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2 years ago

Should We Blame the Writers or the Wrestlers in WWE?


For many wrestling fans there is always something to complain about. Whether it is how WWE misuses superstars, the PG era is ruining WWE or Raw moving to three hours was a mistake, there are always people who think WWE can do better in some way.

This brings me to my main question – should wrestling fans blame the writers or the wrestlers for the issues in WWE? The simple answer would be that it depends. Sometimes it is the writers’ fault and sometimes it is the wrestler’s fault.

Each and every wrestler works hard to be successful at their job by training their bodies, working on their speaking skills and learning everything about the wrestling business. However, they should have a look or gimmick that makes them stand out in order to be successful. The writers hired by WWE are experienced television show writers who are trying to put together the here to read more , , , ,

3 years ago

WWE 2010 Supplemental Draft Results and Analysis


Montel Vontavious PorterThe 2010 WWE Draft concluded on Tuesday with the WWE Supplemental Draft. The draft took place on Like the live WWE Draft on RAW, the Supplemental Draft provided no game changers, yet several WWE superstars have new homes beginning this week.

Looking at the list, there weren’t many surprises. The biggest name swapping WWE brands would be last year’s number one draft pick. Montel Vontavious Porter will be returning to SmackDown. MVP was drafted first overall in the 2009 WWE Draft. Other than a very short feud with Randy Orton, MVP never really took off as most had hoped. The last successful run MVP had was on here to read more , , , , , , , ,

4 years ago

Bret Hart Returns To Canada On WWE RAW


Bret HartThis Monday night will mark the first time Bret Hart has appeared on a live WWE broadcast in Canada. Bret Hart will be a part of this Monday’s commercial-free WWE RAW live in Toronto, Ontario. If that isn’t enough, the WWE is advertising a Bret Hart vs. The Miz match for the United States title on WWE RAW.

This Monday’s WWE RAW is a monumental show in regards to Bret “The Hitman” Hart. For one, this is reportedly Bret Hart’s last WWE appearance. Two, longtime fans will remember how heated the crowds were for Bret Hart whenever he appeared in here to read more , , , , ,

4 years ago

Jeri-Miz: Next Unified Tag Team Champions of the WWE?


Chris JerichoIf anyone remembers the articles I sent into last summer, I wrote a lot about then Unified Tag Team Champions, Edge and Chris Jericho, then turned Big Show and Chris Jericho (Jeri-Show). With my return back to after a couple of months off due to end-of-the-year projects and finals, I’m back in the saddle again and I’m better than ever (hopefully, that is—with new ways of making my writings better for all of you loyal CCB fans).

Chris Jericho, former World Heavyweight Champion. Two time WCW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and first ever Undisputed WWF Champion. He’s been a multi-time tag team champion, and first ever nine-time Intercontinental Champion. There are many title runs that I’m missing out of Chris Jericho’s storied career.

The Miz, current United States Champion. Been one-half of the tag team champions for the past here to read more , , ,

4 years ago

Bret Hart Sticking Around Post-WrestleMania


Bret HartThe short-term WWE return for Bret Hart looks like it will be extended. Reports indicate that the former WWE champion will be sticking around after his WrestleMania 26 match with Vince McMahon. Hart is being advertised on an overseas tour in Germany. Could Bret Hart be coming to your town?

As of now, Bret Hart is only being advertised for a WWE tour in Germany. Bret Hart will be appearing as a Special Enforcer/Guest Referee for a series of WrestleMania rematches between Chris Jericho and here to read more , , , , ,

5 years ago

WWE Week in Review: 12/21/2009 to 12/27/2009


D-Generation XWe all found out on Monday the 21st that the “Little Judge” had two words for D-Generation X, and that’s “You’re Guilty!” And DX and Hornswoggle came to an agreement that Hornswoggle will be DX’s official mascot.

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! And thanks for checking this piece out.

To me, the biggest thing is now, DX has to take in Hornswoggle as a member of D-Generation X as the “World’s Smallest Member.” I really don’t know how to take this storyline. Especially with DX as the Unified Tag Team Champions. How should I take this? I cannot find an answer. Really.

But to leave Raw and let’s head to Friday Night Smackdown where DX and Hornswoggle appeared on Smackdown and defended the tag straps (at least Shawn Michaels and Triple H did) against the Hart Dynasty. A match, me here to read more , , , , ,

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