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4 years ago

Couch Groove Football Preview: The AFC West


Philip RiversFOREWORD

In 2009, The Cincinnati Bengals somehow fielded a defense that could stop a Sherman tank. In 2008, the Arizona Cardinals put the pieces together and made an inexplicable run to the Super Bowl. Point being, football is so hard to predict. Why, every year, it seems like something happens that makes you bug your eyes out in disbelief. These are just some examples of occurrences that snuck under the prognosticators’ collective nose. How can you predict such things without being laughed at? Maybe you can’t. But in this essay, I’m going to be making a bold prediction, so here goes.

QUESTION ONE: IS RYAN MATHEWS REALLY THAT GOOD? Fantasy outlets make no bones about highlighting him as a second or third round pick, depending on how many teams are in a league. The offensive line in San Diego has no continuity issues, and Mathews here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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