New Playcalling and Online Team Mode in Madden 11

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Madden 11Madden 11 was the talk of the sports side at E3.  EA Sports unveiled several new options and changes for the Madden video game franchise at E3. Madden 11 online team play, faster play calling, and better A.I. are all new features coming to the Turducken of video game franchises.

EA Sports rolled out the red carpet for Madden 11 at E3. It all started with a presentation by Super Bowl MVP and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. Joe Montana was on hand to promote the improved game calling functions in Madden 11. EA Sports promises to make the game calling aspect of the game as real as possible. The play calling system will have players on offense calling plays from a “headset.” It was really hard to get a grasp on how exactly that is going to work. If the hype is true, the game calling will give players on offense a more real-game feel of calling the play in the huddle like your favorite quarterback.

Games will also be played much faster. According to the Madden 11 presentation at E3, full games can be done in half of the time. I don’t understand how that is supposed to be a big deal since you can have a run-off clock now in Madden. My biggest gripe with something like this is that in franchise, the stats won’t add up. Last year you could play 4 minute quarters in the franchise mode where your players won’t have stats reflecting an entire game. The issue is that the stats from all of the other players in the NFL don’t reflect this. EA needs to change this so they alter the stats as if the computer was also playing a game with 4 or 5 minute quarters.

The biggest news coming out the E3 week was Madden Online Team Play. Madden Online Team Play will give three players per team the chance to control individual positions such as quarterback, lineman, running back, etc. The idea is to give players accountability for missed blocks, not getting to the hole in time, etc. One review from E3 stated that there was significant lag time in some camera angles of the mode. With a little over a month to go, EA better get cracking!

The bad news is that it appears that EA will make no improvements at all on the Madden Online Franchise mode. One of the biggest gripes about the online franchise mode in Madden 10 was when it came to trading. The game had no trade logic whatsoever. So if you wanted to trade Chris Johnson for Kevin Kolb and both players agreed, the trade went through. In the franchise mode the computer would have caught that and would have never allowed it. This is something that definitely needs tweaking, although there is no sign that will come in Madden 11.

Madden 11 Online Team Play Preview

The release date for Madden 11 is August 10, 2010. Thanks to for the tip!

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E3 News and Analysis

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E3 ExpoE3 2010 Coverage: Microsoft

To kick off E3, Call Of Duty: Black OPS was shown yet again with BRAND NEW in game footage rather than just a trailer. The game looks very well done as usual from the gang over at Treyarch, showing off the new in game actions as well as the gorgeous graphics and very detailed environments you’re playing in. Looks like there is a lot of repelling this time around, something I really enjoyed from Modern Warfare 2. The biggest news to come out of the presentation of Black OPS was the announcement that Microsoft, Treyarch, and Activision have announced an exclusive three year deal that will bring in the Downloadable Content for Call Of Duty games to the Xbox 360 first before any other console whether it be the PS3, PC, or Wii. The content will be timed exclusives meaning that for a set period of time, you will not be able to play the content on any other console.

This prompted Don Mattrick, Microsoft Head of Interactive Entertainment, to state that “if you’re playing Call of Duty for the next few years, you should only play it on Xbox 360”. This is a dramatic departure from just coming out saying its exclusive only to lose that exclusive deal within a period of months or a year much like the Grand Theft Auto IV Expansions. Then the moment I was waiting for, Gears Of War 3! Cliff once again took the stage early as he usually does at the Xbox 360 presentation and dove right into the Campaign Mode of Gears Of War 3 only this time, with Live 4 Player Co-Op. WOW! Everything moved smoothly and everything was top notch, this game will be hands down the biggest and best Xbox 360 game ever made, nothing will measure up…and this is coming from me watching a live demo.

Power Up:
The Stage Is Set, Are You 2010?:
Lambent Berserker!!:qdc

The new weapons were shown off as well as a revamped in game HUD telling you new information about what weapons are set to the specific directions on the D-Pad as well as NEW Assassination Moves that can be done alone or with your Teammates all in real time with NO Slow Down or Frame Rate chipping. Also, finally, you can grenade tag enemies and kick them towards other enemies, now you can do more than just blow up an enemy and hope for more damage or even the reverse effect which is exploding yourself by accident. Covering has been expanded as well as the overall sense of urgency. You are the last of the Human Race since the COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments) has been disbanded and you’re completely on your own.

New moves were shown off as well as the improved AI on the enemies as well as the overall feel of the game, it moves so much faster now. You’re also joined in battle with Anya, the previous games link to Command, she is now a Soldier who fights along side with you. The gameplay footage showed off a huge battle between the remnants of the COG against the Locust and the Lambent/Locust Hybrids. The battle concludes with glimpses of the New, More Violent, Lambent Berserker!! It is also more than one of them this time around. Gears of War 3 looks enormous and I simply cannot wait for it to launch April 5, 2011. Brothers to the End! No word on if Gears of War 3 will support Kinect, hopefully it will not. Next up, once again, Microsoft starts off a long speech about their sales and their success in the Social Media market. With the introductions of Facebook, Netflix, Last.FM, Zune Marketplace, Twitter, and many other services that are available in the other markets, Microsoft has your Music, Movies, Social, Photo’s, as well as Radio all covered. Today, something else will be covered: Sports! Microsoft has announced that the World’s Largest Sports Network, ESPN, will be bringing ALL there live content from the NCAA, NFL, NBA, as well as many live events including the 2010 FIFA World Cup directly to the Xbox 360.

ESPN 360 (Get It?):
What’s This?:

Matt & Trey from Sports Center fame were on hand to give an actual live demo of the services that are being offered from ESPN for Xbox Live and from the looks of it, I am very impressed by what is being offered from ESPN. They showed off classic footage from the most recent bowl game featuring USC Vs. Ohio State, the classic winning touchdown was show over and over again much to Trey’s dislike. Now ESPN for Xbox 360 might explain why the departure from the ESPN 360 Website, now things make sense don’t they. ESPN for Xbox Live can be controlled in so many ways; the majority of the content for this service will be in FULL HD and will feature live events as well. You can control anything and everything related to this service whether it is via Xbox 360 Controller, DVD Remote, or the brand new Kinect device with voice and hand gestures.

You can also connect to the ESPN Sports Nation while watching content on your Xbox 360 and vote in polls as well as answer ESPN Trivia all in real time. You can also monitor all your fantasy team stats as well. This is an awesome service being brought over to the Xbox Live Community, and it’s going to be offered to Xbox Live Gold Members for F-R-E-E…yep, ESPN On Xbox Live Is Free For Gold Members! ESPN, Gears of War 3, Call of Duty: Black OPS & Exclusive Content Multi-year Deal with Microsoft and in-between all of this, Metal Gear Solid: Rising finally shows itself. Rising takes place in the Metal Gear Solid 4 storyline as you will assume the role of “Cyborg” Raiden as you travel through the environments from Old Snake’s Final Mission.

The whole design around of the game centers on the Sword of Raiden, you can literally cut ANYTHING in your way, and I mean anything. This was shown in graphic detail as Raiden was slicing his way through enemies, terrain, robots, and even Fruit. They closed out the presentation of Metal Gear Solid: Rising show Raiden slicing up Watermelon slices for the children in a town that is being terrorized by the militia. The precision and detail given to the sword controls is simply astounding.

Slicing & Dicing:
Raiden As A Soul Eater?:

The only thing about this game that I can’t quite cut through, still no release date or anything else related to the story line or its relation to the Metal Gear Solid universe. Hideo Kojima once again displayed his latest masterpiece before the crowd and everyone there was very interested in what they saw. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is also one of those “Exclusive” games for the Xbox 360 that is shrouded in mystery as to if it really is exclusive. It will be seen as to how exclusive this game actually is in time I suppose unless it is shown off at Sony’s conference (Yes, I am writing this in real time after watching the Xbox 360 Conference On June 14th, 2010).

With all those bombs dropped in this Console War, the biggest star of the Xbox 360 show was shown off, Introducing Kinect. If you have been living under a rock for the last year, then you haven’t heard of Project Natal, now named Kinect, is a motion gesture, microphone equipped, motorized tilt sensor, as well as High Def equipped device that will allow users to interact in a vast variety of ways whether it be Kinect specific games or the Xbox 360 Dashboard. This was shown off by bringing out Ron from the Kinect Development team. He started up his Kinect experience by simply waving at the device and the device knew who he was an automatically signed him in with his Xbox Live Account as well as Welcomed Him Back, Welcome Back, Ron was shown on the screen alongside his Avatar. He was easily scrolling through the menus as if he had a controller but from the looks of things, it was a bit on the slow side to scroll through the many options.

The voice commands looked very well done and very well thought out, I mean you can literally asked the ESPN Application to show polls and trivia instantly, without hesitation. Using the Zune marketplace was also very quick on being responsive as well but it’s the motion gesture controls that seem to be very, very slow. This was all shown in real time there was no video showing this off, that makes the slow down a very real issue and a very problematic one since this device will launch on November 4th, 2010.

With A Game Like This, I Should Be Confident Right?:
Forza Motorsport 4!:

I have been very critical of this device for the last year ever since it was announced last year and shown in a very short video trailer. Meanwhile, Sony shows off their Move even though it was in prototype form, Move was shown functioning with games designed for it. Microsoft was quick to fire back at Sony stating that there not revolutionizing anything nor were they thinking outside of the box with their design. This is valid yet ineffective since Microsoft, since E3 2009, hasn’t made a peep about their device. So what were they basing their argument on? Also, does anyone do any kind of prep work before they show off Microsoft products before a live audience on TV or the Internet?

When the device was working with just one person whether it was via Video Chat, ESPN, Zune it seemed seamless at times. Then you add one more person and it seems like the device had a hard time keeping up. This was most evident in the Kinect Sports game where two players were running track and jumping hurdles. The camera looked like it had to be reset to register both people who were standing before it. Also, the lag time I saw from the menu scrolling via hand gestures was sad. I never heard such a collective groan of silence ever at E3, especially for a Product Unveiling. Microsoft based there whole E3 presentation on the Kinect, everything else was just a mention or an announcement or quick demo. Why Microsoft gave little time to Gears Of War 3 and Halo: Reach escapes me yet they give time to a developer’s daughter to play a virtual pet game that is longer in duration then both Gears 3 and Halo: Reach. What’s the priority here? I don’t think Microsoft got the reception they were hoping for with this device or maybe perhaps the crowd was more hardcore gamer oriented.

Either way, there’s no excuse here, Kinect flopped badly at E3 2010 and the device is launching in 5 months (from the time of this writing), how am I supposed to be confident in this device. Another issue I have, why no price announced? Is Microsoft simply waiting to see what Sony puts on the Move and then they announce the Kinect price? All retailers are stating the device will launch on November 4th, 2010 for $149.99. If that’s the case, Sony can win this accessory battle simply on putting out great software, since the price point is expected to be under $100. That price point was labeled back at the Sony Playstation Day event. Also, Sony also stated they would have Playstation Move bundle sets, unless they back out of their word, which Sony has done on some occasions but let’s face who hasn’t in this industry, Kinect is in big trouble unless Sony just drops the ball badly.

Meet Kinect:
Kinect Sports:
Kinect Launch Games:

Microsoft started off very strong, I was really into the Call Of Duty: Black OPS News, Gears Of War 3, Codename: Kingdom, Halo: Reach. As well as the introduction of ESPN but once they went to Kinect, I couldn’t Kinect. It’s really sad that a revised version of the Xbox 360 got a bigger ovation. Microsoft finally unveiled the Xbox 360 S, which is a slim, smaller, 250GB Hard Drive Equipped, 802.11n Wi-Fi Equipped, launching TODAY for $299.99. This announcement was leaked a bit early via some French gaming site running a flash animation showing off the new console that was yet to be announced. Xbox 360 S will be available no later the June 20th, 2010, just in time for Father’s Day. It should be noted that the Xbox 360 S is NOT compatible with your Xbox 360 Hard Drive or Memory Card, so unless some data transfer kit is released, your data belongs to your old Xbox 360. Also, that HUGE power supply returns, only a bit smaller.

