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3 years ago

Review of ESPNFILM’S 30 on 30: “The Real Rocky”


chuck wepnerIn 1976, a film about a small time boxer from the streets of Philadelphia named Rocky Balboa who gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Title by the champion named Apollo Creed was released. The film starred and was written by a fairly unknown actor named Sylvester Stallone, and went on to become one of the largest grossing films, and won the 1976 Academy Award for Best Picture. The film I am talking about is, of course, “Rocky.” The film went on to have several sequels, and went on to become one of the most successful movie franchises.

This past Tuesday, ESPN FILM’s 30 on 30 series presented, “The Real Rocky,” by Jeff Feuerzeig. The film discusses the life and career of boxer Chuck Wepner. During Wepner’s career, he was nicknamed “The Bayonne Bleeder” because during a fight between himself and here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

5 years ago

Tyson Documentary is a Knockout


I just finished watching the new Mike Tyson documentary “Tyson.” The documentary received limited release earlier this year in movie theaters. I have been hearing a lot about this movie for months. As someone who probably watched every Mike Tyson fight growing up, I was excited to hear about this movie. Needless to say, the movie came out like the Tyson of old and continued with a barrage of knockouts.

As stated above, I remember watching all of Tyson’s fight as a kid. It seemed at the time, that between ESPN and HBO, Tyson was fighting every three months. I got the same feeling watching Mike Tyson enter a ring that I felt whenever I watched Hulk Hogan as a kid. Unlike the Hulkster, none of his fights ever disappointed. I had no idea that here to read more , , , , ,

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