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4 weeks ago

10 Of The Most Corny WWE Angles

10 Of The Most Corny WWE Angles

I will be the first to admit that there have been many times I have been embarrassed to be a WWE fan. Here is a look back at ten angles that were so corny, I hoped nobody walked in the room as they played out on WWE television.

We all understand that the WWE is entertainment but there are times where they go so far off of the radar, you have to wonder who exactly they are trying to entertain. To be fair, we don’t see goofy angles like these much today. Yet back in the 80s and 90s, they began creeping up fairly often. In Vince McMahon’s efforts to think outside of the box, he wound up miles away from his intended targets. Here are ten angles that while fun to discuss now, weren’t so fun to watch as they played out.

Papa Shango puts a curse on the Ultimate Warrior here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WrestleMania XXVIII: A Portrait in Wrestling History


WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII From SunLife Stadium in Miami, FL April 1, 2012

BACKGROUND It’s been purported that each WrestleMania event is generally planned a year in advance, and the booking is written backwards to support what they want to present on the grandest stage. While recent WrestleManias seem a bit more thrown-together at times, owing to an increasingly frenetic Vince McMahon being known to make constant changes, WrestleMania XXVIII was an event where a year-long plot was used, this time as an actual storyline.

One night after WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta, John Cena called out The Rock. Rather than thrash the previous night’s guest host for costing him his World Title match against The Miz, a calm and happy-go-lucky Cena simply challenged Rock to a match at next year’s big event, giving both men one year to prepare for the clash of the ages.

The idea was unique for a modern time frame in which that $45 here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania X-Seven: Simply The Best


-For the remaining nine reviews, since they’re all 4 hours (and one is 5), I’ll be chopping out a little bit of quantity to make it my standard 4000+ word format. Which is a shame because for this show, I want to rant forever.

-Who was the April Fool on April 1, 2001 as we come to you from the Reliant Astrodome in Houston, TX for WWE WrestleMania X-Seven? Well, Vince had just bought WCW so they were finished, and ECW was days away from its bankruptcy hearing, so the biggest non-fool was Vince. Wait, why am I wasting time? I only have 4000 words to tell you that this is the greatest wrestling show in the history of time, so let’s just do it!

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman, who had taken over for here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania X-Seven: A Portrait in Wrestling History


WRESTLEMANIA X7 From The Houston Astrodome in Houston, TX April 1, 2001

BACKGROUND After two straight WrestleManias in which the WWF held a sizeable lead over WCW in the Monday Night Wars, the Monday before WrestleMania X7 would see Vince McMahon pull the plug for good.

On Friday, March 23, 2001, McMahon purchased selected assets of World Championship Wrestling from parent company AOL-Time Warner, ending WCW’s 13 year existence. After gutting the corpse of talent contracts and the film library, McMahon left WCW for dead, effectively monopolizing the wrestling industry for himself.

On Monday, March 26, wrestling fans were treated to a surreality of Vince McMahon being the first face seen as Nitro hit the airwaves for the final time. Raw and Nitro would be simulcast , with the WWF overseeing here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania 2000: Look Russo, A Swerve That Works


-Given that Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting, and Rob Van Dam are all big parts of wrestling right now, I just assumed that I was living in the year 2000, and that I was done with my review tour after WWE WrestleMania XV. So I was kicking back, drinking iced tea and mentally congratulating myself, when Eric informs me that I’m only 60% done. Apparently, there was another decade of these things that happened, and I’m obligated to finish them all. He didn’t buy my “card subject to change” excuse, and so I’m back to work.

-So journey with me back to April 2, 2000, as we return to the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. WWE was in high gear at this point, running an all-day WrestleMania here to read more , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WWE WrestleMania 2000: A Portrait in Wrestling History


WRESTLEMANIA 2000 From The Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA April 2, 2000

BACKGROUND If the WWF could be declared winners of the Monday Night Wars just one year prior to WrestleMania 2000, then the current time period would be akin to smashing WCW’s corpse into powder with a shovel. In August 1999, WCW let one of their best talents slip through the cracks, as Chris Jericho arrived in the World Wrestling Federation to much fanfare, almost immediately rising to a high profile level that he never got to sniff in Eric Bischoff’s dwindling circus.

Five months later, in January 2000, after a booking shake-up and a rash of upper card injuries, chaos reigned in WCW at one of the company’s weakest thresholds. In the turmoil, beleaguered man-in-charge Bill Busch granted releases to four men that helped salvage here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WrestleMania XV: Plan Nine From Russo’s Mind


-So it’s March 28, 1999, and we’re live from the First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA, where tonight… know….I can’t do this.

