seen the new face of the company as the man, who was rumored to be toying with a return to MMA and the UFC, struck fear in every wrestler in the locker room. What this means to the company is as simple as six words – Brock Lesnar is good for business.

While I wrote earlier in the week that part-time wrestlers are not a good thing for the WWE, having Lesnar on board does a few things for the company with feuds, fan loyalties and a potential feud between Orton and Lesnar with wrestling’s first family on both sides of the ring.

Does a Lesnar/Orton feud with Triple H on one side and Stephanie McMahon on the other become that much more realistic at WrestleMania XXX? I looks like it is a real possibility. It could also be an attempt at a unholy union between Triple H and the man who tried to destroy him – Paul Heyman.

The only way this all works is if Heyman’s pure genius is included in this program. And if Lesnar is there and Heyman is there – does Orton become the apple of the intentions of the COO of the company? What happens to Batista upon his return on January 20?

Can this all work, or will it backfire on the company for doing too much in a short amount of time? This is not the 1980s where the roster was set for tiers of competition. Everyone wants the brass ring and both Lesnar and Batista will be thrown into the mix for the new WWE World Title.

It’s fun, it’s exciting, but if it does not work, then it isn’t worth the paper the program was written on.

Get Dixie Carter off television

Eric Bischoff is no longer on television. Hulk Hogan has followed suit. Now it is Dixie Carter’s turn to hide behind the camera.

Carter’s recent time in front of the screen is really hurting TNA Impact Wrestling.

The recent run and copy-cat programs of the WWE is destroying the product. The new TNA Champion, Magnus is part of an “Authority-like” program. Carter is trying to do her best Stephanie McMahon impression. And the current state of uncertainty makes everything look too planned to robotic and downright abusive to the state of wrestling in general.

Get Carter off the camera – not because she cannot act, not because she is fails at promos (which are both true) but mainly because she is hurting the product more than it is already in pain.

Reigns taking over

It will not belong before the divorce papers have been sent to The Shield and the three “Hounds of Justice” will walk their own paths. And in the end, Roman Reigns will be the leader coming out of the pack.

He can thank CM Punk for taking The Shield to another level in the WWE.

By beating Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in consecutive weeks, it now becomes Reigns turn to try and beat the “Best in the World.” In the process, you see the work being done to build a script that cannot be played too quickly.

In the end, Reigns will reign supreme and a feud between he and Punk will evolve.

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WWE Wrestler of the Week: November 22nd-29th, 2013

November 29, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Welcome to a Thanksgiving edition of WWE Wrestler of the Week! There is so much to be thankful for. From health to family and friends to the fact that WWE Survivor Series 2013 is over. Man that was a terrible pay-per-view. Picking out the wrestler of the week was actually more difficult than you would think. So with that said, let’s take a look at a few honorable mentions.

First, we have CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The GOATs or Greatest of All Teams scored a number of victories over the Wyatt Family this week. Bryan defeated Luke Harper on SmackDown, while the GOATs defeated the Family’s duo at Survivor Series. However, something very interesting occurred on Raw. The GOATs defeated all three members of the Wyatt Family via disqualification. Afterwards, the Family abducted and walked away with Bryan. Punk couldn’t help as he was attacked by the Shield.

Punk and Bryan are in the most intriguing storyline, despite there not being any championships involved.

Two more honorable mentions go to The Miz and Big E Langston. Miz scored two victories over Kofi Kingston this week. He doesn’t seem to be 100% heel yet since he spent some time promoting the Christmas Bounty movie on ABC Family. However, the turn should be complete soon and lead to many more victories for the awesome one. Langston also scored two victories this week over Curtis Axel. The second victory was a tag match as Langston teamed with Mark Henry against Axel and Ryback. The future continues to look bright for the new Intercontinental Champion.

As for the winner, well only superstar stood out to me this week more so than the Miz or Langston. Sure, those guys will have immediate bright futures. However, this superstar is clearly headed to the main event. One of the most dominant wrestlers in Survivor Series history, Roman Reigns is this week’s winner.

Reigns eliminated four of the five opposing superstars and was the sole survivor of his team on Sunday. This means so much; I don’t even know where to begin.

Well, for starters, I thought all three members of the Shield would be the survivors of the match. So I was partially right. However, the fact that Reigns was the only survivor tells me that WWE management sees the Shield member as a future main event star. I have to wonder why they didn’t just have Reigns eliminate all five opponents.