They made it a lot quieter with smaller, more energy efficient fans as well as more vents and touch panel power and eject buttons, much like the PS3. There’s a lot to consider with purchasing one. I may consider since I’m sick of the noise from the DVD Drive, plus I want to listen and enjoy Alan Wake and Gears Of War 3. All in all, before Kinect hit, E3 2010 was a huge hit for Microsoft but once Kinect showed itself, it was as Homer Simpson says “BORRRRR-ing”. Not even Star Wars Kinect could even save it. I just received word that Microsoft WILL have a Data Transfer Cable for current users who wish to transfer their data from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox 360 S. I also got word that the Kinect will require its own power supply only if you have the old Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 S Will NOT Require a separate power supply for Kinect.

Introducing Xbox 360 S:
Xbox 360 S Spec Sheet From E3!:
Use The Force Young Kinect Jedi’s:
Xbox 360 S And His Sidekick Kinect:

E3 2010 Coverage: Nintendo

Welcome All:
And To Open Up the Show:

Nintendo kicked off their presentation with a splash: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. And if that wasn’t big enough, Mr. Miyamoto walks out and gives an actual ON STAGE demo of one of the most anticipated Wii games ever. Skyward Sword illustrates a True Zelda experience specifically made on the Wii for the Wii. This has been in the works for a long time and from the looks of it, it has an Ocarina/Wind Waker look to it in that the graphics are very colorful and detailed which are being displayed in a massively engaging world filled with monsters and adventure. The game play mechanics are once again in full effect here, it may be a Wii made Zelda, but it’s still Zelda at its core. Moblins are running rampant as well as brand new enemies as well as New Weapons such as the Whip which was shown predominately.

The Whip really got the shine at the presentation due to how accurately it displays the Wii Motion Plus integration into the Zelda universe. You can flick the whip with your Wii Remote or you can really put your power into it and really Whip It Good (No pun intended). When you whip an item, you can pull the Wii Remote back and bring it towards you which is a welcome addition to Link’s arsenal since most of the time you would need the Boomerang for that long distance item collecting. The controls are very simple and very easy to understand, your Wii Remote controls your Sword’s movements as well as your weapon actions whether it be the Bomb’s, Whip, Slingshot, etc. The buttons on the Wii Remote control your items as well and you can also set an item to the Minus button that can be activated on command when you need it most. Health Potions On Demand, Thanks Nintendo! The Wii remote attachment nunchuk controls the movements of your Shield as well as locking onto enemies that are inbound towards you. It also controls targeting in general.

Whip It Good:
Link’s New Grappling Item:
Link Is Ready:

You use the Z Button to lock on to a target while holding C you simply raise the Nunchuk your shield comes to the forefront. The vast amount of playing time given to Miyamoto was astounding, and they simply opened there show with it which is amazing. Just like Microsoft, Nintendo started there show with a bang. As their presentation went on, more and more potential Classics were shown off as well as the reintroductions of Classic characters like the Return of Kirby! Kirby returns for the first time to his own adventure built from the ground up for the Wii. Kirby’s Epic Yarn was shown to the masses on hand and I have to say that the artwork for this game is simply amazing. Everything looks like it’s outlined in Yarn, giving everything a very good cartoonish look, much like the artwork from Yoshi’s Story from the Nintendo 64 and Yoshi’s Island from the SNES.

It’s the first brand new adventure for Kirby in seven years, so Nintendo is bringing it all without any restraints. Kirby’s Epic Yarn will be available this Holiday Season. The graphics in this game I have to mention again are simply amazing looking. The environments are completely interactive; you can pull threads of string to reveal many hidden items and or locations. Kirby can once again transform into many different forms as he always could from previous Kirby games and there is even a co-op feel to the game as well since a second player can join in and play through the adventure. Most notably, the biggest announcement from E3 2009 from Nintendo was the Metroid: Other M game announcement. Team Ninja and Nintendo are bringing out a classic Metroid masterpiece and it’s going to land on August 31st, 2010.

It will be the first classic Metroid experience in quite some time, since SNES to be exact with the classic Super Metroid. I am mentioning console Metroids, I know of the classics on GBA and DS. Metroid: Other M picks right up where Super Metroid leaves off, you’re once again praising the role of Samus Aran, who after the events of Super Metroid has a baby Metroid sacrifice itself to save her life. This game unlike the others will dive you deep into Samus’ personal life as well as explain her high’s, lows, and reveals her true motivation. The graphics in this game are astounding, at first glimpse, it resembles Killzone 2. Granted, it’s not on a Blu Ray.

Welcome Back!:
Metroid: Other M Box Art:
Mark Your Calendars For Metroid!:

This experience looks like it’s on par with some major Hollywood action films that involve space and pirates. The voice acting and the attention to Metroid’s roots are very closely followed, the presentation is simply amazing. This game is shaping up to be the Biggest Game Of 2010 for Nintendo, granted that it’s coming out so soon from the time of this writing. Metroid: Other M has another major advantage; Zelda will not show itself until 2011. This game is designed from the ground up to be THE definitive Metroid experience with its classic side scroller gameplay but it also incorporates 3D as well with its large worlds as well as the ability of being able to switch to first person on the fly without any hesitation. And the controls in the first person perspective, you should have no problem doing the first person mode, if you have played Metroid Prime! The controls remained intact and the overall feel to it is quick and free roaming. This game packs Nintendo’s classic gameplay style for Metroid, but Team Ninja is bringing us shear action and suspense.

This game looks like a major player in the 2010 Game of the Year Category; I’m that serious about it. Nintendo keep things moving with another blockbuster announcement so big a caveman couldn’t do it….only Donkey Kong could! Pack your bags, were going back to Donkey Kong Country!! Donkey Kong Country Returns!! Is being developed by the same team that developed New Super Mario Bros. Wii, however, it’s going to utilize the Donkey Kong Country engine. Strangely enough, Rare for some reason is not filing lawsuits or any complaints about this. Everything from the SNES classic is back, and I mean everything. The classic music soundtrack returns as well in all its glory. The gameplay engine is brought back and given a lot of tuning as well as lots of additions like the ability to jump in and out of the background as well as the ability for Two Players to play together at the same time. This is huge, no more waiting for your turn. Co-Op is definitely something Nintendo is working on to make it a new standard for all their games.

The theme here so far from what I am gathering is that Nintendo is now focusing on the Hardcore gamers, they already have a huge install base for their casual games and with Wii Party that will continue to increase as well. But DKC Returns and Metroid: Other M are proof that Nintendo is finally listening to the hardcore gamers. From everything that was shown with DKC Returns, the emphasis is on exploring and platforming, much like it was with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Everything from the SNES classic returns like the K-O-N-G Medals as well as the vast amount of banana’s as well as the rocket barrels and the classic animals you meet that become your friends. Mine Cart jumping returns as well, they even simplified the controls on an already simple game to play with Wii Remote shaking controlling DK’s ground pound as well as his ability to roll like a bowling ball. Diddy Kong brings his trusty backpack from the Classic Series of games to aid in the adventure, like I mentioned before people can jump in and out of the adventure freely and control either character without the need to wait a turn. You can use Diddy’s backpack to help DK with a jet pack, his classic Peanut Pistols, as well as many more abilities yet to be introduced.

This is one of the many new aspects about this game, it’s just not simply a complete rein-visioning of a classic, and it’s an entirely new game all together. I was completely stoked when I saw this, simply a great surprise from Nintendo and a simply must have game for the Nintendo Wii when it ships this Holiday Season! Speaking of surprises, this one was leaked somehow and man was it huge. When speaking of classics, this game only has to introduce its main character: Bond, James Bond! Finally, after 13 years, Goldeneye 007 has returned! And since there was no formal announcement of the hit coming to Xbox Live Arcade from Rare, this game is exclusively on the Wii!

Guess Who’s Back?:
Destinations Include Donkey Kong Country:

This game was shown at both the Activision and Nintendo Press Conferences; however, it was predominately shown at the Nintendo press conference. The entire game has been restored from its classic Nintendo 64 roots complete with the entire multiplayer experience intact! All of the classic modifiers are also coming back as well including the infamous Big Head Mode and the Paint Ball Mod. You can also use the vast modes that were available for the N64 classic, you can even go online with up to 7 other people in 8 Player Online Multiplayer! Daniel Craig reprises his Bond character, yes sadly, no Pierce this time around due to contract conflicts associated with the current films, Rare, Activision, Nintendo, Microsoft and so many others. Gamers this time around will have a brand new way to play with the Wii Motion Controls; however, Activision is not forcing me to use them! For the first time, a developer got it right with FPS on a Wii.

You’re not forced to use simply the motion controls; you can use the Wii Classic Controller Pro! You can get that classic Nintendo 64 feel now more in depth with new graphics and online play as well as all the action from the single player. Goldeneye 007 returns ONLY to the Nintendo Wii and it will be out this fall! Wow, another major hit for Nintendo. Also, it should be noted, over at the official Goldeneye 007 site for the new WIi game, there is a section titled “NDS”, hmm, another Goldeneye inbound? It’s only got two words in that section, Coming Soon. Nintendo was firing on all cylinders, there were new games shown off for their Casual audience as well as for the hardcore Mario fans with the upcoming Mario Sports Mix which will be out 2011 and the Poke Park: Pikachu’s Adventure which will finally be coming to the US this holiday season. Wii Party will allow gamers to play in a huge party game using their Mii’s, it’s essentially Mario Party but only with you rather than a Mario Character. This game will feature 4 player multiplayers just like Mario Party, however, no mention of online multiplayer. Then the focus shifted towards DS and another blockbuster announcement.

Eye, Goldeneye:
Classic Modes Return!:

Nintendo announce finally GoldenSun: Dark Dawn. The biggest GoldenSun game yet and its finally going to be getting into gamers hands this Holiday Season. The game takes place 30 Years after the events of the last games and it will feature stunning 3D graphics as well the classic GoldenSun gameplay from the GBA Classics including the Djinni Summon Monsters all in stunning 3D spanning across both screens. You can control the power behind all the magic using the touch screen as well as issue commands via the touch screen. GoldenSun: Dark Dawn was the first major RPG to be shown, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was also shown off. This is one of the most renowned franchises in all of RPG, it’s on par with the popularity of Final Fantasy, and ironically, it’s just another classic from SquareEnix. You can create your hero from the ground up this time around featuring over 900 pieces of clothing to really create a virtual you that will explore this vast world filled with magic, sorcery as well as amazing weapons and a deeply compelling story.

The graphics are simply beautiful for a Nintendo DS game and this is one of the hotly anticipated games for the Nintendo DS. Great news on Dragon Quest IX, you won’t have to wait long: July 11th, 2010 it launches. As the show began to wrap up, Nintendo dropped the bomb on us all, Nintendo 3DS! This is a brand new handheld to there already large collection of hardware on the portable market. The Nintendo DS was released 6 years ago and the Nintendo 3DS looks to continue to build on that legacy of classic gameplay but on the go. Nintendo’s 3DS is going to be the world’s first 3D handheld gaming console; however, it will not require the use of 3D glasses. This handheld is a major make or break move for Nintendo, all eyes will be on them to see if they can pull it off.

Dawn Of A New Day:
Your Quest Begins Really Soon:
Introducing Nintendo 3DS:

The handheld is a direct clone of the Nintendo DS in terms of design, however, that’s just in the design. The entire overall design of the system is only the same with its clamshell and top and bottom screen, outside of that, the 3DS is completely new. The gamers have spoken and Nintendo has listened, Nintendo 3DS will feature a fully functioning Analog Stick which will allow you to move in true, full 360 degree movements. You can also notice the newly implemented buttons under the touch screen, Home, Start, and Select. There on a touch panel so no need to press them in. The bottom screen is completely touch friendly; however, the top screen is NOT.

