Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions and Analysis

January 31, 2014 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

It is finally here. The last game of the 2013/14 NFL Season, before the NFL moves into the off season, has finally arrived. Super Bowl XLVIII which will emanate from Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ on February 2, 2014 will kick off at 6:30PM, EST. Viewers, and NFL fans, I am sure, have been bombarded with wall to wall coverage, and I am sure they are looking forward to the Super Bowl ads(I already saw one), and the Bruno Mars/Red Hot Chili Peppers Half time show (they couldn’t have gotten the three living members of Led Zeppelin?). I am sure people are looking forward to the game as well.

This year’s edition of the Super Bowl features two teams who couldn’t be any more opposite. Representing the AFC, are the Denver Broncos, led by QB Peyton Manning. Representing the NFC, are the Seattle Seahawks, led by QB Russell Wilson, but known more for their “Legion of Boom,” defense. The Broncos have the NFL’s #1 Offense, and the Seahawks have the NFL’s #1 Defense. This should be, on paper, a pretty interesting game, as to how the Seahawks defense will try to stop Manning’s prolific offense. On the other side, how will Peyton Manning try to outwit the defense of Seattle. Tons of strategy will be going into this game, for sure.

I hope that this will be a great game. I hope that the referees do not become a storyline concerning either team. That being said, I am going to analyze this game, and make my prediction.

The Seattle Seahawks:

The Seahawks got to the “big dance” by getting the #1 seed, and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. That “12th man” certainly came into play all season, and even though the “Hawks” lost one game at home, it was not a question they played way better at home. In the playoffs, they defeated the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round. In the NFC Championship Game, they defeated their NFC West rivals, the San Fransisco 49ers.

The big question mark I have about this team is that they are not at home. Can they play in that atmosphere, where they won’t have their “12th man?” Can Russell Wilson step up to the challenge? Will CB Richard Sherman have a big day despite all the distractions concerning his speech? At the press conferences, the man was STILL apologizing. The media needs to chill, in my opinion. How will the oft-injured Percy Harvin play? Will Harvin be a factor? Can they get Marshawn Lynch going. I

If the Seahawks can put up some points, and keep it close, perhaps they can have a shot. Russell Wilson needs to step it up in this game. The defense needs to pay attention to what Manning is doing. They also have to be aware when they are jamming Manning’s receivers. Depending on how the game is called, they have be aware that the receivers, like Decker, and Welker, will beg for a flag, instead of trying to catch the ball. Can’t commit a dumb penalty.

The Denver Broncos:

The Broncos got to the Super Bowl, like the Seahawks did, by getting the #1 seed. QB Peyton Manning obliterated NFL records for passing, and the offense set new offensive records. Great. Peyton and the Broncos get plenty of carrots as a reward. In the playoffs, the Broncos defeated the San Diego Chargers (who had one of the stupidest game plans ever) in the Divisional Round, and beat the New England Patriots (whose defense let Peyton go up and down the field at will) in the AFC Championship Game.

The big question mark I have about this team is can they do what other “high scoring” teams in the past (1990 Bills, 1998 Vikings, 2007 Patriots) could not. Can they win on Sunday? Looking at their past two games, they scored 26, and 27 points. That is interesting. Of course, the media has been yammering about the weather, and how it will affect Peyton Manning. Well, I had no idea that Peyton Manning was the ONLY player on the field. It is true that he has a poor track record, when the temperature is under 40 degrees, but this is football.

If the Denver defense can continue to play like they did in the playoffs, and if Welker can hang on to a ball or two, the team definitely can win this game. Of course, when you have Peyton Manning, you always have a chance to win. I also expect the other receivers to have good games. Knowshown Moreno’s health is a concern, but I expect that there will be some sort of a running game. The Broncos should prepare for a physical game.

My Pick: Well, in my opinion, this is a game where I think it will get very physical. Can the Denver Broncos, a team that is basically a finesse team with a decent defense, defeat the Seattle Seahawks, a team that is a throwback to teams with a hard nose running game (and throw when needed), and play tough defense? Can Peyton Manning cap off a great year with a second Super Bowl ring? What will become of his legacy if he doesn’t?

