TNA Impact Wrestling Results and September 19 Recap

September 21, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

This week’s Impact Wrestling opens with comments from Magnus regarding his loss last week. He says he’s not happy, but before he can finish, Bobby Roode cuts him off and tells him to blame only himself. Magnus grabs him by the shirt, and that’s when the two members of Bad Influence attack him from behind. Referees and officials eventually split the two sides up.

As the show cuts to the arena, Magnus makes his way out. He says his ribs hurt, his knees hurt and he hasn’t been able to chew food for a week, and it’s all because of how close he came to winning the BFG Series. He wants to say, for the record, AJ Styles, he believes you to be the best in the business and wishes you the best at BFG. However, he has another issue to address. Three individuals decided to involve themselves in that match, and he thinks we can all agree that no one wants anything to do with EGO because this (St. Louis) is Mafia country. The three just jumped him in the back, so here it is: he doesn’t have his family with him. He dares any one of them that has the stones to come down to this ring and face him one-on-one.

Kazarian marches down to the ring, and the two begin brawling. Eventually, Christopher Daniels comes down as well and attacks Magnus from behind. Magnus ducks a Kaz clothesline and sends him to the floor before stomping Daniels down in the corner. Bobby Roode comes down and nails a clothesline, and now it’s a 3-on-1 attack. Sting’s music hits as Sting and Samoa Joe make their way down to clear the ring. Sting tells them that it’s on, and they want a 6-man tag team match tonight.

We see Chris Sabin with Velvet Sky and Manik (unmasked). Sabin saw what Manik demanded of Hulk Hogan last week, and was very impressed how Manik stepped up. Sabin makes some remark about asking Sky out before telling Manik he’s proud of his success, then begins bragging about his own successes before telling Manik, “You’re welcome.” After Manik leaves, Sabin tells Sky he wants to get a closer look at this match. I smell a pointless heel turn.

MATCH 1: Jeff Hardy vs. World X-Division Champion Manik (non-title)
Before the match starts, Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky come out and sit at ringside. Manik applies a side headlock, then goes into an arm wringer. Hardy counters into his own, and Manik counters into a single-leg takedown for 1. Hardy does the same, and we get an indyriffic standoff. Manik puts Hardy in the corner, then whips him across the ring. Hardy counters with a spinning headscissors, sending Manik to the floor. Hardy kicks him through the ropes, then hits a running clothesline from the apron. Back in the ring, Hardy nails a reverse enziguri that sends Manik crashing into the corner. Manik avoids a slingshot dropkick, ducks a clothesline, then drop toe-holds Hardy into the middle rope. He follows up with an inside-out seated dropkick, but misses a springboard cross-body. Hardy hits the Botch in the Wind for 2. He goes for the Twist, and Manik counters with a fireman’s carry facebuster. He goes for his finisher (still doesn’t have a name, and Hardy escapes. Manik counters into a roll-up for 2. He tries for a neckbreaker out of the corner, but Hardy blocks and hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy connects with the swanton bomb and gets 3.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy. The two shake hands after the match before Hardy leaves the ring. Sabin then enters the ring, applauding Manik before raising his arm. As Manik turns his back, Sabin attacks him, stomping him down. Hardy returns to the ring and chases Sabin off. Sabin begins making a strange grunting noise, then smiles before leaving.

We see Dixie Carter arriving earlier today. AI asks her what’s going on, and she responds with, “A lot going on.” Man, she is a hell of a conversationalist. AI asks her if one of the things going on is AJ Styles, and she responds, “A lot going on.” Dammit if she doesn’t cut an amazing promo!

We see Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky in the back. AI asks why he attacked Manik. He calls Manik the most disrespectful man he’s ever met. No one realizes how much clout he has in TNA, and no one gives him the respect he deserves. He’s going to take his respect.

MATCH 2-Knockouts Championship: ODB vs. Mickie James (Champion)
In case you haven’t heard, this is James’ last match, as she did not come to terms on a new contract with TNA. Hate to spoil the ending, but I figured I might as well get that out of the way. ODB chest-bumps James, and James takes her down. ODB reverses and hits a few punches before hitting a shoulderblock. James thumbs her in the eye, hits a snapmare and a seated dropkick for 1. James hits a kick in the corner, then whips ODB across the ring. ODB blocks the charge and goes for the Clam Buffet, but James snaps her to the mat. James chokes ODB across the middle rope, but ODB retaliates with a spear for 2. James hits a couple of kicks and a flapjack before going to the top rope. She misses the Thesz press, and ODB comes up with a fall-away slam. James slides to the floor and calls for a time-out. ODB tries to pull her back in, but James breaks free, trips her on the apron, then traps her between the apron and the ring skirt. ODB fights back with punches as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, the match is back in the ring, and James scores with a neckbreaker for 2. She goes for the pin once more, getting another 2. James attacks ODB in the corner. ODB reverses a whip before running into a boot and a back elbow. James goes for the Tunacanrana, but ODB counters into a falling powerbomb. The two trade rights, and ODB gets the best of the exchange. James comes back with a kick and a series of forearms before ODB hits a clothesline and a shoulderblock. ODB hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2, then signals for an avalanche in the corner. James blocks it with a pair of boots and hits the Mick Kick. She calls for the standing tornado DDT, but then decides to pull ODB to the corner for a regular tornado DDT. ODB escapes and hits the Bam!

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: ODB, who becomes a 4-time champion. Eric Young and Joseph Park come to the ring to celebrate ODB’s big win when the Bro-Mans interrupt the festivities. Robbie E asks what the hell is going on here, bro? What the hell is going on around this place, bro? They hate to break up this really weird celebration, but it’s one thing for EY to be in the ring, as he’s actually married to “that”. But you, Joseph Park, you’re just a “3rd wheel hamster loser”, bro. But congratulations, because this is the creepiest threesome he’s ever seen. Park takes the mic and asks who in the hell they think they are, trying to diminish the knew Knockouts Champion? How dare these two try to besmirch the tradition of holy matrimony. Lastly, how dare they insult St. Louis in those ridiculous outfits. If he wasn’t wearing his suit jacket, he’d put up his dukes and teach them a lesson. E says that, in “bro-man” terms, it sounds like he’s challenging E to a match, bro. EY takes the mic and says Park has a suit on. Unfortunately for E, he does not.