Mr. Iwata stated that the relationship between touch and 3D is not very friendly at all and that they simply could not have dual touch screens. So to make up for that, Nintendo 3DS’ top screen will be a Widescreen Display! This will allow much crisper, detailed, highly rendered graphics as well as show off the true 3D engine that the 3DS was built upon. Other new additions include the ability to be Online All the Time. Nintendo Wireless Communications were only limited to DS Games or DS Apps, once someone left the session, the communications would end. The 3DS looks to end that all together with the New Nintendo Wireless Communication System specifically for 3DS. Nintendo stated that the 3DS will communicate with other 3DS’ whether there online or in person, they will communicate wirelessly whether you’re aware or not, sleep mode or awake, your 3DS will communicate with others for many functions including Data Transferring, Ghost Data, New Content, Multiplayer, and so much more yet to be announced.

The Power Button was moved to the right side and the headphone jack was move to the bottom of the system, allowing users to use a docking station for battery charging as well as yet to be announced features. My guess here, there preparing some sort of App Store that can be accessed on a computer. The graphics engine on the 3DS was simply amazing; it was shown strongly with the Newly Announced Kid Icarus: Uprising. The first Kid Icarus game since the NES!

Nintendo 3DS Opened:
Nintendo 3DS Closed:

This game has been in development for some time now and Nintendo is bringing it to the 3DS as a launch title. Many other titles were also announced and or shown off via the conference or on the show floor. The games include: Nintendogs + Cats! Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Star Fox 3D, Animal Crossing 3D, Mario Kart 3D, Paper Mario, Pilotwings Resort, and Steel Diver. All of these games are very early in development so there is NO time table for release. Sadly, Nintendo could not give any concrete information in terms of pricing and availability. The system also features the cameras from the DSi as well as one more additional camera on the back for users to take 3D pictures! All in all, I was very happy with what I saw from this handheld, however, it’s very unfair that it could not be shown on television outside of screen shots and developer video.

This handheld is looking like it’s a portable Nintendo 64/Gamecube, much more as it becomes available about the Nintendo 3DS. I imagine that this device will be shown in more detail at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 since it is in Nintendo’s backyard. Still, very impressed with what I saw, and finally NintenCats!! Kid Icarus looks very good for a handheld game and let’s hope Nintendo can pull off the 3D aspect as they claim they can, if so, they will have a commanding lead in the portable market of 3D gaming. Nintendo came out swinging and they did not stop, there wasn’t a moment were I felt like I was not interested, there was a few moments were I saw a game I was like “meh”, but outside of that, Nintendo was very strong and very impressive. They stuck with Games rather than drown us in sales figures and stock photos of people acting like there playing Wii/DS. Nintendo has a bright future ahead! One more thing: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D!

Nintendogs +Cats:
Kid Icarus Flies Again:

E3 2010 Coverage: Sony

Herrrrrrre’s Jack:

Sony kicked off things with a live demo of 3D gaming coming to the PS3 with the already in place firmware within all PS3’s. There demo’s included Crysis 2, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, and the highly anticipated: Killzone 3. Killzone 3 was the main attraction here since it’s a game that we know will deliver a true PS3 action experience. Building on what they have established in the smash hit Killzone 2, gamers will once again play the role of Sev, the main character from Killzone 2. You will be traveling all over the world of Helghan which is home of the Helghast, you will be traveling through so many different environments and you have a lot of help in the forms of Jepacks! You will use them to your advantage whether they are to attack enemies, travel to many areas, or to use them as a weapon when you’re being attacked by flying Helghast soldiers.

The gameplay was very intense and very quick, once again fulfilling the sense of urgency and warfare much like it was from Killzone 2. And if it looks the way I have seen it, Killzone 3 will be even much larger then Killzone 2. The 3D aspects looked amazing, however, I could not really get a grasp on it due to the fact I do not own a 3D TV, so that’s to be seen at another time and place. Your gameplay in Killzone 3 is much more refined and much more detailed and in depth. Melee attacks have been dramatically improved as well with combo’s as well as new forms of executions much like Halo: Reach. The graphics in the game look much better than they did from Killzone 2 and that is saying a lot. Killzone 3 will ship February 2011 much like how Killzone 2 launched February 2009. New online modes as well as so much more warfare and a deeply engrossing story with incredible visuals and fantastic cut scenes will be ever present with this upcoming Playstation 3 classic. Killzone 3 absolutely had the building a buzz and everyone was simply amazed at what they saw.

Killzone 3D:
Killzone 3 takes The Stage Over:
Killzone 3 Boxart:

Sony kept things moving quickly with sudden announcements such as the heavily rumored return of Sly Cooper. Sly Cooper returns with The Sly Collection: Remastered In HD for the PS3, it’s a collection of all three classics from the Playstation 2 completely remastered in High Definition as well as added PS3 support such as Move Mini Games as well as Playstation Network Trophies! These are awesome additions to three very awesome Playstation 2 games. Something should be noted here, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves was an early 3D game that required the gamer to wear ridiculous looking glasses since they were modeled after the same mask that Sly himself would wear. Sly Cooper was one of the first games to really combine stealth and style all in one and it was very well received by the masses of PS2 owners. I own 2 & 3 and loved every minute playing them, lots of classic spy movie references to be had here.

Sly Cooper wasn’t the only returning act to be had however, but much more on that later on. But while we’re talking about returning, let’s discuss the recently announced iNfamous 2! Cole once again is on the run but this time it’s more than just running away from the police and government, something far more sinister is at works here and from the looks of it, there are lots of monsters to be had here as well as other elements of power that are against you. Ice was predominately shown throughout the trailer but I have also seen acts of wind and other weather related elements working against you’re simply causing tons and tons of chaos all around. Why am I mentioning these two games together, because if you love playing iNfamous, you are going to love playing iNfamous 2 and the Sly Collection since both are made by the same company!

And once again, these two experiences, only on Playstation 3! The graphics engine in iNfamous 2 looks simply amazing, a huge improvement over the already great graphics engine from the first game. The setting looks to resemble New Orleans in some ways but it’s simply known as New Marais. There are new ways for Cole to unleash his electric powers whether it being new melee attacks or the newly introduced weapon that Cole carries with him that can react to Cole’s electrical output.

Sly Returns!:
The Sly Collection:
The Most Electrifying Man In Sports…I Mean Gaming Today:

The gameplay is still based on that vast open world system as well as maintaining that same insanely fluid speed and frame rate. This game looks simply stunning. The attention to detail is highly evident here since the trailer shown lots of destruction within the environments, it was a gem to see the environments take a pummeling and not have the game slow down or chug along, the graphics engine is very well done and iNfamous 2 is shaping up to be an absolute smash hit much like the first game. Sadly however, you won’t be playing iNfamous 2 for a while since no concrete street date was given, 2011 is a long time for a release window. Sly on the other hand will see the PS3 this fall. The focus then shifted towards showing off all the new tools and creation abilities in LittleBigPlanet 2.

An on stage demo was shown off of the new features within this new game as well as an actual demo showing off how you can implement new platforms of entertainment with several modes of gameplay that were designed by the creators. The games consisted of Sumo Sliders, Rhythm, as well as a Kart style racing game. The fact that it was done so easily by normal programmers and the fact that these modes play without issue at all is simply astounding. It seems that the folks over at Media Molecule were listening to the community by making it much easier and welcoming to create content for LBP 2. Another major note here, LittleBigPlanet 2 also has gotten a brand new interface to navigate through; it looks like they have removed the Pod all together. Media Molecule once again reiterated that all the currently created content from LittleBigPlanet will be compatible with LittleBigPlanet 2.

That’s a ton of content already for a game that isn’t even out yet! The new ways to interact with the worlds in LBP is simply astounding, anything and everything is interactive and customizable. And with the added support of Playstation Move, LittleBigPlanet 2 looks like it’s going to be a gamer’s game meaning it’s a game that only exists because of the gamers. Unlike other games, LittleBigPlanet & Modnation Racers live forever due to their community functionality. LittleBigPlanet 2 also will support 3D as well, now you can interact with Sackboy…literally. While that feature has yet to be officially announced, I have sources who tell me that 3D will be added to LittleBigPlanet 2 sometime after launch or perhaps even before it. And why not really? It will really bring those neon colors to life and watching Music Videos or Movies made in LittleBigPlanet 2 will make the experience that much better. LittleBigPlanet 2 is going to take the world by storm this Holiday Season! Yet again, only on Playstation. Moving along shall we….

Electric Tornado:
Return Of The Sackboy:

SquareEnix was the talk of the town last year with epic reveals of Final Fantasy XIII for both PS3 and Xbox 360, but it was Sony’s secret weapon that had the world talking: Final Fantasy XIV Online. The direct sequel to Final Fantasy XI Online (Yes, I know 12 comes after 11), was shown very briefly in the form of videos in a trailer and in a montage. Final Fantasy XIV is shaping up to be just as large as the previous FF MMO, but this time unlike PS2, it’s on a console that is built for Online Gaming and Hard Drive Equipped, things should function better for Final Fantasy XIV. That generated a lot of buzz certainly, but the next major announcement was even bigger. Coca Cola and Sony will be partnering up to unleash a massive ad campaign for Playstation! That’s right, Coca Cola….excuse me but Kevin Butler just interrupted me just as he did at E3. Kevin Butler, VP of Anything Related to Playstation, came out and got the loudest pop I have ever heard for someone at an E3 convention.

Only Kobe Bryant would have gotten a louder pop…okay Kevin isn’t that big really but he has a MASSIVE following and the ads are simply hysterical. Kevin came out to announce that he is spear heading the gamer community to salvation and that he, as well as all of us serves the same king. That king’s name: Gaming. And let Gaming reign forever! When Kevin dropped that one liner, it got a roaring applause. But it was his funny one liners that got everyone oohing and laughing. One liners such as: “Our motion device has many features such as Arms…and Necks”, “Am I crazy or did I just see a French Circus unveil a product?”, “I heard there’s a sale on blue poncho’s”, “puue puee (Gun Sound Mocking)”, Kevin Butler simply smashed Nintendo and Microsoft with simple one liners that are EPICLY LEGENDARY. Sony’s ad campaign for Playstation 3 is the best ad campaign I have ever seen in video gaming history! Kevin Butler then went on to introduce us to Marcus, VP of PSP marketing…man do we have another funny ad campaign on the way.

Kevin Invades:
Kevin Interrupts:

The ad campaign for the PSP is based around the single message of “Step Your Game Up” much like “It Only Does Everything” for PS3. These ads are very well done and the humor is very good, these ads are very reminiscent of the “I’m A Mac, I’m A PC” ads from Apple which were sadly discontinued. However, PSP’s ads take shots at Apple with their line such as “I’m tired of hearing about these weak apps on phones”, “we got good kids playing bad games”, prompting Kevin Butler to go hmm, Phone….PSP, what’s a phone? I have even started seeing these new ads during the NBA Finals! Sony is out for vengeance with PSP, let’s hope they stay true to their word. After the Kevin Butler invasion, Sony went right back to business. They showed off an intro video for their next evolution of Playstation Network: Playstation +. Playstation + is a paid service which includes all of the functionality of the current Playstation Network only in this instance, you can pay either $17.99 for three months or $49.99 for a whole year! Sound familiar?

It should, Playstation + is going to compete directly with Xbox Live. Jack Tretton stated that + will allowed gamers to receive direct downloads of content, early demo access, access to full retail games before they are released and give them the ability to buy the games directly without having to log out, priority beta invites, unlimited access to countless content that is uploaded, all content uploaded will be yours for the duration of your subscription. Playstation + will have so many more features that are yet to be introduced. Let me make this clear, Playstation + is NOT replacing Playstation Network nor is it mandatory that you have to use the newly introduced service. Playstation Network users will continue to have all these features and access to all content and media they already have access to, nothing will change there. Playstation + on the other hand will have more and more features added to it, time will tell on what will be added however. Playstation + will launch by the end of June 2010 and will have two pricing tiers, $17.99 for 3 Months or $49.99 for a year. And those who pay for a whole year get an additional 3 months of access for free! Now, let’s move!

