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1 month ago

EA UFC Video Game: How to Fix Career Mode


If you noticed in my EA UFC review, I sort of took a battle axe to career and kept hitting it in the head until there was nothing but blood, bits of skull and mush left. I was a bit harsh on the career mode overall, but to be honest, EA had it coming. When you put the team behind the Fight Night games in charge, you expect a damn good career mode.

The career mode here, well it’s not. It’s actually quite bad and most of all it’s repetitive with little to no variety. You also have to remember, by not adding another other modes of gameplay like I mentioned in my review, career mode would have to carry the game. Since it doesn’t do that, it deserves the criticism that has been leveled at it thus far. I’m not the only person who’s noticed this; many here to read more

2 months ago

EA UFC Video Game Review: An Alright Start


MMA and video games haven’t exactly meshed well in the past. Sure, the UFC games for the THQ ranged from good (UFC Undisputed 2009), alright (UFC Undisputed 2010) and finally holy crap that’s amazing (UFC Undisputed 3). I even liked the old Pride game on Playstation 2 since it possessed the best create a fighter function until EA MMA. Then, we had EA MMA which was an excellent all-around game with solid gameplay; great create a fighter, and probably the best career mode for an MMA game. It sadly bombed out, killing any potential of a sequel. The early UFC titles that appeared on the PlayStation 1, 2 and Xbox weren’t that great and are generally forgotten for a good reason. When you can tap out Tim Sylvia with a 125 pound girl (Yes, you read that right), you are not doing your job correctly.

So, what can I say about here to read more

3 years ago

NHL 12 Game Achievements & Trophies


NHL 12 Achievements & TrophiesIf you’re like me, you ran out today to buy NHL 12. Before I even have a chance to play NHL 12, I got an early tip on NHL 12 achievements, awards, & trophies, and there are some real fun ones in this year’s video game. Can you repeat the greatness of Magnificent Mario?

This year’s NHL 12 game has a lot of achievements named after players. The player achievements are based on real season or real game milestones from the previous season. For example, the Magnificent Mario award rewards players who score five different goals, five different ways in the same game.

So here is a list of NHL 12 achievements and trophies. I will update this list as more achievements, trophies, and awards are posted online, so check back from here to read more , , ,

3 years ago

Madden 12 Video Game Pre-order Deals & Bonus Offers


Madden NFL 12 Football Pre-order Deals & Bonus OffersMadden 12 hits the stores Tuesday August 30, starting at midnight in some places. Several stores are capitalizing on the hype with some great Madden pre-order deals which include extras and rebates. There is still time left to take advantage of these great Madden specials. You are going to buy Madden 12 anyway, so why not benefit from one of these great deals?

The tradeoff with some of these deals is that you may have to wait a week to get your game. Sure, you can pay extra shipping but that just defeats the purpose of a deal. Most of these deals are good until 11:59 PM/EST Monday night August 29.

Several stores even give you the opportunity to order online and pick up here to read more , , ,

3 years ago

Big Changes To Madden 12 Franchise Mode – Video


Peyton Hillis is the Madden 12 cover playerMadden fans have demanded changes to the franchise mode for years and they will finally get it. The Madden 12 franchise mode will get a makeover with big changes, new features, and improvements that already have Madden players and message boards buzzing.

Right around now every year EA Sports begins to unveil details about changes and improvements to the upcoming Madden 12 game to create a buzz. Every year EA focus one particular area of criticism from gamers and use that feedback to make improvements. This year EA are tackling the franchise mode which will get the long overdue facelift that I and others have been anticipating for the last few years.

The beautiful thing about the Madden video game is that it offers something for everyone. here to read more , , , ,

3 years ago

Peyton Hillis Is So Totally Screwed


Peyton Hillis is the Madden 12 cover playerDear Peyton Hillis,

First off, I would like to extend my most sincere of congratulations to you on becoming the cover boy for EA Sports’ Madden ’12, due out in stores this August. After all, if there’s no NFL season this season due to the continued pissing match between team owners and the players association, then NFL fans will seek to quench their jonesing via their video game.