MATCH 3: Eric Young (w/Joseph Park) vs. Robbie E (w/Jesse)
EY immediately rolls up E out of the corner and gets 3.

WINNER: Eric Young. Yes, that was literally the entire match. E gets on the mic and says that wasn’t a match because he wasn’t ready for EY, bro. He wanted Park. That match didn’t count, and he still wants Park. What’s the matter, Park? Are you scared, you fat bastard? Park takes off the glasses and the jacket and begins heading back to the ring.

MATCH 4: Joseph Park (w/Eric Young) vs. Robbie E (w/Jesse)
E misses a charge in the corner and Park rolls him up for 3.

WINNER: Joseph Park. God, I hate this show so much right now. After the match, the Bro-Mans attack EY and Park from behind, knocking Park to the floor. They hit EY with a hoisted implant DDT, then head out to the floor, where they ram Park face-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, they continue to double-team EY, and Park gets back in the ring, mouth bleeding. The Bro-Mans turn around, and Park hits a double clothesline. Jesse gets hit with a chokeslam, and E receives the Black Hole Slam. Mike Tenay mentions Park’s “brother” Abyss, but then fails to mention that Abyss is their current TV Champion because even he knows the title means d*ck. Park snaps out of his “transformation a few seconds later”, and EY raises his arm.

Hulk Hogan stops Dixie Carter in the back, asking what is going with AJ Styles. She ignores him and plays on Twitter.

Aces and Eights make their way out, led by Bully Ray. He says it sounds like everyone is really happy to see him tonight. He understands the crowd is proud of their World Heavyweight Champion. He then asks where Ken Anderson is before asking the fans a question: do you know who he is? I sure as hell don’t, so maybe someone can fill me in. He’s the World Champion, the president of A and E, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. There is someone he needs to thank. He couldn’t have defended the belt if it wasn’t for someone special. If it wasn’t for someone he has a lot of love for and always does right by him. The reason he continues to be the World Champion…is because of Brooke Tessmacher. Without her, he’d be nothing. She’s like the wind beneath his wings. The way she came to the ring and drilled Anderson right in the nuts for him, she is the reason why he is still the World Champion. During this entire speech, the other 3 members of A and E are all looking on, confused. He turns to them and asks what’s the problem. Wes Brisco begins screaming that they’ve done everything he’s asked, and now, he’s blowing them off for Brooke. Ray tells Wes to watch his mouth, and to not even look at Brooke any more. Garett Bischoff takes the mic and says Wes has a point, reminding him who has been with him since day one. Ever since Brooke came along, Ray’s judgment and priorities are out of whack. Ray says he likes Garett’s passion and guts, but then backs him into the corner and tells him to never “bow up” like that again. He made both members of the Wonder Twins, calling them nobodies before they were brought into the club. If they ever step out of line again, he will smack them both in the face. Knux takes the mic and asks if Ray is going to slap him in the face, too. He’s been a member since day one. Ray has a big mouth, and maybe he’s the guy to shut it for him. They sacrifice night after night so Ray can keep the belt. After the first year-and-a-half, they went from 25 members to 4. The club is falling apart under Ray’s leadership. For the last year, it’s been Bully Ray business, not club business. Ray forgot the first rule of the club: bros before hoes. Ray shoves Knux and grabs the mic. He tells Knux if he ever steps out of line again or refers to Brooke as a “ho”, he will knock Knux’s head off. Knux throws his hat down and steps up to Ray. Ray backs off and leaves the ring with Brooke.

The three remaining members of the Main Event Mafia are in the back. Sting tells Magnus not to forget who he is. Joe says no one runs roughshod over them, and they are going out to get revenge.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come out for a non-title match with the tag champs. If they win, they get a shot at the tag titles. Hernandez needs to beat his tattoo artist to death, then shoot himself for thinking any of that ink looks good. Before the match, Chavo grabs a mic and says that, as much as he “wants to wipe their faces off this mat, and trust me, nothing would please me more”, he’s injured and the doctor has not cleared him for this fight. Sorry, they’re not going to beat you today. Gunner calls them scared, then tells Chavo to shut his mouth. He’s out here to fight, and before he leaves the ring, someone is going to fight him. He asks what’s wrong with Hernandez, then challenges him to a match.

MATCH 5: Hernandez (w/Chavo Guerrero) vs. World Tag Team Co-Champion Gunner (w/James Storm)
Hernandez attacks Gunner in the corner, and Gunner fights out before getting hit with a standing avalanche for 1. A “U-S-A” chant breaks out, despite the fact that all four of these guys are from the same country, and are all in fact from the south. The two trade forearms, with Gunner getting the best of it. He goes for a suplex, and Hernandez counters by dropping Gunner gut-first across the top rope for 1. He chops Gunner in the corner, then whips him hard across the ring. He goes for the over-the-shoulder backbreaker drop, which connects for 2. Gunner blocks a Warrior Splash, then begins nailing some forearms before getting hit with a Pounce. Gunner pulls himself up in the corner, where he backdrops Hernandez to the outside. Hernandez lands on his feet and hits a few forearms before hitting Air Mexico. He punches Gunner in the face, and Gunner fights back from his knees. Hernandez picks him up, and they trade shots until Hernandez hits a kneelift. He looks for a suplex, and Gunner counters into a slingshot suplex. He ducks a clothesline, hits one of his own, lands a back suplex and a boot to the gut that sends Hernandez to the corner. Gunner hits a running forearm and a fall-away slam before hitting a uranage backbreaker for 3.

WINNER: Gunner.

We see AJ Styles in the back, talking to someone on his phone.

