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3 years ago

ESPN Catching Hell Review & My Thoughts On The “Bartman Play”


Steve BartmanOn Tuesday, September 27th, ESPN Films debuted director Alex Gibney’s documentary, “Catching Hell” as part of their excellent “30 for 30″ film series. Before I continue with this blog, I want to say that I have lots of beefs with ESPN in general, but this “30 for 30″ series of documentaries is one thing they do very well, producing great films about such subjects as The University of Miami and their controversial reputation, Southern Methodist University getting the Death Penalty from the NCAA and the aftermath, and about Ricky Williams, and many others. “30 for 30″ is a great film series I do admit.

That being said, “Catching Hell” is about one of the most infamous scapegoats of all of sports, a young Cubs fan named Steve Bartman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was Game here to read more , , , , , , ,

4 years ago

Is NFL Head Coaching becoming a Short-Term Gig?


If Jon Gruden comes back how long will he coach in the NFL?Bring a team a Super Bowl and you are hero for a year. Don’t return and quickly your name pops up everywhere in rumors of leaving, firings, etc. We know how the NHL and NBA work, in that the second a team sinks, booting the coach seems to be easy. We never really saw that as a common practice in the NFL, where a head coach comes in and tries to put a “system” in place, and usually has a few years to see if the team can succeed within it.

We have seen some NFL head coaches like Philadelphia’s Andy Reid, and here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

5 years ago

Inside The Wheelhouse: Are we writing off Peyton Manning?


Peyton Manning CommercialThe media loves stories. They just love to sink their teeth into something, make it sound so much sweeter and run with it. As with anything that comes out of the Super Bowl you need to have that story that can lead you into the 2010 season.

The New Orleans Saints shock the world, rebuild and become world champs…check! Will Brett Favre return in 2010…check! Will we have football in 2011…check! Now the story that is making me scratch my head now is the story the media has developing for the Super Bowl XLIV runner-ups, the Indianapolis Colts.

Now the media needed to develop something for the Indianapolis Colts because the day after the Super Bowl…scratch that, HOURS after the Super Bowl…scratch that too, MINUTES after the Super Bowl they need to give a story to lead into next season for the Colts. Now I here to read more , , , ,

5 years ago

Inside The Wheelhouse: ONLY…bikini soccer


Bikini SoccerThat is the only – the ONLY – reason for any TV channel anywhere to promote a 3D technology! That’s it. Point blank.

Why on Oprah’s green earth would we find it necessary for the likes of ESPN to begin programming in 3D? Do we really need to see Chris Berman’s disturbing jowles and equally disturbing pinky ring jumping through my flat screen while he bellows yet another creative (like a second grader) tie in to an athletes name? Really? That’s what’s been missing? We are all supposed to make that jump with you from HD to 3D?

No. Hell no.

Colin Cowherd taking a gay-punch from an ancient play-by-play announcer. Ooooohhhh…amazing. The complete transformation Of Suzy Kolber to woman-hood….to be fair: 3D may be the ONLY way to truly know those truths…but I digress…

Ladies Bikini Soccer. That is it! Perhaps followed by an hour here to read more , , , ,

5 years ago

Have A Sporty Halloween


Brady QuinnAh, Halloween. Not many other holidays can simultaneously conjure up the fun of getting free candy, as well as the idea that a crazed man in a William Shatner mask may hack you to pieces if you’re caught in the act of pre-marital coitus. Funny how these two traditions seem to go together.

Speaking of traditions, this brings me to my personal favorite tradition: the clever costume. Nothing gets a guy noticed like thinking outside the box and catching the eyes of all the other party-goers. I remember being 12 years old and dressing as “The Unabomber”, and nobody in my neighborhood seemed to mind. Man, things were so simple in 1996. I can recall a friend, and I use that word with concern, coming to a party with a bald skull cap and a coat hanger and….well, for the sake of keeping here to read more , , , , , , , , , ,

5 years ago



ESPN FunnyAfter I left work on Tuesday afternoon, I had two thoughts in mind. One was getting home to see the Minnesota Twins-Detroit Tigers one game playoff, in order to see who would snag the American League Central crown. The other was the movie ‘Zombieland’, which I had watched the previous evening. It was a rather amusing little zom-com (zombie-comedy) about post-Apocalyptic America where four survivors of the zombie plague travel the ravaged landscape, having adventures while dealing with the reality that they, too, may be bitten, and forced to join the undead army.