Can Russell Wilson become the second QB of African American descent to start and win a Super Bowl since Doug Williams of the 1987 Washington D.C. Super Bowl winning team? Can Peyton Manning do what Kurt Warner failed to do (won with the St. Louis Rams in SB36, tried to win SB43 with the AZ Cardinals, but lost to the Steelers), and win two Super Bowls with two different teams (won SB41 with Indianapolis Colts and is trying to win with 2013 Broncos).

As you can see, there is a lot of history on the line. I think it all comes down to the experience. Broncos Head Coach John Fox, while not a Super Bowl winning head coach, has been to the Super Bowl as head coach of the Panthers, who lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl 38. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has never been to the Super Bowl. Yes, Carroll has several National Championship wins, but that was in College at USC. This is the big time. Peyton Manning, and Wes Welker (rather infamously) both have been to the Super Bowl, so they have an idea what to expect. Very few, if any of the Seahawk players or staff have Super Bowl experience, maybe one or two.

My pick to win the Super Bowl: I have picked against them all post season, and I have been wrong. Well, might as well go with the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join’em.” The Denver Broncos will be your Super Bowl XLVIII Champions.

Personal Note: I honestly don’t care who wins this game. I have no dog in this fight. If both teams could lose, I would be very happy. However, there has to be a winner. Of the two, it is the lesser of two evils, so I guess I’d like to see the Seahawks win. I am just not a Peyton Manning lover, and I never have been, and never will be. The deification of the guy by ESPN and NFLN makes it worse.

[ad 1Before I get the asinine, “that’s because you like Brady, or Big Ben,” comment, I am sorry to disappoint some, but there are a lot of “great” artists, athletes, etc., that I just never liked.Perhaps that subject will be for a future blog. Look, I recognize that Peyton is an awesome QB. I just am not a fan of his. He never appealed to me as a player, and I have seen him play in person.

Hope you enjoyed the blog, and the 2013-14 season.

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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Time For Peyton Manning To Take Accountability

November 26, 2013 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

It’s time to be accountable. Peyton Manning must take accountability and accept the much deserved criticism for his play last night and throughout his career in the clutch. Denver Broncos fans have much love and admiration for Peyton Manning because frankly he saved the masses from the Tebowmania that swooping through Denver. Manning was everything that Tebow wasn’t; a Super Bowl winning QB, a proven NFL star, a pocket passer, a man who could throw a football, someone who was respected by offensive players, a viable offensive threat, need I go on?

Peyton Manning has been given a pass during his short time in a Denver Broncos uniform and throughout his entire NFL career. The Colts dared not criticize their savior or hero and fans and media alike in Denver have been avoiding the same. Peyton Manning will go down as one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, regardless if he doesn’t win another championship. But, Manning although brilliant in the weekly game plan, should also be remembered as a man who is mentally soft, high maintenance and folds under the pressure of big games and high expectations.

No need to look at the stats when the proof is in the pudding. Need examples? Go to a home Broncos game at Sports Authority Field. As a season ticket holder, I cannot remember at any time where John Elway would ask the home crowd to shut up during an offensive series. Maybe a handful of times at the goal line with the game on the line could that be an acceptable request. Is Manning really incapable of running an efficient offense at his home stadium unless it is silent? This is a game atmosphere and fans pay top dollar to watch one of the proudest and most successful franchises in NFL history, I’ll be damned if I’m going to shut my mouth so that you can pretend its training camp or practice.

Peyton Manning cannot perform at a high level in cold weather. That is a problem when football is a COLD WEATHER GAME!! Manning owns a 3-6 record when playing in temperatures below 32 degrees. In those games, Manning has a touchdown-turnovers ratio of 9 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. What is Manning and the Broncos to do if they play a cold weather game from now until February? Manning needs to toughen up and bare the elements, rather than fidgeting with his gloves, worrying about personal comfort and other variables outside of his control, just as his teammates who have sacrificed their bodies and careers for his health, his wellbeing and the success of the team.

Peyton Manning let his team down last night when they needed their leader to show some guts and drive the ball down the field in overtime. Bill Belicheck literally slapped the face of Peyton Manning by deferring the ball in overtime and choosing to play with the wind at their backs. Belicheck and the entire nation knew that Manning couldn’t do these things: play in cold weather, with a glove on his throwing hand, into the wind and in a game where he ultimately had to be the best player and carry his team to victory.