MATCH 6: EGO (Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Bobby Roode) vs. The Main Event Mafia (Magnus, Samoa Joe and Sting)
As the MEM come out, Sting heads to the back for a moment, only to resurface with a baseball bat. Joe and Daniels start the match and Daniels clubs Joe from behind off a distraction by Roode. He throws Joe to the corner for some shots to the face and chest before sending him across the ring. Joe counters the charge with a uranage, then begins hitting some punches and kicks on Daniels, sending him to the corner. Joe follows up with a running knee strike and the Face Wash. Daniels slides to the floor before the running boot can connect, and he tags in Kaz, who gets whipped into the ring by Joe. Kaz blocks a corner whip by mounting the middle rope and going for a cross-body, but Joe just walks out of the way. Kaz ends up in the Mafia corner, where Magnus knocks him down with a right. Magnus tags in, and Joe hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by a running boot by Magnus, followed by a running senton by Joe for 2. Magnus drops Kaz with a European uppercut, then tags in Sting, who hits a dropkick that sends Kaz to the floor. Sting throws Kaz over the steps, then whips him into them. Back in the ring, Sting hits Kaz with an inverted atomic drop and goes for a clothesline. Daniels distracts him, so Sting knocks both him and Roode off the apron. Daniels trips Sting from the floor, allowing Kaz to connect with a springboard legdrop. Commercials.

Back from the break, Sting is hitting Roode with rights. Roode comes back with a running kneelift and a big boot for 2. Kaz tags in and hits a chop to the chest before throwing Sting face-first into Daniels’ boot. EGO triple-teams Sting in the corner. Daniels tags in, hits a running clothesline in the corner, then sends him into a spinning heel kick by Kaz for 2. Daniels applies a half-nelson/chinlock combo. Sting fights out, but gets shouldered in the gut. Daniels hits a snapmare and tags in Kaz, who hits a slingshot legdrop for 2 before applying a front chancery. Roode distracts the ref as Sting tries to make the tag, and when the other two members of the Mafia come in, Roode drags Sting back to the EGO corner for a triple-team. Kaz nails Sting with a forearm, and Daniels holds him in place as Roode tags in. He hits a suplex on Sting, then stomps him down. Kaz makes the fake tag behind the ref’s back as he’s distracted by Magnus. He knocks Joe off the apron, then sends Sting into the ropes. Daniels holds him in place, and Sting moves, causing Kaz to nail Daniels. He hits Kaz with a clothesline, then tags in Magnus as Roode tags in. Magnus gets in the typical hot tag offense, ending with the misdirection clothesline. Magnus hits the MDD for 2 as Daniels breaks it up. Joe headbutts Daniels before Daniels throws him to the floor. Sting comes in and chops Daniels, and Kaz attacks from behind. Sting ducks a double clothesline and hits one of his own. Roode in, and he snaps off a DDT on Sting. Joe hits a running hip bump on Roode, followed by a spin kick to the head. He snapmares Roode as Magnus comes off the middle rope with the flying elbow for 2. Daniels breaks up the pin. Joe fights off the two members of Bad Influence, knocking Kaz to the floor. He ducks a Daniels clothesline and hits a suicide dive on Kaz. Daniels signals for his own, but Sting intercepts him with a back body drop. He hits the Stinger Splash and applies the scorpion deathlock. Roode comes in with the baseball bat, but Magnus takes one for the team, stepping between the two and taking a bat shot to the back. Kaz knocks Sting to the floor, and Roode quickly gets the 3 on Magnus.


Up next, AJ Styles confronts Dixie Carter. I know you’re just as thrilled about this as I am.

AJ makes his way out. He says he has been with TNA since day one, busting his butt with his brothers to make this an alternative for you to watch, just trying to put this company on the map. But poof! It happened. Dixie Carter’s daddy bought her a “wrasslin’ company”. No blood, no sweat and no experience in wrestling at all. The problem is she broke up the chemistry that made TNA what it was. That was the problem. She had stars in her eyes, and what happened to those stars? What happened to Jerry Lynn? What happened to Low-Ki’? She traded them in for MMA stars and guys that needed a 2-year paid vacation, only to end up back in another promotion where they belong. And for what? So that Alex Shelley couldn’t be here. So Jay Lethal couldn’t be here. Petey Williams. All these great wrestlers are not here because of that very thing, and it pisses him off. Is he the only one who is pissed off about this? Here’s the biggest mistake, Dixie: it’s staring you right in the face. You’ve given him the opportunity to win YOUR title, and despite what the internet says, he doesn’t have a contract here. And there’s not a contracted wrestler back there that has any respect for you anyway. All of those wrestlers that you picked off one-by-one, you left one standing. He’s going to win the World title. He’s going to do it for him, the other wrestlers, the fans, and Dixie, he’s going to make you get on your knees and beg, and then he’s going to make you pay.

Dixie Carter makes her way out, trying her damnedest to walk/look like Stephanie McMahon in the face. They stand face-to-face and AJ tells her to say something. She’s known AJ a long time, and she knows that, for him to come out here and say these things in a public way, she knows he means them from the bottom of his heart, and she’s sorry. As president of this company, she has to be accountable. She holds herself accountable to everyone, from the investors to the wrestlers to the fans. And AJ, she’s accountable to him and owes him an apology. She’s sorry..that she ever allowed him to think he’s important to this company. She should have told him a long time ago he’s just a little bit better than an average fish in any pond he might be in (WTF?). This whole “Phenomenal One” stuff is an illusion she created. It’s a marketing gimmick for all of those wonderful 5-star matches he used to have. She says “used to”, because she can’t remember the last time he had one. Everything that AJ has done lately has been so subpar, he’ll be lucky if they call him “The Marginal One”, because he is nothing like he used to be. She is thankful to AJ. Thank you so much for allowing her to come into her ring on her show and have a chance to respond to all of the crap he has criticized her about over the last few weeks. She hopes now they’re maybe a little more crystal clear and on the same page. BTW, without her daddy’s paycheck, he’d still be in a trailer, and this “house that AJ Styles built” that everyone talks about, Dixie Carter built that. She owns it, and he’s lucky to have ever played in it.

As she leaves, AJ tells her to put that microphone where it belongs. She orders the production truck to cut his mic, that the show is over. The lights go black.

End of show.
Well, thank you Dixie Carter, for creating possibly the stupidest heel turn in history. She must have looked at Claire Lynch and said, “No. This company can do worse. I PERSONALLY can do worse. Let’s make it happen.”

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Dixie Carter, AJ Styles and the unraveling of a wrestling promotion

September 20, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

When Dixie Carter and AJ Styles got in the ring Thursday night to discuss “business” it may have been the most compelling television for Impact Wrestling since Eric Bischoff took his act off air to help promote the company in other ways.

Styles and Carter may not be Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon, but in this case the move might have been more out of despair than anything else.