Although it seemed at one point that the Shield may be on the verge of splitting, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Reigns and Rollins will be challenging the Rhodes Brothers for the tag titles on SmackDown. Whether or not they reclaim the gold is yet to be seen, but I think Reigns has a great singles career ahead of him.

Ambrose was once seen as the standout of the Shield group. His mic skills are the best of the three and he is the only remaining member of the group with a championship. Rollins, on the other hand, is seen as the best seller of the group. His in-ring style matches up well with Punk, Bryan and other indy stars now in WWE.

After Survivor Series, the perception of the Shield may have changed. Reigns allowed Rollins and Ambrose to celebrate with him as if they all won. But they didn’t. Reigns was the sole survivor and the biggest winner of the night. Believe in the Shield? Believe in Roman Reigns. Let’s be thankful for the WWE Wrestler of the Week.

Who do you think deserved WWE Wrestler of the Week? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and tweet me your wrestler of the week @sethmikey

Seth Guttenplan is the owner of GuTTWrenchPowerBlog. When Seth is not writing about wrestling, he is a Special Education teacher in New Jersey. To read more from Seth, follow him on twitter (@sethmikey) and visit

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The Miz, The Shield, and other WWE Survivor Series Thoughts

November 21, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

So it would seem the brutality of the attacks on The Miz over the last few months, coupled with the fact he has been stuck in mid car purgatory and the other fact that a feud with Kofi Kingston is just good for business, the WWE will probably welcome The Miz’s heel persona back to the company with open arms.

For the past year, since Survivor Series, The Miz has been walking an uneven line that has been of superstar, fan favorite, a tag tem partner once of John Cena’s, a strutting, figure-four using son of a gun with Ric Flair, a television host on Miz TV and now and a wounded warrior the hands of Randy Orton and the Big Show.

The Miz is perfect in the “heel” position with the company – the only problem being the WWE had better use him effectively or he will fall into the wasteland with disenchanted wrestlers like Kingston Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Curtis Axel.

Now, come to think of it, a tag team featuring Axel and Miz makes perfect sense in the year to come.

Maybe the WWE can listen to what I have been saying and find a way to air Sheamus with Wade Barrett and somehow and Drew McIntyre and William Regal to the mix and form one bad ass stable?

We all know something like that, which sounds too good to be true won’t happen anytime time soon.

The Shield as a face trio?

We all know on Sunday when we watch the 12-man tag team match between The Shield and Wyatts against The Rhodes, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk and The Usos, it will either be a highlight reel of wrestling one boring pile of poo.

And if Zach Ryder is listening, please stay away from this match – I think you had a hand in losing last year for Mick Foley and his clan.

While any match with Bryan and Punk in it could be an Oscar-winning performance and surely Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will sell like no other wrestlers, isn’t this a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to have the Real Americans challenge for the tag titles?

Also, the Wyatt’s and The Shield are two teams that should beating the hell out of each other – not opponents across from them in the ring.

Surprises at Survivor Series

The pay-per-view is almost set with certainty this weekend. There must be some pop to make it legitimate and believable. The WWE is treading on thin ice with the pay-per-view lineup and the thought here is the company switch some things up, eliminate some events and bring some back.

Are you listening – Triple H?

How can the company juggle a few things, make the cable event more exciting and get people to believe in the power of Vince McMahon again? Is Paul Heyman the “devil” Bray Wyatt talks about? Can we find another angle to use CM Punk in against his former mentor and what happens with the descention of Daniel Bryan from being “the guy” to just “a guy”?

Where does Rey Mysterio fit in all this? A new challenger for Dean Ambrose? How angry will The Real American’s be for being left out of the show’s plans and can Randy Orton beat The Big Show without any help? Will there be a Kane sighting?

All titles should be on the line

I will say this again, because I feel like I am hitting a brick wall. All titles should be defended at pay-per-view events. That is what wrestling was built on and that is what the fans pay for. When titles are not defended, that is why you get anger and non-supportive fans.

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Roman Reigns Reportedly In Line For Big WWE Push

November 01, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

The Shield had a memorable run during their first year on the main WWE roster. Fans knew right away that you had some special players here but even these fans may be surprised at the member being singled out for superstardom by WWE brass.