I smiled at the thought of being like Woody Harrelson’s character, Tallahassee. He was your typical Southern-boy hellion with sunglasses, cowboy hat, and an array of weapons at his disposal that would make the Gotti family drool with envy. With an ice-cold disposition, he slaughtered his way through the hordes here to read more , ,

5 years ago

Call The Faith Healer! Tebows Down!


 alt= ESPN, Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anchor: “We have breaking news to report out of Lexington, Kentucky this evening. Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Florida Gators, and the possible second coming of our Lord, has been taken to a nearby medical facility after sustaining a concussion. Again, Tim Tebow, Gators quarterback, and a better man than all of us, has just been taken to a hospital in Lexington, Kentucky after sustaining a concussion in tonight’s game at Commonwealth Stadium. We go live to our stereotypical airhead reporter, who is live at Commonwealth Stadium with the latest. What’s the situation?”

Reporter: “Well, it’s a very somber scene here, as you can imagine. Despite it being after sundown, it appears just a bit darker here in Lexington. A candlelight vigil is taking place here in the parking lot, as thousands of Florida fans are gathered in here to read more , , , , ,

5 years ago

Herm Edwards’ NFL Man Crush Is Vickening


Herm EdwardsMove over Brett Favre and John Madden, the NFL has a stalker in the booth. Herm Edwards has proven to be a bigger joke as an NFL analyst than he was a coach. As the Eagles analyst, Edwards constant gushing over Michael Vick this pre season has gone from annoyance to just downright disgusting.

Edwards has been calling the Philadelphia Eagles pre season games for the Eagles Television Network. The former coach is also a regular on ESPN’s NFL Live. Edwards lobbying for Vick goes back to the NFL draft and has continued all pre season. If you didn’t read the stats and just listened to Edwards during the Eagles-Jets game you’d think Mike Vick was ready for Canton.

The man-love became official when Edwards and the crew named Michel Vick Star of the Game at halftime. That’s right. He was officially named Star of the here to read more , , , , ,

5 years ago

New Garbage Hits the NFL Free Agent Market


The Atlanta Falcons released quarterback Michael Vick today. With all of the talk today on sports radio about Vick’s NFL possibilities, I have to ask myself. Are we all talking about the same Michael Vick?

First and foremost, I just want to say that I do believe that Vick has paid his debt to society. My opinions are in no way reflective on the fact he was convicted for acts of animal cruelty beyond comprehension.

I continue to laugh at these so-called analysts who are talking all day about Vick’s NFL playing possibilities. I have heard him described as everything from exciting to a great quarterback. If I hear someone say that Michael Vick deserves to play in the NFL one more time I am going to throw something at my beautiful television in high definition.

People seem to have a very revisionist way of looking back at Michael here to read more , ,

5 years ago

ESPN Shamelessly Lobbying for Michael Vick


I am to lose my mind with what I have been hearing on ESPN throughout the day. I know that the kids at ESPN love their athletes, but this is getting ridiculous. Day 2 of the NFL Draft has turned into the Michael Vick Redemption Show. The lobbying has begun and boy oh boy, do these people have short memories or what?

The talk started off of rumors that the Atlanta Falcons were looking to deal the rights to Vick. Vick will be out of jail shortly and is still under suspension by the NFL. Roger Goodell could reinstate Vick and put him back in the NFL in 2010. Everyone at ESPN is practically on their knees pleading for Goodell to reinstate Vick. I know ESPN wants ratings and man would Vick’s first game bring in the ratings, but this is ridiculous.

First and foremost, is every NFL player’s favorite coach here to read more , , ,

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