Playstation + Logo:
Playstation Network Has A New Buddy??:

Playstation Move was the heavy focus of the presentation whether it is announcement trailers or live demos such as the newly announced Sorcery or the ever popular Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011. The demo’s were showing off how the Move functions with conventional games as well as how they function with sports games as well as how they work with games that were designed to have functionality with Move. Now, Move was shown in great detail with the newly announced Sorcery, the gameplay of that game was very straight forward, the game reminds me of the cult classic Dark Cloud from Playstation 2 in some aspects due to the exploring aspects as well as the character design. You can move the controller freely and the characters will react to your movements, you literally have full control over your characters body whether it is attacking, running, combing spells, transforming, blocking, creating fire storms, etc. you are in complete control.

There was no lag time what so ever from what I seen with this game. The Tiger Woods demo didn’t have the lag only inside the game am I referencing, the man playing it on the other hand should practice more rather than rely on mulligaGranted he did par the hole and all, he missed a major chance for an Eagle or Birdie, that would have been the icing on the cake for the Playstation Move demo. EA Stated that making Tiger Woods for Move will require you to actually get involved in playing the sport of golf rather than just flicking your wrist. This is an obvious shot at Wii since most games on the Wii can be exploited with simple gestures rather than actually getting into the game. Other introductions for Move include Eyepet getting 3D Support, Heavy Rain getting Move Support, Killzone 3 Move Support, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Move Support, as well as the announcement of Heroes On The Move! Heroes on the Move is a collection of all the Playstation heroes such as Sly, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Sly’s faithful sidekick: Bentley.

This game is geared more towards Move oriented gameplay and from the looks of it, it has the look of a comedy due to the silly trailer shown. Also, Dead Space 2 is getting move support as well and as an added bonus, the Wii exclusive Dead Space: Extraction is coming to the PS3 all in one box. However, the next announcement was HUGE! Gabe Newell invades Sony’s E3 Press Conference!!

Sorcery Logo:
Sorcery In Action:
Ladies & Gentlemen, Gabe Newell!:
Welcome Back, Human:

Portal 2 is coming to the PS3 along with Move Support as well as Steam Cloud and Steam Support. This is the biggest news of E3 that everyone is talking about since Gabe was extremely critical of consoles specifically the PS3. He joked about this by mentioning he was just talking to Kevin Butler, VP of Sharpening Things. Portal 2 is coming to the Playstation 3 folks…happy days are here again. This is definitely a game changer here! Playstation Move has everything going for it, and moving it won’t take long. Playstation Move will have several bundles as well as standalone sets as well whether it is the Playstation Move, Playstation Eye, or the Playstation Move Navigation Controller. Playstation Move will hit retailers on September 19th, 2010 in the US, here are the prices.

For the Playstation Move Controller: $49.99, for the Navigation Controller: $39.99, Playstation Eye: $29.99, Playstation Move Charging Station: $29.99, Sports Champions Bundle Set (Playstation Move, Eye, Sports Champions, and Move Demo Disc): $99.99, Playstation 3 Move Bundle (Same as Sports Champions Bundle only in the same box as a PS3): $399.99. The Shooting Attachment will also be available for $19.99. Yep, they itemized everything but it’s about choices and variety, Playstation Move is for real and the price is right folks. Games for the Playstation Move will not exceed $39.99. And by that I mean games that REQUIRE Playstation Move to play, not games like Killzone 3 or SOCOM 4. Playstation Move is going to be a smash hit for Sony, fantastic pricing and availability. Now that you’re moving, how about you start your engines!! Gran Turismo 5: November 2nd, 2010!! Finally, GT5 is coming.

November 2nd, 2010:
Sports Champions Bundle:
Move Logo:
Move Charging Station:

Sony was wrapping things up but then out of nowhere….an assault was unleashed….and it was responsible by one man: David Jaffe! As well as a friend of his…Sweet Tooth!! Twisted Metal is alive and well and coming to the Playstation 3 in 2011, and it was shown in an actual demo on stage showcasing its multiplayer mode which remains intact from the previous games in the library of Twisted Metal. The New “Nuke” mode was also shown off as well. Many new additions are to be had with this new Twisted Metal such as more destructible environments, Flying Vehicles, New Weapons, New Levels, New Story, Same Great Twisted Metal. Returning favorites are welcomed as well. This game absolutely stunned the crowd as much as Portal 2 did. Playstation Move support is also planned for this game as well as potential 3D support as well.

Massively engaging online multiplayer awaits when Twisted Metal hits the PS3 next year! It should be pointed out that David for months was teasing that Twisted Metal was finished and that he was NOT working on a new Twisted Metal, looks like we won’t listen to him that much anymore huh? The gameplay looks to be the same as it ever was and to be honest, it looks much more intense and faster. The multiplayer resembles that of Warhawk in terms of environment and combat, I am stoked to see this game finally. Lastly, if you want to see any and every piece of show content, boot up Playstation Home and visit the digital version of Sony’s actual booth at E3 all in real time! No Demo’s However, only video and screen shots.

Not Making A New Twisted Metal Huh??:
Hostiles Inbound:
Hello, E3:

Phew, Sony was absolutely amazing. Now, more than ever, it’s a great time to be a Playstation owner. All the biggest hits and the biggest news was generated on a single platform: Playstation. If you were not convinced about Playstation, wait no longer, go out and experience Playstation 3, Playstation Network, and PSP!

Microsoft’s Rating: D
Nintendo’s Rating: B
Sony’s Rating: B+

Microsoft’s Hits & Misses:

-No More Talk, Just Show Us Kinect
-Halo: Reach Looks Amazing
-Call of Duty Content Deal
-Gears of War 3 Is Shaping Up To Be the Best 360 Game Ever
-New Xbox 360 S Available For $299.99 Today!
-ESPN 360 for Xbox Live Gold Members Is Free
-Voice Commands Work like A Charm
-Less Emphasis on Sale Figures

-Prop Gamers Were Clueless As To What They Were Doing Live
-Kinect Looks Very Buggy and Incomplete
-Kinect’s Pricing Is High
-Kinect Only Port On Xbox 360 S
-Kinect Will Require Separate Power Supply On Current Xbox 360’s
-Current HDD’s And Memory Cards Not Compatible On Xbox 360 S
-Data Transfer Cable Sold Separately From Xbox 360 S, Same With HDMI
-Kinect Works Very Poorly With More Than One Person
-Kinect Games Look More Like Demo’s
-No Official Pricing Yet (As of this writing)
-The Presentation Got Extremely Boring And Painful To Watch
-More Dance, Music, And Fitness Games
-Needed The Circus To Introduce Us To Kinect

Nintendo’s Hits & Misses:

-New Goldeneye 007!
-New Donkey Kong Country!
-Metroid: Other M In August
-New Zelda Finally Shown
-Nintendo 3DS Looks Very Interesting
-Nintendogs +Cats!
-New Always Online System For 3DS
-GoldenSun: Dark Dawn Finally Dated!
-Kid Icarus Flies Again
-New Kirby Looks Very Unique And Different
-Nintendo Is Getting Serious About Online!
-Nintendo 3DS Will Have A True Analog Stick
-Not Forced To Play In 3D
-3DS Backwards Compatible With DS
-Star Fox, Zelda, Mario Kart, and Paper Mario 3DS Bound!
-Finally, Hardcore Gamers Get Respect
-Show Started And Finished Strong

-No Pricing Or Dates On 3DS
-No Way To Show 3DS On Stage
-No Hard Drive Introduction
-The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Is A Long Way From Coming Out
-3DS Games Look Very Early
-More Music, Dancing, And Fitness Games

Sony’s Hits & Misses:

-Started Strong!
-Killzone 3 Is Coming In February
-3D Will Be Added In Patches
-iNfamous 2 Looks Chaotic
-Sly Cooper Is Back
-Portal 2!!!
-Playstation + Looks Very Interesting, Launches June 2010!
-Playstation Move Priced And Dated: September 19th, 2010
-Gran Turismo: November 2nd, 2010
-Fantastic Ad Campaign For PSP Finally Unveiled
-Kevin Butler Rules!
-LittleBigPlanet 2 Looks Bigger Then The First Game
-Final Fantasy IX Finally Available On Playstation Store!
-Playstation Move Required Games Will Not Exceed $39.99
-Lots Of Support For Move
-Developers Love Playstation Move
-EyePet Will Add 3D!
-Heavy Rain Will Gain Move Support
-Twisted Metal Lives!! 2011!
-Finished Strong

-Lots Of Huge Games Not Shown
-No Mention Of Street Date For Final Fantasy XIV Online
-No Street Date For Kingdom Hearts
-Playstation Home E3 Living Space Doesn’t Contain Demo’s
-No Starhawk
-3D Will Require New TV And Glasses
-Not Enough Punches At Microsoft & Nintendo
-Why So Long To Take PSP Serious?
-Agent, Where Are You?
-No L.A. Noire
-Goldeneye 007, Donkey Kong Country…Where’s Final Fantasy VII??
-Uh, Ape Escape Anyone?

Microsoft’s E3 Website:

Nintendo’s E3 Website:

Sony’s E3 Website:

Special Thanks To The Entire Gaming Community For Their Information And Tips. Happy E3 Everyone

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Console Wars: Playstation 3 Vs. Xbox 360

May 05, 2010 By: Category: Video Games

Playstation 3 Vs. Xbox 360Yes, I know this is an old story but at this point in the so called Game Console War between Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360. I feel the need to discuss this now since there are more and more major titles being released each month for these two game consoles. Nintendo on the other hand continues to sell us “Motion Based” gaming. There need to remind me there console is the World’s first and only motion based gaming console is getting very old, especially now well after there launch for the Wii. In this day and age where if its not an “App”, its not worth downloading/owning. Gamers have been told to believe in the hype surrounding Motion Based/Touch Screen Apps over the more conventional games such as Metal Gear Solid, Gears Of War, Uncharted, and so forth.

I do enjoy playing Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, as well as other games designed for the Nintendo Wii & DS as well as apps designed for the iPod Touch. But really, these App or Touch Screen games to me feel more like there taking a classic franchise and forcing its touch and feel mechanics into the game to sell more units to stay ahead of the competition. Look at the library for the Wii, seriously look at it. Your going to find loads of low quality games and very bad selling games , yet due to the waving of the controller and attachment I’m supposed to call that gaming and enjoy it? Regardless of its technical shortcomings and awful gameplay. Super Mario Galaxy showed me that you can play a classic franchise in this new era, but even that game had moments where I felt like I was being cornered by the technology of the system rather then being able to explore this giant universe of adventure.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 keep it simple right now. I know they have the Playstation Move and the Project Natal inbound for their users but right now they’re keeping gaming what it should be which is all about the gaming. There are so many great choices right now available for both consoles and with many more on the way such as Halo: Reach, Call Of Duty: Black OPS, Modnation Racers, Twisted Metal, Alan Wake, The Last Guardian, Gears Of War 3, inFamous 2 as well as many more yet to be announced or perhaps I’m skipping a few because of the excitement I have for the launch of the Modnation Racers games for PS3 and PSP (and PSP Go).

The games I have been playing lately have been on the PS3, that’s why you haven’t seen me much on Xbox Live folks. Although  I have been on Xbox 360 lately playing such great games like Splinter Cell: Conviction and Just Cause 2, both of which have reviews inbound here at Camel Clutch Blog. Heavy Rain on the PS3 trumps anything that is out currently this year on the Xbox 360. I have yet to see anything from Alan Wake to interest me in thinking it’s betterthan Heavy Rain, but once I get my hands on  that game perhaps I will give Alan Wake more credit. Alan Wake was supposed to be an Xbox 360 launch title, hopefully that 5 year absence will benefit the game. Then again, there have been several Playstation games that got delayed for long periods of time and turned out to be classics. Ask Nintendo about long delays with a big pay off and they will answer Ocarina. There is much to be happy about owning either of these two consoles due to there library of current video games, but when it comes to upcoming games I have to look at Playstation 3 a bit more due to consistency over the Xbox 360.