As soon as Dean Ambrose opened his mouth on RAW, most fans and experts immediately pegged Ambrose as the rising star of the group. He has the talent and certainly has a plethora of experience on the independent wrestling circuit. Some even predicted a future WrestleMania headliner for him. Surprisingly he is not the apple of WWE management’s eye.

Seth Rollins certainly has a bright future ahead of him. Many fans are familiar with his independent travels and reign as Ring of Honor champion Tyler Black. In the few moments he has had in singles competition, he has shined just as his fans thought he would before he entered the WWE. Shockingly he is not the “A-player” of the group.

Roman Reigns is the chosen one according to recent reports on and is set for a monster singles push sooner than later. The seeds were already planted this past Monday night. Reigns glared at Ambrose when Ambrose made a comment about being the only champion in the group. Reigns also noticeably looked disgusted when Randy Orton hugged Stephanie McMahon. It would appear that the wheels are currently in motion to separate him from the Shield.

Dave Meltzer elaborated in the newest Wrestling Observer what he has been reporting on podcasts regarding the company’s affinity for Reigns.

… Reigns, who they see as the closest thing to a second coming of his non-biological cousin, Dwayne Johnson. Reigns speared both Usos at the same time and pinned Jey. They did a couple of teases here. The first was during an Ambrose promo, he mentioned how he was the only champion in the group. Later, at the end of the show, when Stephanie, HHH and Orton were doing a group hug, Reigns was in the background and seemingly none too happy.

I have to be honest that while I certainly see the appeal of Reigns’ “look” that WWE management would have, I think he is far off in regards to his in-ring talents. Ambrose and Rollins are obviously miles ahead of Reigns inside of the ring but he has one thing that they will never have and that is the “look.” With all due respect to Ambrose and Rollins and I know I am going to hear it for this one, I just don’t see either of those two guys as top stars. Rollins has the in-ring ability to be that guy yet I don’t think he’ll ever get that opportunity. Ambrose could talk his way to the top but I think there is a ceiling on where he can go.

Pairing Reigns with those two have allowed the WWE to hide Reigns’ inabilities and allow his strengths to shine. I just can’t see Reigns going 25 minutes with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, or John Cena on pay per view and producing a great match. That said I thought those same things about Batista early on and he proved me wrong.

This is unfortunate for a lot of fans out there hoping that Punk and Bryan would be that next “guy.” It is evident that the company doesn’t see it in them and is looking elsewhere to build to the future. Getting the guy right is one thing. Booking him properly is another and nothing the WWE has done in the last few years leads me to believe they can elevate anyone from mid-card to top guy in this current climate, including Roman Reigns.

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WWE: Is the Corporation losing its mojo?

October 01, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, makes me wonder if anybody missed me the last week and a half. For a little over two weeks I put out blogs as fast as I could type and then it just stopped. I have never had a performance issue before. Maybe it was writers block or the change in seasons. Can weather affect your performance? The worst part was that I didn’t hear from any of my 6 Twitter followers, not that I would have wanted to talk about it.

Maybe my wife is right; three times a week is just too much. I used to be one of those guys who dreamed of getting it three times a week spending my time on the internet chasing a fantasy. I would be getting it five times a week if I wasn’t too lazy to find out what time and channel Superstars and NXT were on. So there I was, one of those lucky three times a week fella’s and my brain wouldn’t cooperate and then it hit me. I know that some of you maybe confused and probably curious, believe me I can relate. So what happened?

Following Summer Slam we were treated to some of the sexiest WWE TV we have seen in a long time. Knowing that we were all watching, each week the WWE would get dressed up in some of the most revealing outfits. Showing just enough to keep us interested and then covering up so we would come back for more. The frustration of watching Bryan all by himself week after week being pounded by the Shield, the WWE superstars helpless on the stage, and the tears of the Big Show having to choose his pay check over his friend has created must see TV.

We were treated to a Rhodes family reunion of sorts and the CM Punk/Heyman angle could be a show all of its own. Then Night of Champions happened. The angle that was a breath of fresh air traded in its sexy evening gown for a pair a sweat pants. Not the sexy tight yoga pants, but the “sit on the couch using potato chips as a spoon for ice cream” sweat pants. No wonder I am having performance issues, it is just not attractive right now. I know that this might seem a bit harsh, but let’s face it; since Summer Slam she has sort of let herself go.