Manning failed his team when they needed him most. Go ahead and blame the receivers for not catching the overthrown balls or the balls thrown behind them. Go ahead and blame Holiday for causing DRC’s injury or for muffing punts. Go ahead and blame Wes Welker and Tony Carter for the miscue in overtime. I’m putting my blame on the leader and true captain of the team. As a Bronco fan you should too, instead of continuing to give him a pass because he beat Rex Grossman in the Super Bowl.

Roberto Padilla is a Radio Talk Show Host in Denver, Colorado. He is originally from Springfield, Virginia and has been in Denver since he was moved as a young child during the Redskins Super Bowl XXII season, one that saw the Redskins defeat the Denver Broncos 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII. You can follow Roberto on Twitter @RealRobertoNFL or send questions and feedback to [email protected]

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ESPN Films 30 for 30: Elway to Marino Review

April 26, 2013 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

Before I get into my blog, I apologize for not having a regular blog. Without going into details, life has been throwing some curve-balls at me, and I just have not had the time. I believe that things are calming down, so I can blog more frequently and regularly. I want to thank my editor, Eric Gargiulo for his patience.

Now, let’s get to the blog. To my fellow NFL fans, tonight, April 25th, is the first round of the three day event we all look forward to, the NFL draft. We get to see which prospects get picked to start their NFL careers, and we also get to see which teams trade to move up or down in the draft.

I love the NFL Draft, especially the first round, which is tonight, April 25th, as I write this. There is a lot of drama and intrigue. I tend to go back and forth between NFL Network and ESPN as far as coverage. Of course, there is coverage on social media also. I do hope that the main networks stop the practice of “tipping” the picks. What I mean is that when “X” team makes the pick, or is about to, the networks show the likely pick on the phone with the head coach or owner. I mean, I like being surprised.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the 2013 draft class does on the field, and what legacy they leave.

That brings me to my blog. On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, ESPN aired from ESPN FILMS and NFL FILMS as part of their “30 for 30″ series, “Elway to Marino,” which discussed the famous 1983 draft class where six QBs went in the first round. The film discussed Dan Marino’s fall to #28 to the Miami Dolphins, and John Elway’s refusal to play for the Baltimore Colts.

I will be giving a review of the film, and then I will be making my own personal comments, so I hope my readers will enjoy it.


I thought the film was fantastic. I highly recommend sports fans to watch it, not just NFL fans. This was a great analysis of wheeling and dealing on the part of the the other teams who really wanted John Elway. It also was great showing the ineptness and dysfunction of the Baltimore Colts. Elway, Marino, and former Colts General Manager Ernie Accorsi were interviewed for this film to offer their insights.

The film is told with the help of Marvin Demoff, who represented both Marino and Elway. Demoff had notes on the entire transaction of each QB. I thought that was great. His notes revealed some very interesting revelations. One of which was that 49ers coach, Bill Walsh offered to trade Joe Montana to the Colts for Elway. That revelation was pretty shocking to me, being a huge Montana fan.

Marvin Demoff starts off by revealing that he was a lawyer, but then got into the business of representing athletes. He started by representing Dan Marino, QB out of the University of Pittsburgh. He then started to represent the highly touted QB from Stanford, John Elway. Both men didn’t mind that they were represented by the same agent.

Holding the first pick in the 1983 Draft was the Baltimore Colts. John Elway was being promoted by the media as the #1 pick in the draft. Elway’s father, Jack was his high school coach. The Elways balked at the idea of John Elway playing for the Colts. Their reason was that the Colts head coach at the time, Frank Kush was not a coach that John would want to play for, as Kush was a strict disciplinarian. The Elways were not fond of the Colts Organization whose Owner Bob Irsay had just fired the GM, and hired Ernie Accorsi immediately as Accorsi was the Vice- GM.

A couple of months before the draft, the Elways and Irsay and other Colts officials met, and there was an agreement made where John Elway would not be drafted by the team, and Elway would be traded.. The Elways’ excuse was that John was from California, and did not want to play for a cold weather team. In his interview, John said it backfired on them because it gave him (John) the image of “sunshine boy, blond haired, California kid.”