In my opinion, TNA is still a sinking ship.

Matt Morgan, Tara, Madison Rayne, and now Mickie James are all part of the purge of talent the company has let go in recent months to save money and reshape the company while adding MMA wrestlers to the roster and providing some awful story lines.

Sometimes the blur between the “reality” of wrestling and veritas (truth) is underscored when your top talent goes on air and does one of the better shoot interviews this side of AJ Lee (sorry, cannot put that one up there with CM Punk).

And while it seemed the show last night on air (which was James’ last with TNA) comes on the heels of word that the Big Kahuna, Hulk Hogan, is not happy with the direction of the company and how his daughter’s release (Brooke) was handled by management.

In the big picture of things that TNA management has to deal with, the release of Brooke Hogan is small potatoes. And the idea of another invasion (They’re coming!) will not work now. The Aces and Eights program is old and sloppy. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco are a joke. Ken Anderson may also be on the way out and ODB may be headed for a battle with Velvet Sky now that her fiance Chris Sabin appears to have taken a heel turn.

Where is Alex Shelley when you need him?

Looking at the TNA roster right now, there needs to be a reshuffle of sorts to determine how to manage this promotion. That means the elimination of the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, Tito Ortiz. That means telling Rampage Jackson to hit the road. That also means building Bully Ray (minus the Aces and Eights) and AJ Styles as a great main event at Bound for Glory.

And it also means that TNA and Dixie Carter need to continue the verbal onslaught with one AJ Styles.

By definition in the Encyclopedia of Professional Wrestling, a “champion” is someone who is appealing to the masses, can speak decently, and is just a bit better than the other wrestlers to keep the title, but not so “over the top” that they cannot be defeated.

In Carter’s explanation of how she should have treated Styles differently than she has the last 12 years, she also defined what a champion and what Styles has been to the company – “its champion.” And before we get on a tangent about Carter acting like “Stephanie McMahon” last night (which was the first thing I thought of watching her little show), I am also reminded that Carter is nothing like McMahon, mainly because she used Twitter and Facebook as her mode of communication. McMahon gets in wrestlers faces and challenges them to be better. While both are accountable for their actions and the company, McMahon doesn’t talk about it, she just does it.

With Bound for Glory literally 30 days from today, TNA can make up a lot of ground by building this pay-per-view like they have in the past. But they must move forward. Vignettes about this being Styles’ last chance and Bully Ray talking about “Who He Is” would do wonders for this company, much in the same way they built Bobby Roode and James Storm up for the TNA Title. Those kinds of options work. And this company needs them to work.

If not, no matter how much Carter, Styles and the rest of the company want success, it won’t come easily since the promotion will set itself back even further.

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Legends Of The Mid-South Wrestling

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden

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TNA Impact Wrestling Gets Personal: the good, the bad, and the ugly

September 20, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

I have been a WWF/WWE since Hogan slammed Andre which means I have a pretty strong bias when it comes to my sports entertainment.  Last week I sat down to watch an episode of TNA Impact; a show I had not seen is over a year.  I was pretty underwhelmed to be honest.  Last week I wrote down some of my impressions in the 1st edition of “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”  As I stated before I was not impressed with what I saw.

This week I saw some feedback on a blog claiming the blog was bias and TNA was amazing.  I thought maybe I should try to watch this week without expectation and see what happens.  First of all before I go further TNA shows are not amazing, but I left tonight’s show wanting to see more.  With that let’s get into this weeks impressions:

Good- I felt like tonight wrestling mattered.  Not only did it matter but it was good.  My only gripe was that the matches didn’t get enough time.  I wrote something a while back, possibly on last weeks blog that TNA needed to focus on what they know and what makes them unique.  I felt like tonight the focus was on the matches and not long drawn out dialog.  I would watch a show like this each week.  It is still not WWE caliber in production but it was fun to watch.

Bad– I am quickly losing interest in the MEM.  I have always been a fan of Sting but things just seem out of sorts with the group in general.  No real good feuds, the bottom sort of fell out of the Aces and Eights storyline.  Looks like they are starting something with EGO but Magnus is really the only interesting one in the group.  I didn’t get chance to see Angle in the group, maybe it’s a dynamic thing.  It is boring and I don’t know what Samoa Joes shorts are all about.  They are all good wrestlers, it’s them teaming up that isn’t working.

Ugly- ODB.  I am not sure if I need to write anything else.  99% of the show is something my kid could probably watch but I get really tired of watching her pound her breast and scream.  It is almost as bad as watching Del Rio slam his thigh a million times doing his “super kicks” during each match.  I get that it is part of her gimmick but it difficult and really unattractive to watch.

Good- I am going to love the Manik vs. Sabin story.  It has been done before, but when was the last time we saw a story that had never been done before.  I just think the build is right.  Young kid with tons of talent vs. bitter vet with tons of talent. I think that they will work well together and the matches will be great.

Bad-I am not sure what was on Jeff Hardy’s eyes but he just seemed off.  I like Hardy a lot so the bad is not really him as much as how they are using him.  I know his character is supposed to be weird or different but there is a limit.  It seems like both companies struggle when there are too many people at the top, he just doesn’t fit and it shows.

Ugly- The way the show ended seemed to get a little out of control the last few minutes.  AJ’s “Shove the microphone where the sun doesn’t shine” comment after Dixie’s promo almost sounded like he was a sore loser and their final exchanged made Dixie seem crazy screaming for the power to go off.  It was a good segment that just went overboard at the end.

Good, Bad, and Ugly– I thought for the most part the final segment with AJ and Dixie was good.  Real problems draw real money and they addressed real problems.  Part of me wonders if some of that was a shoot because some the stuff AJ brought up is what people are saying.  Either way it’s a good plan.  When I heard AJ start talking about the MMA guys and Dixie not knowing wrestling I was a little nervous to see how Dixie would respond because so many of us think that it is true.  Her promo delivery was pretty bad at times but she isn’t a wrestler so we should forgive that. The end her promo when she basically told AJ that she built TNA and he was lucky she let him play in the house she built was awesome.  I am sure there will be all sorts of blogs tomorrow about that segment so I won’t put to much more into it.