The WWE is letting the corporate angle start to get away from them a little bit and it is going stale. Maybe they pull it out in the end and there are some big twist left for the future but right now I just don’t see it. The crying giant has gone on too long, it doesn’t matter what side he chooses anymore. His angle should have climaxed the week he knocked out Dusty. Who cares that he punched the Miz?

The Shield has been beaten so now we know they are not indestructible, not so scary anymore. They waited too long to get the Rhodes family back in the ring. I am excited to see them but again the story lost some steam because we Cody is not fired. Stephanie is not her father and she over acts a bit much. She is doing a good job of making people hate her but she has some work to do on the mic. I saw her scold Eva Marie on Total Diva’s and the real Stephanie is pretty scary and hateable.

Bryan vs. Orton is getting boring. Are we supposed to believe that now that Randy Orton is meaner that he is better than Bryan? Bryan has shown time and time again that he is better than Orton one on one so do we need to see it again? Maybe if he was a performer instead of a wrestler it wouldn’t seem so blah. Ambrose and Ziggler will be a good match but Ziggler can’t win, the Shield need the titles to stay legit.

Without the titles they are no longer the best and that makes them boring. Don’t even get me started on the Punk angle. How many times is this guy going to get blindsided before he wises up a bit? The great CM Punk has been reduced to wrestling guys who has yet to prove their worth in the company.

I could go on forever, but I don’t want to waste it all on one blog. Are my expectations too high? Do I want more than my lovely WWE can give me? Has my affair with TNA perverted my perception? Maybe it is none of the above. Maybe potato chips in sweat pants is what is good for business.

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WWE Wrestler of the Week: September 20th – 26th, 2013

September 27, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Welcome back to another edition of WWE Wrestler of the Week, where one superstar or tag team is featured after a fantastic week. This week’s winner is a tag team that is not always featured on Raw. However, they were able to end this week with two wins. The Wyatt Family’s Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are this week’s winners.

On SmackDown, Harper and Rowan defeated the newly formed duo of Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder. This shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. The Wyatt Family is usually on the winning end; while Gabriel and Ryder are WWE’s go to guys for squash matches.

On R aw, Harper and Rowan were successful against the Prime Time Players. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil’s recent success has been inconsistent. This match showed that while the Wyatt Family continues to move up the ladder, the Prime Time Players are not on their way to tag team gold.

Speaking of tag team gold, as we all know, The Shield’s Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are the current champions. The Shield and Wyatt Family have a lot in common. In addition to both being a threesome as a whole, they both were among the first to be promoted from NXT to the main roster. Both have been very successful.

While reading and communicating with wrestling fans online, I actually came across a comment that intrigued me. Someone mentioned the idea that The Shield may turn face at some point and allow the Wyatt Family to feud with them. While this was not something I was interested in for a while, I have begun to warm up to the idea.

The Shield currently is helping Triple H and Randy Orton in their quest to keep Daniel Bryan and other babyfaces down. However, there have been moments that teased Triple H being unhappy with The Shield. Most recently, Bryan has been defeating members of the Shield more often than not.

When one has to consider who will be the ones to defeat Rollins and Reigns for the tag team gold, the Wyatt Family’s Harper and Rowan are the most logical option. Rollins and Reigns represent the future of WWE, unlike the rest of the tag team division. The remainder of the division is mainly made up of midcard superstars who will stay on the same strung of the ladder. Harper and Rowan though are part of the new crop of superstars.

The Wyatt Family may not be featured as often as The Shield or be involved in main event matches each week, but beware of them. They are quietly becoming top stars. Their promos far outweigh those of the Shield. That may be partially because of WWE’s amazing videographers and Bray Wyatt, but Harper and Rowan appear unstoppable right now. From helping Bray take out Kane to defeating basically every other tag team in WWE, there’s only one more obstacle for Harper and Rowan. They need to feud with The Shield.

Who do you think should be WWE Wrestler of the Week? Should The Shield or Wyatt Family turn face and feud over the WWE tag team titles? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Be sure to check out Camel Clutch Blog each and every Friday for a new WWE Wrestler of the Week!

Seth Guttenplan is the owner of GuTTWrenchPowerBlog. When Seth is not writing about wrestling, he is a Special Education teacher in New Jersey. To read more from Seth, follow him on twitter ( @sethgutt ) and visit

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