As for Marino, his issue was that there were teams that were more interested in what he did on and off campus, than what he did on the campus gridiron. One team even interviewed his teammate as to whether there were any drugs in the room. In his interview, he said he realized he had a bad year.

Up to the draft, viewers get to hear what Ernie Accorsi wanted for Elway, and it was pretty steep. The Colts wanted ’3 #1s and 2 #2s. Many teams, including the Patriots and the Cowboys tried to make deals, but Irsay, who jumped in the middle of things, said no.

At the draft itself, when it was time to pick, the Colts Accorsi picked Elway right away, about a minute after the Colts were “on the clock.” Obviously, that gave none of the teams any chance during the 15 minute period to make any deal. Elway was the “property” of the Colts. During the first round, the Colts did have a chance to trade Elway’s rights if the price was right.

The film then shows which prospect got picked by which team, and such. The film goes back to Marino’s plight, as he watches several other QBs go before him. In his interview, Marino discusses how he thought he thought he would be going to this team, or how he was surprised that so and so went to that team, as the picks went on.

There were some head scratchers. The Kansas City Chiefs took QB Todd Blackledge with the 7th pick. The guy was just alright. People also thought the Pittsburgh Steelers would take the hometown hero, Dan Marino, but the Steelers stuck to building the team through the defense and took Gabe Rivera. The New York Jets needed a QB, but took Ken O’Brien.

In the meantime, as the draft progressed, as teams tried their best to convince the Colts to accept their offers for Elway’s rights, Bob Irsay kept refusing, so the teams picked whomever they felt fit their team..

As for the two main characters, Marino eventually slid all the way down to the 28th pick, and wound up being the face of the franchise for the Miami Dolphins. As for Elway, no deal, and Demoff wrote in his diary that the Elways were crushed.

On the day of that first round of that draft, John Elway made an announcement. He had decided to play for the New York Yankees, as he had been playing in their farm system.. He decided to play baseball, rather than play for the Colts.

Viewers then are told the story about how Elway gets a call a couple of days after the draft, and is told to get dressed, and get packed as he has to go to Denver, because Bob Irsay made a deal to trade him to the Broncos. Elways states in the interview that he sneaked out of the house, got on the plane, and then landed in Denver, and finally signed papers. The deal was made. John Elway was a Denver Bronco.

Isray traded Elway away for a song. For Elways’ rights, Denver had to give up quarterback Mark Hermann, the rights to offensive tackle Chris Hinton and a first-round pick in the 1984 draft, which ended up being guard Ron Solt. Ernie Accorsi was furious, and he said that he resigned immediately as he did not want to be part of it.

The film concludes with the other teams facing the consequences of their choices. For example, Gabe Rivera only played 6 games for the Steelers while QB Terry Bradshaw suffered a career ending injury. The Jets Ken O’Brien was just alright, even though he had an 8-7 record against Marino. The Patriots QB Tony Eason led them to Super Bowl XX, but he wasn’t tough enough to last in the NFL, as he was very frail.

The Bills did get the great Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, who at first balked at playing there, and played in the USFL. After the USFL closed, Kelly did report to the Bills, and led them to four straight SB appearances, the only QB to do that in NFL history.

During the end credits, both Elway and Marino talk about what they are doing in retirement.

Overall, this was an excellent film which I’d highly recommend.


I just want to quickly comment on the main characters. To me, the draft is kind of like a yearling sale. Horse buyers are spending hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions on a thoroughbred yearling that they don’t know if it can run. It was the same thing with the draft. Teams are spending MILLIONS on players who have yet to play a down in the NFL. Heaven forbid they screw up, especially at the QB position.

That being said, I can understand why Marino fell so far, especially with the drug use rumors. Of course, sometimes teams need to look into rumors themselves instead of believing what everyone is saying. I mean, yes, Rivera looked promising to the Steelers, but he went out drinking and driving, and never played again. I just would have gone ahead and picked Marino. Bradshaw was on his way out anyway. Nevertheless, Dan Marino had a Hall of Fame career with Miami. He lead the Dolphins to one Super Bowl appearance, but got destroyed by the 49ers. who were led by Joe Montana.