I enjoyed the whole show and I will be tuning in next week to see what happens with Aces and Eights, Dixie and AJ, as well as Sabin and Manik.  I even want to see what Chavo has to say next week to get out of wrestling.  When I turned on the TV tonight I was expecting to be disappointed and I wasn’t thank you TNA.  Please let me know what you thought of last night show.  For those you who wanted another TNA hate blog, “sorry about your damn luck.”

Legends Of The Mid-South Wrestling

The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden

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Dixie Carter Defends TNA Wrestling Signing MMA Fighters

September 09, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, WWE | Pro Wrestling

TNA Wrestling are at a crossroads and president Dixie Carter thinks she has found an answer with MMA fighters. The good news is that Dixie acknowledges that the company needs to develop new talent. The bad news is that she is looking outside of her company to do it. I guess it’s too late to get the money back from the Wrestling Matters campaign.

I’ll give Dixie Carter a lot of credit. Even in the face of criticism she is sticking to her guns. Dixie and TNA are looking for answers after major budget cuts and weeks of inconsistent ratings. Most suggested a change in creative direction yet the president disagreed. Dixie went searching for new talent and what she found were aged, injury-ridden former UFC stars.

Dixie has had a fascination with blending MMA stars into her company for awhile now. Unfortunately it has yet to work. She had the right idea with King Mo but it never seemed like she was on the same page with her creative team. She’s at it again with Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz and the jury is out on how that will all pan out.

Dixie is looking for answers. Dixie is looking for the next hot talent to build up and it is not the independent wrestling circuits she is scouting but the UFC loss columns as she told the Ministry of Slam podcast.

I’ve gotten criticism for bringing these guys in but when you’re looking for talent and there’s only two teams, where do you go to get your star players from? You’re going to mostly look to each other and then every once in a while, you’ve got to build your own talent which takes a lot of time.

So here are two guys that are major superstars. Both come from wrestling backgrounds, and both are training their butts off right now to be in the ring. I think it’s a great way of trying to find some superstar talent and not having to take so many years to try to grow somebody’s stardom. Both of these guys are so well-known and they love professional wrestling. They’re committed and they’re training, and I’m excited for people to see their potential. I think it’s a great way of looking for new talent, and talent that have never been seen before in our world.”

The irony in those statements is just amazing considering who they are coming from. Dixie has had a roster of her own talent for over ten years. In that time TNA never spent more than a few months building up any of their own talent sans AJ Styles every once in awhile. The idea that she is so concerned with building up her own talent on a show I just watched headlined by Bully Ray vs. Sting in an angle involving Ken Anderson is just ironic in so many ways.

I do agree with her on one point. She does need to get unconventional in her recruiting. I don’t think there is a problem at all with that philosophy. I don’t think there is a problem going out there and recruiting MMA fighters. The difference between TNA and the WWE is that if WWE signs you, you are a WWE talent. If TNA signs you, you are doing TNA part-time. If TNA were out there scouting amateur wrestlers and MMA fighters, signing them, and prohibiting them from competing in MMA that would be a great idea but that isn’t what they are doing.

TNA instead are signing aged MMA fighters who are broken down and have no interest in retiring from fighting at present. How can you invest money into these guys when there is a good chance they are going to be exposed as slow, hurt, and old in their fights? You can but it is just wasting money.

Either Dixie is flat out lying or she is being lied to if she thinks that Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson are that committed to their pro wrestling training. Rampage isn’t even planning on training until he is done fighting.

Well I’ve always wanted to be a pro wrestler since I was a kid, but now that I’m older and have had a lot of injuries, people don’t understand the toll that wrestling takes on your body. I just don’t think I can do that now while I’m fighting, but when I retire from fighting and go full time into pro wrestling, then I think I can go and get more extensive with my style and my moves.

Obviously these parties are not on the same page with company speak. As I said I think it’s a smart move to think outside of the box when it comes to scouting talent. Dixie just happened to stumble into the wrong box. What Rampage is even doing on television at this point other than promoting Bellator is another question. Tito hasn’t said it but how committed to training can he be after coming off of major back surgery?

Do you know what is really surprising to me about Dixie Carter? This is a woman that came from public relations. She may not know wrestling but she is supposed to know public relations. For a woman that says one dumb thing after another on Twitter or interviews you’d certainly never know it. Telling your critics that the answer to building new talent are Tito Ortiz and Rampage is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard say…and that says a lot.

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Could Spike Drop TNA Wrestling For WWE SmackDown In 2014?

August 07, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

WWE RAW and SmackDown could have new homes in 2014. Vince McMahon is looking for big buyers and one of those prospects could be Viacom and Spike TV. Is it time for TNA Wrestling to start worrying?

Vince McMahon told investors last week that he was looking for big money in 2014 for his babies. Vince would like to see deals similar to recent sports network deals which saw ridiculous amounts of money thrown towards professional sports organizations from television networks. USA Network is unlikely to match those but Spike TV certainly could.

The interesting part about this story is that RAW and SmackDown could wind up on different networks. Today the WWE cannot put their programs on non-NBC networks but a new deal would open that up. What better pro wrestling show to piggyback Bellator on than SmackDown?

A dual punch of SmackDown and Bellator on Friday nights could be exactly what Spike needs for their inconsistent MMA promotion. SmackDown may not be the ratings grabber it once was but it is still a fairly consistent show which blows away TNA Wrestling numbers. Unfortunately for TNA that scenario would be the end of their run on Spike.

It’s funny because people make jokes all of the time comparing TNA to ECW and this is the exact scenario ECW faced which helped end the company. Spike signed WWE and cut ECW. There is zero chance that Spike would keep TNA if they signed one of the WWE programs. It is time for Dixie Carter to panic and stay scared until SmackDown winds up somewhere else in 2014.

What would happen to TNA if Spike dropped them? They have their international deals here and there but with only four pay per view events as it is they would be on serious life support. Unless TNA could pull a television deal elsewhere which seems unlikely the company would be in trouble.

Would the WWE cut a sweeter deal with Spike to get rid of TNA? Maybe but I don’t think the WWE sees TNA as any competition. At the same time I wouldn’t put it past the McMahon family to take a little less from Spike knowing that they are putting a nail in the coffin of Total Non-Stop Wrestling. Maybe Dixie should tweet her new friend Stephanie McMahon and ask her about it?