When I look at the Xbox 360’s upcoming library all I see is the same Sports Game, Shooter, Sports Game, Shooter, etc over and over again. I get it, shooters are in but at least be somewhat creative in your releases over time. The great thing about this year is that we won’t drown in Music/Rhythm games since the folks over at Activision/MTV Games finally came to an agreement that they were both over doing it a little. Plus given Guitar Hero: Van Halen was a colossal bomb for the folks over at Activision, I can see why they might as well jump as taking a break from music. Given the recent turmoil with Infinity Ward and Activision, Infinity Ward will bite the dust leaving Activision all alone with the Call Of Duty franchise. Black OPS will hit store shelves for both consoles on 11/9/10. Sadly there’s no fun in saying the release date for this one like Modern Warfare 2.

Activision won’t be alone very long as they have entered a 10 year partnership with Halo creators Bungie. The new Acti-Bungie deal will certainly make playing games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 very interesting. However, once again, these are shooters. Doesn’t it ever get old to you gamers out there? Look at the 2010 lineup for PS3 currently out: Heavy Rain, God Of War 3, MAG, Modnation Racers, MLB 10: The Show, not to mention all the update packs for Uncharted 2 and loads and loads of new content for LittleBigPlanet, the PS3 five months into the new year has a lot going for it. Xbox 360 owners can’t really say the same since Final Fantasy XIII sold 3 to 1 on the PS3 to Xbox 360 comparison. That game was supposed to be the difference maker here, but once again, the game plays better on Playstation.

One Blu-Ray Disc Vs. 3 DVD’s on the Xbox 360 version, not to mention if you want to silence that noisy CD Drive on the Xbox 360 while playing Final Fantasy XIII you will have to install all three discs which will eat up about 18GB from your drive  give or take a GB here and there since I am not entirely sure how many GB’s each disc are on the 360. One note outside of install size, why do games on Xbox 360 run in 1080P and 60 Frames Per Second and PS3 games don’t? If its Blu-Ray shouldn’t the game at least run at 1080 rather then 720? Forza Motorsport 3 looks AMAZING on the Xbox 360 in full 1080P at 60 Frames Per Second. Amazing detail and the game slows down not once. PS3 needs to pick it up in this department especially since I consider the Xbox 360 to be half way high definition.

Game installing on the Xbox 360 is optional, you can do it if you wish to silence that drive and decrease game loading times making the games run smoother and being able to hear the audio from them. The PS3 on the other hand pretty much makes you install any and all games you play off of a Blu-Ray and any you download from the Playstation Store. The Xbox 360 downloads also install once you download. This is obvious due to the fact that it is required to run the software. The PS3’s install sizes are different for each game, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots ate up the most space by far since it has its own installation file as well as each chapter needing to be installed before you play through them.

You cannot cancel the install and then play the game. This is the rule for ANY of the PS3 games you play. Eventually you run into the issue of Hard Drive storage, granted this is a general concern with any device that has its own storage media whether it be via Plug In (USB Hard Drives, Flash Drives) or via built in hard drive or removable hard drive. The Xbox 360 has a major issue with Hard Drive storage however, you can only get the Xbox 360 Hard Drive in three flavors, 4 if you eBay search for the 20GB drive. The other flavors consist of 60GB, 120GB, and the newly released 250GB drive. Each of which you can find at most video game retailers.

It should be noted though that the more recent 250 and 120 GB drives will most likely be the drives you find commonly available. You may have to do some searching for the 60GB drive if buying a bigger hard drive isn’t your thing or you wish not to spend as much as the console for you storage needs. The PS3 on the other hand comes in two flavors, one via standard and the other via special edition bundle. You can get the PS3 alone with a 120GB hard drive or you can buy there bundle sets that come with a major title and a 250GB hard drive. The Xbox 360 currently has this special going on with Splinter Cell: Conviction, both are even in this department.

The Playstation 3 however does not force you to use a proprietary drive like the Xbox 360 does. Microsoft has a special hard drive built for the Xbox 360 and only for the Xbox 360, so you cannot buy any ordinary hard drive and hook it up. This is something we all know. The PS3 can use a Laptop Hard Drive, which is a 2.5 inch internal drive that docks into the PS3’s HDD Slot located on the bottom of the console (First Gen), or on the front of the system (Slim Model). However, this method although more convenient does have limitations. The PS3 can handle large data storage sizes but when it comes to Hard Drive Speed you shouldn’t over do it due to the issue of overheating. The faster the drive, the more heat it generates so be cautious in your decision on drive speed.

A good 500+ GB drive with an 8 or 16 MB Cache with 5400RPM speed is all you may need. Keep in mind, Laptop Hard Drives cost more due to there form factor and due to there demand. Laptop hard drives are much harder to upgrade and install then common desktop drives. The PS3 also allows you to backup your data to an external hard drive and will allow you to restore the data via that same external source so when you install a new drive you can backup then restore and get right back to gaming.

The Xbox 360 doesn’t allow the use of an external Hard Drive. Microsoft just recently allowed users to dock USB Flash Drives to the Xbox 360 but with limits on storage size. The Xbox 360 does have a data transfer cable that will transfer your data from Drive A to Drive B, but there is some data that cannot be transferred and you can only transfer data ONCE. Users cannot transfer the data more then that, or so says the manual that came with my 120GB Hard Drive for the Xbox 360.

I have yet to upgrade my PS3 hard drive but I am in need of an upgrade because I am running up against the wall with storage capacity. The system won’t start downloads that exceed any size limitation on the systems storage media. I have uninstalled games as well as deleted demos and content I do not use anymore and I am still having some storage issues. I will solve that with a 1TB drive or which ever my generation of PS3 can handle.

There are conflicting stories via the internet that the PS3 models can only handle specific hard drive sizes. With games like Modnation Racers coming, I am going to want as much space as possible with the incoming user created content that I will be creating and sharing. Its the same for the yet to be announced LittleBigPlanet 2 which will be announced soon, perhaps at E3 in June 2010. User Created Content is another aspect of the gaming world that is quickly becoming the new source of entertainment for all sorts of media in today’s society.

With sites like and quickly becoming the new  standard in terms of communication and entertainment online for millions of people, it’s only obvious that PS3 and Xbox 360 will include such sites into there consoles. Now, the Xbox 360 does not allow users to go to Youtube via a web browser due to the Xbox 360 not having a browser or app since there is not an app Store as of this writing for the Xbox 360. To make up for this the Xbox 360 does allow you to use a fully created for the Xbox 360 Version of Facebook that allows users to upload there Xbox 360 information to the actual Facebook website as well as search for friends on Facebook who have Xbox Live Accounts and add them to you online gamer friends list.

The integration of Facebook on the Xbox 360 is amazing as you can literally do anything on it. The PS3 on the other hand allows you to use Facebook to a degree. Users can upload your purchases, trophies, as well as view photo’s and let people see your Playstation Network information onto the Facebook website. The PS3 version of Facebook is very general and bland while the Xbox 360 version owns it. The Xbox 360 also has a Twitter app as well to make up for the lack of Youtube support.

I am not a Twit, so I could care less for Twitter. You can browse the web on the PS3 with the built in web browser for the PS3.. It’s there but browsing the internet on the TV can be very odd if you haven’t done it before. Plus there are issues with Adobe Flash. Imagine that issues with Flash? The User Created Content market is completely better on the PS3 over the Xbox 360 since there are more games that utilize the Creation aspect. The Xbox 360 allows people to create custom avatars, paint jobs, car styles, combat suits, weapon layouts etc, but the PS3 allows users to do that from the ground up instead of just simply copying and pasting icons and paint jobs on an already designed element in the game. Forza Motorsport 3 is hands down the best racing game ever created, period. It allows users to personalize anything and everything involved with cars.

But that’s as far as it goes as you cannot customize anything else. Granted, its a Racing Simulation and not a Kart racer like Modnation Racers but that is what I am getting at. You can customize anything in Modnation from the Character Layout to the Time of Day in the courses you create. Both games allow you to upload and share any content you create. However, the Xbox 360 classic Forza Motorsport 3 requires users to use Windows XP to purchase such items. This isn’t the best example I can give since one game is a Racing Sim and the other is a Arcade Kart Racer but the principles are in place. The amount of content that you can upload in Forza 3 does not mean the game is bad or weak in any way, Forza Motorsport 3 is the perfect racing experience with everything working correctly from the controls to the audio.

The key example is the Unreal Tournament 3. This was first a PS3 exclusive that was later released on the Xbox 360. It is also available on the PC but be ready to have a beast of a machine to run it. The PS3 version allows users to share data from the PC version to the PS3 version but it will not allow you to play against the PC gamers. The PS3 version also allows you to us the Unreal Editor on your PC to create levels from scratch that can be used on the PS3 or PC for free, period. The Xbox 360 version well, we’ll add a few extra maps to make up for the fact that we do not allow users to create content from the ground up and transfer it from there PC’s.

The Xbox 360 version also included a Trailer for Gears Of War 2 at the time of its release. That doesn’t make up for anything as it’s more or less a plug for there classic. The technical aspects of the PS3 and Xbox 360 are so close to one another. It’s going to come down to games. New and original as well as sequels but the PS3 has shown more original games then the Xbox 360. Games like inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Modnation Racers, The Last Guardian, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2 have all shown that there are ways to attract an audience using a new IP or give a cult hit like Killzone a complete facelift with its sequel.

The other games I named in that quick list are all hits and will prompt sequels that will be hits as well. Uncharted 2 is hands down the best game on the console. Heavy Rain is the best game of 2010 but in that regard if Heavy Rain spawns a sequel that’s completely amazing with fixes for controller issues, it has a chance to overtake Uncharted 2. Xbox 360 on the other hand has more sequels than original games, granted there are some games that are original that are amazing to play. Gears Of War is the best series they have on the Xbox 360. Halo: Reach is on its way and from all the early build footage and from the beta I have played of it, the game looks stellar but we will see how that translates to sales and ratings.

Gears Of War 3 is a long ways off not coming out until April 2011, but I am eagerly awaiting its launch. Outside of those two games, I have yet to be blown away by anything else except Gears 3, Halo: Reach, and Alan Wake. Splinter Cell: Conviction and Just Cause 2 are very fun games to play but they do not have my level of interest as the other three games I mentioned. And then we enter the realm of Motion Gaming for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Playstation Move has been previewed and it has been shown how the Move works with games that are developed for it. It will also work with games such as the yet to be released SOCOM: US Navy Seals 4, another hotly anticipated PS3 game for 2010. LittleBigPlanet will also allow users to utilize the Move to create more user content for the PS3 classic. There are games designed just for the Move such as Sports Champions, Motion Fighter, Eyepet, as well as Toy Story 3. Move will have a bunch of more games for it at launch or within the launch window. A game yet to be announced for the Playstation Move is Ape Escape, a game that I feel will be very successful for the type of device that this is. The Move will be sold in a variety of ways and its going to be priced very well to help move units and make a huge impact on the success of the device.

From the design angle, Move looks like it has been built from the ground up to have major success. Project Natal on the other hand is a complete mystery to users all over. All that is known about Project Natal is that it will incorporate the gamers body into the games designed for it via the Camera and Motion Sensors built into the device. Another aspect of the Natal are the rumors surrounding its lag time and inability to function in the dark. The only video of this device in action is the video that was shown at E3 2009. Sony has since shown off the Move in many instances as well as shown how it operates in games and via tech demos. The Natal was  shown off a bit after E3 but only a single demo was shown and it was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. It was discussed more then it was shown. This is a problem for gamers interested in such a device for there Xbox 360 since it will be released this holiday season to compete directly with Playstation Move. So from June 2010 to November/December 2010, gamers will have to decide in that short period of time if Natal is right for them or should they opt in for the Playstation Move which at this point looks like the obvious move since Playstation Move has so much more going for it.

I know I opened slamming the Wii with its motion based gaming and now I am explaining which of the two systems PS3 and Xbox 360, will have the better of the technology. I am anxious to use Playstation Move since it seems to appeal to hard core gamers a bit more then the casual market. However, I hope that the device isn’t used just to say we have motion controls much like how Nintendo does with online gaming and Netflix functions. In the end, Playstation Move should and will most likely be the better choice for gamers who are interested in Motion Based gaming outside of the Wii. E3 2010 will show us a lot more for both devices and will also tell us pricing and availability.