As for Elway, I don’t usually like power plays to get what you want, but considering that the following year, the Irsay’s moved the team out of

Baltimore in the dark like cowards, I think the Elway family had a good grasp of what kind of people the Irsays were like, and what kind of organization the Colts were.

Therefore, I cannot really blame John for refusing to play for them. It was all for the best anyway, as Elway became a legend in Denver, and took the team to 5 Super Bowl appearances, winning 2. Like Marino, Elway is also a Hall of Famer.

As for Bob Irsay, I found the guy to be a stubborn jerk. I don’t know if it were because of pride or ego, but I could not understand why if other teams were offering him the moon for Elway, he refused to consider them. I also got the impression that Irsay wanted to hold on to Elway’s rights just because he could. I also got the impression that Irsay wanted to do things his way, or the highway.

What really turned me off was after turning down all those offers, Irsay trades Elway to the Broncos for peanuts, behind Colts GM Accorsi’s back. Was it a power play? I just thought that was a cowardly move, and I just didn’t like Irsay at all.

Well, that was my review, and my personal commentary on the film. I hope you enjoyed it.

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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NFL 2012-13 Divisional Playoffs Review & Commentary

January 15, 2013 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

Well, my readers, the NFL Divisional round games for the 2012-13 post season are in the books. The weekend’s games were much better than the previous weekend’s Wild Card games by a mile. There were a lot of great plays, and the games were pretty high scoring games. Of course, there as a little drama as well.

I watched the games on Saturday, January 12, between the Denver Broncos vs the Baltimore Ravens, and the San Fransisco 49ers vs the Green Bay Packers in their entirety. On Sunday, January 13, however, due to illness, I only was able to watch the first quarter of the game Atlanta Falcons vs the Seattle Seahawks, and the last 5 minutes of the New England Patriots vs the Houston Texans.

That being said, I saw enough of the highlights of both the Falcons and the Patriots games to make this particular blog a general commentary on the weekend’s games, instead of an in depth analysis. I hope that my readers will forgive me, and will enjoy this commentary instead.

Before I get started, I am going to admit that the NFL games in the post season are harder to pick than in the regular season. Last week, I was 2-2. This week, I really swung and missed. I went 1-3. I think the sports gods are telling me to stick with picking the horses.

Let’s start this commentary by going over the results. In the Saturday games, the Baltimore Ravens pulled a stunning upset of the favored Denver Broncos in double OT by a score of 38-35, and the San Fransisco 49ers defeated the Green Bay Packers by a score of 45-31.

On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons finally won their first playoff game in the Head Coach Mike Smith/ QB Matt Ryan era, when they just squeaked by the Seattle Seahawks by a 30-28 score, and the New England Patriots once again defeated the Houston Texans resoundingly by a score of 41-28.

As a result of these games, in the NFC Championship Game, the Atlanta Falcons will host the San Fransisco 49ers, and in the AFC Championship Game, the New England Patriots will host the Baltimore Ravens. The Championship Games will be aired Sunday, January 20, 2013. The winners of each game will advance to the Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3, 2013.

Let’s start with the Denver/Baltimore game. I am not a fan of either team, especially the Baltimore Ravens. However, I feel as a journalist, I have to give credit where credit is due, and praise Ravens QB Joe Flacco. Flacco played a wonderful game, especially with his deep ball. He and his receivers, Jacoby Jones, and Torrey Smith had amazing chemistry. Flacco really is coming into his own as an awesome QB. Ray Rice, RB out of my alma mater Rutgers University, had a solid game as well.

The Baltimore Defense and Special Teams gave up 35 points, but they did not give up. They did make plays when it counted the most. Retiring LB Ray Lewis had 17 tackles in the game. The pass rush was lacking a good part of the game, but they eventually did get to Broncos QB Peyton Manning, sacking him, and causing a fumble. They also got him to throw a game killer INT.

As for Denver, I have to just say congratulations on a good season. However, John Fox had me shaking my head. He must come from the Marty Schottenheimer school of “play not to lose.” There is also a reason why Jack Del Rio, the defensive coordinator, is not a head coach anymore either. I mean, that Broncos defense that was ranked 5th in the NFL, and was touted by the talking heads as being so tough never showed up.