I would be real curious to see what kind of cross promotion the WWE would offer Bellator if SmackDown moved to Spike. Remember, the UFC and the WWE were on Spike at the same time and the WWE never had any UFC guys on their show or vice versa. I have to think that the WWE would not be nearly as accommodating as TNA is in helping promote Bellator. Would that be a deal breaker? It certainly could be.

This may also explain why Spike or Viacom haven’t offered any kind of a bailout to TNA or at least that we know of. Many are waiting for the day where Viacom buys into TNA the way they did with Bellator. It would make sense if not for the fact that it would close up any chance of negotiating with the WWE.

Keep in mind that these are a lot of wild scenarios and none of this is to be reported as news. These are just my observations (and others) looking at the landscape of things over the next year. I would tell you this. Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan should be worried more than ever about the future of TNA in 2014.

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Ask Dixie Goes Horribly Wrong…Or Hilariously Right

July 25, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

It probably isn’t a good idea to hold a public Q & A session on Twitter when you are already perceived as a joke. Fortunately TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter didn’t get that memo and wrestling fans have been hammering Carter with a slew of hilarious and entertaining tweets.

In the face of one of the worst periods of publicity in TNA Wrestling company Dixie decided she wanted to get in front of that criticism on her favorite place, her Twitter page. Dixie asked fans to send her questions under the hashtag #AskDixie. Instead of the civilized Q &A she hoped for she wound up as the guest of honor in one of the funniest Twitter roasts you’ll ever read.

Here are just a few of the gems she received courtesy of #AskDixie.

#AskDixie Is it true a lot of mid-card wrestlers in TNA are considering living in North Korea, because they have a better human rights? – @TableofJapan

How awesome is it that you took TNA from # 2 to # 4 Company behind @ringofhonor & DGUSA? Congrats to you & @HulkHogan #askdixie – @stevesalomonsen

#AskDixie how much do you regret making this a thing? – @bdbdbdbd

With the territory system obviously dead, has Vince made Hogan/Bischoff/Yourself moles to kill any competition? #askdixie – @WrestlingDream

#AskDixie I can’t wait for your announcement announcing an upcoming announcement that will change the face of pro wrestling! – @itsallgoodacre

How much more money do you have to pay Hogan before his pockets truly becomes too heavy and sinks the TNA ship #askdixie – @JessMcDonald3

#AskDixie when will you reunite the greatest tag team in TNA history, New Jack and Shark Boy? – @Holtarna

#AskDixie @TNADixie Isn’t it pathetic and sad that @HulkHogan had to take a second job hocking his wares at a Beach Shop to pay his bills? – @jackieblue1981

@TNADixie if Sid Vicious broke his leg while main eventing a PPV would you fire him in the ring or wait until he was in the hosp? #askDixie – @mrh610

@TNADixie you know what’s really over in prowrestling @IMPACTWRESTLING literally it’s so OVER #AskDixie – @GRANTyouatweet

#AskDixie Do you think it’s legit that half of TNA budget goes into your makeup? – @ShowOff76

#AskDixie Have you watched Hogans sex tape – @R_Pas

#AskDixie IS TNA’s booking guide The Death of WCW? – @Mr_C_Hart

#AskDixie Is it true that most Iranians tried to write you in for President because they wanted another detached despot? – @SeventhGoldRain

How was it that you had a wrestler on the roster named Murphy for an entire year? #AskDixie – @GrappleFanPudge

#askDixie you made three stars last year with Aries, Roode and Storm. How did you mess that up so badly? – @SolidGoldCEO

#AskDixie How did Aces and Eights go from over two dozen guys to less than 10 with no explanation given? – @XDustinEFLX

#AskDixie Does TNA stand for Total Nonstop Absurdity? – @His_unholiness

#askdixie Is Jeff Gaylord out of jail? If he is sign him up! – @ShadyNattrass

#AskDixie Remember when you had Alex Shelley on your roster, and you killed his love of the business so badly he had to leave the country? – @imquitegood

#AskDixie Seriously thou, if ur hiring writers i have some wcw fan fiction I wrote in 1994. Just make me on screen GM and they’re yours. – @MarquesDeeClair

Are you surprised that sin caras lights are more over than your roster #askdixie – @TheBillyWeber99

#AskDixie You weren’t interested in bringing in Paul Heyman for a creative position, yet copy his business model of bouncing checks. Explain – @XDustinEFLX

#askDixie Remember when Impact’s slogan was wrestling matters. – @Alex_Danger13

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I guess you can just chalk this one up to the growing number of Dixie’s terrible ideas. The sad irony here is that the one strength Dixie has is supposed to be public relations and guess what? She can’t even do that right.

TNA Wrestling Need Change At The Top

July 22, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

This is probably the most obvious headline you’ll ever read on the Camel Clutch Blog but it’s true. I am certainly not the first blogger to break this news but it is more critical now than ever to turn this ship around before it is too late and that requires Dixie Carter to step down immediately.

Is it fair to pile on the bash TNA bandwagon that is more crowded than ever this week? Maybe it’s not but it isn’t as if everyone woke up one day and decided to start some kind of witch hunt. Financial issues and an embarrassing situation over the weekend have put TNA’s problems back in the spotlight. If this were any other company the stakeholders would be demanding the resignation of their CEO. TNA is no different and it’s time to for the president Dixie Carter to step down for the good of the company.

Dixie’s story is a familiar one to failed entrepreneurs. Dixie was in the right place at the right time with the right rich parent. Having no experience whatsoever running a pro wrestling company, Dixie’s wealthy father Bob purchased TNA (which was on the brink of bankruptcy) for his daughter at her request and put her in charge of the company. Like most business owners who acquire their businesses under those conditions, TNA continues to struggle with an owner who is in completely over her head.

Dixie’s biggest mistake in her 11 years running the company has been her ignorance. Sure she has put others in charge but at the end of the day she has always remained the president of the company. Even when questioned in a recent interview about whether she or Hulk Hogan was in charge she boldly told the reporter that she is running the show (WrestleTalk) which quite frankly is nothing I’d be so proud of these days if I were her.

Dixie is the classic pro wrestling money mark. We have all seen them come and go in pro wrestling. They are used and manipulated by the blood suckers around her who are more interested in keeping their jobs and hiring their friends than actually doing what is right for the company. In TNA that appears to be easier than most places as the benchmarks for success are at a minimum.