Hard Core gamers and gamers in general should be looking more at the Playstation line since there is just hit after hit inbound throughout the year. Each game come from Sony and there in house first. Third party exclusives are going to be a major success as well as the upcoming announcements such as Twisted Metal, LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Syphon Filter, Warhawk 2 (A.K.A. StarHawk), SOCOM 4, Sly Cooper, Jak, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XIV, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the PS3. We will know more once E3 hits but if all indications are correct, the PS3 is going to be almost unstoppable when it comes to fantastic software inbound. Xbox 360 users will have Halo: Reach, Gears Of War 3, and Alan Wake. Outside of that I really don’t see anything bigger then those three and 2 of the are to be released in 2010. E3 will certainly answer a lot for the future games lineup for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

You cannot go wrong picking either console but from a shear angle of hits, the PS3 is hand down the place to be. For starters, the system has everything you need in box with the exception of component cables or HDMI. There’s only one separate purchase for the console. The 360 requires a purchase for rechargeable batteries, Wireless Adapter, bigger Hard Drive, and a recharging kit for batteries. There is also another issue for the Xbox 360, power supplies. The system’s power supply can double as a brick for a skyscraper and that’s me being nice. There is also a separate power supply for the HD-DVD player if anyone on this planet owns that. However, there is a device out there that people will own but Microsoft has yet to deny the validity of these reports. It is reported that Natal will have its own power supply and a separate USB Cable to dock it to the console. How many power supplies does it take? If you have your Wi-Fi adapter plugged into the back where does the Natal plug into?

The Xbox 360 feels much like a system you have to put together rather then customize, for it to be your own system. It’s just an annoyance overall. I cannot stand having wires strung all over the place just to play a video game. Like I mention throughout this article, E3 will answer a lot. But in my personal opinion, PS3 has the momentum currently and will have the success in the long term since the Xbox 360 is treating the Natal launch as a console launch. This is why Gears Of War 3 is coming next year and not this year. If Natal fails, what then? Do you release Gears Of War 3 next year only to announce the next Xbox at E3 2011? The future is very questionable for the Xbox 360, but that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong. Now I’m going to make like a tree…and get outta’ here. Leave feedback and you comments in the comment area and I will respond if there either positive or negative.

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E3 2009 Coverage – Sony

June 15, 2009 By: Category: Video Games

psp Phew, I just got done watching the entire conference from Sony…WOW! They really came out to this show to leave everyone talking and they pulled it off successfully. From the start it was a little slow, they opened up with the recently leaked PSP Go!

The newly designed PSP which drops the UMD slot, picks up a 16GB Flash Based Hard Drive, Sliding Screen, New Memory Stick Support, and repositioned buttons. The screen did lose a half to a full inch in size but it picks up tremendous picture quality in the process.

The system obvisously cannot play your old PSP games but what it can do is download games Via the Playstation Store or uploaded from a PS3 with a USB cable. Given the fact that there is a 16GB hard drive, space is not an issue. However, this is forcing people to buy games again that they already own or is pushing them away from buying the UMD versions later on.

Kaz Harai, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, announced that the PSP Go! will not replace the current PSP 3000 model or any of the models at all. It will simply compliment todays more digital consumer with Full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Support. You will no longer need to use a wired headset if you want to play online, with Bluetooth now equipped into this device, wires are not an issue.

The system is also NOT compatible with the current memory sticks being used in the current PSP models. It instead utilizes the new M2 Format Micro Stick which is a much more higher density, more secure memory stick. But with a USB cable and the Free PSP Software for your PC, you can transfer saves over.

The Stage Is Set:

Meet PSP Go!:

Go Features:

The PSP Go! will also be sold in two colors, just like the DSi is being currently sold. The PSP Go! will be available in North America on October 1st, 2009 for an MSRP of $249.99. This is pricey since NO USB or Memory Stick is included. I know its marketed to the Wireless & Digital lifestyle, but come on Sony give us something else in box other then documentation. They did announce the expansion of PSone classics for the PSP.

50 New Titles will be added onto the Playstation Store with titles such as Medal Of Honor, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut and at long last….Final Fantasy VII. ALL Three games are available now! The first two hit on Monday and Final Fantasy VII went live on the Playstation Store when it was announced at the press conference. It retails for $9.99, much different from when i bought it almost 12 years ago. This was a hotly anticipated PSone classic and the most demanded game to be released in the Americas for the PSP. The game has been available in Japan for quiet some time now and now its available to all of us. You can buy it on the PSP or the PS3 and play it amongst the two consoles.

While on the subject of PSP, Kaz Harai introduced Hideo Kojima to announce Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. A direct sequel to Snake Eater, this game is the missing link between Snake Eater and Metal Gear. Its an entirely new game developed for PSP and only on PSP. Unlike Rising, it will not be a spin off. You continue as Big Boss, A.K.A Naked Snake, and continue his mission to build Outer Heaven. The game takes place in the 1970’s in the middle of the US and Soviet Union conflicts and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The trailer shown the year 1974 and centers around Costa Rica which is without an army and in need of one without government ties.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker will his store shelves for the PSP in 2010. Gran Turismo, the original launch title for the PSP which was never released, was finally given a street date and was shown off in a new trailer. It will ship alongside the PSP Go! on October 1st. The game will feature 60 frames per second graphics as well as car trading and sharing via Ad Hoc. No word on if this game will have online play. My best guess is that Sony and Polyphony have yet to figure out how to get it to work. Sony then announced Resident Evil Portable for the PSP. It will ship in 2010 and it will be a brand new game for the PSP and not a remake.

Start Your Engines…For Real This Time:

GT In Game:

Resident PSP:

Give Peace….err….Snake A Chance:

Sony also announced SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3, LittleBigPlanet PSP, Motor Storm: Arctic Edge, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. All these games will be available for the PSP this holiday season. The PSP certainly got a lot of love from Sony this year at E3 and it was in need of it. Sony has been lagging way behind Nintendo and this may be the shot it needs to give it those sales it deserves. Jak & Daxter PSP was shown in trailer form, but not mentioned.

PSP owners, your voices have been heard, great games and features are coming. Soul Calibur was also shown off in trailer form as well as Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake, EchoChrono, Hot Shots Tennis & Golf, Harry Potter, Hannah Montana, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, as well as the entire 2010 EA Sports Line. PSP is really turning it up a huge notch, and its about time. Sony really wants people to have no more excuses when it comes to PSP, now there are not anymore.

Playstation 3 was really where all the heavy hitters were announced. Playstation Home is expanding more and more each day, and now users can go into the Home service and download more content available as well as watch the entire E3 Press Conference in person with actual players and interact to each announcement and analyze each and every detail. Its a great feature to have since it really lets the users interact with each other.

Sony announced that Disney has now partnered with Playstation Home to bring more content to the Playstation Home service as well as bringing new content for LittleBigPlanet such as clothes for your Sack Person from Pirates Of The Caribbean as well as the many popular Disney/Pixar universe. New Home game spaces for Resident Evil, The Godfather 2, Street Fighter 4, as well as all the content for those games available on Home have sold very well and the Home service has grown tremendously in its 6 months of availability to the public. Sony went on to announce that 2009 will be the biggest year for PS3 with huge titles.

Ratchet Go!:

To show off what they meant, a live demo of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was shown. The demo showed off the games immense single player campaign. You reprise the role of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who has a knack for getting into serious trouble…but manage to maintain a sense of humor about it. The massive scope of this game is astounding, the graphics are once again amazing but even better this time around with a much more refined graphics system.

The demo showed Drake escaping the onslaught of a fighter chopper all the while trying to escape a building that you are hiding in is taking huge damage is crumbling underneath you. As the building falls into another, you dive into the window of another building and as u survive, Drake jokingly says “We were almost in that”. The humor is there and it is once again refreshing. Uncharted 2 will ship this Fall for PS3. The game also has online multiplayer and online co-op play.

Ubisoft took the stage and demoed Assassin’s Creed 2. During the demo, it was announced that Assassin’s Creed will be coming to the PSP and it will feature PSP – PS3 connectivity. Both games will be available this Holiday season. Sony also went onto announce that Rockstar Games is currently working on a new title only for the Playstation 3 called “Agent”. The game only had its logo shown and some snippets of detail were given. You are an agent in the darkest hours of the 1970’s. Nothing more then that. 2010 i assume is a target for when this game will be released.

Sony then continues with more bombshells then an Iraqi storage facility with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV!! Thats right, XIV. Final Fantasy XIV is a completely NEW Online MMO Only For PS3…for now anyway. Its a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XI from the PS2, PC, and Xbox 360 and it will be available Next Year shortly after the release of Final Fantasy XIII. That one was a megaton, but it doest stop there.

Final Fantasy XIV?? Oh, Its True:

In Game:

You Are The Agent:

The biggest news from Sony this year was the introduction of there Motion Sensor technology. Sixaxis was just a small sample of what they intend on doing. Rather then making a controller that makes a 3D character move or using a camera that animates you into the game, there working with the Playstation Eye Camera and with a newly developed controller to make your whole person live in a completely 3D world.

The live demo shown was absolutely amazing, i have never seen technology like this used in such a scope. The demo was very primitive in nature since all of the technology and software is still very beta and not even close to release. The controller like device was shown in a very early prototype form and it was astounding to see the level of interaction a prototype can have. It was insane to see the movements, actions, and reactions the games have while you are being placed into them.

Using a crossbow, sword, gun, paint brush, pen, spray paint, and driving a tank or other car never looked so easy to do in a 3D perspective. They even showed the amount of detail given to the motion controls by using spray paint to write on a wall. The response of the player ad software was stellar, it was exactly all in real time. No delays here, it was ridiculous to see how well Sony has pulled this off. This has been in development for a few years now, i knew of something in prototype form, but i never suspected this is what Sony was working on.

There is no name for this product other then “PS3 Motion Controller”. The controller even changes color indicting your throwing a fireball, wielding a sword, shooting a gun, or simply using a paint brush. The level of detail that went into this device is astounding. There is also force feedback integrated into the device as well so when your sword makes contact or weapon fires, you will get an actual feeling of that back to you instantly.

The feedback will be determined by the force of the opposing object or the amount of force you put into it. So if you underhand a ball or fire a cannon, you will have the correct amount of feedback. A crossbow demo was shown off, you can even reach behind you and pull out the arrows from your satchel. Since the device uses the Eye camera, it knows you body’s movements. In the end, when its finally released, Sony will capture the motion control gaming department almost completely from Nintendo. This technology absolutely dwarfs what Natal is doing in leaps and bounds.

Your The Main Character Now:

Your New Pet:

God Of War 3 had a huge presence with a live demo shown off for the game on stage for all to see. The demo shows the traditional hack and slash gameplay with the amazing 60 frames per second graphics. The game is set in the time of epic wars being waged on by all the gods. The gameplay remains intact with all new features and abilities. The demo ended with a caption: MARCH 2010.

Once again the game gets delayed. Eyepet was once again shown in trailer form only to have an announced date of Fall 2009. Seems to me that the PSP Go! leak was a good thing, it showed to the media that Sony can pull off some mega announcements as well, here’s another. Project “Trico” has been in development for over a year, the game is now know as “The Last Guardian”. It will be developed by the same team that created Ico for the PS2. 2010 is the street date for this one.

Gran Turismo 5 was also shown off for the PS3. The announcements just kept on rolling in, one after another. GT 5 will feature the same detail and massive car library, but it has acquired something much more…NASCAR!! GT revs up in 2010. Sony also announced there definitive Mario Kart killer, Modnation Racers. This PS3 exclusive will ship next year and it features a huge variety of features. This game is being dubbed LittleBigRacer since its team designed it after being inspired by LBP, everything in this game is designed by the players. The drivers, cars, courses, environments….everything.

They showed off the power of the course editor by creating an actual course in real time in 5 minutes complete with weapons, mountains, and sheep. You build the courses, cars, and characters and upload them to the Playstation Network. Create, Share, Race is the tag line. This is a game i am strongly looking forward too and can see a spin off on PSP. This Kart racer may be the single best kart racer ever, and that is saying a lot.

