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16 hours ago

Dixie Carter Has Nobody to Blame but Herself


When I work at six in the morning, I’m usually in bed at about seven at night and up around four in the morning. I pop on the coffee, pop on America This Morning have a bowl of Special K Chocolately Delight and hit the internet for a while. I check my e-mail to see what our death match overlord’s reaction to my latest article is (Most of it “You know they’re gonna kill you right?). I have the sites I check while trying to down my less than perfect coffee: Facebook, CCB, The Real TSM, Cageside Seats, Spoony Experiment Forum, Twitter, and ProFootballTalk. This morning, I woke up to news that Spike had made the decision to not renew TNA. Apparently, the revelation that TNA was keeping Vince Russo on staff as an announcing consultant despite Spike saying that they didn’t want Russo on staff was the last straw.

The here to read more , , ,

2 days ago

TNA Wrestling Reportedly Losing Spike TV Contract


TNA Wrestling is literally on life support. Multiple reports indicate that Spike TV will not be renewing their contract with TNA. TNA will have the next sixty days to secure a new deal or face a grim situation in the near future. was the first to go on record and report that Spike TV have opted not to renew their agreement with TNA Wrestling. Negotiations have been ongoing for months with many believing that a deal was imminent. Unfortunately a big email blunder looks like it may have tipped the scales and given Spike second thoughts on pursuing future business with the company.

Dave Meltzer reports on that Spike TV/Viacom were very upset when news broke that Vince Russo was employed by the company. Meltzer reports that there is heat there and the Spike folks don’t like Russo. While it is unfair to blame Vince Russo here to read more , ,

5 days ago

TNA Must Stop Cheating on The Exam


At some point, TNA is going to have to come up with its own material and stop immediately using a program the mother ship, WWE, is currently involved in.

The program with Sanada and James Storm – which led to the Japanese star turning on his mentor and one of the 10 greatest international wrestlers of all time in The Great Muta, was simple appalling.

I have been wanting to write a piece about Muta for some time now and maybe this is the right spot, but under the wrong circumstances. The lesson here with TNA, which looks every bit the sinking ship that I don’t want it to be, is that if you continue to cheat when it comes to test time (live or taped programming) sooner or later, you get caught with your pants down.

In this case, as it is so obvious with a chair shot to his mentor, Sanada here to read more , , ,

1 week ago

TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 17 Recap


Kurt Angle is in the stands to start the show by unveiling that tonight is the return of the 6 sided ring.

Tazz is also up in the stands, and gets a cheap pop from his hometown crowd by acknowledging how excited he is to be in New York City. Tazz couldn’t be happier that Kurt Angle is in charge, because Kurt understands one thing, one word, and that is wrestling. Tazz makes reference to “The Greatest Wrestling Revolution of All Time”, ECW, and that the TNA locker room has the same feeling and same type of men and women right now as what ECW had when they turned the corner toward greatness.  There’s one sentence to sum up what Tazz is saying, “The Mood is About to Change,” complete with voice croaking. He reminds everyone he is Tazz, “Beat me if you can, survive if I let you”

Bully Ray and here to read more ,

2 weeks ago

TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 10 Recap


Kurt Angle, comes out to the ring start the show and to announce that tonight is “TNA‘s Champion‘s Showcase,” which means all matches will have TNA Title ramifications. The Wolves will defend against Bram & Magnus; Gail Kim will defend against Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Brittany; Sanada will defend against Austin Aries; and there is an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender to face Lashley. The new #1 Contender will get his title shot on next week’s Impact Angle then calls out Willow to talk to him. Willow obliges and makes his entrance to the ring. Angle acknowledges that he has wanted to talk to Willow for a while, but it was never his place. Angle recognizes that Willow was born out of a necessity to counteract the authority of Dixie and MVP, but they are no longer around; therefore, Willow is no longer necessary. Angle says here to read more ,

3 weeks ago

TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 3 Recap


Following the completion of the recap package our new Director of Wrestling Operations, Kurt Angle, comes out to the ring to announce that tonight is “Kurt Angle’s Red, White, & Blue Throwdown” in honor of Independence Day. Kurt then calls Earl Hebner out to the ring and publicly reinstates him. Kurt announces all of the matches for tonight, reading them off a cheat sheet  in the ring since he can’t remember them. As Kurt is finished and about to leave, he is cut off by Samoa Joe coming to the ring. Joe calls BS on Kurt being here to save the day. Joe points out the obvious, that Kurt is just like MVP because at the end of the day Kurt covets the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and that Kurt will put himself in the World Title picture as soon as his knee is healed. Kurt claims that he and here to read more ,

1 month ago

TNA Wrestling Impact Results and June 26 Recap


Impact begins with a recap of last week’s Impact. Kenny King vs. Eric Young, Eric got the win when the locker room emptied out to even the odds. MVP declared that EY would also have to face Lashley later that evening, and that the entire backstage would be evacuated by security so the only people left in the building would be himself, Lashley, Kenny King, and the referee. Highlights of that match include King pulling the referee out after an EY piledriver, Young missing with a top rope elbow drop, and Lashley spearing Young in half. After the match concluded MVP and Co. stomped on Young’s arm while it was wrapped by a chair before Bobby Roode comes out of the crowd to save the day.