I mean, what happened to the secondary? People say Ray Lewis is “old.” I am no fan of Ray Lewis, but why are people saying Champ Bailey (who is no spring chicken) just had a bad game? Do people watch the games? Bailey showed the whole world that he got blasted by those Ravens receivers. Bailey was showing his age. So far in the playoffs, Ray Lewis has 30 tackles. I can’t believe I am defending Ray Lewis, but people have to stop giving certain players passes.

What happened to the vaunted Von Miller, and Elvis Dumervil, while we are talking about the Denver defense? I hardly heard their names. That defense as a whole was awful in the game. Luckily for Denver, they got 14 points from the special teams unit, and 21 points from the offensive side, or this loss would have been horrid.

Back to Fox, what was up with the play calling? You had two time outs with 30 seconds on the clock at the end of regulation, and you don’t let Peyton Manning chuck it down field for at least a shot at a field goal? That was just crazy. The clock management was awful.

As for Peyton, two picks, and the second one that he threw across his body, that was awful. Peyton looked alright out there. However, on that second pick, he should know more than anyone not to throw that. However, he again is one and done. I don’t know if the cold affected his arm or what, but he is now 9-11 in playoffs.

The 49ers/Green Bay game was awesome. I think that Colin Kaepernick grew up, and became a star right in front of our eyes. I missed part of the game due to watching the Ravens/Broncos game, but I found out about Colin’s pick six. However, it didn’t faze him, and he led the team to a TD, and the rest was history.

Kaepernick has great chemistry with WR Michael Crabtree. The two work well together. No, I am NOT going to call them Montana-Rice just yet, but the tandem is one to watch. Kaepernick is very judicious with the ball. He doesn’t take off running, and seems to know when to run. He also doesn’t run where he risks getting hurt.

The Packers on the other hand, appeared to be out of sorts. The offensive line has to be dealt with. Aaron Rodgers, as good a QB as he is, can not keep taking these beatings. The Packer organization needs to draft offensive line.

The whole team seemed to be puzzled on how to stop the 49ers from scoring, and on how to score against them. Rodgers made some ill advised throws that he usually doesn’t make. The Packers defense, as much as several members are touted by the media, were just gashed by the 49ers’ offense.

I never would have thought that the Packers, two post seasons in a row, would be blown out. On the other hand, the 49ers were just beasts.

Well, if there is any consolation to Packers fans, the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. I saw the first quarter of this game before becoming ill, but I saw enough of the replays to make a comment.

Even though I am not a fan of either team, I am happy for Tony Gonzalez, who’s the main TE for the Falcons. He has been a great player for so long, and he has finally won a playoff game. Gonzalez is also considered a great person off the field as well.

That being said, even though the Falcons won their first play off game under Head Coach Mike Smith and under QB Matt Ryan, how it all happened made me still a little hesitant to totally buy in. In the first quarter, they started well against Seattle, building a 10-0 lead. Yes, Seattle’s CB Richard Sherman made some plays.

Now, even though the team won 30-28, some things bothered me on both sides. Going into the 4th quarter, the Falcons were up 28-7. I understand that there is a lot of pressure to win their first playoff game. I get that. However, what I question was the Falcon’s organization’s mental toughness. They started to get tight, and Seattle came back, and got a lead of 28-27 for about 15 seconds when Matt Ryan made some throws, and got the team into kicker Matt Bryant’s field goal range.

Here is where it gets crazy for the Seahawks, on the first FG attempt which Bryant wound up missing, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called timeout to “ice” the kicker. Well, that wound up being a mistake because on the second try, Bryant made it, giving the Falcons a 30-28 lead.

The Falcons win after the Seahawks recover the on side kick, and QB Russell Wilson throws a Hail Mary, but Falcons WR Julio Jones catches it.

The Falcons survived a huge scare. How does a team allow another to come back on them like that. Always keep the pedal to the metal. Don’t worry about people saying it’s “running up the score.” The other team has a defense, it’s their job to stop you.

The last game between the New England and the Houston Texans was pretty much what I expected as far as the outcome. This was the only game that I picked correctly. Thank you Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the gang. At least I got one right the whole weekend.

Congratulations to Tom Brady for passing Joe Montana for the most playoff wins. Brady now has 17, and Montana had 16.