MARCH 2010:

Modnation Logo:

Course Creation:


MAG, Massive Action Game, was also shown for the first time in real time. On stage a demo was shown with 16 players on stage playing against 240 others online all in realtime. Its a first person SOCOM!! This game will be available this Fall. The detail in this game is astounding, you literally are in control of this war and the depth of gameplay seems endless.

In the end, Sony absolutely killed at this years E3 showing off a ton of upcoming and in the future software and hardware. This is a great time to be in the playstation family, join it if your not convinced…watching there press conference most assuredly will. Fantastic Showing!!



-Motion Controller Looks Unbeatable

-Megaton After Megaton Announcements

-Final Fantasy XIV!!

-Huge User Created Content Based Games Announced

-Modnation Racers

-PSP Go! Looks Awesome

-Final Fantasy VII Returns!!

-PSP Finally Gets The Library And Showing It So Desperately Needs

-Great Balance For All Playstation Platforms and Network

-Strong Third Party Support

-New Rockstar Game Exclusive: Agent

-Gran Turismo 5 & PSP Are Coming

-Huge Library Of Classic Games Gets Even Better

-Sony Is Now Serious About Playstation 3 & PSP


-God Of War 3 Delayed Again

-PSP Go! Way Over Priced

-Too Many Stale Hannah Montana Jokes

-Hannah Montana PSP Bundle Set

-Too Much Metal Gear (Normally Not A Problem, But 4 New Games At Once?)

-2010 Is A Wide Window For A Release Date

-PSP Go! May Keep Spurn Current PSP Owners Away With Lack Of UMD Support

-No Price Drop Or Hard Drive Increase For PS3

-Spring 2010 Is Not Happening For The Motion Controller

-No News On Jak & Daxter

-Leaks Killed The Excitement Level For PSP Go

-What Took Them This Long To Be Serious About PS3 & PSP?

-The Conference Ended
Official Score:

Sony’s E3 2009 Press Conference: A+

Best Of Show

To Find Out More Information About EVERY Game Shown, Click Here:

To Watch The Sony E3 2009 Press Conference, Click Here:

I would like to thank Engadget, Joysitq, Kotaku, Gamespot, Microsoft. Nintendo, and Sony for hosting these events on there respected sites and for sharing these images with the gaming community. All the shots shown here are from each of these sites.

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E3 2009 Coverage – Microsoft

June 10, 2009 By: Category: Video Games

LeftForDead2 The Beatles opened up the show this year for Microsoft. Paul, Ringo, and Yoko all were on hand for the on stage demo of The Beatles: Rock Band. It seemed like they had absolutely no idea what was going on at all which is sad, the only thing they knew was that the bands name is being used to sell a product. Basically, money is to be made so we have to make an appearance. At least Metallica, AC/DC, and Van Halen all know what it is there getting involved with.

From there on out, it was an all out celebrity all you can eat feast, for every game there was someone there to announce it. There was a strong presence for the Xbox Live Arcade this year with lots of announcements of new games as well as new features for the Xbox Live Marketplace. The introduction of Live Broadcast TV, Live.FM (which is an online radio site with millions of members), SKY (Europe only, its a TV Streaming Service), Netflix 2.0 For Xbox 360, Zune Video Marketplace, and the announcement of FULL 1080p video coming to the marketplace.

Video on demand gets a major overhaul since all your Netflix video will be brought straight to your dashboard rather then staying in your Netflix section of your profile on Xbox Live. What i find interesting about this is that it shows that all the issues that have plagued the Netflix integration on Xbox 360 are being resolved and addressed, and the fact that they are going to Full True High Definition shows that they have noticed what Sony is doing with there Video Store and are being aggressive to close the gaps on there service. All the while, this new video service is the highlight of there announcements to start the show, an announcement they missed to mention at the show was the fact that Games On Demand is coming to Xbox Live! This is a huge feature folks, heres why.

The Stage Is Set:

The Beatles Ladies & Gentlemen:

For starters, you will be able to download and play FULL retail versions of Xbox 360 titles on your console through a download from Xbox Live. This will eliminate the need to own the actual game. Another great feature of this is that you will NOT be required to use Marketplace Points, you will be able to link a credit card to the purchases.

This will open up the doorways for many people who wish to own a game but do not want to tie up there entertainment center with more cases. And if the game is sold out, you can always own it. This also eliminates the noisy CD drive all together, the only downside from i can see with this feature is that it will eat up your hard drive. Playing games could never be made easier, if you like On Demand TV Services from your Cable or Satellite provider, your going to love this. Another announcement you will love is that Facebook and Twitter are coming to Xbox Live.

They brought out the preppy and annoying Felicia Day from MTV’s The Hills to announce it. And honestly, i heard shouts of “Boring”, “Boo”, and “Move On” throughout her entire piece. She had no business being there, but then again she has the most friends on Facebook once again proving that in America if you know a lot of people or have had a lot of kids, your famous for some reason.

The integration is seamless and fast, you can see all your friends status, send messages and all of the other Facebook and Twitter features are there and in use. If your friend on Facebook has Xbox Live, you and there Avatars will be shown in plain view. This is a great way to add Social Networking to an already huge Social Networking gaming service and it might just increase the user base. A great addition and a great way to get your product shown around.

Facebook 360:

Once all the new features were announced, they showed off Major Titles as well as announced unknown titles. The biggest shock to me was the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2! The first game just came out back in November 2008, a sequel less then a year announced and shown with a street date is huge and shows that this game has a huge fan base and a strong following. I was shocked it was announced so soon, i knew it was coming but just not now.

Left 4 Dead 2 will center mostly in New Orleans as you and your 3 friends try to fend off the Zombie Apocalypse. More co-op features as well as new weapons and interactions are to be had. It looks like Team Fortress 2 only with monsters. This game will hit shelves for both the 360 and PC on November 17th. Crackdown 2 finally announced, why i am not so sure but at the same time it did get a huge pop from the crowd which is good considering the first game got panned by everyone and it was only purchased to get the Halo 3 beta invite.

This time around no beta invites are to be had and with a new house developing this game, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope to be had for this game. The tag is “The CIty Is Infected…You Are The Cure”. The next set of announcements came in the form of Halo. Halo 3: ODST which will be a expansion of sorts for Halo 3 which we all knew was coming will finally hit shelves on September 22nd and will feature new suppression weapons as well as night vision.

The game certainly takes a Que from both Killzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. In box with ODST will be a limited edition Xbox 360 Controller with ODST embroidering all over it. But the biggest announcement involving Halo is the showing of the New Game: Halo: Reach. The game will ship in 2010, none is known about the game other then it is being developed by the New Halo Staff. The game got a huge pop with the crowd and it will launch 2010. ODST looks very promising, they did not just take the Halo 3 name and made an upgrade, they made an entirely new game all together. I am looking forward to it. Online multiplayer and Co-Op are included with ODST when it ships September 22nd.

Left 4 Dead 2 Logo:

Left 4 Dead 2 Working Together:

Halo: Reach Has Been Shown:

Amidst all the Halo news and rumors, Modern Warfare 2 absolutely stole the show. It is being talked about all over the internet and all over the gaming world. It will ship November 11 Only For Xbox 360…for a limited time. I have the sense that this game will be only for the 360 for the holiday season and then it will become a PS3 game as well. But in the mean time, there will be exclusive maps only available for the Xbox 360.

One of the new maps shown was a snow covered mountain map that requires the use of snow mobiles to cover all the ground. You get new weapons, explosions are all over, as well as the core online multiplayer intact with huge improvements. You and your team must work together to cover all the terrain on these maps in this HUGE upgrade to Modern Warfare. This game is definitely the most anticipated game of the year by far and now i am convinced about it.

I own the first game on PS3 and was not entirely blown away by it. Yes its exciting and addicting, but you get killed way to much. I hear the 360 version is the one to get but when i tried to buy it, it was sold out. I can see these game being the biggest 360 shooter to date. This game will once again launch first on the 360 and will make its way to PS3 sometime after the 360 launch.

Let’s Go Snow Riding:

Microsoft had shown lots of features and software, but what about hardware? The heavily rumored and recently patented “motion camera” was finally revealed at E3 2009. This “Project Natal” was shown off first in video form with a trailer showing off the many features of this device. This device will feature a camera, microphone, and optical scanner devices that can scan your entire body into the game as well as objects you can bring into the game with you.

For example, instead of using the Tony Hawk Ride board, you could have the Natal scan your own skate board into the game, and use it in the actual game. It will add your skate boards design and colors to the games skate board, making it more of an actual experience that you can create rather then using a pre-mapped design. You can also animate yourself into a fighting game by making actual contact with the characters in the game. Sort of like a Karate Kid element, this feature was shown off by showing someone playing a Karate game with the Sansei saying “Welcome, are you back for more?” This alluding to the fact that the camera and the games will know who is playing and has the ability to recognize and differentiate the players.

This is huge considering the fact that the only way the games know who is who is determined by the profile that is signed in. You can also use the the Natal to have virtual online conferences with friends and even share content with each other for your and there avatars. Video was shown by having two tween girls talking about an upcoming party and dresses were exchanged amongst the both of them. Microsoft is really backing this device as the “future of entertainment” as it is shown using other features of the Xbox 360 such as using it to run the Netflix application by sliding through the video library as well as using voice commands to control your system. Such as you can say “Play Movie” to start the film, and “Good Night” to shut down the system all together.

Project Natal:

The Device Itself:

The device is also being titled the “future of entertainment” in a sense of where, in Microsoft’s perspective, the industry is going. And for a little bit of help on that, they contacted Steven Spielberg to help them develop this device. Why they wouldn’t ask for Pixar isn’t a mystery here, but this is the man who was the Executive Producer of Back To The Future so he knows how to be innovative and think outside of the box.

The device is shaped like the Wii Sensor Bar, colored like the Wii Sensor Bar, positioned like the Wii Sensor Bar…see the theme here? While i like the device, i feel that in the end, it will be a much more detailed Xbox Live Vision Camera with Playstation Eye and Wii features. I wish them the best of luck with this device, they will need it with the stranglehold Nintendo has on the motion controlled games department.

More into the user created content department with the Xbox Live Arcade racer “Joy Ride”. This FREE application will launch later this year, you design everything in this game and just go crazy with the cartoonish nature of the game. The fact that it is free is insane and your driver will be YOU. Your avatar will be the driver. But if your looking for more of a serious racer, Forza Motorsport 3 has been announced officially. This game has the look and feel of a Gran Turismo and even posses a serious threat to the GT fan base. The game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second and will feature 400 Cars from 50 car companies like Ford, GM, Nissan, and Toyota to name a few. If these companies need a bail out, thats another story.

The car detail is amazing and the Forza physics engine has been left in tact and in fact it has been completely revitalized with all new features. The paint shop once again returns with mountains of features as well as the return of the Xbox Live Car Trading and Sharing and Selling. The game will also introduce a much more in depth video editor feature which will allow you to create amazing video shows for all to see.

Lets Take A Joyride:

Forza 3 Detail:

Forza 3 Running At 60 Frames Per Second:

The biggest news was the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. A newly developed Xbox 360 Metal Gear game showcasing Raiden as the main character. This is a huge blow to Sony considering that MGS has been the centerpiece of the Playstation catalog. Nothing is known about this game other then it will be out in 2010 and it is currently being developed on the Xbox 360, rather then For the Xbox 360 which will indicate that it is being made only for Xbox 360. Another issue i have is that it is not a NEW MGS game, its more of a spin off since it shows Cyborg Raiden from Guns Of The Patriots. The crowd went nuts thinking it was that game for the 360 and were left in awe that it is a new title being made for Xbox 360. It is nice to see MGS finally expanding onto other consoles, its just now its becoming the game that will be released several times a year which can lead it to become stale. I look forward to it since i am a Huge MGS fan, should be interesting to see hat is going on in between MGS 2 – 4.