And being the cover boy of Madden during the year in which football is threatened by unfathomable greed….well, you become something of a savior. It’s achievement enough that you’ve attained your level of fame, hoisted onto a pedestal with fan-bestowed laurels, as well as sashes that read “REALLY FAST WHITE GUY” and “PRIDE OF CLEVELAND”. That last one still has scuff marks here to read more , , , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Michael Vick vs. Peyton Hillis For The Madden 12 Cover


Michael Vick is in the running for the Madden 12 coverThe war for the Madden curse is on! A Michael Vick vs. Peyton Hillis ESPN fan poll will determine the Madden 2012 cover player. Two players that didn’t even enter last season as starters are now dueling it out for the NFL video game cover.

If you think back to a year ago at this time or even the start of the 2010-11 NFL season, the idea that a year later Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick would be battling it out for the Madden 2012 cover was simply preposterous. Neither player entered the season as a starter yet both turned into the 2010 fantasy football waiver wire darlings of the season. For Hillis, it is even more remarkable here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Final Madden 11 Roster Update Details – Update #19


Aaron Rodgers Madden 11A new Madden 11 roster update is available and kudos for EA Sports for updating the Madden rosters for one last time. Players have been moved from I.R. back to team rosters and ratings adjustments were made for update #19. Congrats to Aaron Rodgers who now moves into the elite 99 club.

I have to give the developers of Madden 11 a ton of props this season. Madden 11 rosters were constantly updated throughout the season more regularly than ever before. While we can sit here and debate player ratings for the next year, just the fact that the developers would offer updates at times on a weekly basis reflecting the current NFL was a much needed improvement over past years where it would take months to get here to read more , , , , , , , ,

4 years ago

First Madden 12 Features Announced


Madden 12 has a few surprise enhancementsWe aren’t even a week out of the NFL season and it is already time to start talking about the Madden 12. The Madden video game is getting a jump start and new Madden 12 features have been released. Let’s just say one of these new Madden options should make Sean Payton very happy.

The boys over at EA Sports posted a blog on Super Bowl Sunday featuring Madden 12 creative director Ian Cummings. It was announced that you will see surprise onside kicks in Madden for the first time ever in the history of the game. “Tuner sets “, have also been added making tweaks to the game after its release easier than ever before.

The big news here here to read more , ,

4 years ago

EA Sports Live Broadcast Comes to EA MMA Game


EA Sports MMA CoverThe hype for EA Sports MMA has been disappointing…until now. The EA Sports Live Broadcast mode may change everything. This is one feature that could change the way we play sports games online forever and give EA MMA that extra knockout punch.

EA Sports debuted the EA Sports Live Broadcast mode at E3 and people haven’t stopped talking about it. The Live Sports Broadcast will come first to EA Sports MMA video game in October. The new feature will go far beyond just matching you up against another fighter online or creating ranking for online fighters. This new feature will put you in the world of fighter, promoter, and champion.

The EA Live Broadcast mode is quite a robust feature. Not all of the details have been revealed but thus far here is what we know. here to read more , , , , , ,

4 years ago

Online Scouting Coming To Madden 11


Madden 11ESPN reports that Madden 11 will feature online scouting. Gone are the days of using your go-to play for every third down conversion. Online scouting will even up the Madden 11 online playing field and oh yeah, stick a few extra bucks in EA Sports‘ pockets.

Here is the gist of the new Madden 11 online scouting option. The Madden video game will keep track of what kind of plays you run and when. So for example, if you have a go-to play that you play 75% of the time you will need to go back to the drawing board. The new online scout feature in Madden 11 will keep track of the play and reveal this information to your opponents. It is time to start expanding your playbook!

The idea behind here to read more , ,

4 years ago

First Official Madden 11 Video Game Trailer


Drew BreesWatch the first Madden 11 video game Trailer from EA Sports. The attention to detail may the best yet in the Madden franchise. The Madden 11 trailer features Madden cover player Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Some highlights in the video include locomotion and deeper online innovation.

The clip also features a pretty cool huddle with Drew Brees and the Saints rallying on the sidelines, almost identical to the clips you have probably seen on NFL Films. The clip also features some beautiful running from Reggie Bush which includes spins and jukes. Several passing and running plays are spotlighted in the upcoming Madden 11 video game.

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Pre-order the Madden 11 video here to read more , , ,

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