Following the completion of the recap package MVP, Kenny King, and the New TNA Heavyweight Champion Lashley enter the arena discussing a night of celebration here to read more ,

1 month ago

Bobby Lashley Isn’t ‘The Guy’


Our dear editor posted an article touting the virtues of Bobby Lashley as TNA World Champion and I have to say that I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, Lashley is probably at his best as a worker in a long time. He had an entertaining bout against Kenny King on television and his match with Samoa Joe at Slammiversary was very good. Mostly, this is because he is playing to his strengths which are being the silent muscle.

However, I don’t believe that he should have been world champion, heck I’m surprised they brought him back in the first place. No offense, I also had the same feelings with MVP since both guys haven’t been in the national spotlight in a long while. Plus, was anybody banging down the door to bring in MVP who really hadn’t made much of a dent in NJPW and Lashley who all but here to read more , ,

1 month ago

Bobby Lashley Is A Great Choice For TNA Wrestling Champion


It certainly isn’t a popular decision in the Internet Wrestling Community but TNA Wrestling made the right move last week on Impact. Bobby Lashley is not only the perfect choice for world champion, he is the only choice.

Social media was out of control Thursday night minutes after Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young for the TNA world championship. The move was mocked by many who are neither Lashley fans nor TNA fans for that matter. Yet a closer look at the booking reveals one of the smarter moves TNA creative has pulled off in quite some time.

The irony of the criticism is that most of these same critics were mocking the company for putting the title on Eric Young. Young’s ability to grow a beard during the height of the Yes Movement earned him a run as champion. Everyone saw the reign for what it was, a complete copycat angle from here to read more , ,

1 month ago

Parallels…and quite possibly bad TNA Wrestling booking


I will add my voice to the many who are commenting on TNA (Impact Wrestling) being a copy cat of WWE with its similar storylines.  I will admit; I don’t tune into TNA religiously; but I have watched enough to have an opinion.

TNA (AKA Total Non-Stop Action – bit of a misnomer really) is missing the boat here.

There is a void ever since ECW went dark.

TNA could fill the void; they have part of the battle won already – they’re already on what is basically a ‘Man’ Channel; which would allow them more leeway on the more mature content ; I’m not talking boobs hanging out; but with some of the language and situations.  They could use the roster to their advantage; as much as I like Eric Young; I don’t need to see him wrestle 3 times a night; same with MVP; the authority angle is running out of here to read more ,

2 months ago

TNA Wrestling Impact Results & June 5 Recap


TNA Impact Wrestling opens up with Kenny King in the back, looking for Samoa Joe. Elsewhere, MVP is with Bobby Lashley, and they are looking for Joe as well. They embarrass some stagehand, then continue looking.

Meanwhile, Joe is making his way down to the ring. Good to see the intelligence of TNA on full display here. He says it seems there is an MVP who is looking for him. He thought he’d make it easy this week. MVP has had a hard time finding him, but Joe is here this week, so MVP needs to come down to the ring and straigten a few things out.

MVP comes out, flanked by his fellow Ebony Equestrians. King tells Joe that this is getting old. MVP is the director of wrestling operations in TNA, and it seems like week after week, one tough guy or another comes out and complains like a whiny here to read more ,

2 months ago

TNA Wrestling Impact Results & May 29 Recap


Bully Ray makes his way out, and he’s noticeably limping. He says that, as long as he’s got air in his longs, he’ll keep fighting. He’s more motivated now than ever before. In fact, he’s obsessed. Six people have bullseyes on their backs. Six people he promises each one of the fans will go through one of the tables behind him. The tables each have a tarp draped over them. The first one is for Bobby Lashley, but says “LASHLY”. Second one is for EC3, third is for Kenny King, fourth is MVP, fifth is Rockstar Spud and sixth is Dixie Carter. Ray walks down to the ring and says it’s time to get crazy in the Impact Zone. He doesn’t care if it’s one, six or the entire locker room; he wants a fight right now. If someone doesn’t come out here, everyone’s asses are going through tables.

MVP comes here to read more ,

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