Metal Gear Solid Rising:

All in all, Microsoft had a strong showing but i wasn’t completely floored at what i saw. They had tons of celebrities but then again, thats what all my peers noted in all there reports. It was fun to watch but there were lots of moments where i was left wondering: What? In the end, it was a solid show. I look forward to the new Gears Of War 2 content as well as the many features to be introduced into Xbox 360.


-On Demand Gaming Is Huge

-Payment Methods For Content Are Made Easier

-Lots Of Social Networking Coming

-Left 4 Dead 2 was a shocker

-Modern Warfare 2 Exclusive Content and First To 360

-Full HD Experience Is Coming

-Facebook Integration and Twitter Integration

-New User Generated Content Games

-Forza Motorsport 3 Is Amazing

-Zune Video Marketplace Expands Content

-Live TV Broadcasting

-Metal Gear Solid Is Coming To Xbox 360


-Too Many Celebrities Showing Things They Know Nothing About

-Too Many Moments Of “Uhhhh….What?”

-Metal Gear Solid Rising Is NOT An Exclusive, It Was Handled Like It Was

-All These New Features Are Shown, How There Stored Is A Mystery

-Yoko Ono Was There

-Too Many TBD 2010 Dates

-Rare Was A No Show, Why??
Official Score:

Microsoft’s E3 Score: C+

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I would like to thank Engadget, Joysitq, Kotaku, Gamespot, Microsoft. Nintendo, and Sony for hosting these events on there respected sites and for sharing these images with the gaming community. All the shots shown here are from each of these sites.

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E3 2009 Coverage – Nintendo

June 04, 2009 By: Category: Video Games

SuperMarioGalaxy As the market leader, what does the folks over at the Mushroom Kingdom have in store for the masses? Nintendo walked into E3 with lots of questions being asked and left there conference answering all of them and then some. They really knocked this one out of the park in a sense with the fact that they stuck with the games and excitement, rather then tell us there sales numbers. Which is why bothered me about Nintendo in recent years when it comes to E3 or the Tokyo Game Show, the constant need to tell me how much they sold. I don’t care for pie charts, pie is awesome, but i don’t need to see numbers, i want to see great software. And like Microsoft, Nintendo delivered on so many levels.

They kicked things off with the one, the only: Mario. What a great way to start things off, they show a trailer of what is out and what is being talked about, and then they dive right into the future. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a clone of the Zelda Four Swords spin off games in a sense, instead of wielding swords and shields, you are running around working cooperatively. You and up to 3 friends can work together playing through classic levels as well as new levels all in the same 3D engine that was used in the Classic New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS. This game is not a sequel to that, this is something entirely new all together.

Mr. Miyamoto has been trying to find new ways to adapt Mario to new forms of gaming. First it was Super Mario Bros. then Super Mario Bros. 3 and then Super Mario World. Each platform game redefined the way 2D platform gaming should be played. Then along came Nintendo 64, how would Mario be introduced to this new medium of gaming? Super Mario 64 was the answer. This game became the most successful 3D platformer EVER, and spawned hundreds of clones including Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, it even showed rival Sonic The Hedgehog how to do 3D. Mario has done it all, so how do we break the fourth wall. This game is the answer, so claims Nintendo.

Here’s Reggie:

Here’s Cammie:

Its a great concept at its core, but once again, will Nintendo take the leap and let people play this online? All they talked about was working with friends near by and nothing of those overseas. It would make the game that much more enjoyable thats for sure. The way it works is simple, Mario, Luigi, and two Toads will play through the entire game. Each working together to complete goals and reach higher areas of the game. All the while, utilizing new items such as the Penguin Suit and the Propeller Suit. Its stressed that you should work together rather then against each other, although they haven’t said there is no competitive play in this game. New Super Mario Bros.

Wii will hit store shelves this Fall. It looks like a bit combo of Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3 along with New Super Mario Bros. Looks very addicting and promising, hopefully online is included. Another big announcement was Wii Fit Plus. The heavily rumored game featuring the same mechanics as the first game but with new exercise routines, new mini games, new stat tracking via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can also run through obstacle courses as well as go into the locker room and customize your character. You can also set a personal timer to training activities that you wish to work out on. This increases the workout routines dramatically as well as makes it more flexible and easier to manage rather then just going for a few minutes or so, you can pace yourself that much better. Wii Fit Plus will ship with the Wii Balance Board and as a stand alone product later this fall. This is going to be another mega hit for Nintendo and I’m completely sure it will be all over the news just like its counterpart.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

Working Together:

The announcements only got bigger from there, the theme of the show for Nintendo was “Everyone’s Game” and they really had a strong showing backing that theme. They had games for the hardcore such as the Mario game they opened the show with but a bigger announcement followed later on in the press conference: Nintendo & Team Ninja Present…Metroid Other M!! This is a megaton of epic proportions considering there hasn’t been a traditional console metroid since the SNES. And the fact that Nintendo is working on this game with the folks who make Ninja Gaiden shows they have all the intentions of making a mega hit.

This game got a HUGE pop, it was the biggest pop of the show for Nintendo. The game showcases both first person shooting and third person gameplay. Classic Metroid to say the least, i had no idea this one was coming. I was blown away by the trailer which i though for sure was a Star Fox game considering the space elements. But once i saw Zero Suit Samus, thats when i knew.

Nintendo is really going all out with there classic characters by revitalizing them with newer, more cutting edge games. Little is known about the new Metroid other then it will launch in 2010. Its a Wii game that will sell units easily no question, only question is will it be a Spring Sensation or a Summer Blockbuster? We’ll see in time I assume. Nintendo also announced a slew of Nintendo DS titles as well as a release window for Mario & Luigi RPG 3! This game will be renamed Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story and it will hit store shelves this Fall.

Almost a full year after it’s Japanese release, this hotly anticipated RPG will feature the gameplay engine, humor, graphics and additive nature the first two game had. You are also going to be getting, at long last, Golden Sun DS! This has been a game i have been eager for since Golden Sun: The Lost Age for Gameboy Advance. FInally a fully 3D Golden Sun, this RPG has a huge fanbase. I remember seeing the first gam and right away i knew Nintendo had a hit on there hands. Why the long delay for the new game I’m not so sure but all i do know is that this RPG on DS has a shot at being bigger then the upcoming Final Fantasy games on the DS. It’s that popular. This is a game you will have to wait for folks, 2010 is the tentative release window.

Metroid: Other M:

In Game Metroid:

Mario & Luigi RPG 3:

Another big announcement was Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Mini’s March Again. This was quite the surprise since i wasn’t expecting Nintendo to continue this series for a bit since the second game has been a huge success for user created content on the DS. You can play the game alone to complete it, but if you really want to get the most of out this game, its the level editor that the bulk of this game lives in. You can upload these levels online and share them world wide for free.

Here’s the kicker, this new game will be DSiWare and be available for all to download, no hard copy required, just have some DSi Points and download it and poof, its yours. Here’s the best part: Its Available Monday June 8th, 2009!! It’s as if your shot in the back by Buford Tannen…Thats This Monday!! That was an awesome announcement. I wish more companies would do this, Microsoft and Sony did it with beta’s and demo’s last year. Nintendo released a full game rather then release a demo or beta. Points for Nintendo. Mario dominated there show, as he should, however there were others there this year that shock up the crowd. Final Fantasy was no exception.

The Crystal Bearers will hit the Wii later this year and it will continue the Crystal Chronicles story line even further. But how is this for a megaton: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS WILL launch in America September 29th, 2009. The game will feature full motion video as well as the gameplay from this legendary franchise. The voice over work will be included as well. The game just launched in Japan last week. Nintendo also showed off there newest accessories for the Wii. The Wii Motion Plus adapter allows for more accurate controls as it was shown with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 and Wii Sports Resort. Both games will be packed with this device when they ship. Wii Sports Resort will hit store shelves July 28th, 2009 and Tiger will be released June 8th, 2009.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong…Next Week It Continues:

Take A Vacation In The Resort:

Or A Jog In Wii Fit Plus Obstacle Courses:

The other accessory shown off was the Wii Vitality Sensor. A device that measures your pulse and heart rate to determine your mood and the way your react in certain situations in game play. Nothing more was said about the device other then it has been developed to ease the tension in your life. The device plugs into your Wii Remote and slides onto your finger. Rumors will be abound about the nature of this device but one thing is for sure…it was the weirdest moment I have seen at E3 in recent memory.

Ubisoft showed off there newest project for the DS, COP: You Are The Recruit. You use the touch screen to play this game much like how you did with GTA Chinatown Wars since this game will be a mix of that and Driver since there is a mixture of both driving and on foot missions. No release date has been scheduled for this one but given the popularity of the PSP hit Pursuit Force, i like the chances this game has for success. Another feature announced for the DSi this time around is the introduction of FlipNote Studio. This application is DSiWare only and it will allow you to create, edit, view, and share your content online. It will utilize the touch screen, camera, and microphone to the fullest as it will launch for the Nintendo DSi this Summer. This application should have a role in this next announcement made for the DSi once again, and it concerns the DSi Camera.

Nintendo has announced that the DSi will fully integrate Facebook into its DSi Camera’s options. You can take pictures, modify, and then upload them to your Facebook Profile as well as view pictures of your friends. This feature will launch this Fall, how it will be installed thats another story.

COPS…Filmed On Location With The Men And Woman Of DS:

Nintendo showed off more about The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks although they only talked about it. As the game will launch Holiday 2009, the only information about this game available is that it will continue to be the cartoon Link, your method of transportation will be via Train and you will have a new sidekick, a Phantom. This character can control the shadow monsters. Nintendo did not drop a megaton related to Zelda, but they did with Mario once again.

Nintendo has officially announced the first direct sequel to a Mario game with Super Mario Galaxy 2!! Nintendo showed so much of the game’s engine and it showed something missing from Mario games of recent memory: Mario & Yoshi working together. Rather then those spin off’s Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Island DS, its Super Mario reborn with the announcement of this game. Another returning factor into this game is Bee Mario and the Star Launchers from Mario Galaxy.

The black-holes and the Battle Ships also return as well as Bowser. Storyline is unknown at this time, but the core game remains. It looks like Nintendo has learned from there mistakes from the first game also since i did not see the Star Bits. Lots of different worlds are here to explore as you will continue your quest in outer space. Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be available this Holiday Season, Blast Off!!

Super Mario Galaxy 2:

Mario & Yoshi Once Again:

All Aboard!!!:

In the end, Nintendo showed me a lot and left me with questions at the same time. Why no strong online game presence? Why no news about a new online friends list system. It seems like Nintendo only cares for Online in the sense of commerce rather then for online gaming. I was very excited with this Press Conference, it was a great showing from Nintendo. Lots of good product demo’s and lots of genuine acting here, they were not trying to be excited in a fake sense much like Cammie was last year. It was serious business this year, with the occasional bad joke. Nintendo has shown me a lot, hopefully they can continue this momentum as both Microsoft and Sony have really increased there chances at overtaking them.


-New Metroid From Team Ninja & Nintendo

-New Super Mario Bros. Wii Continues The Classic Series With A New Look

-Super Mario Galaxy 2!!

-Facebook Is Coming To The Nintendo DSi

-Lots Of Strong Third Party Support

-Presenters Knew The Product This Time Around

-Nintendo Is Getting More Mature With There Games

-Newly Announced DSiWare Game Available A Week After Unveiling

-Golden Sun DS Finally Is Announced

-Expanding There Audience With Edger Games With Famous Nintendo Characters


-No New Earthbound

-No Major Wii Shop Channel Announcements

-No Online Gaming Related Announcements Outside Of Content And Sales FIgures

-No Smash Bros. DS

-Where Was Miyamoto?

-Nothing Concrete About The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

-Nintendo Exec’s Failed At Being Funny

-Lots Of Mario, Least Of Any Other Nintendo Character

-Still Marketing To A Certain Group Of Gamer And Not The Entire Gaming World
Official Score:

Nintendo E3 2009: B
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I would like to thank Engadget, Joysitq, Kotaku, Gamespot, Microsoft. Nintendo, and Sony for hosting these events on there respected sites and for sharing these images with the gaming community. All the shots shown here are from each of these sites.

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