We all know about Brady’s greatness, and that he had terrific stats in the game, so I don’t have to go over that. However, on the other side of the ball, I don’t know what to do with Matt Schaub of the Texans. He is a good, solid QB. I don’t know if I would label him “elite.” Right at the kickoff, Texans Daniel Manning ran a 94 yard return, only to be caught by FS Devon McCourty. Instead of punching it in for a TD, on the replay, I could see Schaub was skittish in the pocket, and threw the ball into the stands, and the Texans settle for 3 points.

The Patriots just dominated the Texans on both sides of the ball, despite the slow start. Unfortunately, Danny Woodhead injured his thumb, and Rob Gronkowski re-broke his arm. Woodhead is expected to play in the AFC Championship game, but Gronkowski is going to need surgery, and will miss the playoffs. However, the team seemed to be able to make the adjustments.

The Texans may have to look into getting more explosive players on offense, and defense. LB Brian Cushing’s injury hurt the team on defense. The team needs more offense besides Foster and Johnson.

As I said previously, the Patriots will face the Ravens for the AFC Championship Game. This will be the first time since Denver and Cleveland, when two teams have faced each other in the AFC Championship game back to back.

Well, that is my commentary. I hope you enjoyed it.

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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NFL Divisional Playoffs Thoughts & Recap – Inside The Wheelhouse

January 14, 2013 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

Let’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from the Divisional Round in the National Football League playoffs!

- I had my doubts about the Baltimore Ravens but it certainly appears that they are “peaking” just at the right time heading into the AFC Championship Game this week. Joe Flacco really stepped up for the offense when the defense needed his help against Denver and is flashing signs of him being a top NFL quarterback. There is still a lot of work to be done but for Flacco to carry the offense the way he did versus Denver will be a career highlight. Now he needs to finally get that AFC Championship Game victory.

- Disappointing “one and done” exit for the #1 seed Denver Broncos in the Divisional Round. I was skeptical about this team based off of their weak schedule at first but eventually hopped on the bandwagon when they were playing flawlessly to end the season. For a team that is supposed to have an amazing defense their secondary failed Denver all game long against Baltimore. It was a tough break for the Broncos and of course Peyton Manning as they had this victory within their grasps.

- In case you had forgotten, the San Francisco 49ers proved once again that they are one of the best all-around NFL teams in the game today. Offensively they have really improved with Colin Kaepernick under center and their defense is always “rock-solid” for them. From an NFC perspective I always felt like this was the team to beat in 2012, as they are a very hard to defeat simply because this team adapts very well to their opponent.

- Another season, another NFC Divisional round exit for the Green Bay Packers in consecutive years. They looked very strong in the 1st half but their defense was unable to make adjustments in the 2nd half to contain Colin Kaepernick and the explosive Niners offense. This team is always on the brink of being considered “Super Bowl contenders” but it appears that in consecutive year’s at-least that their defense just isn’t getting the job done. I’m interested to see how Ted Thompson and the Packers front-office continue to address their defensive issues (and running game issues) in the offseason.

- For a #1 seed the Atlanta Falcons needed this victory pretty badly. Throughout Matt Ryan’s career we have questioned whether or not Ryan can get it done or not. He finally did this past Sunday and got that playoff victory he has been looking for. Now with the playoff victory in his rearview we now will see whether or not the momentum can carry over versus San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game.

- Tremendous season for the Seattle Seahawks this year. They made a lot of people, including yours truly, into believers and have nothing to hang their head on. While they may have not achieved their ultimate goal of being Super Bowl Champions completed, I really like this team heading into next year. I look forward to seeing what Russell Wilson and the Seahawks can do in the 2013 season.

- New England continues to prove that they will be the “old dog” of the AFC until further notice. This team played great on both sides of the ball and they are looking like a more complete team then they were last year, when they made it to the Super Bowl. The Patriots didn’t make mistakes in this game and looked simply flawless against the Texans. They will once again have a chance to play in the Super Bowl next week.

- Another season of disappointment for the Houston Texans as the window of success maybe closing for this team right now. Many of us, including myself, have waited for this team to put it together and make the Super Bowl but they continue to fall short the last two seasons. I really believe a lot of that falls on the shoulders of quarterback Matt Schaub who simply does not look like a “big game” QB in these very important games.

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