We all have some kind of measurement of success at our jobs yet in TNA there appears to be no benchmarks set for the office or those in charge. As a web analyst or marketer I need to create goals to give to my employer or client and if I don’t meet them enough times there will be consequence and with good reason. How else do you run a business? In TNA those consequences only exist for the performers, specifically the lower card talent who will likely do anything told to keep their jobs.

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have now had over two and a half years to turn the company around. Whether you like Hogan and Bischoff or not, the only thing even the most objective observer could conclude is that they have been failures and inept at their jobs. The numbers don’t lie and they are actually worse today than they were before they took over.

Let’s take a quick look at their two and a half year run in TNA. The ratings for Impact are lower today than they were two and a half years ago. The company has gone from 12 pay per view events a year to four. They have failed to create one superstar in that 2 1/2 year run if you measure the success or failure of that star on drawing money…but who would want to do that? Sure they have pushed guys like Bully Ray, AJ Styles, Abyss, Matt Morgan, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, created Aces & 8s, sign MMA fighters (although I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and put that wonderful idea on Dixie) and had the brilliant idea of running head to head with RAW and how has all of this turned out? Less people are watching TNA in the United States and buying their pay per view events today than 3 years ago and yet these two guys appear to have no fear for their jobs.

The idea that in 2013 Hulk Hogan is the number one babyface in your company is ridiculous. The man (and I have great respect for him) can barely walk to the ring without looking like he is in excruciating pain yet he is the “sheriff in town.” Hulk hasn’t drawn money on a regular basis since 1998 and his partner Eric hasn’t booked a successful wrestling angle since 1998 yet these guys were given the keys to the kingdom with no accountability by a CEO who only knows what she thinks she knows which is very little.

It’s easy to blame Hulk and Eric but quite honestly it’s not their fault. Dixie sees the ratings, the buyrates, the house show attendance, and the bottom line. A smart owner would remove herself from the top, hire someone else to take an objective look at the product, and put someone else in charge who has a plan with…benchmarks! Instead Dixie wants you to know she is charge of a company that is so mismanaged they couldn’t even get their wrestlers licensed in time to work a house show over the weekend. That is just absolutely pathetic.

There are millions of people who watch WWE wrestling every week on television and over 100,000 people a month that pay to watch their pay per views, 1 million plus for WrestleMania. In other words there is an audience out there and not only has TNA been unable to create anything that appeals to this audience, they have done more to drive their fans away in two and a half years than give them something to root for. The numbers don’t lie.

Nothing will change and for the talent who bust their butts every week it is a damned shame because they deserve better. The loyal fans who support TNA deserve better. Dixie Carter on the other hand does not and it doesn’t matter whether it is Hulk Hogan, Vince Russo, Dutch Mantell, Paul Heyman, or Bill Watts booking TNA, as long as Dixie is in charge this company will never succeed, and there is 12 years of history to back that up.

Legends Of The Mid-South Wrestling

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Dixie Carter’s Big TNA Wrestling Free Agent Signing Predictions

June 04, 2013 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter made headlines last week when she announced that TNA signed a big free agent. Just exactly who this new signee is has the social media world buzzing with investigative work and anticipation.

I try to take these kinds of statement made by Dixie with a grain of salt considering her past track record of teases on Twitter. For starters she tweeted that last week’s Impact would have news on the signee only to reveal that the news was that next week’s Impact Wrestling would break the news. Those are kinds of the silly games you have to put up with if you care even a little about Dixie and her Twitter account.

Regardless of Dixie’s history the social media world started tweeting immediately with all kinds of names and ideas of who this free agent is. Quite frankly a quick look at the landscape reveals no real big names available to TNA. TNA’s finances are always subject to debate but with a payroll that already includes Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Sting it is not likely that the company has the budget to pull off something massive. Even if they did, I don’t know who out there would deliver that massive impact Dixie is teasing anyway.

I had a little fun on Twitter and threw out some names, more as a joke of who I thought could be the unlikely loser of a new TNA Wrestling contract. All fun aside, I thought I’d take a real hard look at the landscape and come up with five names that fit the billing.

Rob Van Dam – From the second I read her tweet RVD’s name popped into mind. I truly believe that Rob will be the signee and there will be a lot of people laughing at Dixie for trying to blow this up like it is something special. The fact is that Rob is a free agent and while I am sure he’d love to go back to the WWE, I don’t see it in the cards. I would have to assume that Rob and TNA are in the ballpark when it comes to negotiations since he was already there for a couple of years. Rob (and I’m a fan) would be a huge letdown and open up Dixie and TNA to ridicule that they will probably get no matter who it is.

John Morrison – Next to RVD I think Morrison is probably the second and only other real logical answer to Dixie’s riddle. Morrison has been out of the game for a little while now and I would imagine that his contract would be a deal that could be met by TNA without much financial pain. Morrison would probably be the best choice here. Unfortunately you have had a long time since wrestling fans have seen John in the WWE so I really don’t know how much of an impact he can truly make. However, Morrison is the kind of guy you want to sign and put over to your fans how huge the signing is. Sure, some people may find it silly to make such a big deal out of a WWE low-mid carder but there could be something there if he was booked right. That of course is a whole other story when it comes to TNA.

Ric Flair – Woo! Yes I know that Flair was caught up in a lawsuit between TNA and the WWE and I know that Flair has been on WWE television but I also know what Flair doesn’t have and that is a WWE deal. I have heard that the WWE are reluctant to sign Flair to a contract for a variety of reasons, none unfortunately which I am at liberty to reveal. Regardless, Flair has no personal heat or animosity with Dixie, Hulk, or even Eric Bischoff for that matter. Flair could use a contract and if he has gotten sick and tired of waiting around for one from his buddies in the WWE, maybe the Teflon Man winds up coming back to TNA.

Kevin Nash – Nash is an interesting one because he is Hunter’s buddy yet at the same time he appears no closer to ever stepping into a WWE ring than he was a year ago. Nash has said from time to time in interviews that he wanted to wrestle again and it doesn’t appear to be in the cards in the WWE. I know that Nash and TNA left on bad terms but Nash is a heck of a worker, one of the best when it comes to business. I could easily see him working TNA into another contract that proves to be just as much a waste of money as the last contract that they signed him to.