-I can’t sit here and write a positive rant about a show that I abhorred. It took place forty minutes from my house, though I didn’t attend, but I was still looking forward to the first Philly WWE WrestleMania. And it sucked. Bad. Vince Russo’s fingerprints were smeared all over this show and it reeked of overbooked crap. It festers even more so eleven years later, because the Attitude era is over, and most appeal that this show had is long gone.

-So I won’t be reviewing this crappy show.

-SWERVE! I’ll review it, I’m just pulling your chain. Russo executes his swerves about 35 seconds after the initial presentation, so I figured I’d do the same. Seemed appropriate.

-Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Jim Ross was afflicted with here to read more , , , , , , ,

6 months ago

WrestleMania XV: A Portrait in Wrestling History


WRESTLEMANIA XV From The First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA March 28, 1999

BACKGROUND On January 4, 1999, a taped Raw and a live Nitro squared off, each building a moment that would be unforgettable and, in a myriad of ways, history changing.

On Raw, filmed six nights prior in Worcester, MA, Mick Foley, as Mankind, realized his lifelong dream, climaxing his thirteen year wrestling career by winning the WWF Championship from The Rock. Foley’s victory lap around ringside, as well as his post-match celebration with his children, provided a feel good moment for a grind-stoning individual that had paid enough dues to purchase a continent.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Nitro had pulled a bait and switch with their World Title main event. Goldberg, the hometown hero, here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

7 months ago

Ranking The WWE Elimination Chamber Matches


It’s War Games, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble all in one – it’s the Elimination Chamber? Devised in kayfabe by Eric Bischoff over a decade ago, the Chamber has been used to decide both championships and championship opportunities. The oft-stated forboding nature of this domed structure is palpable enough to have spun off its own annual PPV each February.

There have been 16 such Elimination Chamber matches to date, and here they are, from worst to best.

The Godawfully Ghastly

16. ECW Championship: Big Show (c) vs. Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Test vs. Hardcore Holly (12/3/06, December to Dismember) WINNER: Lashley MOST ELIMINATIONS: Lashley, Test (2)

Any hopes that ECW diehards had of their resurrected brand fulfilling the lost appeal of the original, died in Augusta, GA on this night. Vince McMahon monkeyed with Paul Heyman’s creation one last time before dismissing Paul E one day later, and the result here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

8 months ago

The WWE Needs to Use Brock Lesnar More Effectively


If there was ever any doubt that a Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show match would lead to an encounter like the one we saw on Sunday night at the Royal Rumble, maybe you should have guessed again. If anything, the beast that Lesnar is has been has further been exposed to be the baddest man on the wrestling planet.

And it will only get better for the WWE Universe and worse for opponents.

Two years ago, Lesnar proved he was as bad as he had ever been at Extreme Rules when he battled John Cena. Last year, he and Triple H put on one hell of a show. Now, Lesnar and Big show try to take it to another level.

There are only 70 days until WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans and I am wondering what role Lesnar will have in the biggest night of the wrestling world. The bar has been set here to read more ,

8 months ago

Brock Lesnar’s Feud with Big Show Signals Transition to Being a WWE Superstar once Again


Brock Lesnar is headed for a showdown with The Big Show at WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Sunday, January 26. The match is the result of heat between the two men that began on Monday Night Raw and from the moment it was booked, many of the WWE faithful have had a serious problem with it.

The biggest reason for this has to do with how incredibly weak Brock has looked from the beginning. Big Show looks like the true giant in this scenario while Brock just can’t seem to gain any ground. But while I understand why some fans are disappointed, the truth is they shouldn’t be. The fact is that this feud signals Brock’s transition back to being a WWE Superstar.

We knew this moment was coming. For those of us that spend so many countless hours absorbing and analyzing the WWE product, we had here to read more ,

8 months ago

The 30 Greatest WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations


Eliminations are the backbone of the Royal Rumble match. After all, they’re strung together to ultimately decide the winner of the match, right? Some of them, over the years, have been far more dramatic and bold than others. Here’s a list of 30 of them (an appropriate Rumble number) that stood out above the rest.

30. Carlito (2007)

Tossed by: The Great Khali

Rewind several years earlier to when the Great Khali was a ruthless killing machine, one that had beaten John Cena cleanly more than once. In 2007, Khali entered at #28, and tossed out 7 men in succession, including Carlito. But when the cool guy tried to springboard back in, Khali chopped his skull in mid air.

29. The World’s Greatest Tag Team/Matt Hardy (2003)

Tossed by: Brock Lesnar

There’s something about the monstrous hero running in and cleaning house to assert his dominance. Lesnar was a man on a mission, and a chance here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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