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5 years ago

Inside The Wheelhouse: You pulled a fast one Lane Kiffin!


Lane KiffinWhen news broke on Tuesday night that Lane Kiffin would be leaving the University of Tennessee for the University of Southern California to become the new head coach there, only one thing ran through my head right away, wow Al Davis was right. This was the same Lane Kiffin that 14 months ago was passing his kool-aid to everyone at the University of Tennessee that he was going to turn the program around and more importantly beat the might Florida Gators. Now 14 months he, as Dennis Green would probably say, “is what we thought he was.”

Lane Kiffin is a coming off like one of the biggest d-bags in College Football history right now. While some would argue that title is held by Tim Tebow, it has now been passed to the new head coach of USC. Not only is Lane Kiffin here to read more , , , , ,

5 years ago

Oregon Football Player Punches Boise State Player In the Face – Video


Check out the clip at the end of the highlights between Oregon and Boise State. Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount punches Boise State’s Byron Hout right in the face following the game. Missed in all of this was a great game played by Boise State last night to help kick off the NCAA football season. A game and a punch well worth staying up late for last night.

Kind of reminds you of another fun sports fight

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