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5 years ago

E3 2009 Coverage – Sony

The newly designed PSP which drops the UMD slot, picks up a 16GB Flash Based Hard Drive, Sliding Screen, New Memory Stick Support, and repositioned buttons. The screen did lose a half to a full inch in size but it picks up tremendous picture quality in the process.

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5 years ago

E3 2009 Coverage – Microsoft

There was a strong presence for the Xbox Live Arcade this year with lots of announcements of new games as well as new features for the Xbox Live Marketplace. The introduction of Live Broadcast TV, Live.FM (which is an online radio site with millions of members), SKY (Europe only, its a TV Streaming Service), Netflix 2.0 For Xbox 360, Zune Video Marketplace, and the announcement of FULL 1080p video coming to the marketplace.

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5 years ago

E3 2009 Coverage – Nintendo

As the market leader, what does the folks over at the Mushroom Kingdom have in store for the masses? Nintendo walked into E3 with lots of questions being asked and left there conference answering all of them and then some.

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