Goldberg – Golberg is a real wild card but he is a free agent and out of all of the available free agents, he’d certainly be the biggest. Goldberg has mentioned a desire to get back in the ring for a few more matches over the last few years on Twitter. If the WWE had interest it would have been back at WrestleMania 27 when it was in Atlanta. They aren’t interested and maybe a Goldberg deal with 2-3 dates a year like Brock Lesnar has in WWE wouldn’t be such a financial strain. I’ll give Dixie this. If Goldberg is her signee, there will be no reason to ridicule her or TNA about this announcement.

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Dixie Carter Makes Crazy Claim About Hulk Hogan

May 08, 2013 By: Category: Entertainment, WWE | Pro Wrestling

If you thought Hulk Hogan had his hooks in Dixie Carter before, wait until you hear how the TNA president truly sees her knight in shining armor. According to Dixie, her number one babyface is bigger than any company, brand, and a few global celebrities.

There has always been this theory that Hulk and Eric Bischoff are taking Dixie Carter and TNA Wrestling for a ride. To be fair, a lot of people close to the situation say otherwise, but there have been indications along the way that they may not have the best interests of TNA at heart and that they had a money mark on their hands. Little did any of us know how deep in their hands they truly have the TNA boss.

I am sure Dixie Carter is a nice woman but my gosh does she say some of the dumbest things. I don’t have time to list all of her greatest hits but all you have to do is take a look at some of the brilliant musings she has tweeted on Twitter to get an idea that this woman is just not all there. That said, her latest comments may be her best…or worst yet.

Dixie was asked about Hulk Hogan’s power and on-screen role and according to her, he is bigger than the company itself. This what she told

He (Hulk) is bigger than any brand, company, name – he is synonymous with wrestling and is probably one of the most recognisable faces or figures on the entire planet. Name me someone who is alive today who’d be more recognizable in any corner of the world? In places like Africa and Asia, or if you were walking in Thailand? Princess Diana or Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley maybe? But they aren’t even with us anymore. The Rock? Well, if you are walking in a village in Africa would people know who The Rock was? I think his film work has been outstanding. I’m a huge fan of The Rock, I think he is phenomenal, but would that happen?

Wow! Okay let’s put it this way. If Hulk Hogan really is bigger than all of those names she mentioned, than he ought to be fired because he should be drawing more than 10,000 people once in a lifetime to a TNA event. If he truly is as global as she thinks he is, he is the worst businessman in the history of the business and maybe he is.

It’s funny because Vince McMahon has made plenty of outrageous claims over the years but I was trying to think back and I don’t even think he compared any of his wrestlers to Michael Jackson or Princess Di. Now as far as the comparison to Dwayne Johnson, maybe he is more known globally than him. If that’s the case than you’d think he’d be able to compete with him for the over two million buys Johnson has drawn the last two WrestleMania events right?

This statement comes mind you at a time when ratings are declining and TNA just did one of their worst ratings yet. Maybe Dixie is just trying her hand at standup comedy?

That is the only explanation.

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Ric Flair RF Video Shoot Interview Review

March 27, 2013 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Ric Flair certainly isn’t afraid to speak what is on his mind. The dirtiest player in the game is the subject of a new RF Video Shoot Interview and just like he has for over 30 years in the ring, he delivers.

I should note in the object of fairness that I did write the questions for this shoot interview. At the same time this is not any kind of a paid review. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the interview for review, good or bad. I can tell you quite honestly, it is great.

I watched the entire shoot during an early morning commute on Amtrak and it made the trip fly by. This isn’t Flair’s first shoot interview. Flair did a series of shoots a few years ago, but this is the first one he has done regarding his TNA Wrestling run. Flair talks plenty of TNA and much more in this fast-paced two hour interview.

Unlike some previous shoot interviews, Flair looks like he wants to be there. Nothing asked offends Flair and believe me when I tell you, there are a couple of questions I wrote up that I thought would ruffle the Nature Boy. Flair addresses all of the TNA controversies and finally has his say after sitting quiet for almost a year.

I don’t want to give away too much of the interview but they immediately jump right into his reunion with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. If you are expecting Flair to bury these guys forget about it. He loves them, especially Hulk. Flair does address their past heat and even throws a slight dig in at Hulk. It is interesting to hear Flair talk about how their fond friendship came to fruition.

Flair then jumps right into TNA. Flair talks about a conversation he had with Vince McMahon before joining TNA. Flair reveals what Vince said and whether his old boss was supportive or not with the move. Flair also talks a lot about Dixie Carter and is asked flat out whether he thinks Hulk and Bischoff are working here. Flair is a Dixie fan but he does have a problem with one TNA executive which he gets into on the DVD.

Flair is asked about all of the controversies during his TNA run. Flair addresses everything from holding up the bus in Europe to refusing to sign autographs. I will say this. After hearing Flair tell his sides to these stories I do have a bit of a different outlook on it. I won’t say I’m sympathetic to Flair but I can certainly understand why things happened.

Flair also digs into the past a little bit and offers up two very interesting stories about Haku and the Bruiser Brody murder. Flair reveals some facts about the murder that I had never known. Flair also recalls a story about a fight Haku and Road Warrior Hawk got into in Japan against fans that got Haku banned for life. Flair tells RF Video that he has plenty of more stories where that came from.

What impressed me more than anything was Flair’s memory. He was off on some things but other stories and memories he recounted I wouldn’t have expected to hear from someone his age. I do know that RF Video are doing a series on Flair so hopefully he can be as insightful when they cover his early career as he was in this interview.

Flair is pretty complimentary when asked about most of his opponents and ex-bosses in TNA. There is one wrestler who gets the brunt of Flair’s anger. It’s obvious that those promos Shane Douglas cut on Ric Flair in ECW hit hard because here we are about 20 years later and Flair is burying Shane. You have seen the preview so I am not giving away a big reveal here.

Overall I’d highly recommend the DVD if you are a Flair fan or just enjoy hearing someone who has been through as much controversy as Flair address all of the hot button topics. This DVD is like one big high spot as there isn’t anything asked of Flair that isn’t interesting. I can’t wait for the next one!

Check out more information on the interview at

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